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NERF Rainbow Six Siege - Mansion Hostage Rescue

18874 ratings | 1223114 views
Check out our Best of 2016 playlist! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=extNh3Z-ikk&list=PLQOB_yCwC5J30UXTw6WU4X8iNh7bY0g_B Rainbow Six Siege: http://store.steampowered.com/app/359550/ https://rainbow6.ubi.com/siege/en-us/home/ For business inquiries email [email protected] You can get your own professionally built custom gaming PC at, http://www.originpc.com/ http://facebook.com/node http://twitter.com/nodestudios http://twitter.com/corridordigital http://facebook.com/corridordigital http://twitter.com/brandonjla http://twitter.com/cerberusarms
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Text Comments (1801)
james green (20 hours ago)
Sarah G with the OP snipe
Emmanuel Duran (1 day ago)
Rival guns are better than the darts
Alex (7 days ago)
Surprised they didn't get spawnpeeked.
Dylan Tindall (8 days ago)
Why is Dokkaebi on defense?
luke turek (8 days ago)
"doesnt need all hes toes" xD do more real life nerf and airsoft!
ZachAttack (14 days ago)
Sadly no one tried to spawn peek
asdf man1000 (14 days ago)
no spawnpeaking? unrealistic
Milana Nexus (15 days ago)
Was Clint tachanka?
Milana Nexus (15 days ago)
This is ripoff rainbow six
Milana Nexus (15 days ago)
Another problem is orange team defends first and blues attack so it doesn't make any sense
Milana Nexus (15 days ago)
Problem is each team has 5 players or less. Orange had six and blue had five how is that fair for the blues
Morde's Odyssey (15 days ago)
This house is used in the new Netflix movie The Open House. I was watching and I knew I was feeling too much good vibes, then I realized this is the same house!
asprando7644 (27 days ago)
Anna gives me a major boner
memeasouras rex (1 month ago)
WorldWalker128 (1 month ago)
I've noticed recurring Walkie issues over the course of you guys using them. Or rather, NOT using.
six siege master 35 (1 month ago)
That's house is off of a movie omg
MetBot Iyasu (1 month ago)
I would take point leader. I mean giving callouts is what I got covered.
Puppeteer (2 months ago)
Why not use airsoft?
Alexander Beck (2 months ago)
Sam and Brett are Shaggy and Scooby in the first game, while D (like Fred) has all the girls following him 😂
룹프 (2 months ago)
Clint is Lord Tachanka
Kiing x Jamellz (2 months ago)
Whelp blue wins
2gen Wong (2 months ago)
Dude give D better fucking team m8s 1 v 6
Jeffraay (2 months ago)
My fav R D and Anna
ImBizx (2 months ago)
This house is the house in the Netflix movie "open jouse" holy shit I recognise it bc I watch this then the movie
Liza Brown (2 months ago)
Not to be rude but the girls always suck
N B A (2 months ago)
Netflix original The Open House Its the same house and i was watching this just before i watched open house on Netflix. They could have used the mine tunnel that lead to the basement that went up to the kitchen
I like Pie (2 months ago)
lol, this house is in the new movie on nexflix, The Open House. lol, cool
wisdom tooth gamer (2 months ago)
I think the actual sound affects kinda ruin it
Jack Murphy (2 months ago)
There is a movie called open house and I️t was shot in this house it’s a horror movie
Huzzahdough (3 months ago)
Does it resemble house or chalet
I’m Salty (3 months ago)
Is this the house from the horror movie “open house”?
LimeCinemas (3 months ago)
If u injure the hostage your dead
Istin Colieth (3 months ago)
I always love when they go to Big Bear
UnluckyBird2004 (3 months ago)
2:12 thicc
Homer4a10 (3 months ago)
Why no spawn peek? A cog got removed?
Homer4a10 (3 months ago)
Why wasn’t it a 6v6 and use an object as a hostage
SoupStock (3 months ago)
Grown Men and Women running around with nerf guns. What more could I ask for
Mike Petruccelli (3 months ago)
Not actual house...then u show u running up to the same house to play lol
Ryder webster (3 months ago)
Plus 50 Assist (3 months ago)
what gun goes Clint have? cos we don't have that shit in Australia
The Miguelodon (3 months ago)
This was 362 days ago?!?! I remember watching this for the first time and loving it
Blue Dragon (3 months ago)
Porter Stanchfield (3 months ago)
you should play more R6 in video game version 😓😓
Ivan FL'res (3 months ago)
Red head name?
Ethan Lopez (3 months ago)
Why didn't the attackers send in drones or breach in through the window?
