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opening the most expensive PUBG case on this site...

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Open cases here: http://daddyskins.com/promo-code/fatnoob (code: fatnoob) opening the most expensive PUBG case on this site... Hope you guys enjoyed this video! Get free skins: http://fatnoobcs.com/ Use my code for FREE skins! Code "fatnoob" http://hellcase.org/ffatnoob Code "fatnoob" http://csgopolygon.com/ Code "fatnoob" http://www.csgoroll.com/ Code "fatnoobtm" https://society.gg/ Code "fatnoob" https://www.csgolive.com/ Steam trade link! http://bit.ly/1J8GF8u Connect with me▼ • Subscribe to me! http://bit.ly/12pixdc • Follow me on Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/FatNoobTM • Follow me on Twitch: http://bit.ly/1pED2I3 • Join my steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/FatNoob54 • Google+: http://bit.ly/1ygYkE2 • Music by Not The King https://soundcloud.com/coreygagne & Tobu http://www.youtube.com/tobuofficial - FatNoob
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Text Comments (117)
psycho_ sam (4 months ago)
The white leather jacket is rear kinda mad he did that
Zefrost (4 months ago)
Give me the coat please
Enes Erdoğan (5 months ago)
best way to losing money
console peasant (5 months ago)
you're totally not a noob!( `・ㅂ・)
Josué Huarcaya Arias (5 months ago)
it still hurts not to be able to exchange skins of csgo uu I have few skins of pubg
jacques jvr (5 months ago)
Hate being baited like that, yet still keep trying again and again lol
Omer Yarden (5 months ago)
Nice video men
Imran Tech Tutorials (5 months ago)
Nice Expensive Cases Like your Channel :P
PointMicrosoft (5 months ago)
Quite the epic case opening!
AlmirPlayz (5 months ago)
Ez wins enjoy like always a awesome video love you
Yo Mama87 (5 months ago)
Nuttela Da Daphine (5 months ago)
GG bois
Antoni (5 months ago)
cool bro
Tabitha Xerosa (5 months ago)
Hellcase made me rich
Jay (5 months ago)
Hellcase intro into daddy case openings lol
Worm Noob (5 months ago)
nice1 FARTnoob hahahah ;] keep making vids ;]
Inv3rse / (5 months ago)
Next time, try to do a insane opening :(
Emre Kemal Aksel (5 months ago)
Nice vid dude
Serkitez (5 months ago)
Your kinda cute <3 happy 4-20
Cimbur (5 months ago)
Nice video!
Harsh Anand (5 months ago)
Giveaway proof
Kan Kerbero (5 months ago)
notification squad xD
Pedro Zuben (5 months ago)
Love your caseopening videos!
Benjamin Peralta (5 months ago)
Skull Ace (5 months ago)
Nice video
Amir Alcocer (5 months ago)
Nice vid ;)
Alexander Ang (5 months ago)
DAMN nice content dude
limolindo c: (5 months ago)
Nice video! :p
Rick Júnior (5 months ago)
nice XDD
denizhan citak (5 months ago)
lucky case is unlucky xd
No Way (5 months ago)
Daddyskins is the best skin site they really have great winning numbers if ur lucky^^
Guilherme (5 months ago)
Hi your fat =)
vin (5 months ago)
nice video!
KaNaruto (5 months ago)
:d last comment
savage (5 months ago)
nice vid
MisterPatr (5 months ago)
Best case opening site. Cool video btw.
Riabi Hamza (5 months ago)
Awesome video Keep up <3
Epii (5 months ago)
notification squad i like your giveaways
Joshua Bird (5 months ago)
Trying to hype up a site you cant even make profit on with 500$. Dont get scammed guys.
Veron Coffin (5 months ago)
Pepo - CS:GO (5 months ago)
good vid
artizy kristy (5 months ago)
notification squad what do i get?
dov shamen (5 months ago)
TEAM RAX (5 months ago)
Worst case opening
Tiger Lily (5 months ago)
Awesome :D
Scarr (5 months ago)
Tatsumi -sama (5 months ago)
Knight (5 months ago)
cool video enjoyed
supaethan (5 months ago)
skyla skru (5 months ago)
Its Durdan (5 months ago)
notifications on ;)
SMASH SWORD (5 months ago)
#notificationsquad Damn one, dude!
Rogger (5 months ago)
SecondLaw (5 months ago)
No luck today 😁
Gabby (5 months ago)
great vid :)
Pepsicry Gaming (5 months ago)
How did you get your name?
Deftsu WTN (5 months ago)
wassup fatnoob
Robesas (5 months ago)
Lol, what a a trash web :D From all these cases only 2 or 3 openings was profit. So overall, from 500usd balance, you probably will get only like 250usd skins
San Wei Chin (5 months ago)
Nice vid dude..
sayyed saleem (5 months ago)
sayyed saleem (5 months ago)
Plssssssss give me this giveaway
sayyed saleem (5 months ago)
I am biggest fan of you
sayyed saleem (5 months ago)
Hey nice video !!!!!
_ Mayhem 69 (5 months ago)
Nice like ur content
Furkan Bekdik (5 months ago)
Done gl nice video <3
ScrapyCoCoTV (5 months ago)
Rahul Sambyal (5 months ago)
Enjoyed this one mate!
Amy Biligan (5 months ago)
Good job
Mouse Potato (5 months ago)
Title of the video should be in proper format, anyway nice video as always.
MrParsa (5 months ago)
missed ya man <3 when you going live again?
Dipesh Sharma (5 months ago)
Case opening is a luck game.
Zero Ammunition (5 months ago)
Winter Charles (5 months ago)
ill wiun some bandana someday!
Justine Nico Buddy (5 months ago)
I hope i could open one xD
Oh Hong Ming (5 months ago)
lyun Z (5 months ago)
Im gonna call this site . The baiter case site :/
ebi_ JJ (5 months ago)
no profit
LcsUnicorn (5 months ago)
Rafael Monti (5 months ago)
Never played on daddy...I'll try tomorrow!
Momo (5 months ago)
Wasn't the trade ban 7 days?
ZyPH3R (5 months ago)
Pretty neat video
TwiceSanaJjang (5 months ago)
Billy Jo Syling (5 months ago)
i haven't ever made profit in those trade up contracts in daddyskins..gg
Gucci bear (5 months ago)
Good video
Gucci bear (5 months ago)
ForgoTTen (5 months ago)
R.i.p thos yt channel i am sorry 4 u bro
Leonard Vincii (5 months ago)
like + comment ))))))0)))
Deven G (5 months ago)
GO FatNoob
RockGaming (5 months ago)
Nice video <3
OtapOtep (5 months ago)
give me some luck
Taha Nayyar (5 months ago)
DaddySkins if my Favorite
Clouds HD (5 months ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=327412613&token=VW18-2uo pls
Poots (5 months ago)
José Filizola (5 months ago)
Oh man! There are realy good stuffs in this box! Nice profit ever! GGWP!
KANE (5 months ago)
RetiikzZ (5 months ago)
nice video fatnoob
staulcub (5 months ago)
Nice vid
Cie Chen (5 months ago)
Good video
Darren Ansary (5 months ago)
Haven't seen a video on daddyskins for a long while. Nice video.
Viper Aokiji (5 months ago)
dont have balls to open cases like that bro XDDD
souvik karmakar (5 months ago)
Gg man

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