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Bringing A Gun To A STICK FIGHT!

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Let the fists and bullets fly, we're playing Stick Fight again! For business inquiries email [email protected] You can get your own professionally built custom gaming PC at, http://www.originpc.com/ http://facebook.com/node http://twitter.com/nodestudios http://twitter.com/corridordigital http://facebook.com/corridordigital http://twitter.com/brandonjla http://twitter.com/cerberusarms
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Text Comments (544)
who the heck wears a jacket indoor
Drago Firethroat (2 days ago)
Drago Firethroat (2 days ago)
Why does it have to snakes? No rewards for guessing that reference. Come on, if no one can get that reference you all are so dumb!
The All Father (14 days ago)
I wish that there wasn't tension between D and Sam, it hurts the heart...
Alyssa Wilson (22 days ago)
d and sam are good friends, you can tell their rivalry is more brother like than not liking each other, i know cause my brother and i are the same exact way
Evan Johnston (28 days ago)
Snakes, why is it always snakes.
Ferhad M55 (1 month ago)
Dam Niko's beard is thicc af
Keefe Mooney (1 month ago)
I meant black hole
Keefe Mooney (1 month ago)
Keefe Mooney (1 month ago)
I meant black hole
bill goldberg (2 months ago)
What a good title
Bredburn99 (2 months ago)
D - “Don’t scream so loud.” Sam - “I’m getting killed & eaten alive by snakes” D - “I know, I know, but...” HAHAHAHA, love y’all! You improve my day almost every day!
Nacho Roblox (3 months ago)
The pun in this title is just sad..
Lasket (3 months ago)
Am I the only one that remembers the video the thumbnail's from and is kind of sad they didn't it mention anywhere?
Fin 93741 (3 months ago)
You can tell when Sam gets triggered when he’s the only one fake laughing
Galactic (4 months ago)
So much salt.
Go green
Bob Marlin (6 months ago)
D vs SAM who would win?
zakuja (7 months ago)
I dislike how Sam is such a hypocrite. He complains about people playing possum, but he does it himself. He'll literally play possum and die, then complain about other people playing possum.
Abyss Clan (7 months ago)
Say "sam" if you think sam was right in this video say "D" if you think D was, respond soon!
EvoDark Plays (7 months ago)
*the ting goes* 0:47
The Lieutenant (7 months ago)
"Stop screaming so loud" "I'm dying and being eaten alive by snakes"
Madcircle01 (7 months ago)
Vicotory in this color vicotory
Cheese Wizard (7 months ago)
Better than bringing a stick to a gun fight
angel4noor (7 months ago)
12:21 red and blue are doing things if you know what I mean
Abdelrahman Mohamed (7 months ago)
Sam in airsoft videos: Freeze MotherFer Also Sam: FUCK FUCK THAT SHIT
sonburn985 (7 months ago)
Stickman game irl full body suits green, yellow, Red and Blue
Wackinator 66 (7 months ago)
3:26 killed me XD
looksgoodonpaper (7 months ago)
D still needs a chill pill guys
Drake Miller (7 months ago)
What game is this on ?
trooper5k (7 months ago)
You should try Ravenfeild
Hit by a Parked Car (7 months ago)
Isn't that a Flashdeck thumbnail
Ian Aceveda (8 months ago)
I think D is cheating because his Asian could probably made the game
Lukáš Neoproud (8 months ago)
Is this available for PS4?
Dominic Clarke Year 8 (8 months ago)
Like 2D gang beast
That One Panda (8 months ago)
the constant complaining of people standing still was off-putting for me. yeah, it's not entirely fun if they are silent. if they are talking and shit during than it would be ok, but the complaining was worse in my opinion.
