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Send me your clips : https://goo.gl/nbfoIC My Steam Trade URL : https://goo.gl/69WMXW Steam Profile : http://steamcommunity.com/id/PEEETAAA/ You enjoyed this? Then you can help me out! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNso... Song : www.youtube.com/watch?v=tapbVpw_9F8 By NCS 3D Animation by Skoobi - https://www.youtube.com/c/itsskoobi Music provided by NoCopyRightSounds
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Text Comments (753)
Nikodem Grzejszczak (3 months ago)
NEO ??? 1VS5
Chan Hx (4 months ago)
6:13 the one, zero kills, zero assists, and zero deaths? Lol
xShaRkz (5 months ago)
Thing that happen to me is all my teammate dead. So 1 vs 5. Aq plant bomb and enemy shot me and about 10hp left. So i quickly smoke that bomb and hide. After the smoke disseapper they tried to defuse and i throw molotov. Then they smoke that fire. They tried to defuse but fail and i win that round. Is that awesome? Heheheh sorry for my bad english. Just for sharing :)
Muhammed Ali Gençoğlu (6 months ago)
Steam nick : geNNNco
Roberto Tatsch (8 months ago)
i do it today in competitive, im so impressed because is my first time playing
BeutelbärKara (8 months ago)
Song 0:51 ?
ĢotTâ _ (9 months ago)
omg 1v5 the besttt no wayyyy
AceNoobStabber _0219 (9 months ago)
I've won a 1v4 clutches with an awp
JumpHD (10 months ago)
Eliza Vladila (10 months ago)
mine was better that 6
famixrap (11 months ago)
now I feel like a bot
Assein The Best (11 months ago)
springtrap TTL (1 year ago)
want a Scooby snack?
Vexxeer232 (1 year ago)
One time I got a 1v5 ace clutch holding a then defuses the bomb on b... there is proof on my channel if you want to see!
Tiger_Kill (1 year ago)
How is called the outro song?
Ian Wright (1 year ago)
4:40 some NICE AK picks
Kami Khazix (1 year ago)
And I can´t even spray on a guy who is standing still :( feelsbadman
karam pro (1 year ago)
Zapraszam pvpro na stronkę ze skinami gramy 1vs1 za coiny która zamieniamy w skiny. .pvpro kot to karam .pvpro .pvpro
dark knight (1 year ago)
that IBP holo click bait
أحمد شنقيطي (1 year ago)
where is neo ?? king of clutch
where is anomaly's 1v5 ace bruh
Chen Yi Siang (1 year ago)
can someone tell me how to adjust the crosshair like that?
Mr Amy (1 year ago)
what clutches mean?
Mr Amy (1 year ago)
thanks for replying :o
Ez4Astralis (1 year ago)
Mr Amy its mean u are the last person alive in the team and kill other remaining enemy player
Lmclean89 (1 year ago)
half of them are barely 1v5
GaugeK (1 year ago)
1:34 ...
ThisBreezy (1 year ago)
rain was aimlocking LOL
canimade61 (1 year ago)
where is shox with the awp?
AlexTheWalnut (1 year ago)
1:34 his Deagle is on fire. literately.
Declan Wright (1 year ago)
Why do some of them look like they're walling?
Riku Phantomhive (1 year ago)
human bullet time.. your heart races but its unable to go past 80 or 90 bpm... so your in the middle of calm and panicked.
Gloryboy (1 year ago)
top 7 VACations
Nik Tops (1 year ago)
Funny animaited
the first clip.....why didnt they use fucking guns
Starlord Gaming , (1 year ago)
in had wall hacks he aimed at sombudys head true the smoke
Muqri Sofian (1 year ago)
4:30 can someone tell me what crosshair setting he's using, thanks.
expertpoods (1 year ago)
Muqri Sofian bump
Mason Rajala (1 year ago)
Breezy Gaming (1 year ago)
It's sad how obvious some players cheating is and yet they don't get banned. FLUSHA AND HIKO ARE SO OBVIOUS
jmbiasedasf (1 year ago)
Breezy Gaming dumbass
Walroos (1 year ago)
Breezy Gaming how many skins did you lose now
InvisableGames (1 year ago)
Breezy Gaming you are an idiot
Breezy Gaming (1 year ago)
+o8 shooter 9o great well-rounded comment from an oblivious retard who cants realize that his favourite players cheat. Ah I love YouTube.
o8 shooter 9o (1 year ago)
you're an idiot
Nicklaus Purwanto (1 year ago)
wow watching hiko clutch at cache never gets old
Met4 Games (1 year ago)
3:15, do you really think that's legit? rly?
Miguel Borrero (1 year ago)
1:53 was a 1v4, It doesn't count.
Miguel Borrero (1 year ago)
+Meta my bad. brother went on my account.
JøX (1 year ago)
No Snax? :(
david david (1 year ago)
60% of the cluches were fat people who got them.....
JWoLfez (1 year ago)
Can't try hard Cuz I get reported.
