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How to record gameplay on your Xbox One

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Chris Watters takes you through the steps of how to record and upload gameplay on your brand new Xbox One! Visit all of our channels: Features & Reviews - http://www.youtube.com/user/gamespot Gameplay & Guides - http://www.youtube.com/user/gamespotgameplay Trailers - http://www.youtube.com/user/gamespottrailers MLG, NASL & eSports - http://www.youtube.com/user/gamespotesports Mobile Gaming - http://www.youtube.com/user/gamespotmobile Like - http://www.facebook.com/GameSpot Follow - http://www.twitter.com/GameSpot Stream Live - http://twitch.tv/GameSpot http://www.gamespot.com
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Text Comments (123)
ToxicIvy (1 year ago)
Wat game is this
Dante Gilot (1 year ago)
fuck in dumb ass
Simonic5960 (1 year ago)
do you need connect for face cam
Simonic5960 (1 year ago)
What about face cam
Sparkz Mentalz (1 year ago)
1:25 where is the "Unsaved Game DVR" menu? This Upload Studio bullshit pretty much forces you to upload every game clip you edit before saving it.
Khalil Omar (2 years ago)
can u record audio while playing
Khalil Omar just if you have microphone
Replica (2 years ago)
If this can record the TV app than I can plug in another console like a ps4 and rec the xbox in the tv app
Replica (2 years ago)
If you have a camera or a phone, just start the recordings at the same time then when u are done with skydrive u can put it in an editor with ur face am
yoosuf riyaldeen (2 years ago)
helped me alot
ItsAlwaysSandro (2 years ago)
What is THE first record program
aamir pk (2 years ago)
Thanks I was waiting for someone upload like this video
GrazHD (3 years ago)
Does it record audio through your mic ????
SimranYT (11 months ago)
EthanMC how?
x Crowman x (3 years ago)
but it records in 720p and a very low bitrate...
x Crowman x (2 years ago)
+Autopilotjr Fair enough
Autopilotjr (2 years ago)
720p is considered HD so maybe not by your standards but it's consorted HD
x Crowman x (2 years ago)
+Autopilotjr Well, high definition, means to define an image in high detail, this is low detail, I wouldn't call it hd, it may as well be 480p m8.
Autopilotjr (2 years ago)
So still hd
The YouTube Buccaneer (3 years ago)
Can you email clips?
Ken Flott (2 years ago)
+The YouTube Buccaneer Sure, just save them to One Drive or Sky Drive or whatever they're calling it now.
troy frost (3 years ago)
Plague Official (2 years ago)
Taylor_Swfc (3 years ago)
Really useful thanks
Pallish GAMING (3 years ago)
It didn't work
Racho Games (4 years ago)
xbox one is the same console as a ps4 but The only think what is different is that the Xbox one have much better voice commands in my opinion so yeah 
Gaming Gameplay (4 years ago)
Xbox one can only record for just 5 minutes for real Wow and ps4 can record 15 minutes and it will just continue after 15 minutes you don't need to press record again so u got 30 minutes gameplay on ps4 wow i need to get Avermedia for xbox one pretty soon i got ps4 right now and soon i will get the xbox one seen i i'm xbox  Fan 
Nawibo (2 years ago)
Um... What?
David Myers (4 years ago)
Billy Hamilton (4 years ago)
Can you upload them to YouTube?
Does it record the audio from your headset too?
CR Buck (3 years ago)
From what I hear yes, but you has to be in Gamechat.
DK GAMING (4 years ago)
XxAUSSIEGAMERxX (4 years ago)
Can u do this with all XBOX ONES
Strix06 (4 years ago)
Xbox one, piss on ps4!
Kyle Garrity (4 years ago)
guys come to my channel if you want to know how to record more than 5 minutes!!
courtney harrison (4 years ago)
Xugern (4 years ago)
does it hear your voice if you use your mic?
KEVIN O09 LOL- (4 years ago)
Well Xbox banged ps4
Taj SupremeTM (4 years ago)
Yes I can finally upload shit to YouTube now
corne spek (4 years ago)
5 clips of 5 min x 5 =25 minutes you got owned bitches of ps4
corne spek (4 years ago)
5 clips of 5 min x 5 =25 minutes you got owned bitches of ps4
Ernesto Colon (4 years ago)
awesome, ima do this everyday till they ban me for being annoying lol subscribe to me to be bored
Captain Cartman (4 years ago)
If only this was available for when MGS4 had those epic cut scenes
Pseudo Nym (4 years ago)
Can the xbox record for more than five minutes at a time?
BiG Media (4 years ago)
Great how-to thanks!
truedeadandlife (4 years ago)
Love Gamespot.
Filipe Herbert (4 years ago)
Another better function from Xbox One than PS4.
Ahmed Abdullatief (4 years ago)
forza halo 5 ryse deadrising sunset overdrive titan fall quantum break xbox is way better but tge two consoles are great
Justin Ribs (4 years ago)
Xbox, go to ryse, titanfall,forza, dead rising, sunset overdrive, halo 5. Playstation, go to knack
yeaboi1994 (4 years ago)
Can u upload the videos to youtube?
Tom Micheals (4 years ago)
I'm loveing mine
mrbebopism (4 years ago)
Xbox FTW
Dexstrecity Row (4 years ago)
Can you connect an Elgato HDPVR to the XB1?
RustyCole (4 years ago)
Love Kinect. Love Microtransactions. Love Xbox One. Love getting Xboned!
