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10 New SPACE SIMULATION BUILDING Games 2018 - Open world, Survival, Management & Action Shooters

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These are 10 Space Simulation & Building Games 2018. GamesList: 00:05 Space Mechanic Simulator 01:32 Occupy Mars 02:32 Interstellar Prime 03:17 Stars End 04:59 Avorion 07:00 X4 Foundations 07:52 Osiris New Dawn 08:49 Pantropy 10:11 Genesis Alpha One 12:11 Dual Universe
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Text Comments (188)
Leandro Silva (15 days ago)
No man's Still the best...
Yoken Shiro (16 days ago)
"X4 Foundation" is by Far the best space game coming in. i am wating for this game since the release of Home of Light DlC. going to be Epic ! i worship Egosoft studio becoz they are by far the most concerned by delivering a product and polishing it through the years. and until today THERE IS NOT ANY studio that ever created a living breathing economy from primary ressources to refinement station and ship making, every ship in the system is coming from a station there is no random respawns.
elvampir0 (1 month ago)
On the last game "Dual Universe", is there a Midget standing on the spaceship, or the devs have a very poor sense of proportions? xD
Nhật anh Bùi (1 month ago)
1:46 Subnautica in space @@
SteveAkaGoatpile (1 month ago)
space Mechanic simulator, well, its better than car mechanic I guess. Occupy mars, can maybe work. intersteller prime and Stars End seem to try to be an FPS space game and very similar. Avorion is known and I don`t much care for it., but I wonder how it has grown? now X4 foundations looks interesting. they're an older studio, so they could deliver something really great. Osiris New dawn has had really great early access and they seem to deliver pretty solid gameplay already. will probably become no.1 in planetary space survival game for people who don't like subnauticas wetness. Pantropy: oh look another open world crafting survival game. but they have mechs as gimmick. yawn. Genesis Alpha one: whats this. Station building strategy FPS with actual attacking aliens and an Xcom style research? oh you got me interested. Dual universe. thats allot of ambition. and rather interesting Server tech. kinda spaceminecraft? hopefully it won't flop or be stuck in development hell like StarC
Daniel Bekkelund (1 month ago)
most of these are old games
Joshua Rice (2 months ago)
Why is Avorion on this "NEW" list, when it was released in 2017?
Zoshi (3 months ago)
None of these trailers tell me anything about the games. I want to know what your gameplay loop entails, not how big your world is.
manu7780 (3 months ago)
They look crappy af
Romain J (3 months ago)
Are FPS on vacation?
Fps Hands (3 months ago)
You forgot SpaceBourne!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMkO78_xXHg
Will (3 months ago)
Pantropy est cool !
Ichinin (3 months ago)
Only ones that interested me were Occupy Mars and Genesis Alpha one, the rest seems like generic space shooters, which there are tonnes of already. I've already played EvE online, Ascent, Space Engineers, Kerbal Space Program and Empyrion. Seriously, give us something NEW! Where is the creativity in this genre? Why not terraforming or colonisation, building trade routes, exploration? The average age of gamers is over 30 now, please create something a bit less braindead than some childish pew-pew game.
Peter Price (3 months ago)
occupy mars looks amazing
NeedMorePuppies (3 months ago)
Is it just my computer, or do most of the trailers in this video have terrible image quality? Like some of them are unwatchable, is it really that much to expect 1080p resolution for a video game trailer?
The MLG iceCream Truck (3 months ago)
i cant wait for dual universe
conduittothecollective (3 months ago)
That cockpit @ 4:38 is exactly the same as one in Empyrion...
Mockingjay (3 months ago)
Geez they are all the f*cking same.. Like anyways for a good list! But you forgot Space Engineers. It's getting a big multiplayer remake at the 20.7. so prepare for that.
Mölli Naattori (4 months ago)
honestly.....100x times better games than Star Citizen....
Andreas Hansen (4 months ago)
Genesis Alpha One seems like it's got some fun-potential
Treedodger (4 months ago)
would have been helpful if weblinks were provided
Eirikatana (4 months ago)
Tfw you will never collapse enemy stars by synchronised slamming planemos at relativistic speeds into them. Mind the spoilers whoever gets this reference.
Jason Wolf (4 months ago)
Look! the sky is full of vapor/scam ware. Except for X4 which will be glorious everything else is space debris
Orion Perez (4 months ago)
where is space engnineers??
mads the gamer dk (4 months ago)
5:20 i think Avorion is pretty cool but its super boring playing it alone :/
GreenLit (4 months ago)
Looking forward to X4 the most.
Bullminator (4 months ago)
X-4 may be best option here, but no Boron in this game (yet). Lore is that all gates shut down and races are back to square one.
