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All highlights are from my stream :D �м Follow me! TWITTER ��� https://twitter.com/C9shroud TWITCH ��� https://www.twitch.tv/shroud STEAM ��� https://steamcommunity.com/groups/EclipseTV ��‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�� �м Sponsor Shout-outs! G2A: http://c9.gg/C9g2a Zowie: http://c9.gg/zowie Intel: http://c9.gg/useIntel HTC: http://c9.gg/useHTC HyperX: http://c9.gg/useHyperx Logitech: http://c9.gg/useLogitech iBUYPOWER: http://c9.gg/ibuypower Lootcrate: http://c9.gg/lootcrate USE ���Cloud9�۝ code for 10% discount ��‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�� _���Channel Manager - https://twitter.com/stun_empire ��‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰�‰��
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Text Comments (232)
Robin External (1 year ago)
OxydZz PvP (1 year ago)
crosshair in this video pls ?
OrderAndDEATH (1 year ago)
I love that noise he makes near the end XD makes me laugh
MazEd (1 year ago)
But im asking, cause it's just Shround on this chanel, is a pourcentage going to him from the views money you do?
Jujubis (1 year ago)
0:44 you know how i'm gonna get my game on "ok sexy"
JJ (1 year ago)
Does anyone what Shroud's crosshair settings are at 1:36?
Martin grdan (1 year ago)
i can't understand i am watching shroud 2 and half years streaming and i still can't get it how his game looks so smooth on 1920×1080 and at me and other streamers it looks so edgy somehow and not as near as smooth pls help i wanna play like that :(
XinpA (1 year ago)
Im supposed to play cs go but this one player keeps kickin' my ass
global elite (1 year ago)
1:35 uhh wtf lol
Tommy Citra (1 year ago)
best NA playa 😎
Ari Li (1 year ago)
m4a4 or m4a1-s and why? (please don't say ammo)
Juan The Cookie (1 year ago)
m4a4: Spraying > Aiming m4a1-s: Aiming > Spraying
Only a Shimada can control the dragons Dont ask questions if your going to limit their output from their sole reason, if it wasnt ammo i wouldnt use the a4
Boogie (1 year ago)
Chen Shekel (1 year ago)
that shot threw the teammate
K1RA - (1 year ago)
Bout fuckin time ^^
WarMachine (1 year ago)
what mouse is he using?
xGuqqi (1 year ago)
TicQ (1 year ago)
About this white crosshair. Size/gap/thickness?
stuffCH Aneww (1 year ago)
Shroud , can u tell me what mouse are u using ??
jack faight (1 year ago)
Shrouds crosshair
jack faight (1 year ago)
What is it!??
Patpatch (1 year ago)
Too bad he can't do this when it counts =>
Matt - (1 year ago)
My thought exactly
xAtrocity (1 year ago)
Shroud on LAN in 2016 lul
Mentaljohn (1 year ago)
what is this crosshair?
Conterman (1 year ago)
pyx CSGO it's a custom crosshair, you could get it if you go to the community workshop and type up crashz crosshair generator
Mentaljohn (1 year ago)
from 00:10 to 1:00
kwek (1 year ago)
Genocide (1 year ago)
Dude you should try to get on a pro team you are really good
Genocide (1 year ago)
Lol jk love you shroudy. I bought a fire serpent and modeled it just like yours hard xd youre insane dude
José Pelaio (1 year ago)
my fav player by far!!! shroudie
jacob scruggs (1 year ago)
How bout you make a fail stream segment?
PanalexMusic (1 year ago)
no c9 sticker but at least i got my stream highlight video
Aka ryuu (1 year ago)
only good on stream? XD
atom - (1 year ago)
If only he did this semi consistently in matches.
doing so well but couldnt come through for a major Kappa, I guess time for me to root for Optic instead.
Ryder (1 year ago)
It makes me kinda sad that you don't perform so well on lans, no offense!! still luv you!
Gould (1 year ago)
Oh man you are crazy with your movements.
