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Are 1-hit-kill mechanics bad? Plus: Siege, CoD, BFV news and more! - Hot Breach Podcast: Episode 5

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Welcome to episode 5 of the Hot Breach Podcast! In today's show, the team discuss whether or not 1-hit-kill headshot mechanics are a good design choice, as well as the (somewhat rocky) launch of Operation Grim Sky, the latest Rainbow Six news, the Black Ops 4 Battle Royale mode, the BFV beta, DreamHack Montreal and more! The Podcast Rotates so be sure to subscribed to all of the creators: Rogue 9 - https://www.youtube.com/Rogue9 Get Flanked - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnOuZzay70AVqiV_fnTGjqw Prodigio Pete - https://www.youtube.com/ProdigioPete You can also Listen to an audio version on Google Play, iTunes, SoundCloud and hopefully also soon on Stitcher, TuneIn and Spotify! RSS URL: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:486396213/sounds.rss #HotBreachPodcast #RainbowSixSiege
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Personell101 (13 days ago)
1 hit headshots are unhealthy for the game, but no one wants to admit it since they're also what helps make the game fun and unique.
Rogue-9 (13 days ago)
I personally find them frustrating as all hell but understand the need for them in R6
shadowsift (20 days ago)
The beard provides damage mitigation! My evidence is Blackbeard! He's all about protecting his head! SEE!
PC SWAT (23 days ago)
Why not just eliminate headshot damage from shots fired outside of complete ADS? Have the damage just apply like shotgun pellets if fired from the hip or in transition. Also disable headshot damage during stance changes. It still falls in line with the argument of skill-based gameplay where you get the advantage of an instant kill via headshot IF YOU MEANT TO DO IT.
christian cervantes (24 days ago)
There's nothing wrong of COD, & BFV of everything, still new!!!
leidenisthebest (1 month ago)
headshot kills are good, you try to survive a 9 mm in your head.
Personell101 (13 days ago)
That is SPECIFICALLY what ballistic helmets like the one Tachanka wears are for. It's actually super unrealistic.
Michael Shortt (1 month ago)
I am on console and very excited for BFV but I'm also concerned because a lot of more middle of the road fans were pushed away by the initial REALLY BAD press and the customization controversey. That being said, I played a buggy beta(controller sensitivity was bugged and I'm not referring to uniform aiming) and it didn't look as good as it should have(think bf1 base game vs bf1 CTE on console) and i STILL had a fun time. The core gameplay is fun to me, the gunplay is extremely satisfying. I really hope they find a way to bring people back because it IS going to be a good game.
Brian Ahern (1 month ago)
Folks, who is typing mid podcast on a mechanical keyboard? It's super distracting, c'mon a membrane keyboard is a couple bucks 😊
Itz_Alex (1 month ago)
I'm sorry guys, I love all of you but Battlefield V is one of the shittest games I have ever played and I am 1, very sorry for those of you who wasted your money on it and two disappointed that the series has gone like this. However, at the end of the day I just really hope everyone who worked on this game loses their jobs
DomBallingHard (1 month ago)
The last time planes were useful in BF was BF2. Literally every game after that planes are utter garbage, you’re not really doing anything for the team, even when you are a GOOD pilot. It’s pretty sad tbh.
Lilraider00l (1 month ago)
@getflanked The br and mp have different developers I believe
Trisdon Ciampanella (1 month ago)
I think a cool little side video could be the change of operator facial expressions when shooting, taking damage, falling ect
Uhh, Rouge, the 2FA authentication reward hasn't come to console. Did it beginning of September and I still haven't got it for Xbox.
thestar37 (1 month ago)
Free commercial for Newcastle Beer from Pete :P only me noticing ? ^^
Felix Arndt (1 month ago)
The not getting ammo thing is meme since BF 3 tbh. It's hard enough to get people to work together in siege, it won't happen in Battlefield.
