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My own AKM Skin in PUBG!

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"This new Ashek AKM skin comes with pre-installed spray control macros! Get yours today!" *Get your Ashek AKM skin* Available NOW from the PUBG panel at my stream http://twitch.tv/ashek LETS FUCKING GO! *ASHEK* http://twitch.tv/ashek http://twitter.com/ashekspubg https://discord.gg/Ut9qVMk *TWITCH STREAM SCHEDULE* 7 days a week, 9am Central
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Text Comments (105)
orange 01020411 (4 days ago)
고양이는영어로 (9 days ago)
The best AKM skin
ShadoWARE :P (9 days ago)
Jm Gonzales (12 days ago)
Oh that was ur skin. I always exchange my akm with no skin for that everytime i see that
Kelpo (12 days ago)
NWWADD (12 days ago)
Huckabee Gaming (12 days ago)
Does your skin come with the recoil macro you use?
You're good with ak47 dude. I just discovered your channel, very good player. Congrats.
스파하는리븐 (16 days ago)
Wow your skin is nice
K4riuS morgan (17 days ago)
name of the music?
카이산더 (13 days ago)
Ashek (17 days ago)
Johnny Cash- God's gonna cut you down
최성준 (18 days ago)
I have that. :)
tuan pham (18 days ago)
I like this skin
Mark Stanford (18 days ago)
Bro ashnek make some giveaway for this skin please :)
But i dont even understand, why they selling skins like that for limited time?
Lil Skies (19 days ago)
Please show me your setting
유켄 (19 days ago)
wtf this akm?
Jas zxc (19 days ago)
how to purchase your skinn ???
emoterrusso (20 days ago)
задротина бля ёбнутая
tszhong lu (20 days ago)
I like it
ZVisss (20 days ago)
Nice skill, though skin is still horrible
YOU FEEL (20 days ago)
I'm korean I admire your ability. This skin seems to grind a lot. But I think this skin is pretty. I will live today. Always cheer up.
Ajinkya Bhutkar (21 days ago)
i bought it now i have no recoil akm
I just bought your akm today it’s sick
Qi King (22 days ago)
The skin looks dope! I'm gonna get one!
Aca Ekser (22 days ago)
I bought it
gavin crepeau (22 days ago)
How do u no recoil
BRET DOUCHE (16 days ago)
+Pan Turner hahahaha lol forsaken* 😂😂😂
Pan Turner (20 days ago)
pull it down like a foreskin
asdda assdead (22 days ago)
lets see if this will give you more subs :D also like the skin alot, oneof the very few ''screaming'' skins
Munshi Kaifur (23 days ago)
Septide (22 days ago)
+Munshi Kaifur It will expire in 18 days and 16 hours.
Munshi Kaifur (23 days ago)
+Ashek ok sir ,thanks,but I have a request plz sir don't expire it like shroud ,plz sir do not expire this beautiful akm skin like at any cost,plz this is my humble request to you,plz
Ashek (23 days ago)
Tom Willis (23 days ago)
I want qbz skins ffs
Ouch Sokhorn (23 days ago)
I am buy Akm Skin Ready Bro
Monster NTT (23 days ago)
Ashek number one
Emirhan Atar (23 days ago)
Me buy 4.99 dollar nice skins
jin meng (24 days ago)
I bought that skin
Aayushman Verma (19 days ago)
+存在感〃 on steam
存在感〃 (20 days ago)
Where can buy
TV보겸 (24 days ago)
your settings open plz
선우고 (22 days ago)
찐임? 짭임?
lulululxd (24 days ago)
Imma buy it!
薯條 (24 days ago)
Go buy
im sean (24 days ago)
ashek or shroud?
Strand Of Hair (18 days ago)
Felipe `FrZ` Friozi (24 days ago)
just got mine ! awesome !
스프와이 [Spwaoi] (24 days ago)
In test server???
ston Cochri (24 days ago)
wow korea https://youtu.be/t-eyRi0a7QI
Dit Official (24 days ago)
Bro i will buy this one but i don't now to buy fck help me
Ashek (24 days ago)
Dit Official (24 days ago)
Ya bro i now ,but i just wait on store in game that tomorrow?