JeweledJames (1 year ago)
nark (1 year ago)
0:53 can someone PLEASE explain me how on earth does that work
Neel (1 year ago)
did anyone else die when he said wildcard shroud
YouGotPwnd (1 year ago)
holy fucking shit
moogod (1 year ago)
Ur falling off
crackerjackbund (1 year ago)
Can we get shroud off c9 alrdy
r1chard 乡, (1 year ago)
Amazing dude !
assilksiksi (1 year ago)
That forklift juke wtf
herp derp (1 year ago)
Do it at the major. oh wait...
V1d3oGam3Play3r (1 year ago)
Shroud I don't know if you'll reply to this but do you use the HRTF settings? I've been considering using them but i'm still not sure, hope to hear your opinion soon, thanks!
ShadowByNine (1 year ago)
great vids, but what the fuck is wrong with Youtube lately? Every video stutters and every few seconds.
True Loh (1 year ago)
What's his crosshair?
Wazza Bee (1 year ago)
"you should go pro" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
qwuzzy (1 year ago)
I saw the name "OCEAN" in the chat a was confused for a second :ok_hand:
hldemi (1 year ago)
awww, how sweet is that
Tiby Talent (1 year ago)
can You give me your crosshair?
some die young (1 year ago)
wow do it at LAN.
Confess (1 year ago)
underperforming that major lol
ZazieeTop (1 year ago)
Why does he look completely different on LAN
Lewis Yeow (1 year ago)
In order for Cloud9 to win a lan, they'll need to play it in summer. 😂
Pentagon (1 year ago)
Lewis Yeow no they need to stream the game so c9 would win xD
toni _skt (1 year ago)
Whats ur FOV?
Ezequiel Cai (1 year ago)
Mucho Stream pero en las clasificatorias a la Major no pegabas una :(
caudice (1 year ago)
0:52 dat prefire o_O
caudice (1 year ago)
Fuck Mike i love Cloud9.Your stickers the best.I want your stickers.Please win qualifications on next major please.I want to buy ur and n0thing stickers.Good Luck
Azmen (1 year ago)
i just can't believe how insane this guy can be.
AFTER (1 year ago)
Azmen he actually does want to play professionally. He stated that he doesn't enjoy streaming as much too. IMO with C9's current aggressive system shroud doesn't fit in too well. Also makes some mistakes himself here and there. Great player, just needs to be utilized in a way where he can be more affective
Azmen (1 year ago)
maybe he doesn't enjoy being in a professional team or maybe he's playing only for fun. i agree with your argument, he didn't do that much on official matches.
kip1130 (1 year ago)
Dan Laud He was pretty good in their run in summer 2015, but besides that yeah, he's been very incosistent.
kip1130 (1 year ago)
Ludwig Stenberg That's irrelevent, obviously I'm shit compared to him, but I don't have 6k hours and it isn't my profession lmao. For someone on a tier 1 team, he's been ass for all of 2016.
Ludwig Stenberg (1 year ago)
link me your csgo profile and let me know how good you are
Riley Allan (1 year ago)
Day after missing the major 4Head
reece d (1 year ago)
you're so good online its crazy
CalumGod (1 year ago)
gloves meke shroud pley bad
Ōтём (1 year ago)
Doom (1 year ago)
Hi Shroud
Ryan (1 year ago)
Crosshair pls?
More oof these please
Vonex (1 year ago)
If only he could play like this in the major....
Ahmad Bali (1 year ago)
That deagle shot hah
ss (1 year ago)
wtf happened to you after oakland😞
Brennen (1 year ago)
What are the best headphones for gaming? My price range maxes at $300 Also what headset does shroud have
Jirom _J (1 year ago)
SHROUD why can't you do this at the e league major qualifiers man. I really thought cloud 9 could make it. T-T
Chua Guang Jun (1 year ago)
You did well Shroud!! Am a huge fan of you but truthfully i think you need to train harder for Cloud9, you have been in a slump lately being the frequent bottom fragger in the team! Wish you can take this opportunity without the MAJOR to train up even better!