Pasquale DeGregorio (1 month ago)
Yeah I have no idea why people who play medic or support in Battlefield don’t drop ammo or medpacks. In BF1, I would just drop the medical crates/ammo crates every couple of seconds whenever it allowed you to
Sansirow (1 month ago)
One Headshot kills are terrible when the hit reg doesn't help much
Jonah Garza (1 month ago)
That's a shame, Rouge, about assassin's creed. I really liked the previous games but I didn't like where they were going with it either.
PhillsTime ToKill (1 month ago)
glitches are back this season I have experienced the Montagne and invisibility glitch
AssaultPlazma (1 month ago)
Can you guys put timestamps in the video description that go straight to the individual topics discussed?
domukaz (1 month ago)
Good discussion of the COD Battle Royale, but I thought it was pretty funny that Flanked didn't think of Epic Games as a AAA studio. Fortnite has done as well as it has because Epic has brought the AAA polish to the Battle Royale formula. Still, the COD beta sounds pretty sick.
ghostboy1225 (1 month ago)
with the BF system make it so you can call out of ammo/revive and puttinga large flashing marker over you
Rohan Ramabhadran (1 month ago)
Headshots are the best way to balance guns
Kirtahl (1 month ago)
I use Firefox since 2008. It works almost always.
Justin Legg (1 month ago)
I had a pretty unique bug last night. There was an echo who we had droned out but when i pushed him he was invisible on my screen. I thought it was my fault at first like maybe i overlooked him or something or he blended with the wall really well or something but then my teammates all confirmed it when he headshot aced us.
SeaCrane1 (1 month ago)
The browser stuff is pretty much boils to this: Chrome is starting to phase out various types of plugins and streaming media (most notably Flash is having issues a lot lately). As a result, a lot of stuff in webpages is getting flaky with recent versions of Chrome. At the same time Edge has recently started to support plugins and is being steadily improved. I still think Firefox has the most versatility though.
Neozine456 (1 month ago)
almost everyday on console my game crashes at the start of a ranked game.
Matt R6s (1 month ago)
Battlefield 5 already failed
ToxicTube (1 month ago)
You guys talked for 2 hours?
Dash (1 month ago)
Oh my god I didn't imagine you that way Rogue, you look very mature. Nice beard!
Mark Meier (1 month ago)
Well, if you play on console you are a casual retard, so who gives?
star bust (1 month ago)
i thought you are Indian for a sec because of that big beard XD no offence rouge 9
Death Clonic (1 month ago)
Why isn't there time stamps?
Obi-Wan Kenobi (1 month ago)
Damn your beard is almost as beautiful as mine.
Ruslan Aiman (1 month ago)
if Blackbeard was British....
kelvin lor (1 month ago)
Looks at title Me: man if only 1 hit kill headshot was in the division
iluvdawubz (1 month ago)
When all weapons have it, it's balanced. When only some weapons have it, it's Overpowered. CS:GO is a prime example. The AK and the 553 have one hit kill capability, meanwhile both M4s and the AUG don't. How is that fair?
NicoNicoNades (1 month ago)
Does they reduced the ads time for Thermite's 556XI?
Desolate Hunter (1 month ago)
Can we get an in depth discussion with ubi as to why every ranked match we play the game crashes and multiple people will get kicked out of 1 or 2 rounds.(I play on xbox and I notice or experience it multiple times a night)
Julian Pasto (1 month ago)
So I did load into a game and I was invisible but im not sure what caused it
Kelly C (1 month ago)
Wait, why do I feel like I watched this yesterday?
Kenleigh Friesen (1 month ago)
COD Battle Royale has scorestreaks or not?
Drty ALGreen (1 month ago)
Flanked was spot on with following WW1 game with a WW2 game was a mistake. I'm a Battlefield fan but the latest I want to go back is Vietnam.
Stephen Dumeyer (1 month ago)
For what flanked said about PS4 vs PS4 pro: https://youtu.be/unjBfKLl1q8
ANXIETY (1 month ago)
I've said this before. They should either make everything be a 1-2 shot kill then a 1 shot headshot would make sense. This is how it was in the older Rainbow Six or just remove the one shot headshiot and replace it with double damage or something so that only the dmrs could 1 shot.
