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This video was brought to you by volvo
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AlexTheGS (18 hours ago)
The title says sponsored by saab Yet the desc still says volvo You are a true genious Felix
diani putri (1 day ago)
cruz Leon (1 day ago)
I was the third guy he killed :(
Sara jay (1 day ago)
What was he trying to translate
Ljuba Zivkovic (1 day ago)
Who came from the past to see why he changed title?
CliMacs (1 day ago)
This video changed from *Sponsored by Volvo* To *Sponsored by Saab*
NiNjA GaMeR (2 days ago)
This was Sponsored by volvo
Uday Kumar (2 days ago)
fuckers fucking player don't know to keep a scope in ak
Uday Kumar (2 days ago)
hi stupid keep a scope in ak
lmao what a liar not even sponsored by SAAB (please dont hurt meh)
Manav Khehra (2 days ago)
4:55 A Heart attack!
Golden Bull (2 days ago)
sponsored by Volvo🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
clouhds edits (3 days ago)
back in the days where pewd says “fuck” every two seconds
Ady Ro (3 days ago)
Subscribe for me
C JY (3 days ago)
12:56 "stragedy" haahahah
Tray Williams (3 days ago)
he doesn't know about the boost on the car
amr_ 2k (3 days ago)
Pudes: sponsorerered by VOLVO for 399* Volvo: can we copystrike pewdewpie ? *Sponsored by betterhelp*
Grim Reaper (3 days ago)
Sponsored by demonitization
Gilbert Hangshing (4 days ago)
lalit kumar (4 days ago)
T series 🇮🇳
Danial Haikal (4 days ago)
avia sam (4 days ago)
U took every single bullet expect the aim bullets
Sahil Rajput (4 days ago)
You forgot to change the description box.
Khaled Sw (5 days ago)
6:14 fart lool
Tech Techno (5 days ago)
First it was sponsored by volvo
GAME EMPIRE (5 days ago)
Ethan Choi (6 days ago)
who gets cancer when he doesnt boost
Mihnea Constandache (6 days ago)
Its Dacia 1310. Fabrique in Romania. I live in Romania in Bucharest.
Kyle Whigham (6 days ago)
Why’d you change the name to sponsored by Saab? You kept calling it Volvo. Also u should do another BeamNG vid
Nikhil R (6 days ago)
Crouch at hillslide ....wht a player !😅👏
epic dick (6 days ago)
You can't feel safe in a dacia
Leigh Xandre Cubar (6 days ago)
why ur not using a scope better than that red dot? why choose vss over sks?
Josh Tornado (6 days ago)
Why is pewds so slow
JJ Lit (7 days ago)
He’s pretty much dead 💀 5:46
kayleigh (7 days ago)
lol i think he made a bts joke “no, not today”
debasis bag (7 days ago)
Lisnening skills r zero
Elle Knight (7 days ago)
When he picked up every ammo ever except the ammo he needs for the akm
vb Glacier (7 days ago)
When you said a fart could kill you my dog farted and now it smells like poo poo
376574stahp Death (8 days ago)
Upload more pubg videos please
Drumming with Sara (9 days ago)
Thats a Daciaaa . I know because im Romanian
Preety Aasha (9 days ago)
WTF he changed the video title it was sponsored by 'volvo' before
Yashraj Singh (9 days ago)
Who else felt bad about him when he picked up vss
Amory Aly (9 days ago)
That was an amazing video
Jan Michael Vincent (9 days ago)
If thanos had that volvo we'd be fucked
Finn Anata (9 days ago)
“A fart could kill me” - PewDiePie, Jun 18, 2017
Sempai Daisuke (10 days ago)
killing with style
Jeremiah Pragas (10 days ago)
The amount of useless stuff he has in his bag hhahah
Ananda Glitch (11 days ago)
Wtf? You said volvo but the title is saab wtf man? Aowkwkw
mam (11 days ago)
wing less (11 days ago)
-"there's bound to be someone here" *someone shoots* -"yep, the answer is yes"
Highness Noob (12 days ago)
https://youtu.be/vl1HnjZfyiw WATCH THIS 🔥BEST DRIVER IN DA WORLD 🌏
王文強 (13 days ago)
Where’s the n word clip?
