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SGT. Mega (3 months ago)
Hey shroud, Recently I opened 1 CASE 2 weeks ago and I got that M4 but Stattrak And I freaked Although a Stattrak Man-o-war went by ;-; Edit: I’m not even ranked, also I turned 2.50 into 50 with my Stattrak M4A4 FN dragon king :D
Tala Talaco (4 months ago)
im 2 years late...
Blanchy (4 months ago)
Back to when he would get like 50 odd subs a stream, now he gets like nearly 2k per stream, Shroud you deserve it man, my favourite streamer
Nomad (5 months ago)
I hv dragon king also, stattrak only 44 kills dou :)
superdragon115 (5 months ago)
tf is ur pc os?
Ritesh Saraf (6 months ago)
Can you give me a knife
jan bussmann (6 months ago)
Windows XP
Teeqo Sweden (7 months ago)
I hate when someone says "No you didn't" like when the Man or Ma'm says they got a knife they got a KNIFE! yeah i understand it could be a joke sometimes but when it comes to shroud he never jokes around his chances of getting a knife is so high like wtf man save some pussy for us. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Foxo_ xD (8 months ago)
R.I.P shroud....my best friend....
Mattia 77 (7 months ago)
edrissje (8 months ago)
whats your font please ?
Vânătorul De Manguste (8 months ago)
Who's the guy that said it looks like stained?
2uka -iwnl- (9 months ago)
Let me get a boneless pizza
Bonlesspizza (9 months ago)
wait is this acutally sroud that posts these videos or is it just a fn channel?
Tango TM (10 months ago)
wtf,,,,play cs go on windows xp??
Chindeepxo (10 months ago)
Shroud with the fidget spinner click bait 2 and a half years early, what a mad man.
Dylan Truong (1 year ago)
600fps with shaders 1080p wtf
SamFarcik (1 year ago)
Fanando cruz (1 year ago)
Nice clickbait man
Jack Crickey (1 year ago)
shroud has windows 98
JaeHeich (1 year ago)
I wasted 12$ today opening cases XD Shroud can't be anymore luckier enough to open a Bayonet Damascus... I mean he could have got Gut Knife Safari Mesh lol
Winter (1 year ago)
OooooooooooOooOO i want so bad a falchion knife forest ddpad, i dont hava a knife :(
Andpoo Modo (1 year ago)
better yet, who's shrouds gf
《Kev》 (10 months ago)
Andpoo Modo get outta here you thirsty fuck
Andpoo Modo (1 year ago)
Who's the lady?
《Kev》 (10 months ago)
Andpoo Modo get outta here u thirsty fuck
Márk (1 year ago)
you play win xp? 😂
Afazix (1 year ago)
que cu
Dāvis Jākabsons (1 year ago)
Free knife nad high chance case https://www.drakemoon.com/case/freeitmes
c o m e t 死 (1 year ago)
Daniel K. 5D-107 (1 year ago)
0:22 "What the hell" this guy's personality is the best thing ever
Prince FFA (1 year ago)
Do u always play on low settings
Gjee tompkins (1 year ago)
Huh it's 2016 Go home kid♡ u shroud real talk :D
Kyle Flood (1 year ago)
Tyler Jones (1 year ago)
I'd be happy with any knife better than mine
Nikko (1 year ago)
The dragon king is undervalued these days I think
Guevara (10 months ago)
Nikko M4A1-S master race
Nikko (1 year ago)
LET'S TOUCH! (1 year ago)
ThomasThS (1 year ago)
That moment when you can have what knife you want and you open a case and the drop is a knife but your face is so bored.
Majd Omar (1 year ago)
how do pros like hiko or others have more like vibrant colors like the red looks more like blood etc.
Sinoops (1 year ago)
SweetFX or they just turn up digital vibrance
Majd Omar (1 year ago)
ThomasThS (1 year ago)
iPeak CS:GO (1 year ago)
why does he use windows xp
iPeak CS:GO (1 year ago)
Huy Hua (1 year ago)
makes the game run smoother, its set in windows for performance
Odens Elska (1 year ago)
Why so many pros play with low graphics and shadows?
