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Fortnite Battle Royale Building the Colosseum In Fortnite Battle Royale. Today's legendary build gameplay showcases a world record sized mansion which me and my friends built in Fortnite Battle Royale. To see more Fortnite Building videos click here: http://bit.ly/2E0VOsc ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to these guys for helping out! https://www.youtube.com/user/zStormP https://www.youtube.com/user/MetricateGames https://www.youtube.com/user/DeanoSauruzRex ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: https://twitter.com/SxvxnYT Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sxvxnyt/ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/sxvxn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SxvxnYT Discord: https://discord.gg/sxvxn Merch: http://bit.ly/2qAQCt8 Sponsor: http://bit.ly/2xxvlm3 Vlogs: http://bit.ly/2jVgBn ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Use my link to start earning from your YouTube videos! http://bit.ly/2ywWtlb Get Fortnite Battle Royale for free: Link: https://pixly.go2cloud.org/SHGJ Thanks to Epic Games for supporting my channel ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Building a Football Stadium - https://bit.ly/2GydXTO Building a Pirate Ship - https://bit.ly/2GT06ai Building Clout House Mansion - https://bit.ly/2GtU3tk Building Pyramids on Loot Lake - https://bit.ly/2q1LXOe Building a Giant Plane - https://bit.ly/2H6nChr Building a Tank - https://bit.ly/2q1vZUj Building TSM Myth - https://bit.ly/2IoT4Hb Building a Swimming Pool - https://bit.ly/2H7hZzA Building an ATAT - https://bit.ly/2IpHs72 Building a Spaceship - https://bit.ly/2GA1dIg ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for watching. (215,808). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More about Fortnite Battle Royale: The Battle Is Building! Fortnite Battle Royale is the FREE 100-player PvP mode in Fortnite. One giant map. A battle bus. Fortnite building skills and destructible environments combined with intense PvP combat. If you are reading type FORTNITE In the comments.
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Text Comments (503)
SXVXN (4 months ago)
This took 3 days to produce :)
Andrea Komarek (1 month ago)
You creative,persistent beast... 😇
Kden V. (3 months ago)
I support ure love for ure subs and keep up the good work
TheElf (3 months ago)
Can you build a toilet with me
Gary Mifsud (3 months ago)
Love the dedication brotha, keep up the great work and hopefully more people will see the quality in your videos!
D HEISTMASTER (3 months ago)
if I ever see u guys I would try to help on the project and show it by dancing and dropping my weapons
Mason Du Plessis (1 month ago)
Try to box the city please
Dominick Chavez (1 month ago)
Build a raven
Da'Won Searcy (1 month ago)
Epic games should sponsor you and keep that in the game and wipe out all the trees and put cars around it and call it something else than wailing woods
desiree beazley (1 month ago)
Thats cool😀
SXVXN (1 month ago)
Thank you
Theo Herakovich (1 month ago)
U should do a baseball stadium or a football stadium
Luc F (2 months ago)
Please build a space ship/rocket
Rubi Devora (2 months ago)
Make another tilted towards
Lange Peterson (2 months ago)
make a town
Hridaansh Makkar (2 months ago)
Is your real name really SXVXN??????
SYNIC Creations (2 months ago)
Can i do a build wid u My epic games name :tobi122
-Red Blaze- (2 months ago)
These builds will be super easy once the “Eye of The Storm Tracker” is released...
SXVXN (2 months ago)
Kinda. Still alot of practice, but at least we will know where the zones are
jevy ś (2 months ago)
i wish ppl would just see u guys bulding and help/ but no every one just want kills
samanta spelē (2 months ago)
Build cat pleas
PotatoPlays __ (2 months ago)
Why not try doing builds in PVE?
SXVXN (2 months ago)
It's more interesting in pvp when people are shooting you
Tenebris Deus (3 months ago)
build a soccer/football stadium
SXVXN (3 months ago)
I've made a video on that :)
Baguette2274 Ps4 (3 months ago)
This is so cool I wish I was this good at fortnite Love how you reply to everyone's comments
SXVXN (3 months ago)
I am not that good as people say haha I do try my best! I appreciate that! Both take a long time to do :D
Ya boku (3 months ago)
love your content <3
SXVXN (3 months ago)
Thank you! :D
EstebanKing_PvP (3 months ago)
what's the name of the minute song 8:55 I love it
Raza Syed (3 months ago)
Make Mcdonald
mihalyvig0202 gameplay (3 months ago)
It's amazing!
Ruskii (3 months ago)
Do the fortnite battle royal logo
SXVXN (3 months ago)
That would be a challenge!
christi simmons (3 months ago)
build fortnite weapons
J4KOB (3 months ago)
Re build tilted towers
Callum .Sports (3 months ago)
Build a stadium around the race track
Max Lough (3 months ago)
Build your logo
Ian Smith (3 months ago)
Can you build the White House?
SXVXN (3 months ago)
Currently working on a design, but I'll do some research on White House
Zorobabel Tshunza (3 months ago)
make the sidemen or team ten mansion
SXVXN (3 months ago)
That's a good shout!