Roliga yol (8 months ago)
Poor brandon
ImpossiblyOblivious (8 months ago)
I see a lot of things different in node. A couple years ago, Sam and D had no awkward tension between them. Brandon was actually better at videogames, and Niko was a bit more hyper. I mean absolutely no offense to SAM, and it could be a low metabolism, but it seems that SAM has put on some weight. Also, D has kind of lost what fun is in videogames/airsoft is anymore. He has fun sometimes, but he mostly just wants to be the best. I have absolutely no problem with wanting to be the best, but he loses the point of why they're playing the games in the first place. Sam has also kind of evolved into a bit of a whiny, loud, annoying kind of person. When he used to be so much more cooler and just an overall easier person to like. Niko and Brandon have some sort of chemistry that just allows them to get along so easily, its amazing. They just want to have fun. Brandon is usually absolute trash at videogames, but seriously doesn't give a shit because he knows what the game is about; having fun. Niko tries to focus in a game, but in the end just wants to have fun. It seems that just D and Sam that have changed a lot over the years to make them somewhat unlikable in their own ways. I mean, i gotta say it. D is absolutely amazing, he's probably the coolest person to ever exist on the planet, other then Neo from the matrix. You know what, D should have been Neo in the matrix. Sam is an astounding musician and director, along with some impressive acting skills. They're both good people, but in their own flaws that kind of ruin it, and when put together... Theres just this tension in it that you can just feel. Whenever sam starts talking, yelping, or talking randomly because he's panicking, D starts to get uncomfortable. Even though when Brandon or Niko does it, he has hardly an issue with it. It's just weird.
firedemon48 (8 months ago)
I bet Sam thinks he's the elite one of the group
MackMcDeven97 (8 months ago)
11:42 is that... A JO JO REFERENCE!?
ADO Photoshop Breakdowns (8 months ago)
I say we have an epic sword fight between Sam and D!
SealSnatcher (8 months ago)
D: but i didn't have a gun Sam: (Zoom in to face) K.
A Strange Person (8 months ago)
d and sam just go at it with eachother hahah. i like d a bit more but i feel like he should just..... chill out a bit. more like brandon, brandon's the most chill out of all of them
DJ TheBIGKOR-IAN (8 months ago)
2 competitive people put against each other usually means fun takes a back seat. You're only having fun when you're winning. Sam and D are trying to win.
Chrono_gaming Bro (8 months ago)
the thumbnail brings memories
Policejason228 (8 months ago)
Node can you please do more ttt's unless you can but please more airsoft like ttt thank you
sieve5 (8 months ago)
Only the og internet people watched that de_dust animation in the thumbnail
sieve5 (8 months ago)
also xaio xaio and killing spree
u guys should play more friday the 13th
Zach Noorman (8 months ago)
I hope Sam and D talk or something cuz it’s distracting, their tension
Zach Noorman (8 months ago)
D: Intense. Sam: Immature Niko: Passive Brandon: Innocent
Zach Noorman (8 months ago)
I think Sam is a bit immature or bad at controlling himself when gaming, and I get the same way sometimes. It’s the heat of the moment. There’s an obvious tension tho, everyone sees it, between him and D. D is like the personality opposite of Sam and they’ve had squabbles before
zakuja (8 months ago)
Sam is such a salty piece of shit
reByte (8 months ago)
Let Sam scream 2018
Vhan Chua (8 months ago)
The tension and saltiness in this videos. Lol. xD
troublesomecorsair (8 months ago)
Two players may be more... optimal.
SSFDrakooz (8 months ago)
Sam is really annoying.
The Pwnisher (8 months ago)
I think the sticky gun is a cum gun XD
jo_the_pie (8 months ago)
I feel like the yellow player because I have that game and it did what I would do
BONE DRAGON Vids (8 months ago)
when do made the gun noise like designer I was omg
Jason Alen (8 months ago)
7:03 As you can see, Sam has the superior wall-jumping technique that he has learned from his time with Mario
TheZnarfquad (8 months ago)
Swalty Swammy
Daniel Algarin (8 months ago)
HOLD ON, is that one of the stickmen from flashdeck animations in the thumbnail?!
assassin_yeet (8 months ago)
Sam and D damn son
Baim Mahesa (8 months ago)
Hey guys i have an idea (Node) u guys hould play tales of glory (vr game) that game is awesome!!!!