Sinoops (1 year ago)
And makes it easier to see.
tachy (1 year ago)
Mason (1 year ago)
It increases FPS.
_Fireworks inc. (1 year ago)
When people don't know what damascus actually is
blue boi (4 months ago)
_Fireworks inc. What is that
Wombot (1 year ago)
its not made for the to form a pattern tho. it's made to create steel that is both very strong and very flexible. the pattern can be seen as a bonus
CheSGod (1 year ago)
damascus is the capital of syria, damascus steel however is what the bloke up there described :)
grapezzzz19 (1 year ago)
i thought it was the capital of syria
Robert House (1 year ago)
it's not, it's a specific way of making a blade so it turns out with that pattern after it is forged
crazyfunkystyle66 (1 year ago)
Whats the song at 1:30?
Steam link?
Kickflip (2 years ago)
hi stunna bby
Jekabs Graudins (2 years ago)
Intro song pls
rima (1 year ago)
Your welcome.
rima (1 year ago)
Throne Izotop
Daniel Itzler (2 years ago)
shroud why do you have windows vista?
xVenomzzz (2 years ago)
+f0rce no its not its windows 7 it's just put on the option to make your taskbar to look like win xp for better performance
who dis (2 years ago)
Its Windows XP...
xVenomzzz (2 years ago)
+Daniel Itzler wat
shrub (2 years ago)
He uses the glitch where the item he's going to unbox appears under the scrolling weapons.
Minux (2 years ago)
+Shewb Analmoly
Hobo (2 years ago)
i remember watching this on stream
Tejwinder Thind (2 years ago)
most casual knife unboxing
Alec Fortin (2 years ago)
nice windows xp shroud
AneZ (2 years ago)
For more FPS and better performance. ;)
AneZ (2 years ago)
It is Windows 7 without Aero.
Turnty (2 years ago)
Blank (2 years ago)
dood if you dont want it i'll hav it i mean it's better than the starter knife :) steam name:fire_panda_
Alex Wolski (2 years ago)
Is he running Windows XP? All of his application borders are that style. Windows 7 basic?
Sinoops (2 years ago)
No it's windows 7 with the with the windows 98 theme
David Andersson Wred (2 years ago)
Worst reaction ever seen getting a knife.
Omry Goldwasser (2 years ago)
Because it's not fake?
Clash Fluffy (2 years ago)
+David Andersson Wred anomaly :O
David Andersson Wred (2 years ago)
+TREIPL H Just saying it's nothing compared to some other i've seen.
Trospher (2 years ago)
What?You want him to scream like Shox or something?
Incentium (2 years ago)
Lol its the hype back then its now worth like 6 bucks xD
Virginia Battle Flag (2 years ago)
children, pls, it's not windows xp, it's windows 7.you can change the way it looks.pls
Michael Sparks (2 years ago)
I thought I was the only one who still uses windows xp
Invence (1 year ago)
he uses windows 7
Mast3r Race (2 years ago)
One of my first ever ESEA matches I had the pleasure of getting raped by Shroud and Natawhee in a pug. I think I finished like 8-20 or something lol. RIP
if I would get flip knife safari FT my reaction would be 3x Anomaly
Agustin Aguas (2 years ago)
What version of Windows does he have?
minfoh (2 years ago)
+Agustin Aguas 7
Pixel Nix (2 years ago)
Ryan C.P (2 years ago)
ShimoGames (2 years ago)
I came here after seeing M0e's impression of him
nintendonick (2 years ago)
Never understood why people play on minimum. Counter productive.
Ponda (2 years ago)
i love his laugh
Nalox (2 years ago)
hey man do you know the price of a case harden ww huntsman knife with gold blad and a blue big dick in the front middle with balls? i have one that im showing on youtube. You can finnd it by searching "csgo dick pattern" and clickon my vid i have put up on youtube, its fantastic pattern :)
ayy lmao (2 years ago)
windows xp lyfe
Sage THEvirgo (2 years ago)
fuq this guy
Oberstgruppenführer (3 years ago)
His friends have a better reaction.
