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BigFatClips (11 days ago)
ENTER THE GIVEAWAY HERE ► https://gleam.io/YSmvK/20-giftcard-giveaway-steam-amazon-psn-or-xbox FOR THE CHANCE AT WINNING A $20 GIFT CARD OF YOUR CHOICE!
Captain_frost 7 (11 days ago)
Forgot the n
Diesel Head (2 days ago)
kennschwayner eixhel (5 days ago)
what kind of piece of shit are you? just add all shroud clips after each other without a clip of some random dude between them. this is annoying as fuck
GhostKing 2552 (5 days ago)
"Cause I'm having a good time dying with you" Romantic as fuck.
Bailey Mann (5 days ago)
this is a random comment but Australian coffee is better than American coffee is said this because shroud mentioned star bucks
MR. PERFECT (6 days ago)
Morning Bot (10 days ago)
Wadu killed J9 😂
ThirstMan PUBGM (10 days ago)
S Washington (10 days ago)
Waiting for wadu to break character one day
Ornstein er (10 days ago)
Wadu hek😢
redsuns22 (11 days ago)
just9n would be a nobody if not for shroud both just9n and chad both
Christian Ian Guevarra (10 days ago)
redsuns22 yeah. Shroud helped him to be famous faster. But I think with J9's skills, he can get there w/o shroud's help.
redsuns22 (10 days ago)
and yet no one knew who he was till he played with shroud
Christian Ian Guevarra (10 days ago)
redsuns22 nah dude. J9 is better than most of the players.
Damn Michael (11 days ago)
hes gay right.. lol joke
BigFatClips (10 days ago)
Ethan E (11 days ago)
why are you laughing??
BigFatClips (10 days ago)
micheal manasseh (11 days ago)
poor wadu😢
BigFatClips (10 days ago)
Yes! Should, Lurn, AND J9 my dream squad I hope they squad with Lurn more often.
Juggern4ut7 (11 days ago)
J9 giving a bj in the thumbnail
Lost OP (11 days ago)
Lurn is only for wadu '^')
icewallowcman (11 days ago)
Ill fuk lurn -
Ryan Locher (11 days ago)
Alexv02 (11 days ago)
where is the islands of nyne part??
Alexv02 (11 days ago)
vorjay thx
Alexv02 (11 days ago)
BigFatClips ty^^
vorjay (11 days ago)
when he says, "ION will save us 5 days" paraphrasing.
BigFatClips (11 days ago)
2nd clip thats what shroud and j9 are talking about
Lup Peplai (11 days ago)
the seo spam and the bullshit nobody cares if they fuck each other common ffs, we want plays not the shit you are doing on youtube, this is not E! channel
Peter Gabriel (11 days ago)
Can someone say me the outro sound
Gamer Nerd (11 days ago)
Go *fuck* yourself :l
BigFatClips (11 days ago)
in the description
Kenpachiispro (11 days ago)
J9 acting like a fricking snitch , what's wrong with banana man being high while he's chilling playing games ?
ketan singh (11 days ago)
D Powers (11 days ago)
Everybody knows j9 is very very gay. No way he is dating a woman
Engelton182 (11 days ago)
damn lurn is so cute with teal color or what ever is that color
mr fappyquae edgwee (11 days ago)
Didnt just9n say he was going gay like last week?
Christian Ian Guevarra (10 days ago)
jinjaylord shroud's fat cock
jinjaylord (11 days ago)
mr fappyquae edgwee if he did not found lurn. He would suck cock next month. 🤣
Henri Pellumbi (11 days ago)
Yeah i was thinking the same thing when they were playing, i was so fucking happy
mr fappyquae edgwee (11 days ago)
Very lol
BigFatClips (11 days ago)
cute init
Just Monika (11 days ago)
Wadu? AndyPyro? Or J9? :((((
Kent Palalio (11 days ago)
Flawed Revolver (11 days ago)
Myls Dela cruz (11 days ago)
Wadu for days
BigFatClips (11 days ago)
Barnes & Noble bitchies
Wadu will be Mad as Hek
Mert Üray (5 days ago)
Mad as hek OMG hahahahaha😂😂😂😂
Exactly Bro!!! She is really Cute though. She reminds me of a Punk Floyd ''Holly Willouby'' from the UK a Classy broad who does TV over here with tonnes of sex appeal. But of all the men in the world. NOT Just9n LOL!! Even Shroud has more character and thats sayin' something. ;)
BigFatClips (11 days ago)
i know doin him the betray
Pedro Rodriguez (11 days ago)
J9 has better flirting games than most of us out here
Damn Michael (11 days ago)
i sometimes gets annoyed
BigFatClips (11 days ago)
Owen Hu (11 days ago)
Pedro Rodriguez dude he was genius lmao
Raiq Gamingg (11 days ago)
BigFatClips (11 days ago)
salman mikail (11 days ago)
Plz stop click baiting ppl
ooMARLINoo (11 days ago)
I want those clips all in and around my mouth...
BigFatClips (11 days ago)
K Tiwari (11 days ago)
I need more Lurn x Just9n
BigFatClips (11 days ago)
Ertuğrul Erek (11 days ago)
Id fuck lurn tho
Darkson 19 (11 days ago)
Wait wait Wadu Hek😞
Darkson 19 (11 days ago)
BigFatClips I thought That was Wadu's girl 😞 Ik Wadu got to at least be hurting a bit
BigFatClips (11 days ago)
sad reac
Lucifer (11 days ago)
Justin’s awkward asf 😂😂😂 talking about you having fun 😂😂😂
_supernatant (11 days ago)
that's the line son
BigFatClips (11 days ago)
BigFatClips (11 days ago)
ikr lmao
Owen Hu (11 days ago)
Lucifer dude hes got game, you think that was awkward, but lurn was for sure blushing so much on the inside, thats a +10 on the feelings bro lol
Isaac Fidei (11 days ago)
6:00 that's Wadu not Shroud
Isaac Fidei (11 days ago)
BigFatClips it's ok dude.. everybody makes mistakes...
BigFatClips (11 days ago)
im actually retarded sorry
Ertuğrul Erek (11 days ago)
Isaac Fidei no shit
BigFatClips (11 days ago)
Thanks for watching, don't forget to like & subscribe if you enjoyed! :)
Eraja Prabu Thanarasu (11 days ago)
BigFatClips (11 days ago)

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