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Flash Test & Comparison - Rainbow Six | Siege

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In this video, I test the Flash Shield and Flashbangs in Rainbow Six Siege to find out how they compare to each other in terms of their reach and the effects they cause. How do their respective effectiveness and reach stack up? Let's find out! Join us on Discord! https://discord.gg/GFbWWhC More Rogue-9! R6 Gun Guides: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7b_pqdIu5g&list=PLP2MwDk1r3q1A8z3g9f0OFj2O2sMLMVOa Battlefield 1: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP2MwDk1r3q3F7Oj-hF0EFFma-l2hy5UD Live Video Game Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMjSGl2CT2E&list=PLP2MwDk1r3q2f2N3hSnY0aeywbUk9KbXh&index=1 Music: "Call to Adventure" - by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) "Kicking Ass and Taking Names" - by Simnon Viklund (simonviklund.com) & (https://overkillsoundtracks.bandcamp.com/album/payday-2-official-soundtrack) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
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Text Comments (480)
Rogue-9 (1 year ago)
0:41 Flashbang results 3:06 Flash Shield results 4:40 Comparison & conclusion
Yu KiRo (9 months ago)
Austin Ayres yep~ she flashbang really confused~
Yu KiRo (9 months ago)
Needed Ying flashbang results~ That look like can be 15m blind~
Austin Ayres (11 months ago)
Hey rogue. I doubt you'll see this, but maybe adding another video including Candela charges? :)
Muffin Puncher (1 year ago)
Rogue-9 I
Brendan Mendonca (1 year ago)
Did you ever cover the difference in damage between nitro cells and grenades, the effects of distance, the time to use each one and the differing effects on the 3 armro types?
TapAchK1 (3 days ago)
make a new one, add ying
Shane Cisilino (12 days ago)
Would appreciate a new video talking about the arc of flash from blitz. Good video.
Sir sloth (16 days ago)
Was this made before ying?
Rogue-9 (14 days ago)
solomon Hunter (1 month ago)
Do one for ying. Her gadget is inconsistent.
Benjamin Muric (2 months ago)
Ur like 2kliksphilip, just doing r6s insted of csgo
Sivolc11 (2 months ago)
Clear analysis, with graphs and gameplay, thanks!
Sean Plroude (2 months ago)
Sean Plroude (2 months ago)
Ying ?
Gilzam (3 months ago)
Could you compare the other crowd control effects? ie. concussion mine, echo drunkness
Akash Van Eerten (3 months ago)
0:04 low blood pressure experience
/* (4 months ago)
Thanks so much for the info, and will there be an update after the change?
Captain W (4 months ago)
Can we get an update of blitz flash range.. feel like they nerf his range even shorter
ChillBrah (4 months ago)
What about ying?
Jasper Gatward (5 months ago)
Yings candellas
Ryan Chong (6 months ago)
What about Ying's candellas?
Callum Clarke (6 months ago)
Outro music?
Bill Timmins (7 months ago)
Wait what about Yings candella?
Furiousflames (7 months ago)
remake this with ying
Cojo1225 (7 months ago)
Blitz never fucking works, I swear to god.
Sjoerd Maas (8 months ago)
#buff blitz
p43j77 (8 months ago)
What about the effective angle of the Flash Shield and Ying's Candelas
Fikri Ahmad (8 months ago)
Wtf 200hp ???
Tubby Marshmallow (8 months ago)
Can you do another on of these but with Ying
Briancatmaster Cat (8 months ago)
Have to add Ying's Candela
vasia pupkin (8 months ago)
Leon Rolke (9 months ago)
Rogue-9 (8 months ago)
+Leon Rolke hadn't been released yet
Cyrus Tha Great (9 months ago)
TIJJY PLAYzz (9 months ago)
Would be cool to see this redone including ying
Caio Pacheco (9 months ago)
Analysis pre-ying
Vengeance5714 (10 months ago)
Vengeance5714 (10 months ago)
Thanks, I really like using ying and figured seeing her stats could be helpful. I love your content and I'm really happy you go through this work to inform others. #WhatEvenIsMobility
Rogue-9 (10 months ago)
very good question. she wasn't out yet at this time but I'll get around to comparing the Candela's at some point
Stupid Steve (10 months ago)
now you gotta test candelas
The X-Gamer (10 months ago)
The X-Gamer (10 months ago)
A Guy (10 months ago)
What about the candela ting?
