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It's time https://twitter.com/SoaRRxqe/status/1042955048186208262 *Answers to common FAQs are below* Thank you for watching! Hope you all enjoy the video! :D My Discord!: https://discord.gg/bvkNBKT Stay Connected!: Steam Group!: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RxqesGroup Steam: Rxqe - FL is currently full though Twitter: twitter.com/SoaRRxqe - @SoaRRxqe Twitch: twitch.tv/rxqe Instagram: m.duncan27 Snapchat: mduncz *I don't post very often to IG or Snap but follow/add if you want! :D FAQ 1 - "PC Specs?" A: Full Spec List: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/yL4ZzY FAQ 2 - What do you use to record? A: Dxtory/Shadowplay/OBS FAQ 3 - "Why is your game in a different language?" A: I put certain games, primarily CoDs, in different languages because I think it's cool. That's literally it lol
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Text Comments (82)
XxpaysagorxX (7 days ago)
How is sick of fortnite😥😧
ravee all (20 days ago)
Fuck Fortnite, fuck PUBG, COD 4 has something that keeps me hooked on for 8 years
ccazeh (21 days ago)
Goodluck !!
HedgehogzZ (21 days ago)
This video reflects my feelings
CraftyTillDeath (22 days ago)
Last year you said you'd put some Roblox in there so I'm looking forward to the 6on headshot feed!
Beppe (22 days ago)
Faze angry boy coming soon
YoOuet (22 days ago)
“Back out, we were here first”😂😂 Mw2 and bo2 days man
IHutchVI (22 days ago)
I can't see you joining tbh..
i hate my life (22 days ago)
FaZe Rxqe cool tag
Su (22 days ago)
give it a year and they'll actually start the RC
Jade Sea Lahgic (23 days ago)
Bro they already have one Jev
d. zark (23 days ago)
a million subscribers on the way
Angel Tudela (23 days ago)
Take your time with your vids. I'd prefer quality over quantity.
EmanCurry 30 (23 days ago)
I was a little inactive Rxqe. Hope you fucking GRIND THAT SHIT. It's gng to take a lot of sacrifice.
Killer_Greag (23 days ago)
Just start vlogging and you'll get into FaZe easily.
Vilgo (23 days ago)
Mwr is sick and will always be sick
Justin Dokkans (23 days ago)
I Can actually see FaZe Rxqe, Definitely like the sound of that.
Zen Blinded (23 days ago)
first pc cod player on faze?!?!
DiscipleTheColdestt (23 days ago)
a pc player in Faze would be pretty cool.
OhhTags (23 days ago)
#FaZeRxqe. Loving that Patriots shirt though
Taylawr (23 days ago)
faze rxqe?
PSU Chanka (23 days ago)
My nibba Mikey-pooo
Sake (23 days ago)
They didnt say JUST fortnite. they said thats the main reason
swarm. (23 days ago)
has faze even ever had a pc sniper
SoaR Rhys (23 days ago)
'the reason we're doing this recruitment challenge is simply fortnite' implied the reason they wanted to keep doing things again was because of fortnite, not that it was actually fortnite only then they said it's open to anyone!
DjMaffi (23 days ago)
They probably won't pick any PC players anyway, maybe only Blackout players
Dral (23 days ago)
Rxqe what cod4 custom client do u use? i mean like iw4x for example
Kyxda (21 days ago)
+Dral Its c4s,
Dral (21 days ago)
Kyxda thats what i mean like whats the server?
Kyxda (21 days ago)
He doesnt use any custom cod4 client, its just cod4 and that is a cracked server
Nightmare (23 days ago)
Lol i was the guy who tea bagged you😂 Love your vids keep it up and you will get in FaZe easily.
Camden hits Bangers (23 days ago)
Fish 5?
Evan (23 days ago)
faze RXQE
Ascend Neon (22 days ago)
it shouldn't be just for fortnite or Call of Duty it should be all games as I am a battlefield player
Past Present Future (23 days ago)
Fuck fornite
VoSs (23 days ago)
Sounds Pretty Moist (23 days ago)
Jev and RXQE? Yes please
Luckzy (23 days ago)
I feel like BO4 has insane potential when it comes to content. BR and Multiplayer will just be so different when it comes to content I can feel it. and I hope and wish that if Rxqe goes for it, that he at least gets more recognition from it. Enjoyed this video.