Michael Taylor (3 months ago)
What was the song during the timelapse??
SilvaArmour3000 (3 months ago)
SXVXN (3 months ago)
Julyuss Kolesi (3 months ago)
Thats sick
SXVXN (3 months ago)
Thank you mate
Donut Storm (3 months ago)
The cinematics are awesome
SXVXN (3 months ago)
Thank you! Trying to mess about with this new replay system! Glad you thought I did a good job!
Donut Storm (3 months ago)
Wow I think this was the best build you’ve done
SXVXN (3 months ago)
It was one amazing build! Keep your eyes peeled for another one soon :D
Sammie's Journey (3 months ago)
That’s amazing!!! This is my favourite build so far! And the cinematic bits work soooo well with your build videos! 😍
SXVXN (3 months ago)
Thank you so much for the support! :D
Music gaming (3 months ago)
Dude 3 days I half to give you credit and I subscribed and turned on notifications and liked the video
SXVXN (3 months ago)
Thank you and welcome to the 7 squad! Hope you're doing well! I sometimes speak with subscribers in the Discord server as well
Nunu Playz (3 months ago)
This video is like people building in Minecraft and are building as a team! Nice masterpiece
Nunu Playz (3 months ago)
SXVXN yep and u my friend have earned yourself a new subscriber!
SXVXN (3 months ago)
No worries! I always try my best to reply to all comments
Nunu Playz (3 months ago)
SXVXN wow! Never thought u would reply!
SXVXN (3 months ago)
Thank you Bro! :D Teamwork does the trick!
Kaimarye Lopez (3 months ago)
Do a NBA court
SXVXN (3 months ago)
Not a bad idea! We will see :D
Grudem22 (3 months ago)
SXVXN (3 months ago)
Thank you!
FGC 04 (3 months ago)
Good video, hope we can play together soon!
SXVXN (3 months ago)
Thank you man! Join the discord if you would like too! discord.gg/sxvxn
the incredible (4 months ago)
Do more i subscribe : O
the incredible (3 months ago)
SXVXN (3 months ago)
Don't worry! We've got 4 building videos in the works :)
Alauakba Boi (4 months ago)
OMG I loved the land before time to! I forgot the name of that dino who couldn't talk, he was so cute. But little foot was always the best...old times😢
Alauakba Boi (3 months ago)
SXVXN Big, big, big, big, water...
SXVXN (3 months ago)
Same here! I loved watching it. I've forgot all the names because I haven't watched it in years
b0xyy (4 months ago)
Dayum, nice work
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you!
Scythe X (4 months ago)
I used to watch Land Before Time, It was great
SXVXN (4 months ago)
I loved it as well
RogerDaGamer 1 (4 months ago)
This is why I watch bro
SXVXN (4 months ago)
RogerDaGamer 1 (4 months ago)
SXVXN Yay :)
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Don't worry. There's more big builds coming soon
Deepbluee YT (4 months ago)
Oh wow awesome build mate!
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you
Skull Crush Pro (4 months ago)
Really good fort
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you
its Graaze (4 months ago)
I’ve been there. A beautiful sight, if you haven’t you must go. And go to Vatican City.
Yedriel Cruz Soto (4 months ago)
You eliminated me
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Valeria Garcia (4 months ago)
You are good
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you!
Jill Gibson (4 months ago)
It is so cool
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you!
Grady Falkenstein (4 months ago)
Hdhdhshsiisiiwkedkkid hi
SXVXN (4 months ago)
I'm guessing that you're shocked and you loved it! Hey tho :)
Sorry I haven't been able to keep up with your videos but did you ever build the sky pyramid you said you gonna build in one of your first building video?
Did you ever built it?
SXVXN (4 months ago)
It's alright dude! Hmmm, kinda :)
Gabriel Molina (4 months ago)
You should make the Eiffel Tower
SXVXN (4 months ago)
We've got part of the blue prints, but I haven't finished it yet
Newfie Bys (4 months ago)
Amazing build sxvxn now u need to have a battle in it
SXVXN (4 months ago)
haha! it was awesome!
XxhyperionxX (4 months ago)
Build your intro symbol that would be sick
Ludovico Zocchi (4 months ago)
For the next video, you could build your logo!😉
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Not a bad idea! Was thinking that but let's see :)
Seth Madigan (4 months ago)
Haha knew you were a Youtuber! We killed you and your squad when you's were holding it off in wailing.
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Loool. We got killed alot because we barely had any weapons
Foxy FNAF8130 (4 months ago)
Please build the Acropolis of Athens(Parthenon/
SXVXN (4 months ago)
We shall see!
Harry Grainger (4 months ago)
I love the build and the content 😀
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you and glad that you loved the content!
Elizabeth Valadez (4 months ago)
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Did you enjoy the video!
Anas Vorajee (4 months ago)
Well done good work guys
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you! Glad that you loved it!
MasterPlaysYT (4 months ago)
The cinematics make the video so much better
SXVXN (4 months ago)
I agree!