Brandon Gregory (10 months ago)
could you do a video about the disorientation effect from Echo's drone and Ela's mines I wanna know the stats of the gadgets' annoying affect. also a video comparing Blackbeard's rifle shield to Tachanka's on his LMG would also be nice
Amerikanovich (11 months ago)
Now that Blood Orchid is out - how about Ying's Candela? Also: what about objects between the operator and the flashbang? Does ducking behind a desk or shelf save you from the effects?
Rogue-9 (11 months ago)
Very good questions!
EvilFlamer (11 months ago)
In summary Blitz is still trash
G Λ M Ξ R (11 months ago)
I hate u I love u I hate justin baby
Jax Hill (11 months ago)
You should do this again with ying as well.
Dalek Vendetta (1 year ago)
How does the "light" flash around a corner (operators peeking corners)
IngEyn (1 year ago)
How about Yings' gadget grenades?
IngEyn (1 year ago)
I know that's why I am asking now. :)
JT_Alpha7 (1 year ago)
this was made 2 months ago she wasnt out yet
Catastrophic Monolith (1 year ago)
Does ting use flash bags or blinding device as her fuze like gadget
Nino (1 year ago)
And now: Ying
Ezra Larson (1 year ago)
Can we all just take a moment to remember our poor, burned retinas?
Analater180 (1 year ago)
RusticSpoon (1 year ago)
I've been flashed many times while facing away from flashbangs, and once even running directly away from blitz, 20+ feet away. One of the many inconsistencies of this game that I doubt will get fixed.
Harry Chode (1 year ago)
These cunts need to buff blitz
Angel Guzman (1 year ago)
Hey! You might have to do this with the new Operator that comes out on August 29th because of the Operation Blood Orchid!
Duckstar (1 year ago)
i never get that shakey sorta thing
Jacob Applehoof (1 year ago)
This is completely ridiculous. I can't understand how Blitz has LIMITED range of effect compared to the grenade. I would have imagined that up to like 15m they would be given some form of temporary blindness. What they experience at 5m should happen at 20m! It's his ability...and his ability is directional! This makes him even more useless now that I know.
Miguel Romero (1 year ago)
so basically blitz is a useless fuck lol
Captin Dew (1 year ago)
This is why I subbed
Jani (1 year ago)
Nicholas LaRosa (1 year ago)
P1tri0t (1 year ago)
Could you test the range of Jager's ADS system? I've seen Pros place them really far away from any window or door, so I assume they have a long range.
Ham24brand (1 year ago)
Can you flash people when in a smoke cloud?
Pine Sol (1 year ago)
I think you should do one on Frost's Welcome Mats and their hit boxes / radii.
Xyn (1 year ago)
I feel like many of the stats might have changed from previous videos
IcyCloud9nine (1 year ago)
I wouldn't be surprised if this guy is a pro league platinum player just because of his knowledge to almost everything in this game his probably figured out a way to head shot ash for god sakes
Combat Ghost (1 year ago)
This is awesome I love test videos thank you
Understandable (1 year ago)
Should've used some Flash Test dummies.
Carlos Santos (1 year ago)
so, how does the effect of the character with his hands protecting his eyes works?
Cardo Sivadi (1 year ago)
I think they should buff blitz so that when he uses his flash , the entire map goes full 1m flashbang effect on everyone except blitz.
dejack313 (1 year ago)
you kind can still hear a flash-bang even wearing ear protectors because the flshbang noise is super loud
Md Yeasin (1 year ago)
your amazing bro, keep it up plz.
ZombieRevival (1 year ago)
as someone who is trying to git gud with blitz this helped me alot thxs!!!
Ollie (1 year ago)
Just started playing r6 again and found your channel and I have so many questions about r6 I'm gonna be watching a lot of your vids
Foxtrot Pipe (1 year ago)
sensitivity?i dont have that...
