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how to make a neck tie into a bowtie

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themondoshow (4 months ago)
Richard Hill (1 year ago)
Your video is very informative. Above all I appreciate your humble reply to the use of the word "retarded". I just wonder why the word police did not harp on you when you suggested that we needed to have "hands" to do this. Would not an amputee without a hand be offended? Perhaps or maybe not. Comedic phrases are pleasing to sensitive palates. I look forward to your next video. Kudos
Greg McKinnon (1 year ago)
What holds it together? Just wrap and hope??? Terrible demo!
KandJ vines (1 year ago)
Thanks cuz this help alot
kaone setsiba (2 years ago)
so cute
Sanket Khed (2 years ago)
first thing you need is hand ... rofl
numbat 007 (2 years ago)
" looks retarded " is a VERY offensive & insulting phrase to many ppl . i'm sure you also find some phrases offensive & feel the same way .
numbat 007 (2 years ago)
+cpswiftbird totally agree C'bird , this vid should be trashed & re done .
cpswiftbird (2 years ago)
There are other "how to make a bowtie" tutorials that don't use that word. Charles, since you're now a full-grown adult, you might consider doing the tutorial again with better language. Use of the word is as bad as using the "n" word, really. (You can ask anyone in the other-abled community.)
numbat 007 (2 years ago)
OK TY , it's a horrible phrase , hopefully enough ppl will realize this & not use it ( it gets used SO much yet it is SO bigoted ! )
Charles McMurray (2 years ago)
Looking back, I agree. I only kept the video up b/c no one said anything in six years. As a slightly older adult, I would never say anything like that on a public platform. However, back then I was a young college kid that didn't know any better. Despite the slurs, the video does seem to help ppl still. I'm a little torn on the issue. But I definitely see what you're saying and I do apologize to anyone I may have offended.
Shar Cole (2 years ago)
Thank you
Over50andFantabulous (2 years ago)
TheUltimateBros6624066 (2 years ago)
Now im ready for the world😂😂😂😂
David Lightfoot Sr. (3 years ago)
thank you brother Charles. very helpful.
Shelly B (3 years ago)
Awesome! So creative!
Pax Indrah Idah (3 years ago)
thank you...this has helped alot
YouGotFooled (3 years ago)
Great video!
M Hester (3 years ago)
VERY creative!
John Parker (3 years ago)
This great information that you can do anything with to benefit your self
Jake Lane (3 years ago)
Bollocks....doesnt work, i ended up with a dangly rectangle
Andres Dean (4 years ago)
the worse bowtie tutorial ever, this dude makes it look so complicated
diversity2 (4 years ago)
Nice job Charles
MadTv® (4 years ago)
I swear I had to watch this video twice....u look like Jason derulo dude...
Feelzbad CHAI (4 years ago)
PRAISE the McMurray!! thank you sooo much
Candy Williams (4 years ago)
ASquattingApe (4 years ago)
You sir, have completely changed my life around in a mere 3 minutes.
Andrew Cable (4 years ago)
fuck left my hands at home....>_>
sgtMorningW00d (3 years ago)
JPDC92 (4 years ago)
You saved me.... thx so much...
shelle hicks (4 years ago)
Joshua Hampton (4 years ago)
Any idea for how to adjust the size of tie to get rid of the hanging so it can come up to the top of the shirt?
Jay Pete (4 years ago)
Dude never mind the simple minded individuals that comment here with hatred, racism, and sarcasm. I used your instructions and got it on the first try. Thanks! Employing this tool tomorrow.
Vectorian J. (4 years ago)
When he says bowtie it kinda sounds like booty...But great video overall
Round (4 years ago)
that;s some funny shit, good job.
GorygourMae (4 years ago)
thanks bro! now i can teach my little brother
Juanito Dayrit (4 years ago)
HAHAHA!! it's a bit funny to think that there is atleast 1/4 excess part of the neck tie hiding underneath your long sleeve haha...that is what we call Innovation :) clever though. tnx dude
reneck nonsense (4 years ago)
tie comes off no matter what
bksingle (4 years ago)
Cheap!! Go buy a bowtie
*verne* Nicole* (4 years ago)
thats whats up right on bro
Troy Kumpand (5 years ago)
"no one can be the wiser"
quintessentialquinten (5 years ago)
Thanks Kanye West!
Blessings of the Lord (5 years ago)
Thanks man this was very helpful for an event I have to go to tonight!
Pablo Dunoyer (5 years ago)
Thanks bruh
Layt'e (5 years ago)
great now how do u make a hanky out of a sock ?
Allen Acevedo (5 years ago)
Genius! Thanks man.
Nakashima Tadayoshi (5 years ago)
loool....first we need hand :3
AbsolutelyTiana (5 years ago)
Ha, me too :3
CotchFM. (5 years ago)
Bowties are cool.
