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CS:GO flusha (Fnatic) Unrealistic moves, VAC ban soon?

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Looks like flusha is cheating and should be on VACation, Sf and KQLY have already been VAC banned. Check them play here: http://youtu.be/XyqwNjd8Kcc Due to this both team Epsilon and Titan are removed from DH winter 2014. Copenhagen wolves and flipside took their places. Wonder which new team that will take Fnatics place at DreamHack -14. Hope you enjoy. Watch the original videos to judge for your self. Clip1: Fnatic vs Mousesports FragOut League Season 3 | watch: http://youtu.be/t7T73LARUMI?t=12s Clip2: Fnatic vs LGB eSports Quarterfinal Map 1 EMS One Katowice 2014 | watch: http://youtu.be/elUQh0JFF6g?t=51m8s Clip3: LDLC vs. Fnatic Game 1 - Arena Championship | watch: http://youtu.be/l-qer63Si9A?t=29m57s Clip4: LDLC vs Fnatic Caseking of the Hill Map 3 | watch: http://youtu.be/yfL0UP6cb_Q?t=17m13s Clip5: Natus Vincere vs. Fnatic Map 2 ESL One Cologne 2014 Quarterfinals | watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2wSHV5L0DY#t=1314 Clip6: Fnatic vs LDLC Fragbite Masters Season 3 | watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNcOqUa93B4#t=592 Clip7: Fnatic vs LDLC Fragbite Masters Season 3 | watch: http://youtu.be/TNcOqUa93B4?t=15m21s Clip8: Fnatic vs LDLC Fragbite Masters Season 3 | watch: http://youtu.be/TNcOqUa93B4?t=18m25s Clip9: Fnatic vs Hellraisers Fragbite Masters Season 3 | watch: http://youtu.be/lbNOqPVolso?t=5m1s Clip10: Fnatic vs Hellraisers Fragbite Masters Season 3 | watch: http://youtu.be/lbNOqPVolso?t=5m36s Clip11: Ninjas In Pyjamas vs Fnatic Grand Finals Dreamhack Winter 2013 | watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEuhCHb1dAM&feature=youtu.be&t=27m35s Buy Cheap Games! https://www.g2a.com/r/ofarlig Music by: Kevin Macleod Scheming Weasel slower (incompetech.com)
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Text Comments (4234)
PostScript Džīmeil (1 month ago)
rip flusha
Pedro (3 months ago)
good gaming chair, O N L Y 3 9 9
PixelBoi (3 months ago)
2:02 wtf
TheSimpleBob (3 months ago)
Ной (5 months ago)
lul have such moments any day
Mathias Lui (6 months ago)
I don't think you know how cheats or demos work
Xeno Fly (7 months ago)
i know this is old as shit but about the dust 2 thing on a he doesnt even lock on the head, he doesnt lock on to anything
Mad Assassin (7 months ago)
Who in the world will start shooting before aiming in enemy wtf so obvious aimlock.
ayy lmao (7 months ago)
The fnatic fan boys... agree with the demos, u cant deny that
Davis1337 (8 months ago)
E weri Weri feast flackShut
Alexander Burman (9 months ago)
Goddamn hilarious how this has 12k upvotes. Goes to show how many silvers are invested in the pro scene though.
Liviu Balas (9 months ago)
he has fking low sens foggot
Hydraks (9 months ago)
idk for the others ones but the 2 last clips wasn't cheating, a pro player could have these reaction time.
Suno (10 months ago)
this is stupid, why would you have aimlock if it didn't even aim on the person...
MadEyeMo :o (10 months ago)
1:50 isn't a good example but the otheres are ok and seem not legit
THITIPONG Rumngulueam (10 months ago)
Jack.S (10 months ago)
what's with the motion blur?
gvim80 (11 months ago)
inb4 VAC went total garbage
KaieTo 91 (1 year ago)
Fucking cheater Silent-aim
vincent gnanaraja (1 year ago)
2014: VAC ban soon????? its 2017 ending now xD
damian slotegraaf (1 year ago)
he is not even cheating just playing on sound and eyes or random shooting or wall back spots
Jerowm (1 year ago)
lol i think he just use his game sense
ツVille (1 year ago)
Still not banned yet hahha
adderall. (1 year ago)
jaymz (1 year ago)
alot of these clips is just 16 tick demo acting gay
DeathTrumpet (1 year ago)
Some of this clips are not even a fucking bit fishy
FinHunter 6 (1 year ago)
vac ban for flusha
Matthew Sanetra (1 year ago)
99% of them are because of the demo tick speed. Only 1% shows "actual cheats"
Leks (1 year ago)
1 tick server, that's why he take this kills 0:05
SaschaFPS (1 year ago)
2017 and this fat fuck have no vac jet
cRRashhh (1 year ago)
1 video is legit? Only luck..
