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Airsoft SpyParty

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Check out SpyParty below! http://www.spyparty.com/ You can get your own professionally built custom gaming PC at, http://www.originpc.com/ What game should we play next? Let us know! Don't forget to like/follow us on Facebook & Twitter! http://facebook.com/node http://twitter.com/nodestudios http://twitter.com/corridordigital http://facebook.com/corridordigital http://twitter.com/brandonjla http://twitter.com/cerberusarms
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Text Comments (1291)
Duff Duffington (19 hours ago)
It would have been awesome if someone just randomly started doing "the robot" during one of the sniper shot panic sessions.
Glyn RH (11 days ago)
For the record. Redshirts is one of the funniest sci fi books I've ever read
garage made (17 days ago)
never underestimate a boi in a wheelchair
stonewall 138777 (1 month ago)
This is one of the best games they have played.(
TheGreatestOne (1 month ago)
what is the song??
Jason Patrick (1 month ago)
Ofcourse Brandon is Wheels
Sean Frank (1 month ago)
Spy party but it takes place after the apocalypse.
Laddy980 (1 month ago)
OMG they have the Naruto manga, I love Naruto.
CDY l (1 month ago)
10:39 love those moves
Adam Fenix (1 month ago)
you guys should do this again
Ricardo Trevisan (1 month ago)
Sad Jack 06 (2 months ago)
What does the double Agent do
inkpaladin (1 month ago)
The spy has to signal the double agent to win.
Bobby Sinatra (2 months ago)
Blackhawk (2 months ago)
H A R R Y T U R T L E D O V E ? ? ?
Max Link (2 months ago)
When I used to watch this, I thought “Bug The Ambassador, it literally meant to annoy him!
Gnome Child (2 months ago)
10:33 Brandon’s faceXD
Epic Dino (2 months ago)
I love how in the 2nd round they switched roles
Marc Wada (2 months ago)
Jocose Sonata (3 months ago)
Heldine looks really good in that suit. Very stylish.
廃人肝臓 (3 months ago)
Coolkid66 Ferginson (3 months ago)
I’m amazed by the fact they switched jobs and the girl (forgot her name soz) was always something
Fortnite best moments (3 months ago)
Fortnite best moments (3 months ago)
Bro I want to play airport but there is no arena I know in Michigan
Itzyeboi Jake (3 months ago)
I always knew Brandon is crippled
Ember Elchemist (3 months ago)
Note for Sam; youve got to work on the japanese accent cuse I thought you were calling Naruto something else. Lol :p
EPIC THE GAMER (3 months ago)
how is anna something every time
Today with K (4 months ago)
Man, i miss these.
Edward Waller (4 months ago)
You didn't say narito right
budimcsevity edvárd (4 months ago)
2:33 lol i watch bleach :)
Royal Gamer (4 months ago)
id love for a remaster
Alex Freeman (5 months ago)
Its naruto not narutoo
R.E.M (5 months ago)
I like how the first thing Brandon said after he shot was DID I WIN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Tara Rowsell (5 months ago)
Hit the girlfriend
dark soul2004223 (5 months ago)
Brandon looks like bill gates
lonebear117 (5 months ago)
*N A R U T O*
Python Playz (5 months ago)
Do more!!!!!!!! I loved the vidio
DANtheMANofSIPA (5 months ago)
Brandon had the perfect opportunity for a Dr. Strangelove reference when he stood up from the wheelchair
Conner Allred (6 months ago)
What does the double agent do
Jermaniac (6 months ago)
Does the spy know who the double agent?
inkpaladin (1 month ago)
Yes, they look at each other before the game starts so there's no confusion.
Cristian Harrison (6 months ago)
10:32 When I play call of duty and the score is 50:1
DEEDAT (6 months ago)
Shoot her!!!!!!!!!
zskecerovce zskecerovce (6 months ago)
Jake Mack (6 months ago)
Nice shot
AGDragon21 (6 months ago)
i love the redshirts book thanks you guys for featuring that
Ajay Bhatt (6 months ago)
They switched
Sir Unknown (6 months ago)
What's with the odd porno music
Joey Stillwell (6 months ago)
Why do they remind me of oblivion npcs
lce Coffee (6 months ago)
What’s the song that’s playing around 5:00
NitroThe X (6 months ago)
u are awesome
PeytonTheStar (6 months ago)
X V (6 months ago)
I love everyone's reaction to the shot.
