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Shroud plays: PUBG DUO With Random - Hilarious Match

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Go check out Shroud stream for more like this, he played some more duos with more random guys aswell: https://www.twitch.tv/shroud Dont forget to subscribe, thx Go to www.pubgkings.com and make some pubg skins! Use promo code "LEULTIMATEFAILS" on csgo500.com for free coins Use prmo code ”leultimatefail on drakewing.com for Free https://www.drakewing.com/promo-code/leultimatefail
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Text Comments (165)
Sourav kumar (2 days ago)
That random guy was very very rude and egoistic
Mai Otto Chan (6 days ago)
futa ftw
Miche. (14 days ago)
The random is so cringey
Mxter (19 days ago)
What is that "Where the fuck I am?"
Kiddy (21 days ago)
Lolicon is better than futanari OwO
Tomi (26 days ago)
dude... bruh... dude... *shouting* duuuude... bruuuuh.... *being loud* bruuh... He's trying to be cool soooo hard.
Cory Wilson (27 days ago)
Kid did have a bit of autism didn't he?
Exo-l SMstans (28 days ago)
WTF I accidentally kick my desk at 06:25, i'm soo shock act hearing Shroud scream and at the same time the jeep crash him 😂😂😂
Aulia Shafira (30 days ago)
“Shroud u gotta hit those what r u doing?” Dfuk man, u died in redzone! He saved u so many times dfuk, all u doing is getting hit by other people’s bullets shit man
TheRealTeal (1 month ago)
this guy went full bipolar @17:55
TheRealTeal (1 month ago)
CHGrider (1 month ago)
"I don't know what lolicon is"
Shaggy (15 days ago)
Kiddy uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Kiddy (21 days ago)
CHGrider Cute little anime girls, age isn't a factor with lolicon though. It's more how they look, they can be an adult but look super young, its all about how you look and you're proportions when it comes to loli. Take Rory Mercury from GATE for example, shes like what 700 something i think yet looks very young to the point where she's a loli.
R Donner (1 month ago)
24:36 LOL When people were excited to watch The Last Jedi. RIP
Dill Pickle (1 month ago)
What is stream sniping?
Pop Tarts (1 month ago)
Surgical Sniper oooohhh gotcha. Well that's kind of cheap haha
Surgical Sniper (1 month ago)
Dill Pickle someone watching the stream and he is in the game as well, so he knows where the streamer is and try to kill him.
Michael Medrano (1 month ago)
I don’t like his attitude
Sniper Wolf (1 month ago)
He's just freaking out cos he teamed up with the real shroud. That plus,I bet he naturally is a crude and loud ass person.
Unknown Productions (1 month ago)
Listen at 19:17 with your eyes closed.
Jeon Jungkook _kookie (2 days ago)
Bruh 😂😂😂
bubble hek (1 month ago)
This sydney guy hurts my brain
Khalil Martin (1 month ago)
i know im not the only one who wouldve shot this guy on purpose , the dude was pissing me off the whole time .. replace chad LOL?
Tristan Mcclure (2 months ago)
Bro.. dude.. yeah dude. Bro.
Dank Memer (3 months ago)
25:51, that guy had an orgasm to shroud's 12th kill.
muhammad ibrahim (3 months ago)
rick24lb (5 months ago)
I like when they play with mortals
peerzada syed siyadat (6 months ago)
Did he sound like BasicallyIDoWrk or is it me ?
joe yazbeck (6 months ago)
Why you always play fpp dude ??
weeb eviscerator (5 months ago)
joe yazbeck TPP is trash
quang vũ (6 months ago)
Vietnam 28 : 40. Thanh niên khoaito lên bảng
David Thomason (6 months ago)
Most annoying random ever. I would have just left him
pinstripes4life11 (7 months ago)
What was he playing with dane fucking cook
Ian Bellingham (7 months ago)
Okay squads with Sydney and I? No
SteelD34KC (7 months ago)
The whole "Bro" thing over and over again. Terribad.
Alright (7 months ago)
Thickfam989898 (7 days ago)
Alright I cringe at social interraction
Vali A7X (7 months ago)
JTheJackal (7 months ago)
If the random guy was a well known streamer, most of the people calling him annoying would have a hard on for him.
