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I WON!!!

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This video nearly killed me Game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/578080/PLAYERUNKNOWNS_BATTLEGROUNDS/
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Text Comments (53802)
Kovács Levente (7 minutes ago)
Iloveass2 lmao
UriPlayz (1 hour ago)
From 1:35 to about 1:50 Pewds had the best hipfire accuracy I’ve ever seen.
Game House (3 hours ago)
başlığa bak be türkçe reiss yaa
FortNiteClips (4 hours ago)
Fuck pubg
Random Person (4 hours ago)
I play on mobile and I'm still better then you
MTC Official (5 hours ago)
Wizz (10 hours ago)
What a relief, i thought u played fortnite Btw, fortnite is in my mac marked "misspelled"
Javarn Hardy (11 hours ago)
your a gayzo
clickbait– (11 hours ago)
he just wanted cornflakes, pewds.
Bodoro200 (12 hours ago)
Wow you suck at this
Tremane Irvine (15 hours ago)
What the duck is a bungee hahaha
Lemon'sMemes (15 hours ago)
If he hadn't said the N word, he would have played this game a bit longer.
Lemon'sMemes (15 hours ago)
Crouch walking simulator
dramtic end (17 hours ago)
Abbas Al-Nari (20 hours ago)
عربي لايك
My whole team died and I carried them to the win with 11 kills
You should do a solo squads
I have played this before on mobile and it's so fun I only won one time
게임용계정 (1 day ago)
how about playing the pubg Mobile? i can be your teacher
hvb 117 (1 day ago)
Yeah this is still better than most of pubg videos
kevin doucette (1 day ago)
I do not like the word cunt!!
An Hoàng (1 day ago)
Tôi đã thắng vietnam
処女の民 (1 day ago)
Pet Hero (1 day ago)
10 sec=FUCK
Mutha Tukka (1 day ago)
You cuss more than a mothafucker! This brings out your self-preservation animal side Felix, funny as fuck bro 😂👍
Skilled Potato (1 day ago)
shadow light (1 day ago)
The fire time ever I played Pubg I won
blc222 (2 days ago)
When fortnite was never a thing
joe giuliano (2 days ago)
I Adopted U kid (2 days ago)
What have u done
基弘嶋 (2 days ago)
#KJ (2 days ago)
#domoarigato #sayonaramothetfucker
Nalia Jauregui (2 days ago)
Don’t even play Fortnite
Nalia Jauregui (2 days ago)
It’s everyday bro with that pewdepy hate
Nalia Jauregui (2 days ago)
Jake Paul better. 🖕🏻you PewdePy .spelling ur name wrong cause your shit
Ozan GFC (2 days ago)
Oha pewdie pie gördüm sanki :D
Ahmet Kayakiran (2 days ago)
Ayemde vayda vayda heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiii turkiş please
Ozan GFC (2 days ago)
Türkelr Burdamı Loooo
VDrago VN (2 days ago)
DUNKITBROS 21 (2 days ago)
if u see this comment sub to my chanell I am just now starting the chanell so don't make fun of me please my chanell name is DUNKITBROS 21 all caps please sub
Davi L. Paula (2 days ago)
Porque ele colocou o titulo em portugues?
Fatin Shuhiera (3 days ago)
I'm so sorry.. I laughed so hard when u get panicked 😂😂😂
花千樹 (3 days ago)
You need teammates
N00B HackTastic (3 days ago)
Korean server is full of Predators
Emily Wessels (3 days ago)
Where it all started...
Quân Dương (3 days ago)
Thắng hay đấy anh PEW
nien nguyen van (3 days ago)
Vler anh việt nam nào làm phụ đề vậy :)) xem sub mà mắc cười vãi đạn :3
yacine soul (3 days ago)
10:05 what the fuck u just did 😂😂
Rishabh meena (3 days ago)
Man he did it
Ammar alHaffie (3 days ago)
I wish you actually uninstalled it and never played it again
TheMusicChannel (3 days ago)
3:19 Shit.Fuck.Ass
Tejash The Gaming Pro (4 days ago)
Awesome 🤘
H Hsisg (4 days ago)
*AH Comon i was reaching for my cornflakes cmon*
SuperMex213 (4 days ago)
RestInPeacePepe (4 days ago)
Ooh I love Fortnite!