Headshot Games465 (7 months ago)
Play this again
Lenny Bazan (7 months ago)
What is the background music for round 2?
D E N V R (7 months ago)
*This was a long time ago but Niko looks like Danny Rand from the Iron Fist! Hahah*
dinozero2 (7 months ago)
6:14 Invite the cripple for horse riding......smooth spy real smooth.....
Grayog (7 months ago)
"I'm gonna walk away now." "Good bye" I died at that
Beep (7 months ago)
Has banana bread. *But a lack of garlic bread*
Xxdavid plays100 xX (7 months ago)
* puts sentry * Spy sapping my sentry!
RED.SKULL ROSE (7 months ago)
Airlift hit man
Loganvideos (7 months ago)
Airsoft bullets are like Beebes but plastic.
TonyMacaroni (7 months ago)
Team Edge is like a discount Node.
BOOGEYHAM (7 months ago)
Antokommando07 (7 months ago)
This is like Framed in roblox
Filemor (8 months ago)
3 times a spy ?
T1ktak (8 months ago)
&$&86488’kdB. Cv c+bccbbccbccbccb. God
boruto uzumaki (8 months ago)
Naruto's my favorite book 2 XD
Ena Wang (8 months ago)
chellenge bros (8 months ago)
I wanted him to shoot the trey guy in the balls so he would drop the trey
Scott Welker (8 months ago)
Do airsoft beebes hurt? Like I know they hurt but like do they hurt alot?
Prussia58 (8 months ago)
Jamaliah Satam (8 months ago)
6:33 the one thing you can't lift in the gym
QuadkillsGaming0414 (8 months ago)
I wonder how many people got triggered when sam said "naruto" wro
QuadkillsGaming0414 (8 months ago)
Kaleb Jenkins (8 months ago)
1st and 2nd round they literally switch roles xD
I love youtubers (9 months ago)
i love how they dont notise the lazer
Abdi Adam (9 months ago)
So nobody notcie that is was not drink but pennies
Harryizboss24 (9 months ago)
Wait im confused in america do they open the books from the right??
It would be better if the sniper was further back
You should make more
Hapdi at KIROT!! (9 months ago)
wait what is the purpose of the double agent?
Marshall Doogs (10 months ago)
You should play clue but put ur own twist on it (for node)
Ruffle McStuffleButtums (10 months ago)
7:36 is prob the funniest part of the vid lol
langhope (10 months ago)
They get their hands on a 3D printer, but not a wheelchair?
M.M (10 months ago)
LOL I like how Sam wins and then loses in the rematch
Sean Campbell (10 months ago)
CrackerJack (10 months ago)
I would of cried if they said in conversation, "Have you heard of the high elves?"
Aquim Robinson (10 months ago)
Brandon Legs is Back
Turtle Farming (10 months ago)
You should have some subscribers to come play ttt with you guys
TheFlyingSquare AAA (10 months ago)
can you shot with paintball sometime
Panda Hydragamer (10 months ago)
I like how node does airsoft
kevin renteria (10 months ago)
Any clue on what rifle they used?
The History Guy (10 months ago)
Does the double agent contact the spy or. How does that work
Sky kun (10 months ago)
Every time I watch this, Brandon's 'DID I WIN? :D' Always gets me.
Random Ninja (10 months ago)
6:31 Lol - Brandon is just one of the best here. Tried to pick up the Thor hammer but acted like he couldn't xD Best part lol
Brian Harner (11 months ago)
D is my favorite guys on yt
Preston McCabe (11 months ago)
what sniper is that
Kevboii (11 months ago)
7:14 at that moment i thought branden/brandon was in an actual wheelchair😂😂😂😂
Bryce Groves (11 months ago)
this was awesome but what does the double agent do?
Henlo Fernd (11 months ago)
its only fitting if Sam was the first Spy
Papa Andru (11 months ago)
half way through I realised that was actually an office chair and not a wheelchair. ffs
Colonel Sarge (11 months ago)
Freakin' wheelchair guy... always the wheelchair :)

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