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From Insanely Baggy Pants To Skinny Jeans: The Evolution Of Hip Hop Fashion

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www.takeflight214.com instagram.com/takeflight214 http://www.complex.com/style/2013/05/style-trends-started-by-rappers/white-tank-tops Since it's inception way back in the 80s, Hip Hop has shared a symbiotic relationship with the fashion world. What started as a way to showcasing local trends and fashion staples has bloomed into a powerhouse influence of haberdashery over the years. Originally fashion in hip hop was merely a way to show fans that you had money and you were dope boy fresh, or to turn the world on to the your local sneaker of choice. But as rap grew in popularity, more and more civilians began to take notice of the stlyings of their fav rapper.
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Jemarre Brown (5 days ago)
I'mma need a more in-depth video cuz this was entertaining af
childof83 (5 days ago)
street wear use to just be called urban fashion. There was a lot of underground brands in the mid 90s and early 2ks
Damion Ellis (13 days ago)
Tall t was the shit !!!! Idgaf I rocked the shit out that
Muana Fanai (17 days ago)
These so called Mumble Rappers n their wack unoriginal genre called Trap destroyed hip hop n it's fashion they change how hip hop was seen n change what hip-hop represent hip hop no longer represent struggle, hardship,ghetto,hood,motivation,ganglife etc..It now represent richess,money,hoes,jewellery,money,intoxicated stuff...Dey really destroy Hip hop n their so called style "Trap" ain't even real Trap muzik dey just called it Trap by themselves without any official recognition nnnnn da real Trap Muzik is a genre about life in da Trap( place of drugs dealing n ganglife) n the real Trap Muzik rappers talk about life in da Trap the hardship of living in da hood the violence n about making money by selling dope)...The real Trap Muzik rappers are Gucci Mane,Jeezy n TiP etc these self calling Trapstar like migos,future,Lil Uzi vert etc never even live in da Trap n sell dope they didn't experience da hardship of hood life n dangers of the street life they came from medium class family background n went to school like others kids n later just enter the Rapgame they didn't struggle much for their success n didn't start from the bottom dey start from the middle...
Anonymous Anonymous (27 days ago)
Why did u have to put a mumble rap song in the background lol
Saint David (1 month ago)
No mention of Reebok and G Unit? That was a huge Hip Hop fashion wave. Baby Phat? Phat Farm? This we’re everywhere.
Mr W (1 month ago)
Great video man
Josh Perez (2 months ago)
I still wear baggy clothes, always have always will. I just don't like tight ass jeans and small shirts, but whatever
Pepsi Blue (2 months ago)
Great content surprised you don't have a lot more views. Maybe we can collab on a video???
Take Flight 214 (2 months ago)
Pepsi Blue that would be cool let’s do it
ThaWord (2 months ago)
Nice vid. Missing the "Karl Kani" tho. Pac and Biggie wore that and so did most of us @ school in the 90's
Darth Vato (3 months ago)
I've never jumped on the current mainstream clothing trend but I do remember those baby Milo style hoodies and I wouldn't mind rocking one now
YouYouYou!!! (3 months ago)
Do one for sports. Westbrook, Cam Newton, Lebron ect
YouYouYou!!! (3 months ago)
You missed the mumble rap culture... Young Thug ect...
Take Flight 214 (3 months ago)
YouYouYou!!! Dam u right I did lol
YouYouYou!!! (3 months ago)
G Unit
Brian Avila (2 months ago)
My personal favorite brand ever bruh
azhqone (3 months ago)
Rappers today wearing the same clothes as my nieces do, it's a shame.. Even the music nowadays reflects the feminine side of rappers. I prefer the 90s rough rugged and raw look!
TopRouder (1 month ago)
Daniel H it does if they wearing blouses and purses ..
AL football (1 month ago)
+Daniel H nigga dont act like these niggas dont sag their skinny .
azhqone (2 months ago)
Daniel H hiphop had always been against the grain, but nowadays they look like girls or just like my (proper) next door neighbours.. (It just reflects the soft / poppy sound of nowschool hiphop). Same thing happened to the Punk-Rock culture. The point I’m making is that the 90s hiphop culture reflects the rawness in every aspect, the sound, the rougness, the flow and most def their clothes. It’s ok to sack your pants as long as you cover it with long shirts, not like sacking skinny jeans with short shirts above it, that doesn’t make any sense.
Daniel H (2 months ago)
wearing clothes that fit makes you look proper not feminine. if anything sagging your baggy jeans are more feminine then wearing skinny jeans (jeans that actually fit) since in prison guys would sag their pants to tell other guys that they are DTF.
azhqone (2 months ago)
Daniel H ok it doesn’t make you feminine, it makes you LOOK like feminine for sure!
I still rock Bagging Jeans, with Tall White Tee's and Fitting Caps (my favorite style)
Michael Bologna (3 months ago)
G' zy J (3 months ago)
Bro u need more subs
Take Flight 214 (3 months ago)
Phoenix 1-5 I agree lol u guys have to help me get there
Shan Belial (3 months ago)
black haru (4 months ago)
yo im doing vids called raptalk we should colab
Michael Bologna (4 months ago)
Keep rocking those big sizes. Tall tee steeze down to your knee. Wow, big sizes.
Uncle Abe (4 months ago)
Whats the title of that background song?
Pepsi Blue (2 months ago)
+Take Flight 214 like the video. The skinny jeans came from Harlem lil Wayne started to dress like juelz and jim jones after a few collabs. Fact
Nathan Cifuentes (4 months ago)
Take Flight 214 Migos sucks
Uncle Abe (4 months ago)
Take Flight 214 ok, thanks bro
Take Flight 214 (4 months ago)
BRTHR WVN Rick Flair migos
Angelic Felon (4 months ago)
Your videos never dissapoints 😎 Check out mine. Id love to know your thoughts 💪
David Beckham (5 months ago)
Baggy suits hip hop image more... skinny suits rocker and metal band
Daniel H (2 months ago)
the current aesthetic in Hip Hop is very Punk Rock, and Metalish, just look at 6ix9ine, he's not far off from the metal aesthetic.
Shan Belial (3 months ago)
David Beckham 100 percent agree
Switchblvdxx Judah (5 months ago)
I'm sorry but it will never make sense to wear baggy ass jeans
H Man (1 month ago)
baggy jeans are better than dick tight pants!
Shan Belial (3 months ago)
Make sense ,??? Lol street wear was baggy jeans .
Nathan Cifuentes (4 months ago)
K-Judah Israel Yes , Its aight Not too baggy
Michael Bologna (5 months ago)
From big sizes to little sizes.
Mike Brown (6 months ago)
Ecko Unltd., Thats my favorite brand, i still wear it
ChicagosM0stWanted (7 months ago)
Baggy jeans came out in the late 80's... Hip-Hop started with Skinny Jeans hands down. If you don't like skinny jeans than just say you don't like them and carry on but don't lie. Lying only disqualified your argument before you even finished your statement.
Dione Drummond (6 months ago)
ChicagosM0stWanted 😣
newbieshelper (7 months ago)
Skinny jeans doesnt suit black people and hip hop...baggy looks dope on black people
D A. G O A T (9 months ago)
It was the new boys who brought the skinny jeans out
Nathan Cifuentes (4 months ago)
John caldwell Faggot niggas Tights
John caldwell (5 months ago)
D A. G O A T (8 months ago)
Lol well you're welcome
Take Flight 214 (8 months ago)
DamnHeGotHeat OG dam I forgot about them

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