R6LOGAN (1 year ago)
hey you guys do know that if you slow down any pro games youll see these thing 24/7 its just pure crosshair placement
Leon Lin (1 year ago)
no no one's gonna point out at 2:00 the caster calls him flooosha??
Luis Lux (1 year ago)
Minh LOL (1 year ago)
Ofarlig. Are you silver? This is totally legit
vKING (1 year ago)
demo tick 32
xanner999 (1 year ago)
Flusha isn't cheating, he just has heat seeking bullets and he lifts his mouse alot.
Death Hunter 102 (1 year ago)
1:58 warowl??
Laurens Houweling (1 year ago)
motion blur is killing me
Smail (1 year ago)
SPOILING ALERT: he got banned
AmigaSoul (1 year ago)
razhad zhafran (1 year ago)
heh, look at him now when his cheat is outdated. playing like an utter shits
Tim B (1 year ago)
aimlock.coz they cant use wh. most of them hack btw
René Weber (1 year ago)
pretty nice hack
Bozi (1 year ago)
putovoador (1 year ago)
the only strange one was at 1:40
nemanja pejcic (1 year ago)
That thing at end like WTF
Dominik Lipavský (1 year ago)
This fckn cheater omg..:D
Snapson PL (1 year ago)
this is tick
Human Grunt (1 year ago)
yep, he is cheating, stop trying to defend him
DeroFastGame (1 year ago)
BAD ASS (1 year ago)
alvin ma (1 year ago)
I dont get it why dont tournament just use a bran new computer for the team to use? and no warm up only before the match? make's it way easier and no mobile near any of the players
SpicyAsian (1 year ago)
I personally don't think he's hacking. Sometimes players will place their crosshairs because of just crosshair placement, noise cue, teammate callout or just a lot of other stuff. I can't confirm that he's not cheating but there are some clips on here that are just pros being pros like the two clips from mirage. One where he's in ct and the guy jumps up... flusha could see the dude and hear him so he just sprayed and got lucky and on the one where he was on b site and got two kill spraydown he also got lucky. His spray isn't always perfect so his bullets go off to the side and such.
Petar Konjikovac (1 year ago)
hiko haka 2
LOL (1 year ago)
i dont think so,use headset and look the map,, you noob !
GekoPoiss (1 year ago)
lol, not a single person that thinks he's hacking could beat me in a 1v1. The better you become at this game the more you're able to see how painfully mundane all these clips are and how the creator of this video was completely unknowledgeable and oblivious.
Lox1z (1 year ago)
This is one of a lot of normal videos where the one who made it just took every moment he happened to draw his croshair pass a enemie while looking around his area and all the moments he gets kills in the video it's just of the spray nothing fishy
Majtzy (1 year ago)
if you really 100% think flusha is cheating you are a bad player.
Gio (1 year ago)
he is pro..you are noob :/
Human Grunt (1 year ago)
he is *hacker
Ruben Ferreira (1 year ago)
how the fuck flusha be hacking in front of peapole!!! in front of him friends!!!
BETOXIC (1 year ago)
Ruben Ferreira are u retarded?
EskimoGazelle (1 year ago)
fuck this motion blur
Joardy 124 (2 years ago)
16 tick but still he locks on heads in some rps....
Soarin Skies (2 years ago)
Jesus fucking Christ I mean some of those weren't as bad but the ones where he aimlocks through walls has me concerned that he might be cheating
Minecraft Kox (2 years ago)
dzięki za muzę w 0:46 przypomniałes mi bardzo fajnego youtubera który lubi mleczki :)
Minecraft Kox (2 years ago)
dzięki za muzę w 0:46 przypomniałes mi bardzo fajnego youtubera:)
вσcιмιя (2 years ago)
Saberhap (2 years ago)
Could be just decent pre-aim...
ZeNO LINDOW (2 years ago)
he is lucky aimlock wallbang (me too. i go to replay and i'm aimlock wallbang)
FullOilBarrel (2 years ago)
i seriously dont think hes cheating
Sproket_ (2 years ago)
When WarOwl calls him "Floosha"
DarkyHood (2 years ago)
The most suspicious part is when he aim-locked at palace then tried hiding it by checking the box on ct that was so obvious and made me realize he is cheating, Like WHO WOULD BE STANDING THERE.
1984 celik (2 years ago)
Lift ur fat punk u paid 1 guy to make a unique aimlock vac does t know the code. Fuck u flusha piece of shit. U allways check him life wehen he is gaming in the arnea u will find 1 hot key must in front of movement botons or mouse
1984 celik (1 year ago)
maul du affe
Kayron Brown (1 year ago)
1984 celik on behalf of you English is the hardest language now
Ajaks (2 years ago)
So the csgo community thinks, if you ever aim at someone through a wall you are instantly cheating.