For R6, not every single weapon should be able to get a one hit kill headshot regardless of weapon, regardless of fire rate, regardless of mag size, etc.
Sadik Mahmood Suny (1 month ago)
3:23 should've used firefox quantum
xhuricane T.V. (1 month ago)
I have experienced the pulse thing and on orgeron down in lundary room where u use the shield to get into washing and dryer
SHADOW 0F N1GHT (1 month ago)
You can activate 2FA on console as well. It is not necessary or required but i would suggest it.
111967 6346534653456 (1 month ago)
1 hit kill mechanics are GOOD period !!!, like in REAL LIFE , this games are a kind of simulator for war
111967 6346534653456 (1 month ago)
yes i agree completly with this peekers advantage problem , but i hope its getting better in the future, in a perfect world the odds should be even for both players
Rogue-9 (1 month ago)
I agree with that principle. My only problem is that in real life you don't get peeker's advantage or de-sync or tricks that help to separate yourself from your hitbox. That's where the conflict arises in my opinion.
lI_Toasty_Il (1 month ago)
Siege a simulation of war lol
hotwing38 (1 month ago)
The blue, orange, and green backgrounds match you guys very well
Rogue-9 (1 month ago)
Thank you
Veenseta (1 month ago)
Could you add an overlay that states the current topic? Sometimes the viewer might wanna skip some talking points.
Rogue-9 (1 month ago)
I've thought about it. Should be doable. I'll see if I can set something up for next time
Harvest N (1 month ago)
Battlefield V needs to bring back the ability to grab health or ammo from teammates' player models like in Hardline.
Rogue-9 (1 month ago)
That would solve a lot of problems. Maybe even instead of Q making your character call for ammo and that pops up a little symbol for your teammate, it should make his character auto throw you supplies as long as you are close enough.
H O L Y- First time i've seen Rouges beard, he does NOT look like how hi voice sounds at all with that great bush stuck to his face
Craig Heslop (1 month ago)
Switch the voices back please 😄
Craig Heslop (1 month ago)
+Rogue-9 🤣
Rogue-9 (1 month ago)
It took a very expensive surgery session for us to switch vocal chords. We are not switching back
Seth Walton (1 month ago)
I’ve had this matchmaking error glitch since para bellum, but it was so rare it was insignificant. I only got it like every 6 attempts, then I’d queue again and it would work fine.
Twiisty Bacon (1 month ago)
Two hour podcast PogChamp
Romein Arrindell (1 month ago)
Another great video again! I really appreciate the content with all the effort that you put in. Just a question: what do you think of the difference between Casual & Ranked? I mean for example the ability to choose your spawnpoint etc.
Rogue-9 (1 month ago)
Worth covering in the next episode I think. 😄
ExplodingAngel (1 month ago)
First episode of hot breach I've seen and I didn't know Rogue had such a glorious beard
fusionev0 (1 month ago)
On xbox the game always crashes and we lose people for a round of ranked. Happens at least once per game, sometimes up to 3. Can happen to me in 1/4 games
Bart Plays Games (1 month ago)
I hate widowmaker and hanzo in OW personally
N/A (1 month ago)
Why is there no Twitch loot for Twitch?? *_wHo waS ThE OnE tHat miSseD ThIS opPortUniTY?_*
matan ken (1 month ago)
1shot headshot mechanics are great in my opinion. it feels great and they reward players for having better precision. Because of the 1shot headshot mechanic even a player with 1hp is a big threat. and that's a good thing
Rogue-9 (1 month ago)
Valid point for sure.
Jonah Garza (1 month ago)
Love this podcast guys keep up the good work 👍
Alex Rodriguez (1 month ago)
I just ask for more damage per body shot, nothing is worse then dumping a mag into center mass, just to get domed
Benjamin C (1 month ago)
One thing that might lessen the impact of quick peeking would be to slow down leaning so that instead of leaning as you peek you would have to lean first THEN peek. Maybe also add more delay from leaning from one side to another so that you won’t have “spam leaning” screwing with head positions as much.
