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Everything you need to know about the new Clubhouse - Rainbow Six Siege

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Clubhouse is getting a buff and so far, the changes look amazing! Clubhouse has always been a good map with two great bomb sites and 2 not so great ones. With this map buff, Ubisoft have addressed the key shortcomings of the map that made it so challenging for defenders. The roof hatches have been moved or removed, rotations have been made easier by adding a tunnel from the blue maintenance room, connecting the two sides of the second floor and reworking the bar/strip lounge connection. In addition to this there have been a number of minor strategic changes to the map and an overall graphical overhaul. Let's go take a look! Join me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/RogueN9 Discord! https://discord.gg/rogue-9 Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/Rogue.9er More Rogue-9! R6 Gun Guides: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7b_pqdIu5g&list=PLP2MwDk1r3q1A8z3g9f0OFj2O2sMLMVOa Battlefield 1: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP2MwDk1r3q3F7Oj-hF0EFFma-l2hy5UD R6 Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKnUwutkY4Q&list=PLeLOiIl8YNCy2RDJgY4rXRRgZ_v1T2SRg
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Text Comments (398)
gramblestump (3 months ago)
Well, it seems better for balance - but maps are becoming less distinctive with each buff - The Hong Kong map is just a big rectangular building and so now is this. Hereford will also follow and then House.
LEGO KANGAROO (3 months ago)
FuzzyThoughts (4 months ago)
Came for map knowledge Left knowing Evil Eye can troll Hibana
Stephen Rybecky (4 months ago)
those bars are called 2x4s
Frederick X. (4 months ago)
I was so lost when playing this map 😂
Samuel Novaton (5 months ago)
chost05 (5 months ago)
Have you noticed that they chanced the backrounds of many maps
XemPvP (5 months ago)
They ruined Clubhouse...don't @ me
plainbagel (5 months ago)
What Hibana weapon skin is that? 0:55
Klaus Herberg (5 months ago)
the old map was better. At first i thought this changes were cool. but after playing awhile on the new map i can say thats not the clubhouse anymore. it lost it charme and feeling. but most importantly it lost its soul
Rad Jamss (5 months ago)
Is it just me or does para bellum seem to be one giant defender buff?
Kevin McCondichie (5 months ago)
Damn my garage ladder. Had the best flanks climbing up that ladder when the attackers are entering garage to get to the armory. Now that it is stairs they are probably much more likely to drone the top.
Phil Smith Smith (5 months ago)
I wanna play house, plane and favela again! Bring them back to the ranked playlist
Kelly C (5 months ago)
Thanks for covering!
Artik Phantom (5 months ago)
It’s really nice that the map is going to be buffed. It is currently, (pre-Para Bellum) one of my least favorite maps because of the 2nd floor OBJs and the bar. Now, I think my opinion is going to change. Nice one R9
frank jaeger (5 months ago)
duke (5 months ago)
i thought that in the old club house there was no bathroom
Michael Shortt (5 months ago)
Gimme the Hereford buff
Jay Dee (5 months ago)
The real question is: "500 chickens, a'ight?"
Ancient Martian (5 months ago)
0:19 SAYS : " Making sure the LOOK & FEEL of the original map is kept intact " video : shows a squat toilet
asdasddd asdads (5 months ago)
I hated attacking garage, because enemies could just camp thr second floor and you couldnt get through to them if you didnt have a breaching charge
Bruce Wayne (5 months ago)
Welp.....there goes my FPS...
reaper (5 months ago)
damn this game looks beautiful on ultra preset but i prefer play with the lowest presets due to fps and smoothness
Rodrigo Araujo (5 months ago)
Can't stand all these vigo videos ads I keep seeing nevertheless the video itself about clubhouse was really good.
CaliBudds (5 months ago)
The only things I think need to be removed from this update are the vertical bars in the softwalls and the mattress/armory changes. Those were angles that helped defense, and taking away that ability to pre fire soft stuff or tight angles is dumb. If the fuck with kanal like that I'll be so mad I'll quit for 4/5ths of the season again.
Thorsten van Trottel (5 months ago)
The real question is: Why is there the 112 on the police cars? They got the number 110 in Germany. The 112 is for emergency and firefighters
Jeffrey A. Murphy Jr (5 months ago)
RIP glaz
Alex Soderholm (5 months ago)
My only problem is they are only going the route of competitive and leaving out the fact that so many players play this game for FUN and challenges. Like just cause it’s a little unbalanced doesn’t mean you can’t win, it means you have to be more skilled and have more map knowledge. Just saying 🤷🏻‍♂️
matt carnes (5 months ago)
I love the breakable window in garage that room wasnt a pain in an ass as is to defend now i have to worry about a fucking window while i camp yay
John Mc Keown (5 months ago)
It was always balanced as you get be to be attacker and defender, now the map just looks a bit boring. I loved the roof game and if you were a 3 speed defender you had so many options. With speed also reduced this just favours people with fast gun reactions and not good play style.