Bruhzzy (1 year ago)
Number 3 wasn't against pros
Mário Barcaj (1 year ago)
Hiko's 1v5 with tec?
Elit Crew (1 year ago)
nbk ?
Swishy (1 year ago)
The One-Tap ace by Roca is by far one of the sickest of all time
Peanut (1 year ago)
5:12 i think that looks like walls through smoke to tree
ChillaX Cs:Go (1 year ago)
And top 10 Girls 1v1
ChillaX Cs:Go (1 year ago)
do a rifle and smgs guide pls
OwaiN 65 (1 year ago)
top 10 fakes
Casper Brandqvist (2 years ago)
Song 7:05 ?
Stachu29 (2 years ago)
Can i get 6,5 place crosshair?
o.O (2 years ago)
How was ShahZam's not in here?
HubcioDii (2 years ago)
rain ace was the best probably <3
Straggly List0 (2 years ago)
u forgot faze rug 1v5 clutch
JadenJorr (2 years ago)
If this woud happend in matchmaking the reports would flying around
bruno (2 years ago)
GooceWithAC (2 years ago)
Does anyone know roca's crosshair in that clip? if anyone could give it to me that would be great
bajan bajan (2 years ago)
outro song name plsss
Hugo (2 years ago)
5:15 confirmes that rain is cheating
QuestForDev GT (2 years ago)
i think you mean top ten best known clutches
ShockZ! (2 years ago)
like = Become rich Sub = Infinite luck Ignore = die in 10 years
Ralph (2 years ago)
HIS DEAGLE IS ON FIRE. Yeah its called blaze
SweatyBooch420 (2 years ago)
Did anybody get the deagle pun at 1:35???
iDemopan (1 year ago)
86Elements (2 years ago)
box (2 years ago)
I hate it when people hold their guns on their left side
Fer0monas (2 years ago)
vammanen (2 years ago)
why did you copy this video from peetaa? you even left peetaas intro there lol.
Bob Happy (2 years ago)
It... it is peetaa
Saeko (2 years ago)
I do a 1vs6 in a casual :p
Darius PSC (2 years ago)
Amazing video man. BIG UP!
MR CLUTCH (2 years ago)
roca VAC
I agree with you (2 years ago)
Shrouds 1v5 on Nuke to win the game? Old clip but still insane
I agree with you (2 years ago)
Apologize... Im a huge shroud fan and didnt see him through #2 xD. Was expecting Hiko at #1
travis henk (2 years ago)
that outro lmao
MusicAddiction (2 years ago)
Who else clicked because of the m4 a1 with 4 ibuypower stickers on the thumbnail?
Famme_ (2 years ago)
How did i can shoot from left hand ?
Jack Burns (2 years ago)
Your team is terrified Nikko0 is on fire
s1ay3r33 (2 years ago)
anyone notice in the first 1 v 5 the teams were switched up.
xJia (2 years ago)
When you get that on competitive, you get instant vac, on an event, no problem.
hamza djegham (2 years ago)
skooby i love your vedeo :p
Kushy Sassy (2 years ago)
hiko is the best
DestroyersGame (2 years ago)
Hikos looks like aim hacks imo. I know pro players can do crazy stuff but that shivering like movement with his sights not even ever coming with in feet of his target and landing consistent shots seems pretty fishy even at that level. (i have over 1600 hours on csgo.)
Eduard Baz (2 years ago)
40 noobs vs a small team of the best players? possible?
Joshua simpson (2 years ago)
hiko is just a monster
huzuni (2 years ago)
what song though
deadboy (2 years ago)
WTF, in the first scene TSM wins the round, but it counts for fucking NAVI? WHAT?
Jaqen H'ghar (2 years ago)
where is the 5k spraydown of Rain ?
Back2theHills (2 years ago)
Hey guys just started out a new account and looking for some subscribers, please help me out just have a short clip out right now and working on more
JADEY (2 years ago)
Some of these looked like fucking aimbot, idk just ,..
Fangs Claws (1 year ago)
they often look like aimbot and wallhack but the amount of hours and practice these players have put in to this game they know the maps and the aim better than they know how to breath and sleep
Lizzie (1 year ago)
just pure skills :-)
christopher john (2 years ago)
what its the Crosshair from the TEAM_OLOFMEISTER??
EgleBoy2 (2 years ago)
at 4 mins why is the gun on the left side
PFlaunchpad (2 years ago)
I just got a 1v5 ace and it was on a pistol round
Punisher (2 years ago)
omfg the first one wass insane
Jolanta Krupa (2 years ago)
Hiko nice
Gummy Bear (2 years ago)
4Tifier (2 years ago)
3:23 He might have clutched but he can't plant the bomb-WHAT THE-(180)
ArteK (2 years ago)
where is snax 1vs5 on dust 2
Dead Line (2 years ago)
04:42 Nice hacks
Queti Aguilera Parejo (2 years ago)
kairi con olor?
waleed nobani (2 years ago)
top 10 no scope kills

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