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Text Comments (1926)
Armon Jott (1 day ago)
Fortnite translation : Land tilted towers and kill everyone
karma tam (1 day ago)
Shroud serisouly look like a punk with mustach
Ammar Siddiqui (1 day ago)
Ikrar Fahmi (2 days ago)
3.45 best part
Warren Nuth (2 days ago)
Stream snipe stream snipers
Mhamza98 (2 days ago)
Looks better with a beard
DJ- OK (3 days ago)
He lost 2m subs
RS4 B5 (3 days ago)
I had to laugh at the nade on 2:45.. The explosion makes it sound like the whole room is being teared apart.
Rahul Roy (3 days ago)
03:40 class act :P
shogun gamer (4 days ago)
You watch dbz
ANAND ηαкαт (5 days ago)
Yet he doesn't have specs...🤔🤔
Ashwin (6 days ago)
4:06 and 5:28 you killed the same guy
Dimpus (7 days ago)
There isn't hotdrops anymore everyone just hides
Jaffa88 (10 days ago)
Tomas Sanchez (11 days ago)
3:41 , when the enemy is the best dodging bullets ..
justin x (15 days ago)
Shroud doesn't aim, aim does shroud😉
law sing song (15 days ago)
best learner
law sing song (15 days ago)
and fast
Abhishek alexB. (16 days ago)
hey man can you donate me one Graphics card of your.... i need that graphics
BoostedSi (21 days ago)
Step 1: become shroud
Yairis Burciaga (21 days ago)
10:58 looks away at the exact time the walks up
Tze Ruei Wong (22 days ago)
3:37 i mean like srsly yo XD
Kenneth ken (22 days ago)
3:40 *Matrix confirmed*
Gater TV (22 days ago)
Shroud is the PUBG BIG HOMIE 😎😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
JR .Clip_NewS (22 days ago)
my name is shroud and i am fastest loot man alive
UBE 1 (22 days ago)
i might be a potato, but my beard is amazing.
Lil Markos (25 days ago)
3:41 LOL This made me laugh so hard
Ezra (25 days ago)
4:08 rofl too funny
What time are you playing? 3 a.m.?
EnzyToronto (25 days ago)
shroud kinda reminds me of SypherPK with the facial hair haha
Shroud doesn't get good at aiming. Aiming gets good at shroud.
Its me Your Dad (29 days ago)
3:40 lmafoooo😂😭
NunChacken (30 days ago)
1:29 as soon as you said magic touch and touched the car, my video froze.
Gaming world (30 days ago)
Big fan of your s bro love from India so much keep it up
redtesta (1 month ago)
what i like about shroud.. when he says something he does it or someone might think he is making an excuse but explains it, then does it and kills the guy.
Hydro (1 month ago)
1. Get an aimbot
Rpw Boy (1 month ago)
Papa shroud looking suaveee
iWin3AloT EX (1 month ago)
Wow the beard
Mikhil Mistry (1 month ago)
Amazing game play! Which headphone is that (you use)? Which headphone do you recommend?
Internet Troll (1 month ago)
Who the hell use kar98 in a cqb situation.
saw Yeehen (1 month ago)
ya that was very true ! now i grow up !
Altered Beast (1 month ago)
Al Pacino.
Digvijay Girase (1 month ago)
you the legend bro!
Wadu_Shekt (1 month ago)
Dropping to pochinki and fight right of the bat Nice tactic shroud
Z-Bone gaming (1 month ago)
Or just install hacks ;D
julian brylle (1 month ago)
3:31 oof shroud plays Roblox confirmed
Rafael Norman Rosario (1 month ago)
3:39 matrix guy
xd Lyon (1 month ago)
He killed oof man twice
dabber69 (1 month ago)
do u even streamsniper vro
pc longstaff (1 month ago)
How to get better at aiming with shroud. .. use aim bot
3:39 Thank me later.