Toko (1 month ago)
Can I borrow your beard please?
Alec Ingram (1 month ago)
I love one hit kill mechanics. Makes it more tense and fun. And more realistic. I hate the bf damage system.
3ountyhunter ftw (1 month ago)
3:30 Firefox is life. I've never had a problem with a website like I sometimes did with Chrome, and I find the UI netter than Edge.
Zoe Kim (1 month ago)
At 19:30 or so they touch on differences in bullet travel times between multiplayer and battle royale. This isn’t true, there’s bullet travel in normal multiplayer as well. It’s most noticeable when your using a smg and trying to shoot someone at very long ranges. Black Ops 4 seems to have hitscan up to a certain range, then it converts the bullet into a projectile.
MrTrip666 (1 month ago)
Dice should definitely have made a modern/Vietnam setting this year and saved a historic/WW2 setting for next year. Why didn't they choose to alternate setting to keep the different fan base they have. Mistakes were made 😄
Giraffe Mania124 (1 month ago)
Boris Müller (1 month ago)
When I first saw Rogue and Pete I assumed they were the wrong way round. Pete sounds like Rogue looks and vice versa.
Reuben Steen (1 month ago)
Giraffe Mania124 ikr i’m scared
systemUi gaming (1 month ago)
why didn’t we get renown boosters when the servers were massed up and we were getting error massages the whole week couldn’t play a single match properly? that’s unfair
Jordan Gaffney (1 month ago)
2FA is a pain in the ass smh
Alex Barber (1 month ago)
*Your voice makes me tingle in a good way*
Rogue-9 (1 month ago)
thecbass14 (1 month ago)
Is epic not a AAA studio?
jclindsay007 (1 month ago)
Nope, even though you think they would be. It's kinda fishy what is and isn't, but a good rule of thumb is if the company publishes it's games itself, it's indie. As far as I'm aware, if it's not an exclusive, epic has published the game themselves
Justin Reid (1 month ago)
Plain and simple... one shot headshots are a bad competitive game balance mechanic. You can see it in cod with the new health system being 150. I love that aspect but when one shot snipers still exist, it's a broken mechanic. One shot anything in video games breaks the competitive aspect of gaming. Bfv attrition is the stupidest idea they've ever had besides talking shit to their community over legitimate issues. It's clear dice has lost the entire concept of battlefield and what its supposed to be. Battlefield v is also only 64 players. Hell even cod has 80.
Mr. ohiostate (1 month ago)
Learn how to aim. You get shot in the head you should die.
headbomb399 (1 month ago)
Get coreross in this also
destroyscenefags (1 month ago)
headbomb399 griefdrums too
H4LL Bender (1 month ago)
Dat beard
Robert Wagner (1 month ago)
with the match making error, i dont know how much you guys know about game development, but if you put a small thing in to an unrelated part of code, it could fuck up the whole system. I understand not really knowing how to fix the error right away, what i dont agree with is shipping the update. for example ive been totally unable to play
Gobo20006 YT (1 month ago)
i saw this yesterday and made a prediction on S3S4 ops when rogue said there was goin to be a op that can counter maverick in a previous podcast which was, this certain operator will have a gadget that will block custom holes that maverick made, with flame retardent foam that blocks and expands to cover the small holes made by maverick, the foam will be in canister form that comes out of a nozzle and can be used up.
KATSIGIANNIS 17 (1 month ago)
I dont care about headshots i just need the thermite bundle!!!!!!!
