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Hunger Games Servers !

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Server ips: hg.gameplayerhd.com hg2.gameplayerhd.com also try hg.mooshroom.net Me and ExplodingTNT are owners of these servers! partners. How to play: 1. /kit - to choose a kit 2. Wait for game to start 3. Survive, kill and last man standing wins! Winner gets to choose vip kit, following round. credits to www.youtube.com/justinthelaw for content :D Intro and outro Music by www.machinimasound.com and is royal free.
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Text Comments (127)
D'ARTAGNAN hodges (5 years ago)
yes go to start an put %appdata% and uwill find minecraft open it and click texture packs then go to internet and then dounloed a texturpack folder an copy it to minecraft texurpack folder
Jurian Webbe (5 years ago)
Does someone knows the mod of the texturepack, and where you can download it?
Armoured_Panda_ (5 years ago)
i player skydoesminecraft survival games with gameplayer and we got to the final 2. we had a fish fight and he won :P. if you are reading this gameplayer im ASDFGHJKLMOVIE
ReRoshun (5 years ago)
whats the server address
Gas powered stick (5 years ago)
all out of date
ezarc (5 years ago)
is it worldwide?
scorpian422 (5 years ago)
O crap goin on that hg server looks amazing
scorpian422 (5 years ago)
Go crap goin on that hg server
TeenageKids3 (6 years ago)
Op me in my username is socer1101
WolfyTheSpook (6 years ago)
i think it mines u need a premium account
SDJG Stream (6 years ago)
Why would they make it free? Mojang spends alot of time and effort into making a game, and all they ask in return is a small amount of money. They COULD have made it $60 like all of the other games, but no. Save some money, buy it, enjoy it. That is they way it goes.
leifinissen (6 years ago)
buy the game...
Chico Liebl (6 years ago)
User not premium is a bitch. Make it FREE!
whostolemahcar (6 years ago)
And i cant talk or move online
zachkealoha10 (6 years ago)
cri451 (6 years ago)
That means the game is in progress...
whostolemahcar (6 years ago)
And it says That your game is in progress PLEASE REPLY!!
whostolemahcar (6 years ago)
MshMUNgg. I.....cant....join! it says Failed to verify Username!
sumu115 (6 years ago)
is it 1.3.1????
Jeremiah Curry (6 years ago)
What if it says outdated server?
clnbn (6 years ago)
Epic music and cinematics! :D
Cubyo (6 years ago)
OMG it is so annoying when people use the thor kit on me at least make the range for it shorter i got took out in a few shots
KalnaZatos (6 years ago)
it wont let me in, its saying its im process, help?
eric soto (6 years ago)
what song is that?
Hunter Miller (6 years ago)
I love the servers but theres one problem. The server needs to get better protection against hackers. I got almost full diamond armor completely legit with only five players left and someone comes flying and kills me... That neeeeeeds to be fixed
jfong shankity (6 years ago)
gameplayer may you please ban -minecraft name Fudgebucketss and zb110 they both use forcefield on the nodus client
Alar (6 years ago)
you dont have premium :/
Freak Uno (6 years ago)
Whats the website to like know when which server is open or something? Please answer
Scullman (6 years ago)
I posted a video response of a trailer I made for Mooshroom, will you accept it? :)
Rachel P (6 years ago)
I want to play but I lag too much :(
tasteofepicnessful (6 years ago)
the world would disappear,the players would turn to dust,everything would burn and the server would be utterly destroyed
Think Like A Car (6 years ago)
lol i love this server and i like the x ray proof
mzma44 (6 years ago)
:D It's like a Quarter Quell every game!
Repius Bobius (6 years ago)
What's ur computer specs?
JustintheLaw (6 years ago)
Lol, read the description guys! @neasignat
StupidWiseGuy (6 years ago)
both don't work for me.
