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Text Comments (41787)
You're You (24 minutes ago)
I laughed so hard I cried in this you laugh you lose
You're You (26 minutes ago)
*He's not BlAcK*
Ironie CR (31 minutes ago)
The game from Brazil and Germany was last world championship
Memality (36 minutes ago)
What is the video at 8:45 called?
Ashley Reboredo (39 minutes ago)
Are you nervous every video you have made
traktor kakas (43 minutes ago)
Big Pig (52 minutes ago)
Ìğøđıģ lol
Magui Lfrs (1 hour ago)
I love creepy video
Mr Onruu (1 hour ago)
Ricky best
ZoreX (1 hour ago)
Mating call of Beluga Whale
Sir ToastMuncher (1 hour ago)
Oh oh uh, oh yes.
banana buddies (1 hour ago)
i feel bad for brazil
Anime Creator (1 hour ago)
I hear some beef about Brad 1 and brad 2
Reiner Rynolds (1 hour ago)
"He still thinks I'm black.... I'm Puerto Rican" Dunkey?
CardzRC (1 hour ago)
evilpikachu1337 (1 hour ago)
its been 84 years, bring back the bonus meme
Benjamin Rye Foslund (1 hour ago)
Guild Sweetheart (1 hour ago)
The cuckold one made me skrattaed
evilpikachu1337 (1 hour ago)
the zuck meme suck....
John Smith (1 hour ago)
Bonus meme *clap* *clap*
Hzsh Djjd (1 hour ago)
*Mating call of the Beluga whale*
Zed King (1 hour ago)
the last of videos are so weird.
Lxrd2 Productions (1 hour ago)
Gitanismos (1 hour ago)
The woman singing is deaf is called LA BICHA MUDA she was in a famous youtube clip in latin youtube, she is brazilian, the clip was very popular in brazil south america and spain thumbs up so this disgrace youtuber can read this shit. THX
manubmxnsb (2 hours ago)
5:20 Demonetized
Kaushal Raja (2 hours ago)
Well Felix just discovered the weird side of YouTube
ternitamas (2 hours ago)
crazy language and eastern country haha! pewds I think that was portuguese! anyways, she sounded like a howling husky
MasterChip07 (2 hours ago)
Mr. Half Fat (2 hours ago)
TheLordkyra (2 hours ago)
Если б знали вы.... Как мне дорогииии.......... подмосковные вечера...
Carlos Sierra (3 hours ago)
pls edit a video using windows movie maker
kittytimes13 jolene (3 hours ago)
New room ;-;
Freddy Omaña (3 hours ago)
Umaru Chan (3 hours ago)
Tom (3 hours ago)
bahahahha "Eastern-European countries are so weird, you don't know what's happening" This got me dead 'cause it's actually Brazil (South America) and that woman was deaf and I'm pre sure her wish was to sing on a stage and yeah she did it.
MinaArnon89 (3 hours ago)
All those old-men-tongues made me laugh so hard :D :D :D omg
Itz Alli (3 hours ago)
I cry tears of lemonade
Shania Shenane (3 hours ago)
Can be please have brad back explaining D&D
i brok my goat (3 hours ago)
I cri everytiem (lowkey prays for felix play God of War)
ternitamas (3 hours ago)
I hate sports with a passion!
Nicholas Bailey (3 hours ago)
Its on trending!!!!!
AASnipeR11 200 (4 hours ago)
Same 10:35
AASnipeR11 200 (4 hours ago)
8:32 Le Baluga Whale Uhhh.....i mean Beluga Whale
GRIZZLI (4 hours ago)
*Google Translate* Дорогой товарищ, я веду собственный канал, и лишь не издавна начал свое развитие, я бы желал попросить тебя заглянуть ко мне и дать какой-нибудь рекомендация по предстоящему развитию! Заранее, благодарю для тебя огромное. :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHBZUbXyMgzxDYb4nCt4WLw?view_as=subscriber* ПОДДЕРЖИ МЕНЯ ПОДПИСКОЙ
GRIZZLI (4 hours ago)
*Дорогой товарищ, я веду собственный канал, и лишь не издавна начал свое развитие, я бы желал попросить тебя заглянуть ко мне и дать какой-нибудь рекомендация по предстоящему развитию! Заранее, благодарю для тебя огромное. :) **https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHBZUbXyMgzxDYb4nCt4WLw?view_as=subscriber* *ПОДДЕРЖИ МЕНЯ ПОДПИСКОЙ*
BrickBuster2552 (4 hours ago)
*T O P K U K*
Sir Deadpool (4 hours ago)
What's the name of the video in 10:16
Hiyab den kule (4 hours ago)
Noen som er norsk her 😶
harrick Tan (4 hours ago)
ThatOneDoge (4 hours ago)
Eketopia (5 hours ago)
Felix just for u to know that the football video German vs brasil is half final of the last world-cup
MistY (5 hours ago)
1:16 and that's when he knew He fucked up.