That KK Guy (1 month ago)
I wouldn't call myself a hardcore BF player but I also wouldn't assume that most BF players will simply pick up COD, I think they are far more likely to pick up PUBG if the BF BR doesn't cut the mustard. Personally, I think it is great that BF has got a more authentic aesthetic rather than another me-too modern/futuristic bullshit setting. COD's Blackout mode looks interesting for sure but the rest of the game looks ass and I for one won't be paying £50 for a one mode game. It's also naive to assume just because one game can manage 100 players that they all can, not to mention the fact that no one really knows yet how the Firestorm mode will work and whether it will later have solos and duos.
adarsh sirsat (1 month ago)
If they remove one shot headshot, i want a refund. Seige is the only game that does it(is it?) And thats why i love it. Not for the novelty, but cause its fun, it makes the ttk faster, which in turn makes you think before you act. Seige mixes strategy and aiming skills nicely due to this. Would hate to see it go away.
Cookie As Arrow (1 month ago)
adarsh sirsat Other games, except insurgency and Arma I believe, only do one hit headshots on some weapons. Snipers in Battlefield, AK and snipers in CS:GO.
Matt R6s (1 month ago)
adarsh sirsat cause it’s realistic if you’re getting shot in the head with assault rifle sized billets from within like 20 meters it wouldn’t be realistic to survive that irl
BasebornRoyal (1 month ago)
On the topic of headshots, it really goes both ways. It lets a skilled player who's say 5 hp take on three opponents by knowing exactly where to aim but also lets a newbie who gets spooked hip-fire headshot you through a barricade. I think the best way to at least lessen that effect is to decrease rng in aiming and increase it in hip-fire or just spraying. I personally love the mechanic and found BF V, actually, quite jarring when I had to headshot someone 2-3 times, by which time they had jumped up and were returning fire. If I get the drop on someone, I should be rewarded with a quick and disrespectful kill hehe
Hydra X9K (1 month ago)
When I played the beta for siege I hated the one shot headshot mechanic with a passion, but after seeing how much environmental destruction there is (breaching, breaking doors/wondows etc.) Combined with the amount of teamwork you need to win and operators with unique gadgets I just fell in love with this game. The one shot headshots while at times are still annoying, for the most part I've gotten very used to it.
Esi KS21 (1 month ago)
You guys are the best😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 please keep this amazing series up I'm looking forward to watching next video impatiently! 💖❤🧡💛💚💙💜❤💖
Craft2299 (1 month ago)
For games such as Siege, there could have been a better balance to be made. A game like siege has more accurate aiming and encourages weird angles, yet Counter-strike still forgives headshots to a degree. The way Siege does anything is really just blunt, weapons could be further varied if some couldnt insta kill full health operator with a headshot while others could. As soon as you make somekind of sense to headshots in this way, the more varied content you could have. Such as, 3 armor operators could have a certain amount of resistance versus headshots, instead they water down the speed of these operators, which is fine but I feel its the more boring and less impactfull direction.
Denzel Weathers (1 month ago)
Internet explorer:What is my purpose? Me:To install Chrome. Internet explorer:oh my god. Me:Yeah welcome to Reality Friend.
Colton Hansen (1 month ago)
Google masterrace btw
Colton Hansen (1 month ago)
No matter what you use you are going to have your info sold, it’s a fact of life, you have no privacy, within one day of you signing up to a few internet services, someone on the other side of the world has you account, someone else can find your credit card info, and your basic info and interests have gone to at least 10 large companies The thing is.. non of the people or algorithms that get your info care much.. you are just some random person, they are waiting for a big catch
Brandan M (1 month ago)
Ay rick and morty
Mr. ohiostate (1 month ago)
Chrome: dont worry i will track you and sale your info to add companies....
Cheeky lad (1 month ago)
This isn't comment awards pal.
Denzel Weathers (1 month ago)
Call of duty and Battlefield Are enemies from day 1 of FPS.It will be a draw both Games will have fallen.
Matthew Bauer (1 month ago)
New season, new glitches. you'd think you would get used to it
CcSmokecC (1 month ago)
Rogues beard is a built in pop filter lmao
Rogue-9 (1 month ago)
Matthew Bauer (1 month ago)
I will never get over that THICC beard
Typowy Laman (1 month ago)
That inspiring beard ;-0
captain ligma balls (1 month ago)
Where the division 2 info
toe kie (1 month ago)
Connection is terrible on console (xbox). I played allmost every game with at least someone disconnecting, ost of the time 2 or 3 people and it occurs mostly at the beginning, when loading into the first round. But others randomly just drop out during the game. I also randomly get my game to crash and disconnect. Its just not worth playing ranked.....
