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I WON!!!

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This video nearly killed me Game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/578080/PLAYERUNKNOWNS_BATTLEGROUNDS/
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MoOn ClAn (7 hours ago)
אף אחד לא יבין "ניצחתי"
Aproditi (7 hours ago)
3:00 look at noobiepie getting into close ranged fire fights with a friggin shot gun like a badass
Big Chesse (15 hours ago)
That was kinda that Pewdiepie: You better spread yo was for me boy. Me: hell naw cuz
Johan Gutierrez (23 hours ago)
Nam flashbacks
Pramod Gaikwad (1 day ago)
*I Swear, This Video is on trending #2 in India!!* 2018
J. S Nainiti (1 day ago)
wowkwowk 16:01 u sneaky what!???
Me when I first play PUBG. I wanna look butieful ( grabs my cornflakes ) (Accidentally jumps from the plane too early and lands into the water. ) CMON I WAS REACHING FOR MY CORNFLAKES
MoeMilano (1 day ago)
I know I'm really late but, damn he brought a shotgun to the final circle.
victor7777777 (1 day ago)
he just ignored that kar98k
eesubarjak (1 day ago)
i like you pew die pie hopefully always above
Shakerbye (1 day ago)
My foetnite Looks diffrent...
HPJ Miriã (1 day ago)
Osku Räty (2 days ago)
Finland is BEST KANA
daniel gamer j5j7 ET (2 days ago)
é a vida
Kay Èm (2 days ago)
Isaac Rodrigues (2 days ago)
TheHacker386 (2 days ago)
Aw c’mon man I was reaching for my CORNFLAKES!!
:3 freddie (2 days ago)
Domo arigato
Pro NabboITA (2 days ago)
Bella a tutti ragazzi TRADUCTION What's on guys
Mr Mom (3 days ago)
Is anyone here from 2018 also this is like my 10th time wathing pewds
minrcraft oyuncusu (3 days ago)
başlık niye türkçe lan
nicolas _gwbr (3 days ago)
Eu tbm ganhei
joseph carta (3 days ago)
Hehe nice one pewds
Kalebe Beltrao (3 days ago)
Quem fala português da likr
Herexevil IG (3 days ago)
Perché in italiano pew, perché?! (Traslate this commento with MARZIA)
M Muhsin (3 days ago)
which was played in 2018, raise your hand
Ameer Boss (3 days ago)
نعم احسنت
victor sy (3 days ago)
Fuck you
Equinox EDM (3 days ago)
rip cornflake guy
AoiGaming (4 days ago)
Fm it is...
Gafar Raad (4 days ago)
You are fucking noooooooob :)
FredBi és #martin (4 days ago)
Magyarul írta le a nyertem szót
John Quach (4 days ago)
16:06 “There’s Swee (3) people.”
Hoàngbf (4 days ago)
Stay Gaming (4 days ago)
Darimana dapat subtitle ya???
泰敵ThaiDe (4 days ago)
haha~point 17:08
Luekas 082 (5 days ago)
Sou pirocudo
Syed movsi (5 days ago)
u nooob fucked
Josh son ofZeus (5 days ago)
domo argatou haahahaha
Josh son ofZeus (5 days ago)
pubg has a bad graphic
Mona Sax (5 days ago)
2017 - the year of gangsta style which gave Pewds a lot of trouble and yet Pewds still managed to fight off the attackers with humour and satire ^.^
dragonlord (5 days ago)
Did he just switch a lev3 vest for a lev2 at 10:04 😂😂
pussyfucker (6 days ago)
hell yeah pewds awesome play.
palikkap mcpe & pc (6 days ago)
Suomi perkele torilla tavataan
GEtKi (6 days ago)
Nyertél xd
Microsoft-XL (6 days ago)
And this, my friends, is where it all started.
Фруктик :3 (6 days ago)
kaja żebiełowicz (7 days ago)
lawing gamer (7 days ago)
Perché il titolo in ita???