KallaMigCP (7 months ago)
The dudebro
Theultimatekiller (7 months ago)
2many ads
Ekman (7 months ago)
This guy was awesome, is he streaming or something, would love to watch him
xd Death69 (1 month ago)
he is streaming but idk his name
Matt Conradie (7 months ago)
He is cringe.
Moisty Boi (7 months ago)
Ay I'm from Michigan 👌
Username (7 months ago)
Wadu ((heck))
Username (7 months ago)
Also that dude was pretty funny
Nightline Gaming (7 months ago)
shroud sounds like such a fucking nasely nerd fuck my life
Mark Gruhlke (7 months ago)
Thus guy wasn't that bad. You cucks in the comments are probably more annoying than this dude
Justin L. Creamer (7 months ago)
vBaku (7 months ago)
Mark Gruhlke For sure
James Yeow (7 months ago)
LOL lolicon over Futanari, what choices!
Rah Beats (7 months ago)
20:30 hebrew donation lel מהההה
sote ful (7 months ago)
every other word from this guy is bro or dude
h0rnyp0ny (7 months ago)
25:48 this guy.. ahahaa :D
JKU lab (7 months ago)
bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro
SebY (7 months ago)
I like Sydney
Kile McDaniel (7 months ago)
dude that guy was straight cringy
evidentsavant12 (7 months ago)
Shroud uses accuracy mod.
pratyushranjan bohidar (1 month ago)
why do I smell burn.
APEX (7 months ago)
Literally 4mins in and this guy made me get up and go outside. (Thats a rare thing)
bengolden2 (1 month ago)
APEX fuckin loser
Origin Media (7 months ago)
APEX bum
Bao Nguyen (7 months ago)
KHOAITO bị 28p40 :))
Aditya Rahmawan (7 months ago)
Cringe is real
Kenzi (7 months ago)
5 minutes in and this guy makes me want to smash my head in the wall
Pham Minh (7 months ago)
Sadly in AS and SEA they speak chinese so i hardly ever random here
Jeydan 〈3 (8 months ago)
Playing with randoms are so cringey
Thickfam989898 (7 days ago)
Jeydan 〈3 I cringe at social interraction
Darius (8 months ago)
1:17 Hello Where da fuk I am ? 1:35 Hello Where da fuk I am ?
Ash Scott (8 months ago)
I think he should play squads with randoms and not say anything on the mic. Just get their reactions when he starts wrecking everyone
Ash Scott (1 month ago)
And that will be funny
Francesco Mancetti (1 month ago)
and then they'll call him a cheater :/
Chops 234 (1 month ago)
And use a different account so they will not recognize the name. That would be funny.
Gerson Nuñez (8 months ago)
lmao when he sang " I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing " shoulda followed it up with " and I'm playing with Shroud and I don't believe ittttt" lmao woulda been lit
Vardeh (8 months ago)
Shane (8 months ago)
25:45 WTF?! I keep watching this how does he even see him???
sote ful (7 months ago)
Basefrq not to mention the creepy fake orgasm from the random after the kill
Shane (7 months ago)
That was just a straight up cs lucky smoke shot. Still takes immense skill to predict that though!
Tremo (7 months ago)
Thousands of hours playing shooters
Rewbin (8 months ago)
If you pause right when the nade goes off, you can see him stand up behind the crate, then you see him as he gets covered by the smoke, so he tries to get a lucky shot through the smoke, it was really hard to see though, but hes got better quality irl when watching than stream quality that we're watching, also watching it in 0.25 speed you can see him more easily
Shane (8 months ago)
luls nahh. But maybe there really wasn't anyone there.
Subject (9 months ago)
Anyone know his stream?
The Ace TroubleShooter (9 months ago)
Shroud didnt tell the dude about any of the loot he didnt need in that building.
WUGTi (9 months ago)
Couldnt finish the video because this dude was so annoying
Kuro Neko (1 month ago)
Yep... My thought.
Nathan Walker (1 month ago)
still better than justin
nukE RPER (6 months ago)
WUGTi gotta admit that guy was pure CRINGE
Ekman (7 months ago)
WUGTi i love him, shroud could be so lame to watch some times, this guy is making content
Littleman787 (7 months ago)
Surprised you can type with your head so far up your ass
Jeroen Koetsier (9 months ago)
This dude is fking funny.