neasignat (6 years ago)
where you get that graphic at 0:26... please a link
ToastyInspiration™ (6 years ago)
omg i died as the first ill not put this on youtube
ToastyInspiration™ (6 years ago)
ill film it when i get on a server
ToastyInspiration™ (6 years ago)
ToastyInspiration™ (6 years ago)
no its dosn't
ToastyInspiration™ (6 years ago)
ToastyInspiration™ (6 years ago)
yea i have all 6 servers and they all are in progress hunger games is popular
desireenyc1 (6 years ago)
The working server that any 1 can join is hg..moo shroom.net
3Finbrothers (6 years ago)
It always when i join It stops and puts me to the mc menu then when i go check it it says communication error
Aleah Blain (6 years ago)
i always try and join, but everytime a game is in progress D:
Ramon Alvarez (6 years ago)
Drawings always get top comment... ---——-/´¯/)—--—--(\¯`\ ———/—//———--\\—\ ——--/—//————-\\—\ —-/´¯/—/´¯\———/¯`\—\¯`\ -/-/--/—/—/-|_—-_|-\---\—\—\-\ - (-(—(—(—/-)--)--(--(-\—)—)—)-) -\————\/--/—\—\/————/ --\———— /——\-————/ —\-———-(———)———-/
The Six Pixel kid (6 years ago)
I got ninjas to kill me D:
Thomas Braccia (6 years ago)
You Should Cut Down On The Ten Minute waiting
lunarwingy (6 years ago)
YES Gameplayer, I used to play on your regular server, but this guarantees Imma go back to your regular server and these servers. :D
tikiTERMIN8R96 (6 years ago)
Can I join
TheFlyingTedyBear (6 years ago)
i was just in the last 3 and died
comedypros (6 years ago)
adding to my servers lists now
Desmond Miles (6 years ago)
Dude you are the best!!!!!!!! And also Please if you can tell ExplodingTNT they are also awesome! <3 And, you also earned another sub :D
GameplayerHD (6 years ago)
i remember u ! Well done :D
GameplayerHD (6 years ago)
wooot! :D
Desmond Miles (6 years ago)
First of all, on my first game on your server, I was thiird place out of like 60 people! Second, REMEMBER ME??????????????????? YOU IZ AMAZING CHEESE
GameplayerHD (6 years ago)
usually caused, when ur logged in somewhere else.
TheStephenPlays (6 years ago)
I won on my first game :D
GameplayerHD (6 years ago)
average age is 10, lol
GameplayerHD (6 years ago)
if u noticed bro, max game is 60 min. If theres no winner after 60 min of play, it restarts. To prevent 5 hour long games :b U can use ur compass to track players, left click on a block!
GamingGazer (6 years ago)
I got tied for 3rd during the last few seconds. Nobody won.
MelonOrd (6 years ago)
Can I just say that your server's community are very homophobic and immature. plaese sort your server out.
Brandon (6 years ago)
THIS IS RETARDED! I lagged out just after I killed a guy with a bunch of good shit (Not near my stuff's greatness!)
Jourdhy Drice (6 years ago)
Are This Non-premium server...???
Chadwick TheUnicorn (6 years ago)
Then that sucks for you.
Chadwick TheUnicorn (6 years ago)
It means that the account you're using does not own minecraft. You can still play single player, but not multiplayer.
MaxterTheTurtle (6 years ago)
Eh, its fun, but you really have a disadvantage if you don't pay...
Shimmering Hydra (6 years ago)
what are all the classes?
Cosmurfur (6 years ago)
u need to buy the game
JustintheLaw (6 years ago)
Gameplayer, thanks for uploading it :D and giving credits!!! Hope I get subs!
vLAWgger (6 years ago)
Why tank you ;D
cri451 (6 years ago)
first comment like and fav. then watch video :D
Josh Alexander (6 years ago)
just buy mc to go on
tristan valienne (6 years ago)
B cool
Himimaro Gameplayer BR (6 years ago)
good Man!!Really good
TheJollyCanadian (6 years ago)
lol i just made a video of a server and gamer wanna sub to my channel
twonkle bonkle (6 years ago)
twonkle bonkle (6 years ago)
well i know what im doing
middy.p (6 years ago)
when is the games starting again??
liverpoolkp12 (6 years ago)
Got into the last 6... GREAT games, really like them ahaa
DenisBlitzle (6 years ago)
On my first match I made #32!
Aleah Blain (6 years ago)
i try and go on it, all of then (even the exploding tnt) and they all say game in proccess
NightlyShadow (6 years ago)
Hi Panda XD
NightlyShadow (6 years ago)
I didnt last that long but OMG was that fun :D
xzlegendz (6 years ago)
Best kit /toes it gives you explosive turtles and cause you know YOLO.
Carlos Marrero (6 years ago)
Test (6 years ago)
I had fun on ur server :D
MasterPebsie (6 years ago)
You haven't seen much, then.
monkeys2808 (6 years ago)
What do you think?
MrJ4019 (6 years ago)
FUCK THAT SHIT i got killed because of lag
lelionmusic (6 years ago)
It should have been 24 players
Cookie (6 years ago)
Killed someone
Cookie (6 years ago)
4th place!
Jashani (6 years ago)
I was playing on EplodingTNT's serv 'till now... I'll come on your to :D
MrJ4019 (6 years ago)
actually 27th derp
MrJ4019 (6 years ago)
hi im in 37th place! F*$%!
ctoanz (6 years ago)
Brandon (6 years ago)
I got killed with a sneak attack, right after I killed someone else. I HATE YOU KARMA
Nick Hadley (6 years ago)
can you make it non premium? I love your vids and would love to play on your server(s)

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