Awe I feel bad for the cornflakes dude. I know how you feel man 😂😂
Jye Kent (4 days ago)
Finally you played PUBG
Palatz (2 days ago)
Jye Kent it was 1y ago
Matthew Raymer (4 days ago)
U can run people over with your car
Shenith Crey (5 days ago)
MclarenP1GTR Supernic (5 days ago)
Hey pewdiepie heres some tips when you see a player and you are driving a car just try to kill him with your car so you dont have to go down
MclarenP1GTR Supernic (5 days ago)
Anyways good vid!😀
Midnight Rider (5 days ago)
Poor poor cornflakes guy lol
114514 (5 days ago)
Jaime Lopez (5 days ago)
I hav your game
Inv1ctus (5 days ago)
Cornflake Guy sounds like 2010 pewds
TreyDoggPlayz (5 days ago)
Pewds says nigga- 😡😡😡😡😡 White kid who thinks he is a ninja says nigga-😕
wezy (6 days ago)
whats the t-shirt called ?
naman seth (6 days ago)
You suck
Sten Devriese (6 days ago)
His username is iloveass2
GENERAL FURY (6 days ago)
can you try Rules Of Survival
Miranda Joye (6 days ago)
I miss when pewds didnt feel the need to hold back and have fun and stuff :( miss old youtibe too. glad videos like these are still around. I MEAN I LOVED THIS FAMILY FRIENDLY CONTENT. this is good for family
Earl John Medallo (6 days ago)
Shitfuckass -Pewdiepie
Rush B (6 days ago)
What a fucking nigger
Sanket Phule (6 days ago)
17:22 does 10 livestreams for 3 to 5 hours each
Jin Utchima (6 days ago)
I miss this pewdiepie..😔
Arkanix (6 days ago)
Psychatar (6 days ago)
Corn flakes guy shall always be remembered
1 Hour (6 days ago)
It's the old version of Fortnite xddd
Terror GN (7 days ago)
Perche io titolo è in italiano
MzHon3ySmackZz (7 days ago)
I love pewDie pie
paradise lost (7 days ago)
Who ever play with pewdiepie in this game so lucky😀😀😀
brianpotter88 m (7 days ago)
If the pubg players knew pewdiepie was playing they will never shoot you they will respect you hahaha
ashura kaji (7 days ago)
TheLooneyGhost (7 days ago)
It’s buggy not bungie
Carlo Tadlock (7 days ago)
He is gooder than me
NixonPvP (4 days ago)
Carlo Tadlock Mkay.
Sneaky Nibba lol
Awex Win (7 days ago)
this was when the game was really fun :(
Gita and CO (8 days ago)
Wow. So great video!! I HAVE 5 KIDS!!!! Mess every day lol... here is my cleaning vlog :) https://youtu.be/iJAKDAlsszg
DeniTheBoss (8 days ago)
상욱정 (8 days ago)
hallo♤♤♤♤ thanks that your video are good
the one time he doesn't drop fucking military base he wins XD
Natalie Alvarado (8 days ago)
Fortnites older sister that lives with their grandma named Bertha.
jelo pepito (8 days ago)
I love You PewDiePie
Brian D (8 days ago)
10:03 changed lv3 vest to lv2 vest lol pewds
JazzyB 123 (9 days ago)
*cough* fortnite *cough*
Fridgemusa (9 days ago)
Congratulations faggot :)
corniel (9 days ago)
i have a dream that one day, he can play PUBG again
Jhan Jhanx Xxx (9 days ago)
Play NBA nibba

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