Becca Tremblay-Green (5 years ago)
CRAP! I left my hands somewhere.. :S
aspin shrestha (5 years ago)
tnx bro ......
Anton Sujarwo (5 years ago)
Thanksssss :)
Jen Claire (5 years ago)
Usin this for my band concert
Steven Lee (5 years ago)
u looked like javale mcgee at first sight
eli pri (5 years ago)
cheeky bastard hahahah good man thanks for the tutorial
Anthony Hinton (5 years ago)
Thanks help me alot
Taron Brown (5 years ago)
Best tutorial I've seen!
HelloParkingMeter6 (5 years ago)
Thanks so much!!! :D
theconsultingsniper (5 years ago)
Totally owned that dude in school today when I'm grabbing marks (no,sadly, girls don't have a thing for 11th doctors inn my school) with my bowtie. He's like "Well, that you didn't tie". Then I loosened it and tie it all over again. I owe you. -Moriarty
Maggie H (5 years ago)
I now have a space patterned bow tie for my Cecil Baldwin cosplay. Life is good.
Chelsea Klahr (5 years ago)
*folding.....folding....folding...* I GOT IT. Thanks so much needed to know how to tie a bow tie for epic Doctor cosplay!
dashawn mccray (5 years ago)
I'm wearing it like this tomorrow to school
Angel Gutierrez (5 years ago)
That actually the old world way how to tie it, you taught yourself it. Good job
Nevaeh Nowell (5 years ago)
Thanks so much I look cutee
NerdyPixieOriginal (5 years ago)
Thanks dude! it was awesome and me and my friend are going to school like this tomorrow :D
NerdyPixieOriginal (5 years ago)
So am i XD
Real hooper (5 years ago)
It won't work dipdong
Eric Martinez (5 years ago)
Yee Ha (5 years ago)
You need necks too fool!!
huehuehueheu (5 years ago)
I know how you feels.
huehuehueheu (5 years ago)
It looks like it'll get loose though
Jouets en jeu (5 years ago)
Simple solution.... tuck the tail around the collar. BOOM! Thanks for the idea!
Droff (5 years ago)
great idea, but not really fooling anyone
Chatehana Davis (5 years ago)
Thanks You Just Helped Me Out Big Time For My Sister Graduation !
ydtz07 (5 years ago)
:O This is life-changing. I had NO idea people did this.
Bibi51497 (5 years ago)
Great idea......unless you only own fat ties :(
Pure Ambition (5 years ago)
It so funny how he says "The first thing you need is hands" kml...
Jorge Contreras (5 years ago)
det derp (5 years ago)
pretty helpful if your on a budget.
Zack Rossi (5 years ago)
Wow that's going to stay tied.
CraigHam (5 years ago)
Frank Ocean lookin' ass
Kill me For dank memes (5 years ago)
god damn it you need hands fuck im out
Tasha Elisabeth (5 years ago)
That awkward moment when he says "men" and I'm a 16 year old girl looking for something to wear to school tomorrow. . .
Rich Burg (5 years ago)
fatal error, strips on strips
Brandon Fonville (5 years ago)
The skinny part of the tie can wrap around part of your neck, then put your collar down so that no one can see the shorter end of the tie.
Joel Rodriguez (5 years ago)
my gosh, buy a bowtie man, that is ridiculous...how are u supposed to put the tie into the shirt!!!! no one will notice haha
CEO Phlo (5 years ago)
LOL terrible
Brandon Giek (5 years ago)
Koen Bakker (5 years ago)
WealthTracker (5 years ago)
somebody gonna get a few millions views doing this w/ their feet cause u violated RIGHT from the jump saying "if you don't got hands, you can't do it!"
Ben Riley (5 years ago)
Where did you steal this idea from?
deedee82672 (5 years ago)
Hard bruh
Danny Hunchoz (5 years ago)
There is always a way to do something
Andre Dyson (5 years ago)
Right on! Needed this
TheBewilderedDuck (5 years ago)
This was helpful, thanks
Azaan Mbita (5 years ago)
damn necessity is the mother of invention! great job !
Brandon Marquez (5 years ago)
How do I gat it to stay in place
lily ann (5 years ago)
KrIIklaNe (5 years ago)
that was awesome. ty
Snakedoctorjw (5 years ago)
Awesome idea brother, this is grea for the nights you are playing poker in Macau and wake up next to a hot chick you banged and have to leave to catch an inter national bad guy. I always hated having to carry a bow tie and a tie, you sir have solved my Bond problem!
The Lenster (5 years ago)
Shit I Have Everything But The Hands..
slimfresh13 (5 years ago)
Mithius4President (5 years ago)
"Now you're ready for the world" I love it :)
Rachel Sherry (5 years ago)
This was really helpful, thank you :)
shursh9090 (5 years ago)
This is so cool I'm gonna practice doing a bow tie out of a neck tie thnx 2 u bro!!!!

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