Julius Gil Yap (5 months ago)
Loving the change it actually does look totaly different for me for what im used to the original clubhouse now start to get used to those camera places and hatches
2Krash (5 months ago)
You sound like a national geographic narrator
Jack Foxer (5 months ago)
Am I the only one who wants a sons of anarchy easter egg?
Zach Cushing (5 months ago)
But why do the German police cars have the steering wheel on the left?
gray fox (5 months ago)
Did they re-suppress the SMG 12 on the tts?
Crusade Time (5 months ago)
Who da fook disliked this
Synyster Goose (5 months ago)
Shows how retarded people are. This is my favorite/ easiest map to flank/rotate on.
Jordan LaQuey (5 months ago)
pssssh i got 11 kills on this map most of them defending
Heretic 117 (5 months ago)
Ubi pls fix Favela
PelorusideA (5 months ago)
It’s Lost Voice Guy IRL.😂😂😂😂
Cynadote (5 months ago)
What is this new UI
Ezio Auditore (5 months ago)
What is club house? I only know theme park and oregon
random encounter (5 months ago)
Amazing, wish they did the same to the Yacht while it was out of rotation.
S. M. (5 months ago)
So they fucked the attackers by putting 2 new op defenders, and now they chsnge the map too...
Off the Addy (5 months ago)
I'm sad to see the roof top area go. I always attacked from there.
Illusions Might (5 months ago)
All of attackers have a acog except shotguns.
Houston Viva (5 months ago)
I don't like the bar and pool table change but everything else is good
Patrick Holmgren (5 months ago)
you can easily flank on the roof? like if obj is bedroom
Sean Marcum (5 months ago)
Three chee choke points
Boris Müller (5 months ago)
Wait... are you using extended barrel on the R4C?
Jooj Kooj (5 months ago)
That new room ruined my Mira spot
Ewan Gilmore (5 months ago)
Your voice pisses me off
Blacky Hamms (5 months ago)
Your accent is killing me I really want to know what you look like or where you are from you sound so smart and posh 😂😂👌🏽
Blacky Hamms (5 months ago)
Omg I can't believe you just replied to my comment life is complete your a siege god love your vids never stop making them 😁
Rogue-9 (5 months ago)
Does this help? https://youtu.be/iYunkU5sPm8
Kitchy (5 months ago)
This looks amazing. I’m really looking forward for Operation Dolmio Day
Multi Malware (5 months ago)
I remember back in 2016 when I commented asking if you could make a payday bid and you actually did and said my name in it you have came a long way man :)
Multi Malware (5 months ago)
My old name was Sticky fingers
Real Mardid (5 months ago)
I have mixed feelings towards this map
Mark Meier (5 months ago)
Really looks awesome
BeriY (5 months ago)
Rogue9 can you please make a video - title being : for every comment someone wrote " its 110 not 112 in Germany" I show a common pack or broken head shot :D
Rogue-9 (5 months ago)
I keep a bit of a highlight library... sadly there are not enough common packs or broke headshots to cover all the comments 🤣
Pro Jstax (5 months ago)
That moment when I’m new to the game and I just recently finally memorized the map
Kohlbraten (5 months ago)
German clubhouse plays english/american rock songs, interesting
AriomKirato (5 months ago)
More details? More like less fps
Just Broke (5 months ago)
I have to say I’m pretty proud of Ubi they’ve had their “hiccups” and still have some today but that time I think is coming to an end
Lord Niasse (5 months ago)
Please fix your voice.
Tobinski (5 months ago)
But "Clubhouse" is a german map so you have to call it CLUBHAUS
Frost Soul (5 months ago)
That bathroom has no privacy at all
Predator (5 months ago)
112 police???
semidecent_suxs (5 months ago)
Pete is that you???
CindersOfInfamy (5 months ago)
That window in the Garage on the catwalk is a mixed blessing. It'll make camping on the catwalk harder for defenders but it also adds a nice rotation for everyone.