Cboyhoffy (4 months ago)
An idea could be to build a huge teddy bear ?? Hehe
Epic Gaming Compilation (4 months ago)
I love builds. Do more
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you and will do! :)
gumbie_007 (4 months ago)
Trojan horse
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Currently on the list to make
vroom and boom (4 months ago)
Love the new replay incorporation!
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you! Glad that you loved it!
PCS (4 months ago)
I think they should allow you to upload replays and there should be a replay browser and it’s all cross platform so that you can view peoples games and edit them and stuff
PCS (4 months ago)
You should’ve done a top down timelapse. Best production of a fortnite video I’ve seen yet
J man òsh (4 months ago)
Do a choper
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Hey! I've already built a chopper and it's uploaded onto the channel
Superdoomgt gaming (4 months ago)
This channel is so underrated
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you! I just have to keep grinding and having fun, which I am :)
DAN7EH (4 months ago)
Another build another banger
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you mate
Tamil Gaming (4 months ago)
Thats mad
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you!
CurbCheck (4 months ago)
Nice use of the replay mode
CurbCheck (4 months ago)
Oh my god u replied!
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you! I'm glad that they brought out the system
CR7iHD (4 months ago)
That is really great <3
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you!
SUHDTV 4k (4 months ago)
Dude I'm speachless!!! 💙💚 you @SXVXN
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Same here! I love the build so much. I've watched it too much XDD
Breeezze (4 months ago)
Nice job!
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you!
Ben Fowler (4 months ago)
Aye mate what a mental build, you should try and build the Sydney opera house for a challenge good luck
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you! Glad that you loved this build and that would be sick if I built that :)
Ali.Plays (4 months ago)
This is mental! Amazing build, keep it up!!
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you and glad that you loved the build and don't worry. There's going to be alot more builds coming soon
Nigel the Unholy (4 months ago)
Can you build a giant sign saying "PUBG is better"? lol
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Rache! (4 months ago)
i LOVE this build!!
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you! Glad that you loved the build!
Joshua Perkings (4 months ago)
Awesome, looks kind've like something from World of Warcraft tbh.
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you and does it? :P
Blade Hoffman (4 months ago)
DOES ANYONE HAVE PS4 FORNITE MY NAME IS KingBWH exactly like it's spelled
SXVXN (4 months ago)
There's alot of ps4 players in the Discord server: https://discord.gg/sxvxn
Blade Hoffman (4 months ago)
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you! Welcome to the 7 squad. This is my best building video yet I think due to the replay system
Swhess (4 months ago)
That was sooooo cool how you used replay mode to show the over view great job!
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you! Glad that you loved the video and I can't wait to show more replay system stuff in every video!
GudeLauneBaer08 (4 months ago)
very cool video, you guys are amazing <3
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you! Glad that you enjoyed it! +
Punisher Lee (4 months ago)
Sick! Sick! I rushed as soon as I saw the notification
Punisher Lee (4 months ago)
SXVXN I don't think anyone can hate on this
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you and I hope that you enjoyed the video!
Tathir_ Nur (4 months ago)
Thanks Fortnite for this replay mode, looking so cool.
SXVXN (4 months ago)
I love the replay system and thank you!
Its Lucify (4 months ago)
I found you guys in a game trying to do this and my squad picked all of you off
Its Lucify (4 months ago)
yeah idk was a pretty easy dub though
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Was it yesterday? We barely have weapons when we do these builds lool.
Jedi (4 months ago)
This is crazy bro! Great video! Would love if I could be able to build with you guys :)
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you, Jedi! Maybe in the future. I'm always looking for builders, but I ask in the Discord server first.
Scrappy (4 months ago)
Colosseum is oval...
SXVXN (4 months ago)
It's the best what we could do in Fortnite
Elizabeth Valadez (4 months ago)
cool , can u build a tower and from inside like a house
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you! Hmmm, maybe :)
Rhys Carter (4 months ago)
Your defiantly sending that montage into the replay contest right
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Most likely :)
Vision MineFluffy (4 months ago)
Is 103 wins in total good?
Aayush Ganesh (4 months ago)
SXVXN (4 months ago)
I have no idea to be honest
Gamer with Lyme (4 months ago)
Looks amazing
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you
R K (4 months ago)
Best build yet just in time for the new replay system...
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you and I agree. We built this before the replay system, then we did it again and then did it again today
abd elrahman mahmoud (4 months ago)
awesome man keep it up <3
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you and will do
Dmoney1l04 (4 months ago)
Sxvxn my stomach was upset today so you were a good way of relaxing 🙂
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Dam. Unlucky dude. Get some rest and glad that you enjoyed today's video
HeroNova (4 months ago)
I hope to play with U someday
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Maybe, but you could collect wood if we needed
HeroNova (4 months ago)
SXVXN i mean im a pro ps4 builder but that’s for combat lol , still work ?
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Maybe one day! We're always looking for builders. https://discord.gg/sxvxn
HeroNova (4 months ago)
The replay mode is meant For SXVXN lol
SXVXN (4 months ago)
You know it lool
XYION YT (4 months ago)
nice vid
SXVXN (4 months ago)
Thank you!

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