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Worst of Shroud | Shroud's PUBG Fails & Funniest Moments

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Worst of Shroud | Shroud's PUBG Fails & Funniest Moments The funniest Shroud PUBG moments ever! ►Win now Skins: https://gamdom.com/?ref=PanPUBG ►Use Promo Code "PanPUBG" for Free $0,50! ►Submit your Clip to get featured: https://bit.ly/2Joqqqj --------------------------- ►If you are one of the players in the video and don’t want to appear in such montage videos or are unhappy concerning other copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] ►Business: [email protected] ►Discord: https://discord.gg/nd4WCcD ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/PanPUBG1 --------------------------- Credits: https://www.twitch.tv/shroud https://twitter.com/shroud https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoz3Kpu5lv-ALhR4h9bDvcw Missed you? Just leave a comment or write us a E-mail to [email protected] & you will be added instantly! --------------------------- ►Footage Permission by: https://www.playbattlegrounds.com/playerCreated.pu ►Video footage is licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ --------------------------- Hope you enjoy! :) ♣
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Text Comments (440)
Pan PUBG (1 month ago)
Enjoy your Day <3 Make sure to check out our Realm Royale Channel https://youtu.be/wh3c6_6UYSI
Jacob Sasse (4 days ago)
THIS please!
Jason Wright (25 days ago)
Pan PUBG who is the guy in the end dancing to wadu
Rommel Neri (2 hours ago)
Doublelift got some killer moves
Andy Lez (14 hours ago)
1:12 You can see the blood coming out the guy as Shroud sprays him, but the guy somehow doesn't die even tho he was on 1 hp. Rip
PerttiPortion 616 (20 hours ago)
Suomi 100!
Cristian Rodriguez (1 day ago)
He is The best one But everyone messes up cause we are humans
Pubg Noob (1 day ago)
*Is God Asian*
Iceman (2 days ago)
is god Asian ecks dee
Simply Beyond Compare (2 days ago)
0:50 Mia khalifa LOL
Ashu Tiwari (3 days ago)
2.01 lolllllll
PRINCE Ruchi (4 days ago)
Where the fuck iam
Kami (4 days ago)
when u r so good that someone make a montage of clips that u played bad kek
Hunter4Head (5 days ago)
2:35 WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF hahahaha at this very moment he fucked himself
X hard rocker (5 days ago)
8:02 best clip
Tim Peters (6 days ago)
1:30 Shroud was absolutely shook when he saw the death cam and that dude had almost no health. Lol
Momo Daily life (6 days ago)
That’s pure gold. Thank you for making this your the best
Jazzy Goddess (6 days ago)
the water drip makes me think of Shroud when he goes peepee
Bricetin Wedel (7 days ago)
Is it just me or did that wadu hek song go hard😂😂😂
vines special (7 days ago)
His bad moments are my good moments.
yoshu (8 days ago)
Christian Hoskins (8 days ago)
Dude said Mia Khalifa and wiz are brother and sister 😂
PaNoDiMoS (8 days ago)
Worst of Shroud are still better than my best ;)
lilredbeam25 (8 days ago)
Is that Wadu looks like😭😭
shubham kumar (9 days ago)
whats the intro song ?
Orange Velocity (9 days ago)
Even the big man himself has his days.
Flamongo (10 days ago)
lol shroud with a beard looks like a pirate :3
Mac Miller (10 days ago)
Sometimes the gameplay isn't smooth like you would want... even pros be going through the struggle
gamez modz (11 days ago)
Lel china's people dancing with wa du hek music
ashutosh Mishra (11 days ago)
My bad moments are when i get shot down even before landing😅😅😒😒
Miguel Pereira Campos (11 days ago)
3:40 you have no idea of how much i am laughing of that shit
Miguel Pereira Campos (11 days ago)
Shroud never plays bad Shroud is humble and prurposely gives the opponent a chance to defeat him
Nathan Cole (11 days ago)
Wow mia khalifa is a pornstar how do u not know that
COFFEY HEYWOOD (11 days ago)
If u Read this comment That means u can read!!
João pedro Paes (13 days ago)
Best player of pubg:tecnosh
D D18 (13 days ago)
8:56Is god asain 😂😂😂😂
Ryuken_ (13 days ago)
Keith Donaldson (14 days ago)
Wtf was that ending?
Animesh Roy (15 days ago)
Do you even know the meaning of "worst".
Mrauksia (15 days ago)
8:32 God = Asian, proof.
Lifedesign Gaming (16 days ago)
I took the 2:50 Clip!! FeelsGoodMan
Srijith Nair (16 days ago)
Mia kalifa sister of viz kalifa 😂😂 thanks for the info 🤣🤣
AliReza ANSARI (17 days ago)
2:31 so peopel in the air
The Hitman (17 days ago)
420 comments....Now 421
LiFE 707 (17 days ago)
My Self Esteem is Very Satisfied..
