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The New Fortnite FREE SKIN..

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Fortnite FREE SKIN "Blue Striker" Gameplay - ALL PSN PLUS Users get this skin for free. ▶Hollowpoiint LIMITED EDITION Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/hollowpoiint FOLLOW ME HERE: ▶ Twitter: https://twitter.com/HollowPoiint ▶ FaceBook: https://Facebook.com/HollowPoiint ▶ Instagram: http://instagram.com/HollowPoiint ▶Twitch: https://Twitch.tv/HollowPoiint EVERYTHING I use to GAME: ▶Kontrol Freek: https://www.kontrolfreek.com/?a_aid=Hollow (USE Code "Hollow" For 10% OFF) ▶SCUF Gaming: https://scufgaming.com/ (USE Code "Hollow For OFF) ▶ASTRO (My HEADSETS) https://astro.family/Hollow ▶GFUEL: http://gfuel.com/ (USE Code "Hollow" For 10% OFF) ▶FAN MAIL Address: 6800 SW 40th St #282 Miami FL 33155 ♬ Music ♬ ➞Title: ➞Artist: ▶Music courtesy of www.epidemicsound.com ▶Intro Musich: https://soundcloud.com/twofeetmusic ♛ Join The Team: ♛ ⎪ⓈⓊⒷⓈⒸⓇⒾⒷⒺ⎪ ..Not Later.. NOW ▶Subscribe: http://urlmin.com/subscribe0 ☢ Game On ☢ –––––––––––– Video Uploaded By HollowPoiint
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Text Comments (3446)
HollowPoiint (7 days ago)
Hey guys, Here is the blue striker free SKIN for all ps4 players! Do you like it ?
Magda D (20 hours ago)
shane hilditch (4 days ago)
Marko Krstić (4 days ago)
King Shep Go to Playstation Plus and scroll to right until u see it...or u can type FORTNITE and it will be there
RoboticHype (5 days ago)
HollowPoiint no its nof for xbox or pc
LOL Cat (5 days ago)
I'm a Xbox player :(
1tz_sw4g (18 hours ago)
Bro first we dont get the bo4 maps now we dont even get are own skin wtf fortnite show xbox some love
Bloby 3 (1 day ago)
why da hell dont they do this stuff for xbox!??!?!?!?!?!?!
Aaron MOONEY (1 day ago)
That skin was out last week 😂😂
GaminRevz (2 days ago)
I watch gameplay of every skin I buy🤣
SteakHouse 76 (2 days ago)
I never got it, wut
HetBaksteenKanaal (2 days ago)
How can i get that skin?
Mason Wall (3 days ago)
I just got the omen skin
Joe Dinnie (3 days ago)
How does STW get free Xbox outfits but then battle royale doesn’t
Michael Ponziano (3 days ago)
How come Xbox gets nothing?
Pool57martinez (3 days ago)
Why is epic only giving free skins to ps4 players and not Xbox or pc
lil sniperx (3 days ago)
This video could’ve been 3 minutes talking about the skin.
Codermations (3 days ago)
It’s a rip off, a mixture of Rustlord, the black no skin, and the Circuit breaker. Why are they rewarding PS4 skins when they don’t even make them good for my taste. And the fact that Sony hates Crossplay because of “helping competition”. (If you type OH BECAUSE YOUR AN XBOX FAN BOY. You basically suck Sony’s Dick)
Brendan Greenly (4 days ago)
Can we get a RIP for Xbox users and don’t hate
Herzon Plays (4 days ago)
Xbox doesn't have a skin because you need Xbox Live Gold to play Fortnite in the first place. This is just Sony and Epic's way of making more money off of the game. (Just so you know I am on PS4 but both consoles are great 😀)
Israel Davila (4 days ago)
Where is my super suit!!!!?
Leon Lemons (4 days ago)
Hey hollow
Jamil Hill (4 days ago)
As an XBOX Fortnite player I have no problem admitting I'm upset about PSN being the only one's getting free skins I pay for my XBOX LIVE and my Battle Pass and my console so what make them different from me? The thing is most Fortnite streamers stream on either PC or PS4 not many major streamers are XBOX players and I feel like this has alot to do with it. PC has better game mechanics and PS4 gets all the cosmetic perks. Guess I gotta spend more money on another gaming system.
Lazuli Matics (4 days ago)
Can you still get the blue team leader??? Just curious
Boomboomchicken (4 days ago)
Were’s the free skin for Xbox?
haLOL (4 days ago)
The skin looks like a motobro
Kid money 123 (4 days ago)
I got the skin
Martha Sanchez (5 days ago)
Yooo it's cyborg how ever you spell his name from tin tintans
Kaka krabby patty (5 days ago)
Here goes the console war comments......
KingGold 233 (5 days ago)
Don't click read more Don't listen Ur annyoed Mm Almost Sike Fine
King Oreo (5 days ago)
I don’t have ps plus
Alfredo Rivera (5 days ago)
Its not free if you need psplus
I'm a ps4 player and for all ya 6 year old VcrBox players epic is partnered with Sony so that's why we get these "free"skins so if you don't like it then go cry to Phil Spencer about it
Bryce Mitchell (5 days ago)
Wish Xbox players would get a skin like this 😔
Adrian Sakuray (5 days ago)
Why doesn’t Xbox do this
Itzzz Briban (5 days ago)
Where’s the Xbox free skins
Viola Howell (5 days ago)
Add Wilshaun09
Crowfield Gde (5 days ago)
Dang I’m Xbox player and we don’t no love
40 oz (5 days ago)
fuck that skin he is black no one likes blacks eww!
Olsbijack (5 days ago)
Looking Good! Please check out my gaming channel, all with live commentary!