M-R G (5 months ago)
How unexciting!Instead of something new just retro garbage.New is only the early acces!🤦
Mr Schmorgus (5 months ago)
Yeah, unless it has coop, it's garbage.
Ron Kemp (5 months ago)
Not on the list but the best Empyrion - Galactic Survival.
Sasquatch Hadarock (5 months ago)
Still fingers crossed Limit Theory gets rolling again
Adam Bales (3 months ago)
Limit Theory has been rolling again for like.. a year? More? Here's the link to the devlogs. http://forums.ltheory.com/viewforum.php?f=30&sid=0631743274f8a2068211e3f90aadf1af
Aaron Bradbury (5 months ago)
ive got DA its a pretty fun game, lke space engineers but more... combat and building an empire/eve like then what SE was.
Artistic Minds (5 months ago)
Ben Hollingbery (5 months ago)
Ok, i'll take the lot
Maza! (5 months ago)
Genesis Alpha One seems to have an very interesting design and concept.
Maza! (5 months ago)
X4 Foundation had to be what Xrebirth was not
WU (5 months ago)
X4! Played previous X titles, wondered if there would be a new one! Result!
Alexandar Pesic (3 months ago)
and let´s hope that it will be greatly better than X Rebirth :)
Mike Litoris (5 months ago)
If I wanted to spend 3 to 6 hours a day replacing chip-sets I could do that at work, thanks.
Fancy Hat (4 months ago)
dream job
Bryan J. Lee (5 months ago)
after seeing the citizen con 2017 presentation everything else looks trash...
Sugar Touch (5 months ago)
low budget indie crap. Boring.
/M0ther_bra1ned/ (3 months ago)
I'm assuming you suck serious competitive zombie shooter dick...
Max Manfred (6 months ago)
team17 is alive? WoW
Miki Cerise (6 months ago)
Would it kill any of these developers to make a game with real physics?
Darth Hell (6 months ago)
Dual Univers is a vaporware :)
Unknown (5 months ago)
I kinda doubt it - or like to hope I won't be proven wrong, that is. Time will tell. DU just needs it's "framework" done right and have the right set up and initial content offered to players. The good thing compared to some other games (like Star Citizen) is that the devs do not have to hand craft every world, (NPC) faction, etc. Or have a very complex technical framework that needs a lot of fine-tuning over years as more content is added. My point being is that once the necessary objects and mechanics are in place, the players run the show. We'll see if they can manage to pull it off. I like to think it'll end up becoming good. And it doesn't even matter if they fail in the grand scheme of things, someone else will pick up the idea and make it happen. I just have to wait.
Mister Smith (6 months ago)
Great competition for Star Citizen.
None of these are open world 🌍 there open space
Unknown (5 months ago)
Well, some would technically include planets (worlds) that are "open", so... :P
Taunter Atwill (7 months ago)
2018 ! And games so pathetic!
White Rook (7 months ago)
Sorry the game needs to be balanced.
White Rook (7 months ago)
Someone should try making a new and different game, like Alien where you get to run the alien. You are on a ship that crashes on a human planet and you must do whatever it takes to survive. You could make it open world where people can run humans or aliens but to make it fair for humans only allow one alien per 100 people or give the humans advance technologies so that it does not become .
Unknown (5 months ago)
I generally long for some kind of open-end grand simulation game. Think of like all those modern (4X) strategy games but with a ground based component or the ability to do all of that from a first person or simulated perspective. For example something you described, but also applied to other settings or lores or stories. Universes. You get the idea. For example, starting as low Joe and working your way up, potentially creating your own nation(s) or state or Empire, through very hard work. It could take IRL weeks or months to rise to the ranks or form it from nothing - and then it would not just stop there but maybe really start as you try to expand or defend yourself from other threats. I think as technology increases and as we see better AI incorporated into games or used to develop games, we'll see grand worlds and huge simulated universes or planets, perhaps even online with VR or actual senses incorporated. With average life expectancy I still have to face a few decades on this Earth and chances are good I get to see something grand and great in that regard!
keggerous (7 months ago)
I want a Kerbil 2
Doctadeth (5 months ago)
Won't happen, Take two got the license
Cube Mapping (7 months ago)
Surviving Mars?
CubicUniverse Studio (7 months ago)
Great video, some truly competetive space games upcoming. I am an indie game developer working on a low poly space exploration game called "Beyond The Horizon" and would appreciate it if someone checked it out. Many thanks, CubicUniverse studios
Akryloth (7 months ago)
I feel none of these games have as much building freedom as a game like space engineers for example. If they're called space simulation BUILDING games then why is there not much building going on with some of these? If it considers these simulation games, I don't think a visible spectacle impresses a lot of people anymore, not me at least.
Peanut Pete (7 months ago)
X4 for the WIN !!!!