RS 09 (17 days ago)
Legend says Shroud still doesn't know who Mia Khalifa is
GenericAnalyst (17 days ago)
Even Shrouds fails are badass plays🤣
Adaxte (17 days ago)
Keisny _01 (17 days ago)
Lol some of the clip's are not rly fails they are just bug's and game issue's
Justin Grafstein (17 days ago)
Your intro makes me want to die
VerticalStrafes (18 days ago)
Intro music?
_Nhokz _ (18 days ago)
2:50 that's neo
Enbirobear NevadaE.U. (18 days ago)
Rahul Singh (19 days ago)
Jasper The Thief (19 days ago)
8:55 *is god asian?*
TaLe_VaNix (19 days ago)
"is god asian" xD
Fuck Love (19 days ago)
5:00 you say "tishe", it's a Russian language)
Siddhartha Bose (19 days ago)
is god asian? lol
VINCENT SOO (19 days ago)
Space's Edits (19 days ago)
2:55 "This is the complete Ultra Instinct"
Shashank Setty (19 days ago)
9:58 full clip please?
Lotus14106 (19 days ago)
Is god Asian? LOL
Yougotnomilk (20 days ago)
alot of shrouds fails are me at my best
Jeksewn OLeeray (20 days ago)
The snake bit was fucking hilarious
USA4thewin (20 days ago)
So this is when cheat code is off
Veeti Hämäläinen (20 days ago)
this is the best compilation that i have ever watched!
T-MASTER-T PLAYZ (20 days ago)
I have been noticing that just9n is always saving shroud's ass everytime
Robyn (20 days ago)
sometimes hacks need to be updated and the coder needs some time 🤷🏼‍♂️
iFLL0PPY D0M1NAT0R (20 days ago)
What's the name of the intro guys
Kjngpjn (20 days ago)
mgs2 part killed me
ilias 13 (20 days ago)
I didnt know that shroud could have 10 minutes about bad moments lol i mean he is so pro
wikudo (20 days ago)
2:55 it's called Kenbunshoku Haki
Sam Riggs (20 days ago)
Funny that he didnt know about mia khalifa
moebz // moe.b (20 days ago)
6.20 thats some funny shit
moebz // moe.b (20 days ago)
8.10 thats some content
gRleF (21 days ago)
you have just watched clips collected over 1 1/2 years of shroud streaming :D
Beto Spopovich (21 days ago)
7:56 song before snakes one
Floppy J. Burger (21 days ago)
1:10 that wasn't a Shroud fail that was this game being bs.
Cat Caywood (21 days ago)
Hahahaha 3:50 likes dogs barking in the city at night
TheSkittleFur (21 days ago)
So Shroud is a comedy streamer?
David Boden (21 days ago)
F***in click-bait...
Jon Colley (21 days ago)
Shroud wondering how he got killed, meanwhile on the death cam you can hear his feet making noise, and wonders why he got owned LOL, the only reason this guy is good is because he plays dead games, clearly clueless
john blunk (21 days ago)
5:45 was the best
DEADSTAR (21 days ago)
1:10 so lame man he shot him multiple times in the head clearly, and he in replay that guy had no health xD like WTF ?
MrDara SCD (21 days ago)
Fasty Pace (21 days ago)
Shroud is so good, his worst moments in his entire pubg career are only 11 Minutes long.
Darshit Gandhi (21 days ago)
7:44 god🔥
Wasif Ahamed (21 days ago)
2:55 man with god like instinct!!!!
Wasif Ahamed (21 days ago)
2:55 man with god like instinct!!!!
Wasif Ahamed (21 days ago)
0:50 shroud is going to heaven
Minnie Mouse (21 days ago)
poor you, its must be very hard to find his worst game
Tom Dippnall (21 days ago)
The snake clip with rusky gets me every time 😂😂
Martin K (22 days ago)
7:56 What is the music?
Amenoo (22 days ago)
It's not bad from shroud just timing
Kapil Kumar (22 days ago)
Are you gey😂😂
cindee khiangte (22 days ago)
Hes the best ... 500 times better than u
Navjot SINGH (22 days ago)
2:33 music name plz :)
KING HaMa (22 days ago)
What is this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2XJcIUeDyoY
Talent 2.0 (22 days ago)
Anyone got the full video for that last guy?
Valor (22 days ago)
2:55 U L T R A I N S T I N C T
GreenOsu (22 days ago)
even gods die
Fligerian (22 days ago)
at 1:15 he was obviously hacking, blood came out of his head

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