Blake VanDamage (1 month ago)
When Chad got blown up 😂
ShroudTM (1 month ago)
I miss the intro 😭
psyk0nuts (1 month ago)
"become a popular streamer and make plebs just run at you with no guns"
Cortex101 (1 month ago)
So I don't need to practice my aim? If I play a lot I will have the same aiming accuracy as you? I mean like a lot
Games Club (1 month ago)
Don't Do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mayur Valvi (1 month ago)
Hey vsauce
Theo Pete (1 month ago)
After Watching this video I won like 3 times in a row
VIKRAM ATHALYE (1 month ago)
Whats the song at 7:08
Shivam Thakkar (1 month ago)
_ Abeo _ (1 month ago)
i won my 3rd pubg game that i ever played but i didnt deserve it i had 2 kills
Anime Pianist Mynodex (1 month ago)
how to aim better... 120 fps at ultra
Aakil Ahamed (1 month ago)
8:14 the way that buggy fly❤. Beautiful
Aakil Ahamed (1 month ago)
8:14 the way that buggy fly❤. Beautiful
ンアーッ (1 month ago)
Vishal Bhagat (1 month ago)
3:40 made my day LMAO
Lucian Andries (1 month ago)
How to get better at Shroud with Aiming...
Son Dao (1 month ago)
First one and a half minute, Shroud is actually teaching some real life lessons <3
laura müller (1 month ago)
Step 1: Let Shroud Play for you.
andykod77 (1 month ago)
do u wear the Ancient Shrouded Armor?
John Wayne (1 month ago)
Dude I swear Grenada’s go farther in this game if you flick your character from one side the the other and then throw
Abc Xyz (1 month ago)
Infinite wisdom shroud,.
Leandro Da Costa Dutra (1 month ago)
wow, being benched made shroud so annoying..." Haaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
Luciano Barbarino (2 months ago)
I would try to see him playing with 50 or less fps.
R r (2 months ago)
gtraudt (2 months ago)
Simple.... Just hack like he did....
ibzdude (2 months ago)
@13:14 straight aimbot
SuMiT Kamble (2 months ago)
Whats up bitch lol
Alen Mahmutagic (2 months ago)
3:41 floyd mayweather ?
Alien Network (2 months ago)
get right in the screen and become the 8x scope
Alien Network (2 months ago)
TIP 1 get right in the screen !! haha buffed
Alien Network (2 months ago)
shroud with facial hair = woah wtf
Captain Reset (2 months ago)
3:40 One of funniest trolls I've seen.
Imran Styles (2 months ago)
how does he even do those aimings..? i think he sees the moments in a slomo XD!!!
Shivam Hire (2 months ago)
7:14 is my favourite part
Iffanjbx (2 months ago)
Whos remix All star song in 07.11 ? Anyone else know ?
Khang On (2 months ago)
i suggest standing in a room and flickshotting the opposite corners of the ceiling and try to make it precise
Sukoco Koco (2 months ago)
I dont know shroud can be so extra like this. Lol. Dude you need to calm down. 😂😂
74747Kyle (2 months ago)
just9n: "shoot the AUG pussy" shroud: "fuck you.. pussy, idiot" just9n: "plays rust, calls me an idiot"
Byoungjin Kim (2 months ago)
wow looking at his newest video and then this.....there had been a big change in play style (even his look)
Johney (2 months ago)
Interviewer:People say that god was sent Ninja to teach how to play PUBG. Shroud:I don't remember i have sent anyone.
80 iridium (2 months ago)
Official shroud channel?
cpmproffen Jr ? (2 months ago)
earth is not fucking flat
jack smitheman (2 months ago)
shroud with a beard ? yes please
Saif Rehman (2 months ago)
Always Reload.
Benjamin Medina (2 months ago)
Notice how it said "how to get better at aiming with shroud" and not "better than shroud" because you can't get better than shroud... Shroud is the aiming god but according to the video he can have his moments XD
Donovan Hall (2 months ago)
That dude dodging those head shots by leaning lol nice
Zerovity (2 months ago)
Thats how i m playing PUBG MOBILE on 400 to 500 ms sometimes 900 ms i . I wish i could play it on 10000 ms ...
Ultra Gamer (2 months ago)
5:56 :What was vasuce's Michael doing there??
GAMING WITH MEGH (2 months ago)
bro please play pubg mobile with tencent gaming buddy

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