Jeremy Madison (7 months ago)
X Foundations is what I am looking forward to Egosoft has proven and keep working on the failed Rebirth and now its good yet we want to fly anything flyable and Foundations is bringing that back.
Timothey Fioretti (7 months ago)
Et star Citizen il est où??
Timothey Fioretti (7 months ago)
Musique Bombarde tu m'a tué
Timothey Fioretti (7 months ago)
Désolé pour les fautes
Timothey Fioretti (7 months ago)
Oui je sais qu'il va jamais sortir en 2018.... C juste qu'il auraut pu le mettre car c un excellent jeu avec un grand pottentiel....
Mickael Spinelli (7 months ago)
Il ne va pas sortir en 2018 loin de là, on aura peut-être droit à la beta en 2019 en revanche ^^
Mad Dog Murdoch (7 months ago)
10:12 Genesis Alpha One looks bloody brilliant, I hope they have that style of music through out! Aw man ridley Scott mods
Will Winters (7 months ago)
If Occupy Mars has a chance to grow potatoes, I'll get it.
Chris Jayes (7 months ago)
all these games look shit.
Shlyapnik (8 months ago)
yo where is space engineers?
CyberiusT (5 months ago)
Abandoned. ;p
Krasimir Krastev (8 months ago)
what?! no Star Citizen???
Zan Mathews (15 days ago)
Thats in "top 10 best frauds in gaming"
Samurai (2 months ago)
that game will be ready in year 3000
Krasimir Krastev OOOOOH EPIC COMEBACK ALERT. jk lol you're an idiot.
David P (5 months ago)
AJEL>>> How is $45 a ripoff, you cheap bastich?
xShadow From Hell (6 months ago)
More likely is the release of HalfLife 4 than SC
Filip Ondo (8 months ago)
X4 ftw it it will be at least good as X3 albion prelude then we have a winner
Victor VonDoom (5 months ago)
Lets hope its nothing at all like "X Afterbirth".....
CyberiusT (5 months ago)
I got into the X series at X2. If they can avoid having any characters speak, or bother spending money on real voice actors; if they can use a FP camera without making everyone feel seasick; if they can keep scale, so that your pilot doesn't feel 9' tall coming into the ship cabin (XR, specifically); if they bother to have more than two lines of dialogue shared amongst the 100s of NPCs... There's a lot to love with the X games, but there's also a *lot* of "WTF?" moments too - and not the kind written in intentionally.
Yasoing (8 months ago)
tar citizen have a roadmap , you can play it now land on moons etc. it will never be finished because its an mmo, they will keep adding new stuff just like rust, but they will offically announce its release date for sure. bye
Well, I'll be damned. (4 months ago)
New stuff: buy every ship in the game for 28000$ USD. Ouuu, how fancy.
Jovodin (7 months ago)
Still not releasing this year not even close. Bye.
andy84denham (8 months ago)
I'm looking forward to X4 getting back to its older play style of commanding any ship not just one. Can't wait
Robert Schäffer (8 months ago)
Finally a list which isn't promoting Star Citizen. The first 2 are sick. Can't wait. :) Plus Dual Universe is getting more and more intersting. I didn't like the concept back then they 1st introduced it. But they are attrecting me more and more :)
Sev (8 months ago)
Oh my god why avorion is still in these compilations... we are looking for new stuff.
space bunny (8 months ago)
All of these look great.
The Otum (9 months ago)
It's Sad... but half of this games are just a copy of Space Engineers... :-(
Spasmatic Sashimi (3 days ago)
All of them look great! Chill, they’re space games!
Mazdy Soraya (29 days ago)
So if mercedes first build a car, then every other is a COPY?
mksmike (1 month ago)
Sure, and Space Engineers is a copy of Empyrion...
Eric Theodore Cartman (3 months ago)
SE is boring - nothing to explore just stupid building simulator
kubel83 (4 months ago)
The Otum why is that sad? Are you die hard fanboy of SE? I guess SE borrowed some ideas from Minecraft then. Don’t see people cry about that... Plus SE don’t have exclusive rights on Voxel building games. THANK GOD. Cause we would never get anything new then... Imagine if only one shooter game existed. Hah how boring would that get... Plus more space games= a good thing. Don’t sniff sniff about it. Just play your SE if that is the only thing you can accept. 😎
Shrapnel (9 months ago)
Hey man there are hundredsof people putting out upcoming game videos but yours stand out above the rest. Great quality and always up to date, great job.
DT Gaming (8 months ago)
i really aprreciate the nice comment Shrapnel and im really glad you enjoy de videos
JoJoLux2013 (9 months ago)
Well, i am sorry, but i find all these games ugly! Like if they are from 10 years ago !! Not appealling for me !