Rasmus (2 years ago)
"Instantly" k...
Darake T (2 years ago)
Meashling precisely
Evans_ N (2 years ago)
It's luck me boy...
Idontreallycare (2 years ago)
blur motion to much
alex 4rex (2 years ago)
Some look just like luck, others could be smart too and on some he could see parts of the enemy/spot him. Maybe he heard the enemy in some other cases too. To be honest im quite sure everyone and every pro has those moments from time to time and he doesnt look that suspicous in my eyes. I could be wrong but thats what i think
RandyLeftHandy (2 years ago)
I'm with you. These guys are also most likely on adderall when they play, so they're really good players with a chemically decreased reaction time.
Anj (2 years ago)
lmfao bros these guys play on like 0.001 sensitivity and have to drag their mice across half the table to aim, and then they lift their mice and reset to swipe again. that's just coincidence, +16 tick
jesmon ong (2 years ago)
all noobs, don't you guys know there is a thing call recoil
TheDarkOne629 (2 years ago)
Everyone is hacking. You are hacking, my cousin is hacking, everyone in the comment section is hacking.. I am hacking (and I don't even play)! Btw. that's called sarcasm ^^
Ledivek Sama (2 years ago)
is he and jw vac banned already?
Oik Mijn Loly (1 year ago)
Ledivek Sama no because no cheat is no ban
OdhYsaT (2 years ago)
ummm mirage aimlock to the legs ? ... na thanks
Ekonomitentor (2 years ago)
Whole video just 2 suspicious scenes, 0:10 & 0:55. Most people who call VAC are either bad at the game or havent played enough hours to see shit like this happen to themselves
Nice Meme (2 years ago)
Hes using psilent + custom fov. This is where it hits shots which are like this.
Rick (2 years ago)
Of Course it's his gamer chair, no hacks
Marek Špína (2 years ago)
Fuck ban for you noob bez cheatu ani ranu lamko
Mihnea (2 years ago)
Flusha is bad
benney boy (2 years ago)
hahahahah the last one hahahaha omfg ... only flusha is good enough to kill without aiming at i guess. seriously what does it take to get ban at thisd game ? 5 kill from spawn under 2 sec ? ridiculous
Buse Marci (2 years ago)
He don't get vac because he is not hacking.
Luis (2 years ago)
He has the Best headphones of the planet, by NASA
GangsterAnkan (2 years ago)
He is hacking when he is shoting beside them i gets the kill and he got wallhack
Pythagorean Theorem (2 years ago)
GangsterAnkan How is he hacking? if you watch pro matches, almost all of them has their crosshair on the other teams head once in a while through the wall, and theyre not hacking
Napoleon4.0 (2 years ago)
Are you 5? TF is your spelling and like English for that matter.
Chris Kleiner (2 years ago)
You see it better when you slow down the slowmotion.. It locked perfectly... Its no doubt about it that he is a cheater!
frappy (2 years ago)
Steven Lynch (2 years ago)
I think flusha is cheating but some of these clips doesnt show that he is. whoever made the video probably only played cs when go was released.
Robert Brainard (2 years ago)
I think flusha cheats just because his statement about winning to please his sponsors. Lets be honest, he talk about playing cs 1.6 and cs go, i've played cs since 1.4 he cheats. He's using some kind of aimlock that allows him to lock on to enemy players which is a wallhack or aimbot. To please a sponsor, if he's just a average joe might be hard but sometimes people will use programs to help themselves play better in order to do better. A cheater is still a cheater, I've lifted my mouse a lot while playing cs go and i've never been as accurate and precise through walls like flusha. But I'm realistic, if he doesn't cheat, then drop it. CS GO needs to start putting keyloggers and camera in every direction of the player, so if they are found to be using a program to win, well they should be taken out back, beating half to death and then arrested for fraud.
Jakub (2 years ago)
i think KennyS have trigger...right? And Scream aim lock.
peter (2 years ago)
No... Kenny and screaM are just amazing players...
Fish Fish (2 years ago)
mon1tor (2 years ago)
Define "soon".
Pjoter (2 years ago)
Next video to RIP [*] rly you think he have cheat?
ChriZ (2 years ago)
If you watch closely his crosshair isnt on them or on their heads.
Victor Deconinck (2 years ago)
ChriZ thats the thing of aimlock..
Jnsss - Fortnite (2 years ago)
Forest cheating : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyuHXSs_E30&list=PLolzHJ_EoFrfijnPRxiBgAIeueTAL-NQ7&index=3
PI TAGORE (2 years ago)
smart ass, has nothing to do with the hitbox its just because he was watching the demo retard piece of shit
Krusell1994 (2 years ago)
+Anil ala playa sure man... i bet you have a ton of expierince with coding hacks for csgo

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