RustyCole (4 years ago)
hey Gamespot.. Can you guys please make an Xbone video on how to pay for microtransactions? Coz I think paying for items is way more fun than the games itself.
Andrew's Gaming World (4 years ago)
I'd rather just use a capture card and then edit it in premiere. I'd definitely use the inbuilt dvrs if something interesting or worth remembering happened, but I'd most likely be recording an entire play session so 5mins on Xone or 15-30mins on PS4 is useless to me otherwise.
Weulf (4 years ago)
they should lengthen the record time. but this is actually pretty cool.
ncott23161 (4 years ago)
Fuck Xbox
Nafiz Azwan (4 years ago)
Microsoft has done a goobjob! I don't like ps4 fanboys anyway
2KGrind09 (4 years ago)
not a selling pt for me....already have an HD recorder but I like that you can edit
Florida Tryhard (4 years ago)
only record's 5 minutes how useless..... PS4 does 15 minutes
NavyRat (1 year ago)
Florida Tryhard With à Kinect
Bimzicle (2 years ago)
+Venom Snake how do you record yourself or your voice, WHILE you're playing the game.
With Ps4 you can only upload to twitter and facebook. Which is bull.
Venom Snake (4 years ago)
+taj chacha  Thanks!
Taj SupremeTM (4 years ago)
On the Xbox one after you download it to your computer you can put on YouTube but on the ps4 you can only put it on Facebook and Twitter
Nike8pro (4 years ago)
Hey to all the ps4 children, at least the Xbox One has not had a system that broke or overheated (knock on wood). So technically no one can say ps4 is better. Plus, it depends on what games you like, for example, if you like infamous get ps4 and if you like halo get Xbox One. So stop with the console war's "it is over" and HAPPY THANKSGIVING.
At first I thought 5 minutes of recording was stupid compared to the PS4's 15 minutes, but once I started sharing from my PS4 I noticed I don't upload any longer than 2 to my Facebook. Maybe when the YouTube upload feature comes to PS4 I'll upload 10 minute videos
+TheJavw lmao learn to put words together properly so you can give us proper grammar. Stupid ass
TheJavw (4 years ago)
dont say anything you idiot this people dont deserve you stupidity
Lord Kami (4 years ago)
save recording every 5 mins and trim and put together
David Marcouillier (4 years ago)
+Jerome Skillz say if you were doing a letsplay, you could do 5 parts at once!
Lord Kami (4 years ago)
You can multiclip so that you can make a 25 minute video
Jernej Kavka (4 years ago)
Is there any "non-PS4-fan-boys" comments here? I guess you need to say that Xbox One sucks just make you sound to know something while most don't even know what Xbox One does. :o
Deathwish026 (4 years ago)
its fine.. just wait till friday when the ps4 is out in europe and every sony pony is crying because there beloved console was way over hyped.
TankkLife (4 years ago)
Fuck quit these console wars.....
JTCS27 (4 years ago)
PS4 can do all of that and plus, record 15 minutes, wich is waaaaayyyyy much than 5 shitty minutes
Ryan White (4 years ago)
+Jerome Skillz so can my shits
Lord Kami (4 years ago)
With multiclip, it can do 25 minutes..
Deathwish026 (4 years ago)
nobody will ever watch 15 mins of your shitty gameplay tho so quit making out that its better for such a crappy reason.
17jun1989 (4 years ago)
Xbox One 'Self Destruct!!'
Nhat Anh Le (4 years ago)
I got Asian accent so Xbox never know what I'm saying. Waste of money
T-_V1ru$ (4 years ago)
you can be less lazzy and use the controller ,
Non (4 years ago)
+Klondike Bar Since when has Xbox appealed to asians?
Honky Tonk (4 years ago)
This is why the XboxOne take up valuable resources besides actual gaming. Kind of pissed me off because of that.
PS4 does this same thing... 
xCH0SEN1x (4 years ago)
Xbox, play PS4.
Loony Toon (4 years ago)
lol funny stuff, i have both so im happy :P
Ryan White (4 years ago)
xbox nuke sony
Mclovin (4 years ago)
+sasukeadejoh1 You're not a troll if you have to say you're a troll.
ayeadejoh (4 years ago)
unidentified suspect (4 years ago)
+852maniak thats his life, he don't have another stuff to do.
TheE-MoneyCashGuru (4 years ago)
Can it record a man stripping down his wife? The PS4 can...
topgeartim (4 years ago)
Rory White (4 years ago)
yes it can
ElijahMFearon (4 years ago)
How to waste all you money: Buy an Xbox.
TheOverlord1 (4 years ago)
"How to waste all your money" I donno about you buddy but most people have a bit more money than 500 bucks.
Vincent Hy (4 years ago)
I guess, it all depends on your experience. As for me, I barely here twats in games other than COD, most people don't have their mics on, unless they're with friends.
ElijahMFearon (4 years ago)
True but there are considerably less on PC. (In my experience, your mileage may vary.) 
Vincent Hy (4 years ago)
+ElijahMFearon that also happens on PC... All gaming communities have "twats"
ElijahMFearon (4 years ago)
Just get a PC.
Bobby C (4 years ago)
Xbox Off
eduardobm (4 years ago)
Playstation. Playstation. Playstation. Play a good game. Play a good game *starting Knack*
Museyarp (4 years ago)
Shits lame
DutchPs3Gamers (4 years ago)
Bobby C (4 years ago)
Xbox Off

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