AbdM (10 days ago)
Oh boyy
me (10 days ago)
王文強 oh boy
Ionut Pop (13 days ago)
Dacia FFS
Gamer Anay (13 days ago)
Sponsored By Volvo
me (10 days ago)
Gamer Anay he changed the title
KULDEEP SINGH NEGI (13 days ago)
Realistic graphics dude
Allu Kids Tv (14 days ago)
scary fun in Volvo city Pewdiepie
unknown boy (14 days ago)
Sponsored by volvor
irwan san (14 days ago)
What happen with the title? Can anyone tell me
Dante Crailman (13 days ago)
irwan san Basically, some "news outlets" called him out for putting Volvo in the title for sponsorship despite not being sponsored.
Jeffen Smith (15 days ago)
pewds you blind fuck xD 18:16
Disclaimer: not actually sponsored by Saab.
Christoper Toel (15 days ago)
You should play Rules of Survival.Its similar to PUBG
Pawan Thakur (15 days ago)
A fart can kill me 😂😂
dark furi (15 days ago)
Nice try....hahaha
Harem King (15 days ago)
The tittle got edited. It was *Volvo* at first.
Jad Alouk (16 days ago)
The fuck is ufta slentara ?
15k subs with videos? (16 days ago)
Anyone wanna play pubg with me?
Just hacking Around (16 days ago)
This isn't a 20 minute video, it's a 7 hour video.
jin yu lin (16 days ago)
Why pew change Volvo to Saab
Roberto Ocaviantyo (16 days ago)
What is SAAB?
18 tbh (17 days ago)
Didnt he changed the title after 1 year
Saefudin Fatah (17 days ago)
Ngentod lu semua
Praful Rana (17 days ago)
Ishtiyaq Ahamed Rifat (17 days ago)
You play like a noob
Sahil Vaishnav (18 days ago)
ImFluffeh (18 days ago)
That weird word he didn't know the translation to (caption said af2 slam today) was eftersläntrare, which translates to laggard or straggler (according to Google)
Raymond Puno (19 days ago)
how the hell, he's alive 6:00
Dreamcatcher (19 days ago)
volvo reward is ovlov
Rain JoLix (19 days ago)
🎶When You Shoot Your Health And It Can't Go Heal Bandage's🎶
lavu (19 days ago)
I really enjoy his commentary . And i love watching him play When he plays if feels like you are playing the game yourself. Thanks for this video felix aka pewdiepie
Arik Esan (20 days ago)
Pewds should play fortnite
Vijay Kumar Attri (20 days ago)
The circle got smaller, just like my butthole. LMAO
sour flamingo (20 days ago)
Saab is the stuff maaaannnn
Nick Mayzure (20 days ago)
What game is this
itzMosaab ' (15 days ago)
Aman Adhikari (20 days ago)
"Okay the circle got smaller just like my butthole" 17:00
Raid Rostom (20 days ago)
Dumpk ings (20 days ago)
What is the soundtrack Played from the start of this video.....?
Neela Bansal (20 days ago)
Azasel Bad (21 days ago)
Second Apex (21 days ago)
the joy when he runs someone over hahaha
Alien Vlog (21 days ago)
Pweds: No Not Today Me: Holy Shit he’s singing Not Today!
Alien Vlog (19 days ago)
beep boop Beep Lol
beep boop Beep (20 days ago)
let me love you
Theraiser (21 days ago)
SPONSORED BY SAAB "This video was brought to you by Volvo" ~Description
avanconia (21 days ago)
You looked right at him...
Exit Exit (21 days ago)
Do not forget to cross channel channel everyone !
Drunk Fish (21 days ago)
A fart could kill me 😂😂😂😂😂
its doge (21 days ago)
It supose to be volvo not saab
#lolsterGAMER (22 days ago)
There has to be a markiplier in the video!
Otaku- Chan (22 days ago)
Sponsored By Volvo

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