Dirk Diggler (5 months ago)
Quick question about those toilets, in the stalls, you shit in those? How do they flush? Does it just sit there and pile up? I don’t know how you shit in that and I’m just rather confused
Tultwo2 (5 months ago)
Looks real fun
Murkky (5 months ago)
It's a map change not a buff lmao
halbGefressen (5 months ago)
It's also called rework
Fifa16 Goalz (5 months ago)
Bro are you a human or you using a computer voice or something
Angry Leprachaun (5 months ago)
Hey ive been getting unsubscribed from youtubers and you were one of them. Would you know why this is happening
Muhamad Aswin Subarkah (5 months ago)
yet still all of my teammte always rush the sec floor window just to get mowed down with mounted turret
Repocalypse (5 months ago)
Suicidaljello (5 months ago)
they need more new maps or update all the rest of the maps they are all getting stale
Legendary-SuN ak (5 months ago)
Owesoooooooome brrrrrlllllbrllll cant w8!!
Ragul Param (5 months ago)
I feel nostalgic about buffing club house feels like de_nuke(csgo) to me
FatHead Twopointoh (5 months ago)
When does Parrabellum launch
EqualsGamersPlus (5 months ago)
What makes me most excited is the fact that they managed to make it so they're gonna remake all of the maps, and help them take up less space, in turn letting the game take up less space, but also run better and look better!
ARC (5 months ago)
I'm happy they're buffing Clubhouse. All objectives have always been very attacker sided, aside from basement. Defending bedroom? Good luck with the 2 hatches covering 2 major rooms nearby along with the many soft walls and windows. Once the attackers have cut off the stairs, and had opened the hatches, there was never a way for defenders to win. Defending bar? Good luck with that too with its large, open area and minimal cover. Just adding the one room upstairs and separating up bar should even out the map a lot.
Bunker Bill (5 months ago)
Can't wait. Also want Hereford base!!!
Why Not (5 months ago)
This map gets me confused
Kaleb Bruwer (5 months ago)
What's with the toilets? I know they have those in the middle east, but last time I checked Germany wasn't in the middle east.
The Real Maskriz (5 months ago)
Kaleb Bruwer I saw one of those in a burger King in Verona, Italy
Steven C (5 months ago)
With a new season comes new glitches/bugs.
matt carnes (5 months ago)
Steven C i mean yes adding or changing assests will always give some bug or glitch
Lefteri Kapnisakis (5 months ago)
The new rooms will be super helpful on defense, but playing on the TTS, it does feel almost completely different
Vladislav (5 months ago)
So basically they took all the fun parts away and added some OP operators. WP Ubisoft
Master Th (5 months ago)
Nice Policecars, but they are not green, they are blue in germany.
BeriY (5 months ago)
Master Th some cars and uniforms are still green / yellow because they use old equipment
Rogue-9 (5 months ago)
I think the map is set in the past.
the one from no one (5 months ago)
Every time I played club house In ranked I never liked to play as defend but now I would be happy to play that map again
Mad Man (5 months ago)
Holy shit, is this the guy from Redwolf Airsoft? Edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_Ax0blFf-c If I'm wrong I'm sorry. ha.
Jon Ang (5 months ago)
0:19 you're going to want to really thoroughly wash that drone afterwards :l
ImDraconLion (5 months ago)
I truly understand why ubi is making these changes but I’m not looking forward to learning this map again. Who knows maybe I’ll love this map going forward but we’ll have to wait and see.
The Real Maskriz (5 months ago)
ImDraconLion So you'd rather have the same boring map.
ElMarto (5 months ago)
Dont know what happened in the bathroom, we have normal toilets in Germany 👀 (i mean the map is supposed to be in Germany, right? Correct me if I’m wrong)
BeriY (5 months ago)
ElMarto in German police stations you have such toilets for suicidel people or punks
Mister K (5 months ago)
Rogue-9 My guess is, so you can get into the cabin, use it as cover. Toilets like on Theme Park don‘t allow you to do that
Rogue-9 (5 months ago)
Hanover I believe. And they used the same toilet models as for the Border map. Why... I'm not sure.
Mister K (5 months ago)
ElMarto Yes it is in Germany, and the toilets design is for gameplay reasosn
Luke973T (5 months ago)
More hyped for this than the new map. Gives me hope for all of the older maps
xXPeanutJesusXx (5 months ago)
I used to really dislike clubhouse. But now I have a feeling that it is going to be one of my favourites
schlingus (5 months ago)
I saw your video about FOV, but you didn’t speak about 3:2. Is 3:2 not useless like the other ones?(4:3, 5:4, etc)
Robert Perry (5 months ago)
*sprucing up some old things ;P
Dan the Magic Man (5 months ago)
Clubhouse is my favorite map, and they are improving it? Yeah, I’m excited.
Diego Ochoa (5 months ago)
Wait hold up "flanking is not an option for defenders"???? What are you talking about??? I love when I'm defending objective on second floor. All you have to do is peak from the building that doesn't have objective and you're set. No one ever suspects it for some reason.
Diego Ochoa (5 months ago)
Honestly all it needed was no hatches imo :p

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