PhantomJoker (8 months ago)
never bring a tool to a sword fight
SoulessFortune (8 months ago)
the alliance is breaking, but Brandon is here to say them
Mediocre (8 months ago)
sheesh, i can feel the hostility between D and sam, not a fan
RoseIsNotAFlower (8 months ago)
Sam is such a toxic player XD
Eassun Gaming V2 (8 months ago)
More airsoft TTT
GrizzlyClaws (8 months ago)
Niko is the most chill. Hes always so happy
painter gas mask man (8 months ago)
Where is jet
Sharkface USA (8 months ago)
Yall need to play Deceit, it can have a 6 player LAN
traktor kakas (8 months ago)
Stop the salt pls...
bazzaro135 (8 months ago)
Lots of strife between these guys it seems.
Nicolas Thompson (8 months ago)
Anyone else feel the tension building between D and sam mainly cause sam is always like that’s bullshit D won even though every1 knows d is the best when it comes to games and then the possum comments make it kinda toxic instead try D why are u so good when ur salty and when nico is camping just say get over here or just fucking attack him
redlightning 3d (8 months ago)
Play squad
TheRegret (8 months ago)
why use a blood sport clip when there is jean claude van-johnson out right now. also idk if i have to say this but brandon's gamer sense is terrible lol no offense "where do the snakes come from?" as green snakes come out of green barrels to kill him. also IMO D's always been red Brandon blue Niko yellow and Sam green, but w/e.
Senik Nine (8 months ago)
Lol Sam always gets so salty when he loses.
Parker Broderick (8 months ago)
9:32 that snake landed right on yellow's dick
the bad ass guy is back (8 months ago)
Is it on Xbox 360????
Hunter's fights (8 months ago)
6:40 yoshi hover
MABlacksmith (8 months ago)
Brandon and Niko are always fun, and that's why they're my favorites. Even if it sucks in the end, they enjoy themselves.
MrKevBurns (8 months ago)
I really enjoy Node but watching them play this game is the best!
Fortnite Killer (8 months ago)
Huge fan call me 803 556 7635 I love you guys
Chris Falck (8 months ago)
The real MVPs are Brandon and Niko for not giving me tension anxiety
Macen K (8 months ago)
Well, D owned these beaches i totally didn't see that coming.
Super VR Bros (8 months ago)
This is fantastic. It's like why play nidhog OR smash bros when you can play both in One Game! Also good guy Brando there :D Trying to be all sportsman like :P
Verified-Dream (8 months ago)
I'm way too high for this
NinjaChicken (8 months ago)
Why is it that Sam and D are so annoying and salty?
Slave Knight Gael (8 months ago)
is this a jojo reference?
TheGgamer dads (8 months ago)
why are d and Sam have some beef
Minma1 Gaming (8 months ago)
Do a gaming video with JET
derek6986 (8 months ago)
More spyfall por favor
Snipercone3 (8 months ago)
More hit man!
The Survivalist (8 months ago)
I feel like one day D, Brandon, and Niko are finally going to get tired of Sam's whiny/salty behavior and take him off a couple of future videos until he can finally behave.
The Survivalist (8 months ago)
D da best
xT Hybrid (8 months ago)
Can you bring back escape from tarkov
Makko Aedrius (8 months ago)
I like how D and Sam start to subtly trashtalk each other about 1/4th into the video
John Odell (8 months ago)
D and Sam bein them saltboyes
Vennino14 (8 months ago)
Brandon:"Well i play with honour" ( is most of the time the one who dies first 😂)
Bob Bob (8 months ago)
Is it just me or is Sam super salty every time he dies? And he blames the tactics instead of the skill because he says lucky shot but really it's skill. Brandon is funny but useless at the same time. In conclusion turn down the salt level Sam, not just in this game but others as well.

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