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We got a PUBG Crate worth $2500! For details on how to win the same crate items, go to: www.rog.gg/pubglootcrate FULL PLAYLIST of ALL my videos → https://goo.gl/mMhnLd Horror games → https://goo.gl/Yatsta Squad Gameplays → https://goo.gl/F13AIO Get updated with What GLOCO does: FaceBook → https://facebook.com/GLOCOgaming Twitter → https://twitter.com/GLOCOgaming Twitch → http://www.twitch.tv/glocogaming Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/glocogaming Personal FB profile → https://www.facebook.com/gianlois.concepcion Hang out with me at our DISCORD channel → https://discord.gg/PeenoiseRealm Buy Your favorite games for up to 90% off! Visit → https://www.g2a.com/r/gloco Get Partnered now with Freedom! MCN, the #1 network for youtubers → https://www.freedom.tm/via/GLOCO
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GLOCO (4 months ago)
HOW COULD I FORGET to thank ALL OF YOU, my viewers!~ ASUS and Nvidia wouldn't have trusted me if it wasn't for your awesome support <3 Arigathanks~ X3 MAke sure you continue to LIKE and Share the videos para mas marami ma-umay sa akin XD
Ryan Orencia (3 months ago)
GLOCO akin nalang luma mong pc
Aj Marbella (3 months ago)
no welcome lodi Gloco
Cahanap P (3 months ago)
Ganda nung ek9 honda civic sa gilid
Jm Gla (3 months ago)
GLOCO give away haha
Earl Justin Bustamante (3 months ago)
GLOCO laro ka ulit mobile legends pls.🙂😅
Pritong _ Manok (11 days ago)
3:38 did i just heard ddlc???? NANI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Drawingboredaf (13 days ago)
Shitty clickbait
Stefan Stanojevic (1 month ago)
is fake
lamar p1111 (1 month ago)
Akin lang young bag 😂😂
KYRIE IRVING (1 month ago)
Killer Chrome (2 months ago)
bobo ka tanga ka potangina mo gloco=bobo
Amadeuschs Cristo (2 months ago)
alex jr gamer Javier (2 months ago)
Haha wow😃😃
cat cat (3 months ago)
Glocopai howd you become an youtuber
BDXI (3 months ago)
Ay pohta gloco nag kasya lahat sa crate lol
Deãď p00l (3 months ago)
Gloco Senpai I think I will die seeing those things inside my room if only I have the money 😂😂😂
Izuku Midoriya (3 months ago)
Naks naman gloco! Now all that is left is to train your skills and be shroud. Si Shroud ata walang monitor na ganyan ka beast eh
Monniemon YT (3 months ago)
Pano nag kasya yung Monitor😂😂
Tsuna Kun (3 months ago)
DDLC music in the backround
grim stein (3 months ago)
SCRUMB (3 months ago)
susunod naman 1080ti :( kahit 1030ti pwede na sa akin lol, hirap talaga yumaman, tapos laki ng monitor shit! btw ano specs mo
Blueberry Cubes (3 months ago)
Dat doki doki soundtrack tho
Blueberry Cubes (3 months ago)
Dat doki doki soundtrack tho
Ian F (3 months ago)
Your background music is from Doki Doki Literature Club.
Vainglory - Quantum889 (3 months ago)
Pasend po link ng gtx 1080 para madownload ko na
roland lacson (3 months ago)
Your wall is full of sound foams
roland lacson (3 months ago)
sunod naman yung lama sa fortnite
тнιrdz (3 months ago)
John Jayson Brigoli (3 months ago)
jr kun (3 months ago)
sana lahat :(
Astig ng edit😂🤘
鎳isAck (3 months ago)
Big tym
Jb 3d (3 months ago)
Ganda ng loot mo pre!
Jay Moreno (3 months ago)
Cant watch too much jelo..
Paulo De Belen (3 months ago)
Just Clyde (3 months ago)
1:53 *Ali A Intro*
Gaming Turtle (3 months ago)
Give away HEAD PHONES!!!
Treepy (3 months ago)
WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!! ilove it sir glocooooooo <3
Psycho Nii (3 months ago)
GOP nik (3 months ago)
Sana ganito magdeliver ang lazada
raphz (3 months ago)
Basta pinoy gamers mas maganda pa ang gaming set up kaysa sa bahay
The Red Rebels (3 months ago)
Small asf
Th3 Dark Z3RO (3 months ago)
Make a setup video
josiah caymol (3 months ago)
i wish i could have that gpu🙁
Karma Si bitch (3 months ago)
Rog swift pg258q hahaha nahalata ung pag cut ng video di naman siya kasya jan ea
Ley 2.0 (3 months ago)
Haha nicue
Philgamer_ 309 (3 months ago)
Boi ngayon ko lang na realize na PANG DOKI DOKI YUNG BACKGROUND MUSIC😂😂😂
Can we hit 1000 subs? (3 months ago)
Akala ko troll,legit pala😂😂😂
Janny Diez (3 months ago)
I thought there's a gun in the crate
Bunny Playz (3 months ago)
*where did u bought that keyboard ;-; looks sick*
MYSTERIOUS CHILD (3 months ago)
Totoo bang free yang crate na yan.
