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Playstore se pubg lite kaise download kare | How to download pubg lite 0.9.0 from playstore

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Playstore se pubg lite kaise download kare | How to download pubg lite from playstore #pubglite9 #pubgmobilelite9000 #pubglite8490download
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Text Comments (7327)
suhel khan (2 hours ago)
Fakeeeeeeeeee video
suhel khan (2 hours ago)
suhel khan (2 hours ago)
Is a fakeeeeeeeeee video
exploution gamer (3 hours ago)
Bhi phone me koi problems to nahi hogi
Jantu Gujjar (3 hours ago)
Chal ka dika
momi begum (3 hours ago)
Bhai tumhara video bohot maja lega
deepak giram (3 hours ago)
thanks bro
Mahesh Gore (4 hours ago)
Bhai aapne ek video me aapne file se Ye 3gb Mobil me btaya tha pr abhi mere mobile me abhi vo shuru nhi Ho rha hai....... Tencent games blue screen hai n vaha tk ata hai phir band plz reply
Nihal Kumar (4 hours ago)
Bhai game chal nhi rha hai
ankit prajapati (4 hours ago)
ni hua
adbanchar wolde (4 hours ago)
340 mb not open game
Sunny Diwakar (5 hours ago)
Samajh mein nahi aaya
Amin Sha (5 hours ago)
Can we play pubg lite after installing and delete the power VPN?
Sardar Sardar (5 hours ago)
This are not work in j2
Syed Aslam (5 hours ago)
Error code resistance area is showing
NEW Gamer (5 hours ago)
It work thanks
Pratiksha Bombatkar (5 hours ago)
Samsung mey pubg ata hey kay
Vishal Kumar (5 hours ago)
Bhai mari settings ma google play nahe ha
Muhamaad Fairul (6 hours ago)
Thanks bro perfeck vidio
NIRMLA SHARMA (6 hours ago)
Dj Pankaj Rajpoot (6 hours ago)
Man Gaye bhai
Abhi Sonawale (6 hours ago)
Reply fast
Abhi Sonawale (6 hours ago)
It is showing that service is busy
Prime Clasher (6 hours ago)
Kya bakwaas hai
Gaming With Dharmik (7 hours ago)
Yar mera ma nahi ho raha
yuvraj patel (7 hours ago)
key ko kaise hatana hai
Suraj Gupta (7 hours ago)
Is it safe for mobile phone And also tell us how to reset previous settings
Pubg mobile download not
sadh gill (8 hours ago)
For 3gb ram
Akshay Kokate (8 hours ago)
Please give
Brajen Kalita (8 hours ago)
How to game play 😣😣😣😣😣
Chandrashekhar Azad (8 hours ago)
Bhai nhi ho raha hai yaar👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Sampa Gupta (9 hours ago)
Redmi 5A main nahi ho raha hai
Kunal Das (9 hours ago)
Nahi year
aryan raj sharma (9 hours ago)
Bhai ye power vpn pubg install hone kee baad uninstall kr skte he
Alihamza Khan (9 hours ago)
Bhai ye kam kargya kya baat hai bro
Sofi Uddin (10 hours ago)
Vaiya ma pabg download kar ne bad kiya vnp delete kar sakta hunn
Sunita Agrawal (10 hours ago)
Bhai download karne ke baad
APNA CHANNEL (10 hours ago)
Thank you it is possible that I AM DOWNLOAD IT
akram qureshi (10 hours ago)
Link bhej de bhai
akram qureshi (10 hours ago)
Lite nhi aata
Taj Ashrafi (10 hours ago)
Bhai work Kiya lekin mere 4gb ram me nhi Kiya but 2gb me Kiya thanks bhai behtrin video ke liye
md jiyaul (11 hours ago)
Yar mere phon me 1GB 500Mb ka geme ata hai
chanyal 's comedy (11 hours ago)
mene try kra pubg lite playstore par nahi aaya
chanyal 's comedy (11 hours ago)
fake hai users yhh
Ratnakumar K B (11 hours ago)
bye made Mae ogye my phone is Samsung galaxy
Royal king 0012 mosin (11 hours ago)
Thanks my friend
salman INJOEY (11 hours ago)
Mere me nhai ara bhai
chaitanya Shukla (12 hours ago)
But it work without any VPN
GURAV_ GAIKWAD** (12 hours ago)
Thank bhai server problem nahi ho ra ha hai ✋✋✋✋
Yashramani 12345 (13 hours ago)
Nathi chalu thati
sami slayer (14 hours ago)
Mene ap jese downlode kia he
sami slayer (14 hours ago)
Are vi app pubg lite khete ho
Yashramani 12345 (14 hours ago)
Vah bhai successfully
Aryan Movaliya (14 hours ago)
Muje join karna na bhule
Aryan Movaliya (14 hours ago)
Download ho gaya pubg mobile lite
Pratham Gujarati (14 hours ago)
Bhai dbz Xenovese game kese download kara
kamal singh (14 hours ago)
yll bhae key ka nishaan ni aa rha ylll kya kry
Syed Stadio (15 hours ago)
Bhai Aisa Kuch Mat Kariye Chorme par jakar Pubg mobile lite iran search mariye 100% Aayega Mere chennal ko subscribe karen please
Jayanta Borah (15 hours ago)
Thanks yar... Iye kam kar rahe he.. por power vpn app ko uninstall kor dene se kya hoga, iye rohega ki nehi...