Il Nulla (7 days ago)
Nice video
Il Nulla (7 days ago)
Amico ma che cazzo dici
enzo milan (7 days ago)
Lol the 4th guy CaptainBullshit xD
Vl Thịnh (7 days ago)
Đây là thằng phiên âm hay nhất đấy fuck man
ii_SAJAD I (7 days ago)
انت نووب
PJ & Fatty (7 days ago)
You are a gay ass guy
3boood_q1 youtube (4 days ago)
PJ & Fatty what 😂?
Dr. Doge (7 days ago)
“#1 victory Royale”
Kai Hunt (7 days ago)
I was reaching for my cornflakes lol
Giulio Nobile (7 days ago)
Bilal (8 days ago)
going around in a bunjy !!! lol
shooter 2.0 (8 days ago)
Viva l Italia
gaming of cuorse (8 days ago)
אתה ישראלי ????????
_crazy megster_ (8 days ago)
“Aw c’mon man. I was just reaching for my cornflakes” *munching sounds
MIKKIS CLIPS (8 days ago)
Hachirō Ogawa (8 days ago)
16:02 ni🅱️🅱️a
Cool Dude (8 days ago)
He knows markipler
CreeperNationGaming (8 days ago)
I came here to kick gum and chew ass and I'm all out of ass
Nico Paez (8 days ago)
Good game brother
germano gamer (8 days ago)
germano gamer (8 days ago)
Como assim a legenda tá em português oloko
THE SecTionaL (8 days ago)
Türk varsa +1
Definitely[GD] (9 days ago)
Русские кушать
Gaming Dr (9 days ago)
10:01 pewds just exchanged his level 3 vest with level 2 vest 😂😂
enzo milan (7 days ago)
Gaming Dr the level 3 vest was damaged lol
Pranudeep Chitha (9 days ago)
I won for the 1st time when I play 1st time
Ayush Tiwari (9 days ago)
Download a 35 GB game... Plays it.... Wins it..... Uninstalls it.... *If I uninstall my PUBG I first gotta get some place to cry* *Fak*
Lucas Castro (9 days ago)
where is the Christian channel?
Rachel Bazea (9 days ago)
Mario battle royale
Rachel Bazea (9 days ago)
Hey some of the audio here was used in smg4
steve (9 days ago)
Don't say it felix
asuds adwsda (9 days ago)
olha o quão pequeno esse cú ta ficando
koyZ (9 days ago)
Tu. Parle français pew dipay
Clive Couto (10 days ago)
It's not him playing the game
Rival Stalker (10 days ago)
*_Rip cornflakes_*
Hide Official (10 days ago)
Z God you why u cus
Niomi Galaxie (10 days ago)
*I like how the ad on this video was Pewdiepies tuber simulator*
Temperature (10 days ago)
15:07 thats what she said
ItsJustSimple (11 days ago)
Who knew PewDiePie will be the next shrood
Reshad mobile gameing (11 days ago)
john john (11 days ago)
For many many years There was a worthy king, But then took over a heartless little freak, The Channel Grew Wider! it was now a giant being, It was trully worthy to challenge the King!
möth (11 days ago)
This is seed that grew to a tree of misery
Ariz De Castro (11 days ago)
Pews play Rules Of Survival
Marvel & Dc Music (11 days ago)
4:57 now he dont get pan xD lol
Marvel & Dc Music (11 days ago)
2:58 em you have m16a4? And you use shotgun?
[BLD] JMK (11 days ago)
So the *fucking* goal of this *fucking* game is to be the last *fucking* survivor out of 100 *fucking* players.
the brand (11 days ago)
I loved the italian title
Yael Premacio (12 days ago)
Abas ATTACK.R (12 days ago)
مترجم عربي ب_ب
Ng9 - MinecraftGamer (13 days ago)
TÔI ĐÃ THẮNG??? Pubg :v
ali ismaeel (13 days ago)
You sneaky nipa😂
Cyrilkeannu Reyes (13 days ago)
Follow my roblox acc Ultimaghostxd and I will try to follow you

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