sultan-344 (5 hours ago)
*saudi arabia rules*
Paul Aagam (5 hours ago)
I did not skrattar
Pablo ze King (5 hours ago)
8:45 explain plz
Denis (5 hours ago)
On opening video boi screams "stfu", literally
king Leonid (5 hours ago)
Btw that funny match was a real tragedy for every brazilian, bcz football in brazil is like mc'donalds for usa or beer for germany or vodka and putin for russia or hockey for sweden or I don't know what's important for sweden, is there even smth? In fact you laughed at national tragedy. So pumped for tearly excuse video)00)) Love you Pewds^3 P/s lllove that face full of respect at 3:20 ZERO FIVVEEE AHAHAHAHAH ZERO SIX
Grumpy Taffer (5 hours ago)
Илья Троян (5 hours ago)
Rick and Morty video name ?
Hans Christian (5 hours ago)
Bushworld Adventures
Moon 月 (6 hours ago)
What is that woman "singing" footage from
Juggler Thuggler (6 hours ago)
What’s the video at 10:17?
Piercingshooter (6 hours ago)
Haven’t watched your video in a while, why does it seem like you’re recording your video in a closet
L Velz (6 hours ago)
Did you really just asked when did Germany raped Brazil in the World Cup
Siegfried (6 hours ago)
And that game was Mount & Blade: Napoleonic Wars! Great fun.
Siegfried (6 hours ago)
Why does Ted Cruz sound like Slappy from Goosebumps
Jason Burton (6 hours ago)
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee soccer sucks lol im a socialopath
Liam Flawless (6 hours ago)
You *Laugh You Lude*
joe mcnoe (6 hours ago)
Norm Macdonald is hillarious
Icaro Rosito (6 hours ago)
Sensação estranha ao ver o 7x1 dnv sad moment
An S (6 hours ago)
That thumbnail is gold
Barbaryn Chipmunk (7 hours ago)
I care about d&d
Arthur Pereira (7 hours ago)
All BR crying again whit 7x1
Violet Darling (7 hours ago)
I wish I didn't laugh at the black baby part.
Cr gaming (7 hours ago)
2:29-2:40 put holocaust footage in the background
The gaming guns (7 hours ago)
guess what another 1M
Apps Mithos (7 hours ago)
RicheBou (7 hours ago)
Don't watch this if you value your sanity
Lucaz Araujo (7 hours ago)
Im from brazil and i dont like soccer
David Cartland (7 hours ago)
Pewds plays d & d....hmm id watch that
منوعات EGY (7 hours ago)
I’ll play football and by the way we get all padded up I build things out of whatever I can find and live near the middle of the united states of America guess which state I’m from and IWill give you a shout out if you are right
Victory First (8 hours ago)
Brazil didn't loose. That 0 meant zero deaths. Germany's 7 was for how many wars they've lost.
Cats are real (8 hours ago)
Pewds plz play roblox again it was so funny
aru.hikaru (8 hours ago)
Jessus brazil.whyyyy...
Acid OnToast (8 hours ago)
I cant believe my friend killed him self
Frank Bloemer (8 hours ago)
Brasil representando nos memes KKKKKKKKKKKKKK
Juliana (8 hours ago)
Ponda Ponda (8 hours ago)
Pedroupano (8 hours ago)
pau no cu do pewdiepie :3
Juliana (8 hours ago)
É isso ai !!!
Warning ! (8 hours ago)
Qua qua br quaquaquaqua br br br quaquaqua br quaquaquaquaquaaaaa
sabz20005 (8 hours ago)
To be fair, you need to have a really high iq to understand sport
Game (9 hours ago)
Spooky Ghost (9 hours ago)
There’s ads on this video
"como ela canta uma música que ela nunca escutou?" reflitão
Brasil: 7/1 USA: 9/11 Acho que estamos ganhando
Nick Schu (9 hours ago)
Eunice Gitau (9 hours ago)
8:14 turn on captions
Nicky (9 hours ago)
Estão zoando o Brasil. Alemanha, vai ter troco! Brasil 14X1 Alemanha
Tyago (9 hours ago)
the woman singing is deaf and that is not from eastern Europe but from Brazil
Bella Cherry (9 hours ago)
About the game...is not funny man, i'm still crying T-T

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