Xinics (3 months ago)
Oh My Goodness!* x1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000. There Will Never Be A End! Set For Eternal Life! God Bless! If You Are Reading This, I Hope You Have A Marvelous Eternal Life For Forever And Ever On Earth And In Heaven For Eternal Life In Our Eternal Lives All Thanks Be To God And Jesus! Yes Always! Thank You For Everything God And Jesus! In Jesus Name, I Pray And Know! All Thanks Be To God And Jesus! Amen <3 :)
Xinics (3 months ago)
Gosh Dang It!* x1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000. There Will Never Be A End! Set For Eternal Life! God Bless! If You Are Reading This, I Hope You Have A Marvelous Eternal Life For Forever And Ever On Earth And In Heaven For Eternal Life In Our Eternal Lives All Thanks Be To God And Jesus! Yes Always! Thank You For Everything God And Jesus! In Jesus Name, I Pray And Know! All Thanks Be To God And Jesus! Amen <3 :)
Xinics (3 months ago)
Marvellous Eternal Life! x1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000. There Will Never Be A End! Set For Eternal Life! God Bless! If You Are Reading This, I Hope You Have A Marvelous Eternal Life For Forever And Ever On Earth And In Heaven For Eternal Life In Our Eternal Lives All Thanks Be To God And Jesus! Yes Always! Thank You For Everything God And Jesus! In Jesus Name, I Pray And Know! All Thanks Be To God And Jesus! Amen <3 :)
Mevluthan Rulez (4 months ago)
Battle universe vs node pls
A Random Sheep (4 months ago)
This could be waay better add drones and cameras also add rappeling
Red Bear Gamer (4 months ago)
ivy's face is not working. on the top, her face looks different than it is on the bottom left corner
Dragon lord Gamer (4 months ago)
I found your videos when I was watching an actual game of ttt I’m happy I found your guys (and gals) these videos are fun to watch, you all just got a new sub
iMrAwesomeYT (4 months ago)
Wrong!! What you’re supposed to do is Fuze the objective, get an ace and kill the hostage!!
Adolf Hitler (4 months ago)
D carrying the whole team to diamond lol
Adolf Hitler (4 months ago)
Should have used paintball or airsoft
A_Human (4 months ago)
4:03 is that the lord Tachanka himself?
Mc Napkinz (4 months ago)
Clint picking TACHANKA boi no picking gods or op operators
Bradius (4 months ago)
Dang the Ultra HD texture pack looks amazing
thomas cantrelle (4 months ago)
Next time everyone should get there own gadgets that no one else has then it would be extra cool
Dean (4 months ago)
ivy reminds me of iq, USELESS
On fire backpack (4 months ago)
sam really needs to understand the idea of retreating
8:10 -Sam is not even answering *SAM IS DEATH*
Michael Usher (4 months ago)
do this again
Francisca Evania Evania (4 months ago)
Francisca Evania Evania (4 months ago)
Dragon slayer fautua (4 months ago)
I have the same gun niko
taifu13781 (4 months ago)
D was also tactical as f#$k
taifu13781 (4 months ago)
D is surrounded by ladies. Of course! XD
Last Patriot (4 months ago)
I'm sorry but D just seems like a dickhead to me
BadNewz Meister (5 months ago)
This battle was way too unfair d was the only one on his team actually trying and Clint and Anna had gigantic fucking guns so it was no suprise they were gonna win
Lorenzo Santiago (5 months ago)
They didn’t spawn peek, but they had lord of lords so
Edgy Memes (5 months ago)
This is cringey asf
TheGTA5Freak (5 months ago)
Do airsoft rainbow 6 siege
Nathaniel Okrepkie (5 months ago)
"Gg I always carry" -D
_Closing24seven _ (5 months ago)
Okay! I have a complaint. D is too op! He needs a NERF! Get it? No, okay I'll leave now...
das specky gamer (5 months ago)
6v5 👌😂😂
E.T. Studios (5 months ago)
where did they get the shield
Lascanius (5 months ago)
Mansion??? I dont know this map xD
Cole Pearce (5 months ago)
luuk janssen (5 months ago)
do more of this i like it !!!!!!!!
ben robbo (5 months ago)
Plz nerf D
homes24 (5 months ago)
No breaching charges
Mason Bertini (5 months ago)
The girls sucked
GMApro (5 months ago)
Nice video
William (5 months ago)
cuz im eatin good noodles everyday
Lau Lau (5 months ago)
I have lvl 96 at rainbow 6
PeasantTights (5 months ago)
Lord Ta-Clint-ta
PeasantTights (5 months ago)
Reporting D for aimbot
PeasantTights (5 months ago)
Btw D wears Calvin Klein undies XD
BurnWithThePigs (5 months ago)
Shields don't move that fast. They are fat and slow.
Odemus (5 months ago)
i thought i have grown out of those nerf games but that looks so fun
Traciraptor Games (5 months ago)
wren was just like oh okay
Matthew Wills (5 months ago)
Ivy looks like my science teacher
Wren should've just jumped
Nielsson03 (5 months ago)
Ivy is stupid af
jaxson246 gaming (5 months ago)
someone left the blue team just look!
BluePowerRanger (5 months ago)
9:14 wren '' I'm escaping'' hes about to jump out the building
Cannon Plays (5 months ago)
if i was here id ask for a riot shield and fucking assault them 1v5 xd
Zane Gadbois (5 months ago)
Don’t worry it’s not there house. They just broke in so it ok.
Fireangel77 (5 months ago)
D has all the girls with him the first round
R.E.K.T GAMEZZZ (5 months ago)

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