Miitri Launiainen (1 month ago)
This got patched yesterday.
Slawt3r Da God (1 month ago)
I had this when doing my placement matches on PS4, almost every game it was a 3v3. After the placement matches I haven't had any problems when 5 stacking
Bransen Byrd (1 month ago)
This has been happening a lot to me to
The Red Gamer (1 month ago)
Quite fucked up, that they made the 2 step verification. Do they not realise that some of us don't have phones? I used to have one, but it burned up in the summer heat, and expanded outwards in a faint bow I) shape from the back.
Colton Hansen (1 month ago)
The Red Gamer you can use something like “google phone” or whatever it’s called to make a number associated with your device
Jorge (1 month ago)
If you have a console or a pc not having a phone is nonsense
Seth Walton (1 month ago)
The Red Gamer you should have a phone in the modern era, phones are crucial in the world we live in. Besides you can use email for it to
Joshua Ford (1 month ago)
The Red Gamer if you still have it you should properly dispose of the battery before it potentially explodes. Haven’t seen a phone die from an expanded battery since the iPhone 3GS...
Gabriel Sperotto (1 month ago)
I think the headshot 1 hit kill doesn't raise the skill, because at mid tier playing most people can't properly aim at the head (and even pros dont always headshot) so most headshots are usually random luck. From my perspective it's much more "skill based" to have the person that got the drop on the enemy and can better control recoil to win the fight, not the person who 180º the enemy and randomly hits a headshot with a 1100rpm weapon. And it's usually one of the most frustrating experiences in siege, just getting one shot through a wall by random gunfire or someone who clearly had bad aim.
M. M. (28 days ago)
Donut Boy  The four expensive ARs+AWP are supposed to be meat and potatos of the CSGO arsenal, with everything else being a lot more situational. This is because CS has actual economy and buying strats, which would be invalidated if every weapon was "somewhat equal". Also, if you can't outshoot an AK with an M4 you need to git gud.
Donut Boy (1 month ago)
The thing you described, "controlling the recoil" was the entire reason I dropped CS:GO. I was so tired of the meta of that game when I was forced to use weapons like AK or AWP because other weapons could not do enough damage in a fight. 1 shot headshot mechanics however, makes each weapon at least somewhat equal.
callum longford (1 month ago)
Nah play play t hunt get use to aiming head level. Then luck is not a factor you are most likely to get hard shot if you are always aim at the level
Mr. ohiostate (1 month ago)
+Rogue-9 but in that case the luck works both ways. When I take my second account down to gold 4 and below I rack up tons of kills but at plat well I don't get so many. I see way less "lucky headshots" in plat but way more headshots.
matan ken (1 month ago)
If most of your headshots are because of random luck you need to practice on your aim.
The Red Gamer (1 month ago)
Am I alone in wishing that the Twitch Prime reward, would be a skin for Twitch, in the style of a Prime frame, from Warframe?
Cam K (1 month ago)
+The only Lelouch that Actually Uploads I got 8
Cam K I thought I got 10 packs
Cam K (1 month ago)
you can't get all of the rewards from this first pack, you get 8 packs which can have a gun skin, outfit, or headgear. The other packs in October and November will just have the rest of whatever you didn't get in these packs.
The Red Gamer do we know what the rest of the twitch packs will contain?
Juan_O_ (1 month ago)
Yo Rogue both regular mp and the battle royale for Black Ops 4 have a ballistics system but the maps are so close that you won't find a map that is so far that will make a difference
Rogue-9 (1 month ago)
Oh, ok. I played the regular beta but couldn't remember any ballistics. Smaller maps would explain that though
Andrew Sanders (1 month ago)
I'm having a glitch where every match I go into I get a sound lag. All the sounds are lagged by a couple seconds and it's really annoying. Does anyone know how to fix it?

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