H(CHB11Cl11) (3 years ago)
Crosshair settings? Looks chill :)
自殺 AKA Slifer (3 years ago)
he's got windows xp  HAHAHHA
+V3T3R4NGaming its windows 7 just basic theme
DOMINIK 1 (2 years ago)
It is Windows 7 without AERO
R4eWclan (2 years ago)
+V3T3R4NGaming its the best OS i regret going to 7
Skip (3 years ago)
Ill take that over 8 any day of the week, but ofc windows 7 premuim best
Yuri Boyka (3 years ago)
how does he have 450 FPS :X
Take ll (3 years ago)
Shroud when he gets ten bucks "Oh hey thanks" 100 bucks "oh hey thanks"
《Kev》 (10 months ago)
Take ll 5000 bucks, well there it is........
tuhy127768 (3 years ago)
I'll buy it for one key
sticksamurai (3 years ago)
the problem with watching case openings is the title always hu es it away
Ethan Varner (3 years ago)
I guess they don't know what Damascus steel is
what music?
Hoxton (3 years ago)
Tyrell Howard (3 years ago)
Shroud uses like windows xp
Minja (2 years ago)
He doesn't use it, you can change the look on windows 7
Elyo_ (3 years ago)
I unboxed the same knife yesterday XD
Themigetparish (3 years ago)
Ok so i bought this game today, started playing and unboxed the same m4a4 dragon skin. Is it a good item. Im still confused on stuff
Themigetparish (3 years ago)
Okay so I did check it was at least 15 to 20 dollars the last time I checked.
Emajn (3 years ago)
If u check the price range on the market you can tell if it is good or not :)
HeyImErik ! (3 years ago)
What's the intro song?
Praise_Lord_Chanka (3 years ago)
I like how he is calm but happy. He is not screaming and jumping like an fucking idiot like PhantomLord (he is an dick too)
KoopahStyle (3 years ago)
+MrMyKamilsz you are an stupid 
Slummeee (3 years ago)
i hate when people say's that the knife is ugly........ because i never got one 8(
Luckyduckstr (3 years ago)
how does he do this?
Mama1978_ Gaming (3 years ago)
he has a lachlan accent ;/
A D (3 years ago)
worst knife...
TheWMLG (3 years ago)
How do i get that cross hair?
Stashmaniac (3 years ago)
Why does he have low textures?
Cynicos (3 years ago)
better FPS
Nickanator58 (3 years ago)
I bought this game yesterday and on my 2nd caseI got a dragon King but it was field tested not factory new like his. It's still a really good weapon though
AmX cx (3 years ago)
RoDraxx (3 years ago)
I wish I got a knife or at least a decent gun in my case openings :(
boostry123 (3 years ago)
will my fps change if i put my game on windowed and not fullscreen?
BubberDucky (3 years ago)
it will probably lower if you put it on windowed
Mr Kossu (3 years ago)
that reaction to that knife was just lame.....
L33t (3 years ago)
Looks like bay vanilla or stained
Zerox (3 years ago)
what the viewmodel ?
DanPlayPl (3 years ago)
CdawgGaming (3 years ago)
I like how his window is from windows 95
Henry Chen (3 years ago)
"The best reaction is no reaction" lol 
TheHIGHGamer (3 years ago)
just unboxed +200 dollar knife neh not that nice kidding my like wtf
T Rekt (3 years ago)
Damn knife and dragon king so nice I was millimetres from getting the dragon king
Late Flips (3 years ago)
Can you do gaming setup video please?
Vintage Gamer (3 years ago)
wow you lucky bastard! keep up the good videos ! 
Clap On My dick (3 years ago)
Why the fuck do you have Win XP!?
Apple Biters (2 years ago)
+MiniCreationGuy Well sir you are right.
Minja (2 years ago)
Since you are one of the many, many people that don't understand that you can change the look of windows, I'm saying this politely. He has windows 7, just changed to the basic look. Windows xp is an operating system, not the way your desktop looks.

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