Foxtrot Pipe (1 year ago)
i never see that with myself
Iqbaal Amjad (1 year ago)
well thanks to this vid i can start flash shield enemies from the back lol btw rogue can you test the penetration damage?
TrueSlav (1 year ago)
Nice use of "Kicking Ass And Taking Names" from Payday 2
Xybetrion (1 year ago)
Do i realy need to say it???? Buff Blitz
Yobanisan (1 year ago)
so you can get a full flash effect within 4 meters even if the enemy isnt looking at blitz?
jake nikolia (1 year ago)
Oh oh oh I just got a great idea what if instead of frags in fuzzs clusters you could chose flash bangs
Darth Plagueis The Wise (7 months ago)
This guy invented ying wtf
jake nikolia (1 year ago)
Yeah kinda already know that
Astin Music (1 year ago)
jake nikolia ying will have this as a gadget
Rogue-9 (1 year ago)
that would be pretty cool!
This Guy needs more subs
Szabolcs Szlanka (1 year ago)
P9 VS P12 ! Pls like this comment so he sees it
TheGuyMain (1 year ago)
that's amazing
The Algerian (1 year ago)
Blitz finally buffed through data knowledge.
Young GatsbyYT (1 year ago)
If you guys could play take a couple of minutes and go check out my YouTube it will be greatly appreciated!!
Djau Djau (1 year ago)
Hey there! Question: Did you test how much you have to turn (like, in degrees) to avoid a flash bang? Does the effects decrease incrementally based on angle, or is there a set angle that counts as "facing away"? Nice video, love these so I subbed! Keep up the good work ^^
Rogue-9 (1 year ago)
hmm, interesting questions. I'll add them to my list and might get around to a follow up in future!
fireking111 (1 year ago)
Do alpha packs :D
Nikvideogamer (1 year ago)
Plz sjout out nikvideogamer yt
Nikvideogamer (1 year ago)
New page in facebook and new video is up go check it up!! 🙂 @Nikvideogamer https://youtu.be/iDoECR4ZJMI My channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeFnPSUvXTfwU7RdQUTwYew Go subsribe that helps out a lot. I play rainbow six siege pc. Gamer tag uplay:nikvideogamer Gamer tag steam:smashygaming
Niggas in Paris (1 year ago)
Why the payday music lol
Kmaster73 (1 year ago)
i may be blind, pun not intended, but I've yet to see any videos related to frag grenades on this channel. I'd like to request this as your next investagtion because lately I've been seeing videos crop up about people getting killed from their own grenades at incredible distances. I've argued that it may be shrapnel but everyone I talk to says the grenades have a blast radius only. Please help me figure this one out so I can admit I was wrong or boast about how correct I was! Thanks for the quality content and keep em coming.
Moritz Rossbroich (1 year ago)
Bcboss13 ! (1 year ago)
He has 200 health!?
hershey sandhu (1 year ago)
I don't know why people think Blitz needs a buff he's good and that's coming from a person that's diamond, for long range you can use the laser to know where you will aim to get easy headshots which also applies for medium range and finally for close range you just blind them.
TheCandyMan (1 year ago)
you honeslty need to do a pump shotgun video. I just want to make sure getting one shot as a 3 armor with rook plate is normal
Peng_667 (1 year ago)
just wondering does the flash hider hide the flash of a gunshot and does graphics settings change how clear you can see through glazes scope
SmaxY (1 year ago)
Distance in metres. TYPO.
first name last name (1 year ago)
I never noticed the flickering zoom mechanic. This is trippy.
Mikolaj N (1 year ago)
What's up guys, Rook9 here' What happened to Rook 1-8?
Storm Cobalt (1 year ago)
Swerver (1 year ago)
Great video you are 3kliksphilip of r6s
187GAMER559 ._. (1 year ago)
yeeeees, I've been waiting for this subbed :D
4729 Zex (1 year ago)
#buffblitz Buff him so his max range is 7 or longger!
Dawson Smith (1 year ago)
I've never experienced the zooming screen effect.
batman_bullet202 (1 year ago)
can you make a vid on Frag Gernades and if they work through renforced walls?
sameullam (1 year ago)
Buff Blitz
Caboose (1 year ago)
no wonder why blitz is bad

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