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Funniest CSGO Caster Ever! Rahim "Babam" Abdullaev

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Text Comments (39)
Krudson79 (1 year ago)
1:54 what the name of music??!
HopohoEZ (1 year ago)
are you fucking dumb
Leschwa89 (2 years ago)
Static Gaming (2 years ago)
GIVEAWAY ON CURRENTLY!!! Ends September 3rd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-vQjLouLnk
Vortech's Channel (2 years ago)
what games does he commentate now? majors?nbk?
Static Gaming (2 years ago)
He doesn't cast majors but I still see some CS casts by him.
Mr Kuzya (2 years ago)
wesmatron (2 years ago)
It's like watching TV with a mentally challenged sibling
Give him the nickname
Static Gaming (2 years ago)
Well a few days ago I saw this on 19K views and today I wanted to see if it reached 20K. I am so shocked at how this got 8K views overnight! Thanks to everyone who watched/liked/subscribed.
yak (2 years ago)
Ku_Ku Kill!
Vlad Slobodianiuk (2 years ago)
комментатор даун
Deimos (2 years ago)
The titanic bit, I was watching live for that.. It killed me, I literally died from laughing.
i see this live almost die from luff xD
Hakurei Reimu (3 years ago)
potato XD
Reversed Clips (3 years ago)
Nex close your´s facebook ... :D:D I´m Done :D
TGamer Hak (3 years ago)
Am i the only one who thinks that some of this players are wallhackers?
TGamer Hak (2 years ago)
+Swo RD nah I got no rank I lost cause I'm not playing cs
Lanto (2 years ago)
i just think you're silver
debbah (2 years ago)
Aybars6 (3 years ago)
Ada'm Türk mü
Egemen Çetin (1 year ago)
hayir amk adi rahim
Hamster Husch (3 years ago)
this isnt casting...
Cup (2 years ago)
+Hamster Husch describing the game while keeping it entertaining. I don't understand what casting is then.
Casper Fox Music (3 years ago)
what did you use to edit this in with?
LexalotHD (3 years ago)
Might have liked this type of casting when I was 12. My god, I would rather put needles in my ears than listen to his broken English for a whole game.
Armands Official (2 years ago)
Wow, laugh a bit bro, laughing is healthy. Be all serious for your whole life and youll die unhappy. Cmon mate.
Time Keeper (3 years ago)
+LexalotHD I tought that too, when he was casting a game, I was losing a bet on. But when I didn't bet anything. it was so idiotic it was funny.
Maxthedreamer (3 years ago)
Did he ever host a silver match? I NEED to see that.
Toomany Francis (3 years ago)
+Maxthedoomy he is a caster not a hoster nub
Veridian | Graphics (3 years ago)
The badly played flute recorder song is played by an anime character named Renge Miyauchi :ooo
Veridian | Graphics (3 years ago)
oops it sounds really similar, my bad :)
onefouR (3 years ago)
No it's played by an Australian comedian
Lucrio (3 years ago)
I have seen this guy before, cannot get enough :P
AusaR (3 years ago)
I need that duck+ "pararapapapam "song
AusaR (3 years ago)
+Static Gaming OMFG you did it... YOU DID IT! thx <3
Static Gaming (3 years ago)
+AusaR Cidinho & Doca - Rap Das Armas (Parapapapa)
Stefan Papdi (3 years ago)
at the start it was the best hahahHhahaahahhaahahahhaah THIS GUY MADE ME LMAFAO Nex is not human, procedes to give predator side effects and breathing noise hahaahah the songs before match start makaron etc... straight up hilarious
Static Gaming (3 years ago)
+Stefan Blargh my first time seeing him yesterday i could not believe he is a professional caster!

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