Subham Garai (15 hours ago)
befikra jaat (15 hours ago)
Chla ke dikhao
Lets learn grammar (15 hours ago)
Your game is not working. The server is busy
Nilam Dhone (16 hours ago)
Vaa bhai ekdam original video hai
Mandrican Mihai (21 hours ago)
When im done playing..if i close the vpn..will my progress be there ?
Kamin Jamoh (22 hours ago)
Bro y don't u give link ?
varun rajmaurya (1 day ago)
Mangesh Hirmalvad (1 day ago)
nice bro
Abhijot arora (1 day ago)
but how can we play it
Satyabrata Dash (1 day ago)
How to fix it Please tell me and in Samsung Galaxy j2
Chand Khan (1 day ago)
Useless crap
Abhijot arora (1 day ago)
nce very very nce
Bharti Dhanani (1 day ago)
It will not harm to my account in play store..???
Jatin Kumar (1 day ago)
Vpn app koa delete kardaka kya phir bhai
fata keta (1 day ago)
Alimustafa Mirani (1 day ago)
Nahe a rahe yar
Bhavya Sonigra (1 day ago)
Thanks bro thankyou subscribe his channle awesome its work
who is the Best (1 day ago)
ANDRO ROCK (1 day ago)
Bhai a pubg lite game update par stop hojatahe aur bolta heki no Internet connection please reply
Amit Thakur (1 day ago)
Nice sir ji
Shikhar Chaturvedi (1 day ago)
Bhai sarey steps ke baad bhi app show nhi ho rha hain
Download nahe ho raha
Mansi Goyal (1 day ago)
Bhai thanks mere Galaxy j2 me pubg lite chalne laga
srajan jain (1 day ago)
Install hone ke baad jab khola toh likha aa raha hai server is busy kya kare?
Aaj Kal (1 day ago)
tq bro
srajan jain (1 day ago)
Ek baar install karne ke baad har baar khelne ke liye power vpn use karna padhega kya?
sani Karpe (1 day ago)
Nahi ho raha he re
Aditya Yadav (1 day ago)
Kuch karo mai ye game khlna chahta hoon
Aditya Yadav (1 day ago)
Mera pubg lite nahi aa raha hai
Saimaas Abrar (1 day ago)
bhai app bhaut achai ho
Saimaas Abrar (1 day ago)
thaaaaank yoooou
Rahul Arya (1 day ago)
Bhai download to ho Gaya but chal nahi Raha h
Manak Jangir (1 day ago)
Fake man
rock monstar (1 day ago)
Kasa play kartshai bhi
Sayak Sarma (1 day ago)
Mera 4gb ka hai.. mere phone mei nahi chalega ??
Priya Gajra (1 day ago)
Very nice Very good
Manish Gupta (1 day ago)
Where is flar gun Miramar map
Ajit jedhe (1 day ago)
Tnx bhai
rahul reigns 64 (1 day ago)
Ben ke loude Macher ki jaat Tato ke sodager Nahi aa raha hai
Shubham Kumar (1 day ago)
Not working bhi 😞
Masum Ahmed (1 day ago)
Bakar ha 100000000%

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