PsyDou FTW (1 year ago)
Why don't u play like this on LAN ffs
Aleksander (1 year ago)
Literally already seen all of these on reddit lmfao
Kerozen (1 year ago)
So is the new shroud cfg available somewhere? I always find the old blue crosshair cfg
Blitzy Júpiter (1 year ago)
Kerozen he changes it everytime
Prox3r (1 year ago)
unhuman ...
EDGYMACHINE (1 year ago)
Like and Cloud 9 will win the next major kappa
Kristjan Toomik (1 year ago)
Chase (1 year ago)
1:35 obvious aim lock
Neymar Jr (1 year ago)
Shroud i love ur plays u are faster in aim
Konraduniek (1 year ago)
can you give me crosshair?
Konraduniek (1 year ago)
on train
Ahrora (1 year ago)
Lewis Yeow (1 year ago)
Ahrora gayy
Zumy (1 year ago)
Ahrora hi there
Mag0o (1 year ago)
why you no play like this for C9 :/
Bailey Loeppky (1 year ago)
Mag0o people are having fun and trying less on these games I'm pretty sure all that was rank S
onlinePRO >< lanBOT
Odai Raed (1 year ago)
you are so much better than scream
benben saiyan (1 year ago)
shroud can`t play like this because his teammates wont let him play like this
Matt - (1 year ago)
Shroud sucks in important matches because he is playing it wrong. Instead of entry frag and putting himself in action, he is running away from the fight, hiding and waiting them to come to him.. #ridiculous
Blitzy Júpiter (1 year ago)
benben saiyan what you just said is dumb
Mathias Lovnes (1 year ago)
he wont play like this cuz it's a dumb way of playing a pro game. Playing like this in pugs is fine, but not in a pro game dude
keppy (1 year ago)
Why do you swear so much now Shroody
Blade (1 year ago)
lol triggerd
Blade (1 year ago)
he dosent dont shut the fuck up tho keep taking xD
keppy (1 year ago)
keppy (1 year ago)
TicQ (1 year ago)
Love ya dude <3 :D If possible stream more Shroud :D
The Cogu (1 year ago)
I N S A N E 💪
xore (1 year ago)
shrood needs to do this crazy shit on lans aswell
UBIK (1 year ago)
Pubstomper ;)
Eleven (1 year ago)
You need a better title lol
Brennen (1 year ago)
What are the best headphones i can buy?
metalwillneverdie953 (1 year ago)
Siberia v3
Blade (1 year ago)
sennheiser game zeros
zombiejuice (1 year ago)
i can recommend Beyerdynamic MMX 300! german engineering Quality for an okay price
Sean Manley (1 year ago)
I love my Audio Technica ATH-M50's they are godlike for sound and I just use a Blue Yeti as my mic with a simple pop filter that you can buy anywhere
Az3x (1 year ago)
http://eu.audio-technica.com/headphones/gaming Or you can take a look at all of their gaming headsets :p
rod (1 year ago)
First crosshair?
clocky (1 year ago)
André Periquito (1 year ago)
Nice get rekt moments! Would be nice to see when you mess up as well :D kind regards
Clarke (1 year ago)
Why can't he do this on LAN.
Pentagon (1 year ago)
clarke best eu they didn't stream that's why
Some guy (1 year ago)
when shroud cums: 3:39
Swagmcbacontits (1 year ago)
This shroud guy is just taking clips from csgo highlights videos and makes money of them smh..
abc xyz (1 year ago)
stunna makes these videos. he used to be their manager and once played for cloud9
Pentagon (1 year ago)
Pentagon (1 year ago)
chrenos88 but he is real shroud posting his real highlights. How is that but
Derp Head (1 year ago)
Kick shroud
KulmaKarva (1 year ago)
Why can't you do these things on LAN... you really aren't the shroud we all are used to know.
KinkyJesus (1 year ago)
all these segments were featured in another video is saw yesterday.
Eric Carrillo (1 year ago)
missing two majors, feels good man.

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