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I WON!!!

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This video nearly killed me Game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/578080/PLAYERUNKNOWNS_BATTLEGROUNDS/
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I counted how many times pewd said fuck and i counted 38 tell me if i was wrong
MrGreen24 (4 hours ago)
Прародитель проф игры с дробовиком
himmlisch (4 hours ago)
iM Abhishek (4 hours ago)
Gabriel Alvia (5 hours ago)
Best Reaction pweds 17:13 😂 2018😊☝
Пётр Петров (5 hours ago)
Пётр Петров (5 hours ago)
Залупка конч
ShoXy (5 hours ago)
whai sou shitty graphics
helen d (6 hours ago)
Man u swear a lot Subscribe to this guys yt channelhttps://youtu.be/eXo5DwfXwA8
Janiva Ramos (6 hours ago)
When ur mum says to play outside with ur frends
NicksayPLAY (6 hours ago)
What PC garbage has PewDiePie
Princess Dian Lumbes (6 hours ago)
Install it back! It's 2018!
Erik A. (8 hours ago)
shit fuck ass
Ali gaming (8 hours ago)
This vid got so viral that it was translated youtube actually did something possidve congrats!
The Bigfoot (8 hours ago)
When I won the game I went crazy😂 just like you!!! 😂
Pepe The Frog (9 hours ago)
Lol all the players who killed him don't know that he is *PEWDIEPIE*!!
Joseph Carnes (10 hours ago)
yo felix! 👊🏼 , Got a 'new' bird. Its' a blue parakt. Her name is /Henra/. She's very temid
Dashersz Production (10 hours ago)
Oh my god its really true you almost shit yourself at that two man alive😂😂😂
NinjaMinecrafta96 (11 hours ago)
Jaymark Terrado (11 hours ago)
nice one
Jaymark Terrado (12 hours ago)
Berkay Onal (12 hours ago)
Başlık türkçe amk
Add3r (12 hours ago)
StanleY BishesH (12 hours ago)
How many fucks???😂😂
DEATH_ WISH (14 hours ago)
Anyone remember that one time he said "WHAT A NIGGER"? :)
mrpickle 1900 (14 hours ago)
Oh my god what a fucking riddler
lazar 02 (14 hours ago)
Stop the words f*** and s***
Skeetothecheeto (14 hours ago)
Didn’t take the kar98 -_-
Skeetothecheeto (14 hours ago)
Didn’t take the scar -_-
Tz2 Tz2 (14 hours ago)
Fuck you việt nam😂😂
H7GAMER 2 (14 hours ago)
Oh shit
luiz eduardo (15 hours ago)
como ele colocou eu ganhei se ele é gringo?
Nearly got a solo win
Shibat Uprety Vlogs (18 hours ago)
pewds why u playing on pixely graphics
Saré (18 hours ago)
vlw por traduzir ♥
Aisyah (19 hours ago)
What pewd nickname in pubg
Chef strobel (19 hours ago)
Warum Deutsch
Amiel Gibs (20 hours ago)
pewdiepie grow up
Deobu (20 hours ago)
Fucking lag is game lol
MAX SÁNG VLOG (21 hours ago)
Hi sub me
fire skull (21 hours ago)
Atempt 1000
Trik Sulap Channel (21 hours ago)
Lingering Soul Gamer (22 hours ago)
I'm not the only one that cringed when he didn't grab the frying pan and thought that it was useless right?
Joseph Valencia (22 hours ago)
I run out late because I watched and finished your f*ckn video. F*ck you pewdiepie.
Kobe Trimbach (23 hours ago)
Its a copy of fortnite
Israel Saldivarreyes (23 hours ago)
what do you mean boy pewdiepie
Jaelsxu pi (23 hours ago)
Lua de marte (1 day ago)
kkkkkk ele é muito fofinho
I'M SOMBRA (1 day ago)
*fortnite just stole the idea.*
General Gaming (1 day ago)
The graphics settings legit made me think he was playing pubg mobile at first
MrGatoTuta (1 day ago)
blox team (1 day ago)
He left the scar
Matti Mcfc (1 day ago)
What a fucking nigger
Fatos Tunc (1 day ago)
He didn't take the scar
sergent troll (1 day ago)
I'm french guys
crazy gaming (3 hours ago)
sergent troll kewl
xI Thry H4rd Iz (1 day ago)
48 0002
Rei Royale (1 day ago)
Devon Orr (1 day ago)
Did this get demonetized?
Kakashi gamer (1 day ago)
Algum BR?
DunkinDank (1 day ago)
this game doo doo
ItsKitty Fortnite (1 day ago)
U got sub bot everyone knows ur channel is shit
Dharamjeet Kumar (1 day ago)
Fuck yes
Peterson Luan (1 day ago)
I love yours videeos PewPedie
JuicyHotz Gaming (1 day ago)
You are good
mil Grau (1 day ago)
so eu de brasileiro
FUZE LIGHT (1 day ago)
איזה מתרגם גרועעע
hardXninja (1 day ago)
I play this game on mobile
Luke Devero (1 day ago)
You suck dude bad influence to young children
lương sơn (1 day ago)
việt nam "."
TimelessBeast (1 day ago)
I got double ur kills pewds
Надеюсь я не одинешенек российский какой глядит его с субтитрами
Kal Wardin (1 day ago)
Pewdiepie how many times you hard win in player unknown battleground?
farid ardi (1 day ago)
Elmu Kelmu (1 day ago)
You sneaky nibba
Stefan Glusac (1 day ago)
Mio Dragneel (1 day ago)
I came to know about pubg in 2018
T7oken o0o (1 day ago)
Legend says he's still reaching for his cornflakes
Artem4ik (1 day ago)
А Я здесь :(
He said nibba lol
LQ TV (1 day ago)
Dogwatcher (1 day ago)
Play rules of survival
Gabriel Alexandre (1 day ago)
https://youtu.be/cx2XhYlo2BM divulguem
I killed you in pubg OMG
Lesma Chapada (1 day ago)
Why are you putting your titles in Portuguese?
Garay Lily (2 days ago)
Um fortnite who?
mrcats4292 kopalchick (2 days ago)
Who saw him leave a scar
Daniele Baglioni (2 days ago)
Like = 4k fans
Notícias mundiais (2 days ago)
Notícias mundiais (2 days ago)
Oi sou br
Tom Coteman (2 days ago)
your a pro
Jo Stal (2 days ago)
Lmao this game has some potato ass graphics
HASSAN GAMES (2 days ago)
sappy boi (2 days ago)
i miss this gamer pewdiepie, nowadays pewds only do vlogs now :<
Kim Eidric Fernandez (2 days ago)
Too bad he didn't pick up the kar98k tho
Kevin Petrella (2 days ago)
2018 raga ?
Alan walker (2 days ago)
You noob

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