Wesley Obenshain (5 days ago)
Why be racist to xbox
Hawt Noob (5 days ago)
It doesnt let me get the new ps+ skin it says it is unavailable and i have ps+ so can someone help me out here😅
He is the type of guy to ‘’i ate cereal...’’ in his title
dakota dawson (6 days ago)
this is stupid, why wont they add in a xbox skin
Lit Dino (6 days ago)
I don't have a PS4 tho RIP
ashley collins (6 days ago)
So to play this game on PS4, you need to purchase an actual PS+ subscription, is that correct? Like on top of me aready having internet at the house, i cant just jump in unless i pay an extra sub fee, is that right? I have this on the switch, but i also have a ps4 so i figured i may try it out, then remembered... fuck! PS makes you pay for a sub fee on top of already having the internet, whereas i can play online free on the switch right now.. is that right? If so, ill play on switch..
yousef damali (6 days ago)
Joe Gaming (6 days ago)
Switch ? 😭
Jenesis Soriano (6 days ago)
How you get it.
Zencharra Playz (6 days ago)
I’m pissed I already used my ps plus trial to get the old ps plus skin
Captainscull Sir (6 days ago)
its lenlen (6 days ago)
looks like fro zone for incredibles
One good boy (6 days ago)
I play on x box (starts jamming XXXTenacion
Robloxfungamer No (6 days ago)
Plz I need a Nintendo switch
YBN cheerios (6 days ago)
Why does every good game get released when school starts
Elijah Daley (6 days ago)
Welp easy to tell a no skin now
Zeke754 (6 days ago)
i don't know but I feel like his content has gotten worse
Francis Tan (6 days ago)
Is pc working
Alonzo Shooting bear (6 days ago)
Why are you not in the pro n am thing saw that you weren't in it just left
Lucas Veleta (6 days ago)
wow sony did a fortnite block for crossplay but Xbox don't get shit
Jeremiah Castro (6 days ago)
Very important question someone answer. I bought the battle pass late and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get the blockbuster skin. And here goes my question can I complete more than one weeks challenges in a single week and will both of the week challenges go to towards the blockbuster
zuck idk (6 days ago)
yeah, its not free for everyone (Xbox user)
Christian Curry (6 days ago)
If u don't make more r6 videos I will kill my self
Gerardo Policarpo (6 days ago)
Why cant i get it? I have psplus
Clay Burkholder (6 days ago)
Did you just say "futuristic"?!?!? *autistic screeching over Infinite Warfare and BO4 being future games*
Is just me or does he look like lui
Bloomer (6 days ago)
fucksake xbox step up your game
Vinny Garcia (6 days ago)
PS4 is trash
orForeign n (6 days ago)
Where the livestreams at Hollow
orForeign n (6 days ago)
Where the livestreams at Hollow
Arek Jawor (6 days ago)
I_ HashBrown (6 days ago)
Jc4 is lit, fam!!
Mrjones6192 (6 days ago)
Does he not play anything else?? Or is this a fornite channel.
Travis Selby (6 days ago)
When are you going to play rainbow
Gucci Z (6 days ago)
Hallow Fortnite is ass it’s a trash ass game play Rainbow 6 siege again
Xyinza (6 days ago)
That skin is ugly af
Omid Hassani (6 days ago)
He's fro zone
d tea santiago (6 days ago)
great plays,you should of been at that pro am
ReavilingGold0 (6 days ago)
Lol people on PS4 don’t get into build battles they just get into them with themselves in their 1x1 and they just shoot from far range
Adan Villa (6 days ago)
Luis Castro (6 days ago)
I want them to anounce borderlands 3
Steamed Hams (6 days ago)
Everyone saying it looks like frozone acting like thats a bad thing
Meagan Sanchez (6 days ago)
How do you get it ?help!
Vclaflame416 Solis (6 days ago)
Y u always land at fatal, salty and anarchy. I feel like I watch the same videos every day and Please land at tilted or any other places except fatal salty and anarchy.
Kody Church (6 days ago)
It looks like the dude from incredibles
its yo boi (6 days ago)
"Honey where's my super suit?!"
It’s Arora x (6 days ago)
Xbox gets nothing
VaultDwellerOG (6 days ago)
that skin is ugly wtf
Zilio (6 days ago)
Thank God I’m on PS4
TobiRama (6 days ago)
Xbox players got fly trap! Dont h8 at me
pleb Gemmima (6 days ago)
Can everyone shut up about what console is better like no 1 actually cares i personally like xbox but playstation is a good console
TobiRama (6 days ago)
Lmfao I need that too 1:58
David Dubchak (6 days ago)
i want more pc free skins. wouldnt that be just great.
Mania Sonic For Smash (6 days ago)
We need a skin on switch that is Mario related.
xSoulsx _ (6 days ago)
What about the Xbox peeps, hehe
6Trxsh6Gxng6 666 (6 days ago)
Stop with the fornite and play rainbow six siege
Jaffax (6 days ago)
the llalalst 0:00
Pandy 69z (6 days ago)
More rainbow six siege
Alex LaFreniere (6 days ago)
they should release that skin on xbox in green I think that would be awesome
Brandon Sanchez (6 days ago)
My internet finally works for my xbox😊😊😊 #GODISREAL
H E L L B Ø Y (6 days ago)
Luckily I have ps4 and Xbox
PsyChoGeaRs KiD (6 days ago)
Dude why the fuck do they keep giving ps4 free Skins and not Xbox like wtf that pissed me off
TCP GhoSt (6 days ago)
Pff. Console plebs, PC Master race forever.
BigNix Gaming (6 days ago)
What about xbox
Miguel Galloway (6 days ago)
Why are you a beast bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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