Thickfam989898 (7 days ago)
Loud 💁🏿‍♂️ funny
Keith Wee (1 month ago)
Jeroen Koetsier hhhh
Tex Filin (9 months ago)
"why is your chat calling me cringe" Cause you're having a fucking identity crisis just because you play with Shroud. Damn this guy is awkward to watch.
SpoonceDaSpoon (7 months ago)
Stop copy-pasting the same cringey insult on everyone hating on the annoying guy lol
Littleman787 (7 months ago)
Surprised you can type with your head so far up your ass
lmao u kiddin (7 months ago)
I'm sure he wouldn't be better if u matched up with shroud :)
Shady (8 months ago)
Tex Filin come on, dont be too hard on him, he's a fanboy
Ravenous (9 months ago)
Tex Filin just because you play with the best streamer on twitch and the best PUBG player(that streams at least)
MarkH10 (9 months ago)
I listened to a little of this stupid stream, realized this immature fuqtard wont shut his mouth, and put a thumb down on it. I never want to see or hear from him again.
Tomas Bensch (7 months ago)
MarkH10 so why thumbs down his stream lmao
Littleman787 (7 months ago)
Surprised you can type with your head so far up your ass
Zefereth (7 months ago)
MarkH10 good riddance.
MarkH10 (7 months ago)
+sushil george Never shroud.
sushil george (7 months ago)
MarkH10 who shroud or the random?
- Molo - (9 months ago)
Loli or Futanari
Birthday Cruzer (8 days ago)
Kiddy (20 days ago)
Suhas Hegde why not, not my thing but fuck that lil femboy all you want
Suhas Hegde (20 days ago)
How about traps?
Kiddy (21 days ago)
Abhishek Singh (1 month ago)
Alloy T (9 months ago)
If i am shroud i wouldve teamkilled this sorry ass
weeb eviscerator (5 months ago)
Alloy T then you're a fucking retard
Alloy T (9 months ago)
This dude needs help
ZxChrono (9 months ago)
19:41 shroud curses him when he said that lol. Still lasted longer than Chad.
Bone Crusher (10 months ago)
Whatacoolguy (10 months ago)
this random is try hard
ezAK (7 months ago)
Almost everyone in the game is, ?
Wakabush4 (9 months ago)
Whatacoolguy and?
hyphrr (10 months ago)
lol i hope your ass gets claimed. fuckin piece of trash, taking shroud’s work and just uploading for your own profit.
rowen (10 months ago)
futanari v. lolicon had me rolling
Mohammad Khalyleh (8 months ago)
rowstyles and the fact that he didn't know what it was made it better
FreddyLE (10 months ago)
You litterally just downloaded and uploaded his VOD then you’re filling it with ads. Fucking disgusting
rushbcykablyat (8 months ago)
Actually not just youtube copyright issues, even online piracy is hard to stem out completely. But doesn't means that they don't care. And the cost of litigation usually outweighs the tiny revenue you may recoup.
rushbcykablyat (8 months ago)
x DeRosear Yup, so they care even if they haven't acted on it. So likewise in the case of content-stealing youtubers, imagine you're a full-time streamer yourself, and your income is affected mostly by the ones stealing your work with the highest traffic. Would you spend all you $$$ and time to sue every single one of them out there, including small channels like this one? Copyright litigation cost is not cheap btw. I mean, in other words there can be so many other factors and limitations as to why Shroud hasn't acted on this particular small channel, other than your assumption that in his mind he simply don't care at all about his contents being stolen...right?
x DeRosear (8 months ago)
rushbcykablyat not really. they’re acting on and trying to find him or putting in work to find clues. Or they’re just setting up where to kill the next black persons, you never know
rushbcykablyat (8 months ago)
x DeRosear According to your logic, as long as the police hasn't caught a criminal, then the police doesn't care about crime at all lol.
SanguineTheWolf (8 months ago)
Its the truth.
MrUFO4541 (10 months ago)
Site in intro is LIT :D i won huge there
Good guy (10 months ago)
lmao chad replacement
njuey (10 months ago)
"we're gonna slaught em " "where re we gonna drop?" "rozhok" zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Fredo Sinsemilla (8 months ago)
yeah a real pain in the ass
Thanh Duong (10 months ago)
Denny H (10 months ago)
Chaoso 9 (10 months ago)
UnstoppableFPS (10 months ago)
wow so cool!!! i envy you
alex Smith (10 months ago)
Chaoso 9 lol

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