Holly Wave (23 days ago)
Im console player n sniper like u for no damn reason i’ve been watching you for a year now n if I become a PC player u r the reason for it P.S im muslim u HAVE A MUSLIM FAN
Gl33D (23 days ago)
Mate cod has been dead since cod1 nobody cares about cod anymore
Great Britain! (23 days ago)
0:32 10 minutes into NetFlix and Chill and the pug gives you this look
organicuser1 (23 days ago)
SoaR Rxqe has a better ring than FaZe Rxqe
Squinqz's Life (23 days ago)
Fortnite is such a basic game... just a cartoon version of every other fucking BR game. It's so crap compared to all the other games that are out like...
venova uwu (23 days ago)
fortnite though
Young Kanibal (23 days ago)
FaZe can Have Jevs Long lost twin reunited🤣jk
mrcs (23 days ago)
Its Sevii (23 days ago)
Why would anyone join faze? Everyone knows sacred is the team to be in
Trutatj (23 days ago)
I support FaZe Rxqe for sure, fits you and your videos really good imo!
OhhFree (23 days ago)
It sucks because it will most likely only be Fortnite and Blackout, i doubt they will pick up any multiplayer sniper/trickshotting cod players...
I'm Rique (23 days ago)
FaZe Rxqe incoming 👀👀👀
Moon_420 (23 days ago)
More pug action pls XD
gaming at max (23 days ago)
2:18 u were trippled by a frag grenade and u never realised i think its better for your mental health that you didn't know at the time
Dissolutions (23 days ago)
TheHockeyMontages (23 days ago)
Best of luck Rxqe! I'm gonna be rooting for you all the way <3
COD GAMER 143 (23 days ago)
if you were FaZe "whats up guys its FaZe Rxqe"
[OLD]TheSwampCommieFTW (23 days ago)
Faze Loaf
Indiana Pride (23 days ago)
Let's do it #MakeFaZeGreatAgain
jamie business account (23 days ago)
Oh boy here we go !!!
BallsDeep 69 (23 days ago)
FaZe Rxqe? megathonk
royalty_risin538 (23 days ago)
Theres not been a good cod since ghost
SoaR Rxqe (23 days ago)
royalty_risin538 only cod I didn’t like since ghosts was BO3. I actually loved AW/MWR/ and just recently got in to IW. WWII is also a great game imo
Void Noah (23 days ago)
#FaZeScp also play in my poop
seamoose (23 days ago)
Dude FaZe Rxqe? Best of luck my man, i know you dont need it but still. Love you Mike.
Twisty Terror (23 days ago)
#FaZeRxqe #MakeItHappen
The Floatingmelon (23 days ago)
I totally agree I hope it isnt just fortnite Im really hoping it has COD because I will also try for it
Lunar (23 days ago)
i love fortnite , but i’ve been a cod fan since and never switched i love cod #cod4ever and i’m going to be mad if they make that dumb decision.
Crutsy Biggers (23 days ago)
if faze 5 is so good why is there no faze 5 2 ecksdeeecksdeeecksdeeecksdee
royalty_risin538 (23 days ago)
Ha faze there irellevant to the cod community there a vlogging channel
Skand456 (23 days ago)
royalty_risin538 exactly 😂
Evade Smarty (23 days ago)
FaZe is a shit team
Prestigator IX (23 days ago)
That would be insane if you got into FaZe.
FaZe Simo (23 days ago)
Booooi FaZe rxqe
DesTiny Vixxxen (23 days ago)
FaZe Rxqe
Braden (23 days ago)
Nah he won’t make it but that would be dope
bulbulb89 (23 days ago)
ItsFreezi (23 days ago)
Imagine FaZe Jev x FaZe Rxqe x FaZe GwidT Rage compilation 😂 Edit: Thanks for the likes 😂 Also thx Rxqe for The ❤️
Myni (23 days ago)
rxqe in FaZe or riot
DS6 Prophet (23 days ago)
Shayan Ali (23 days ago)
FaZe Rxqe 😍😍
xLuck (23 days ago)
Twisty Terror (23 days ago)
Kiber Designs (23 days ago)
You tweeted it lol. I broke my leg today Dx
frizzy (23 days ago)
i am here

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