Ashek (24 days ago)
Lul, http://twitch.tv/Ashek It's in a panel below the video box. It only shows up on PC though. Tomorrow it'll be available through steam/pubg in-game.
rate ksoni (24 days ago)
music was nice add there
Meet Evaaa (24 days ago)
Not available on steam or in game. -_-
Meet Evaaa (24 days ago)
+Ashek copy that
Ashek (24 days ago)
It will be tomorrow
ZhaoYuna Streamer (25 days ago)
i neeed AKM Ashek's for brasilll
ZhaoYuna Streamer (24 days ago)
comprei tbm hehjeheh vlwwww
Felipe `FrZ` Friozi (24 days ago)
R$ 18,80 acabei de comprar
Kartikyan Dogra (24 days ago)
🤣🤣🤣 With Macros ..... I am gonna get those definitely
Kartikyan Dogra (11 days ago)
+salif sanogo muscle memory
Kartikyan Dogra (11 days ago)
+salif sanogo yeah.. That's true.
salif sanogo (11 days ago)
Just try différent combination and play with what u prefer
salif sanogo (11 days ago)
+Kartikyan Dogra hmm there is not recommended sens it depend or the player
Kartikyan Dogra (11 days ago)
+salif sanogo btw I'm getting better in controlling akm but will definitely like to know some other pro tips to become more better. Can you please share some other details like mouse dpi, ingame sensitivity and vertical multiplier....
DrDisrespectDOC (25 days ago)
only from stream
DrDisrespectDOC (25 days ago)
not in the market bois feelsbad :(
Reznick (25 days ago)
Sooner or later Asheks gonna cut you down
Lemskie Rushfade (25 days ago)
how can i buy this?
Tom Willis (23 days ago)
It’s in the store section in-game
Olight W Polsce (23 days ago)
Beautiful skin
Olight W Polsce (23 days ago)
I buy it today . 5 USD
Lemskie Rushfade (25 days ago)
Just click ashek twitch channel and scroll down a little,
Lemskie Rushfade (25 days ago)
I already bought it for 5$
Sweeeeet (tater)!
MadTom (25 days ago)
Rafi Permites (25 days ago)
Can't find the akm skin
Ashek (25 days ago)
For now, it can be bought from the PUBG panel at my stream http://twitch.tv/ashek
TS Dork (25 days ago)
Proud of ya man
Fadzyin .Y Jantan (25 days ago)
Ashek owning
Mhmd Badran (25 days ago)
Where is it i cant find it
Ashek (25 days ago)
It can be bought from the PUBG panel below my stream http://twitch.tv/ashek
Joseph Piper (25 days ago)
Gracely M (25 days ago)
Dope af
PlayerIGN (25 days ago)
Skin's not there, my dude. gud video though
PlayerIGN (23 days ago)
Thanks for the concern. But your late my dude, Ashek was talking about how to access the skins before they brought it to the store.
Tom Willis (23 days ago)
It’s in the store section in-game
digitaltactics (25 days ago)
askek's ak skin is live right now the only way to get it is in the info bellow his stream just a heads up for those who what this amazing skin it's not in the pubg store yet
Ashek (25 days ago)
It will be at that link tomorrow I guess. For now, it can be bought from the PUBG panel at my stream http://twitch.tv/ashek
Az (25 days ago)
where shop ashek ak47 skin?
Az (24 days ago)
Can I buy with Steam Points?
Az (24 days ago)
How to buy without a credit card
Az (25 days ago)
+Ashek ok thanks
Huu Huynh (25 days ago)
Ashek just got it! It should have been in your channel instead of twitch.tv/pubg Thanks alot, such a great skin
Ashek (25 days ago)
It can be bought from the PUBG panel below my stream http://twitch.tv/ashek
Haruld (25 days ago)
Ashek's Killing Machine
Mys Record (25 days ago)
damn cool , can i get for free
Olight W Polsce (23 days ago)
Mys Record no

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