Kortak (9 months ago)
Stationeers is a real space station building game in early access.... crap i see here is just another shit shooters stuff
Persason (5 months ago)
Stationeers is made by that criminal dean hall.... Don't put your money on him.
Rene Kunnskap (9 months ago)
Dual Universe is the only one of these games that's worth waiting for, and ofc StarCitizen!!
Ossie Dunstan (9 months ago)
not one game looks good
Raio Verusia (9 months ago)
How is Pantropy a space game
Cody (5 months ago)
Many full fledged games are released full of bugs, half complete and without bringing anything new to the genre, they are still games. Also, the Pantropy you backed a month ago is 90% of the game that will be released Q3 because €75k is basically an insignificant sum of money for a 12 paid member team with office space in Germany.
Sander Houttekier (5 months ago)
Cody correct, i also backed the second one, but at the time of writing the above, it was nothing but a failed kickstarter. So hardly a game. Let alone one worty of any top 10 of games no? Id give it another year to show us what it has in store for us ... Now it brings nothing new to the genre (yet) ... Except maybe mechs
Cody (5 months ago)
Huh? The plan ever since the kickstarter failure was to keep going which they have. They redid another kickstarter late april/early may which was successful.
Sander Houttekier (6 months ago)
it's not even a game. it's kickstarter didn't met the goal so as far as I know its just cancelled
AUTO6 (9 months ago)
Dual Universe will be amazing!
QuickestFoxy101 (3 months ago)
Jedi Wolf idc it still looks not as good
Sheppardsg1 some say DU will be free when its released but i dont know
QuickestFoxy101 DU is still in alpha stages of course its not gonna look as good as beta stage/released games....
Sheppardsg1 (4 months ago)
pay to play
QuickestFoxy101 (5 months ago)
daul universe is bad but interstellar rift is better and cheaper
Mickel Ntek (9 months ago)
occupy mars or Mark Watney simulator. Genesis Alpha One has a very strong aliens vibe i like it. Osiris New Dawn and Pantropy look very generic like planet nomads and grav and many others.
RedBaron97 (9 months ago)
Osiris is actually really good.
Ole Cranky Gamer (9 months ago)
Interstellar prime looks nice
Scottlarock (9 months ago)
Dual Universe is never coming out. Star Citizen is never going to be finished. Elite Dangerous will always make you a space-paraplegic
VNV Fan (3 months ago)
Alan Smiles (3 months ago)
Do you remember CitizenCon when they showed a 20 min trailer last year with all sorts of wizardry only to cancel it indefinitely the following day?
Well, I'll be damned. (4 months ago)
Isn't star citizen the game where you can buy all this ships for the low, one-time price of 28000$ USD? Yeah, that doesn't sound like a money grab or anything.
mattlange00 (4 months ago)
SC is a cult of the worst kind. Blind indoctrinated followers who have sinked too much money into it to turn around. As it stands it's nothing less than a glorified slideshow. By the time they optimize it to where it's playable, Frontier will have released an entire new Elite game.
Scottlarock (5 months ago)
Ok, man. Look. I apologize for my remarks. I was referring earlier to being confined to a chair in Elite. That is all.
Pierre-Élie Dumoulin (9 months ago)
Avorion n'est qu'un plagiat de Cosmoteer! Même le titre de fin est identique!!!
Sebastian Knight (5 months ago)
but cosmoteer is not even remotely close to what avorion is, other than build your own ship. it's like saying cosmoteer is a copy of Reassembly or space engineer. liek comparing minecraft with terraria.
Nicholas Biunno (9 months ago)
Bro thanks you helped me a lot 1st anyway you are my favorite YouTuber and I will help you in times of need
Jagdpanzer 1944 (9 months ago)
Just buy elite dangerous
Vyse Arcadia (6 months ago)
Dwayne your right. I actually played it for awhile, it has potential but nothing to keep you engaged... at least for the long run. Short term, I was enjoying the bounty hunts and ship progression. The faction stuff is meh. The mining was cool but the trading was meh. When Horizon came out that was interesting but very short-lived, was in and out of the game faster than the first F-bomb in an episode of Hell's Kitchen. Game is great wide just not great deep. And before I hear the cries of Star Citizen being the best thing sinced sliced bread, At least Elite:Dangerous officially released. Star Citizen will finally officially release in like... 2 more decades or something.
Peanut Pete (7 months ago)
Jagdpanzer 1944 ite too boring and buggy, and you cannot make any money in ED...i played since beta..
Veiled Specter (8 months ago)
That game is about as entertaining as watching paint dry
Daniel Ângelo (8 months ago)
yes, only x4 can maybe compete against elite.
Ossie Dunstan (8 months ago)
geoffvster (9 months ago)
The Space Mechanic Simulator would be amazing in VR.
JP Gaming (9 months ago)
Nice mate. Really enjoy your vids. Keep it up!

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