FuZzy FuZz (3 months ago)
Dude you cant even fit that monitor inside that crate?????
iZuckerz Mobile games (3 months ago)
140 or 144hz?
xXJustinXx 2425 (3 months ago)
Doki doki literature club backround music lolz
Zy Borg (3 months ago)
What about NASA's monitor??
TwinskiDude (3 months ago)
I wish i have any of those :<<
Dave Rovil Tangcuangco (3 months ago)
Nheo Dazes on Games (3 months ago)
Pagive away ka boss hahaha
MeMe gOD (3 months ago)
Next loot box sa free fire
Ray Cabel (3 months ago)
No One Know Me (3 months ago)
putang ina
Than PRZ (3 months ago)
Trying hard mag english
Zapdos Legendary (3 months ago)
Pa gift ako pubg sa steam pls
GOSURF50 GT (3 months ago)
Supply is reel
Emmanuel Christy (3 months ago)
ZED THE UNFORGIVEN (3 months ago)
parang tv ung monitor ahahhahah
Sanjo Cruz (3 months ago)
Kakasalsal na baliw na
Joshie Sings (3 months ago)
I meant to say pewds jr
Joshie Sings (3 months ago)
Hey gloco I love your videos keep up the good work Leeds jr
Death Star (3 months ago)
Naadik na sa pubg si gloco haha
july lorica (3 months ago)
uwu :< kainggit
louis Andrei Bautista (3 months ago)
Pa click po ng link salamat http://takingwork.com/?work=107808 Ps. Di to spam trabaho lang
Galvyn John Dela Cruz (3 months ago)
Akin nalang po luma mong com
Khristian Paull Gaspar (3 months ago)
NO!!! akala ko gaming house 2 hahaha!
Khristian Paull Gaspar (3 months ago)
shittt the new house!!! :)
Elizabeth Cruz (3 months ago)
Engleshero ka na gloco ha
ZOEIS (3 months ago)
pota gloco ano to ryan's toy review
JohnEmilbertPH (3 months ago)
Kala ko kar98 k laman eh hahahah 😂 tsaka scar
No Name (3 months ago)
New subs here hehehe nakakatawa po pla kyu hahahaha thumbs up👍👍👍 btw ang ganda ng pc mo hahaha nakaka inggit
PRO R4ZΣL (3 months ago)
Ddlc background
thatkidtho (3 months ago)
ToKSiX zkie (3 months ago)
Purchase ASUS GeForce GTX1050 grabe tapos grand prize ganyan yung loot grabe GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAABEEEEEEEEEE
IT IS JUST J.A.M. (3 months ago)
Donate ng old stuff!
OofersUnite Pubg (3 months ago)
Teka sa doki doki ba backround music?! 😂😂😂
mystcallduty Lit (3 months ago)
Helllo gloco og po since 60k pa po ako yung train to busan parody ninyo nag tagal ko po nag intay ng episode 6 lol pashout po #glocoarmyog
Jm Gla (3 months ago)
Giveaway hahah
KurtFromPH malit (3 months ago)
hala may create na hahahahaha
Andrei Caporal_16 (3 months ago)
Hmmm i think we got clickbait
DARK NATION (3 months ago)
Gloco anong internet connection mo
DM CUBER (3 months ago)
Ineexpect ko laman nung crate mga baril pano mo ipamlalaban sa pubg mga speaker at monitor? Ihahampas mo?
Luer96 (3 months ago)
Swerte mo talaga GLOCO!
Raphael Adrian Recondo (3 months ago)
A 1070ti is basically an 8gb version of the 1080ti
Raphael Adrian Recondo (3 months ago)
Fusion 700 is already out
Aira Manola (3 months ago)
Late rp update ni nhil haha
XxxKevinXDxxX (3 months ago)
Golden Donut (3 months ago)
tangina nag kasya lahat
wazz supp (3 months ago)
Northface + pubg= luckiest living organisms
Dominic Maliksi (3 months ago)
0:35 the EG6 and EK9 tho XD
Jiego Mariano (4 months ago)
Level 1 backpack
Killer Orange (4 months ago)
Akin na lang Ung Extra nyo pung Cpu plsss
Killer Orange (4 months ago)
Sponsored by PUBG hahahah
Edrian Parica (4 months ago)
Bagong setup ba
mik conding (4 months ago)
Gloco your so awesome I wish I have a pc like that or something way cooler but congrats to you.

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