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Final Fantasy IX Strongest enemy in the game ( Not Ozma Hades Necron Tantarian)

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Even though the title subliminally indicates the opposite of what it claims to present, it is not supposed to. I am as serious as I could possibly be: The friendly Yan is in fact FFIX's strongest enemy, in terms of its stats and in terms of its behavior in battle. Beating the friendly Yan without characters whose stats have been increased to their limits while simultaneously having to resort to both the most useful Support Abilities (Auto-Regen is FFIX's custom infinite HP cheat...) and abilities that deal damage regardless of the enemy's defensive stats (Thievery, Dragon Crest, Frog Drop, Limit Glove, Dark Matter) is most likely the greatest battle challenge FFIX has to offer. Interestingly, the friendly Yan does not only counter all attacks, provided they ever connect, but it also spontaneously assaults one's party if one does not give it a Diamond soon enough. Incidentally, the friendly Yan is the only friendly creature that does not flee when it is attacked. Moreover, it is the only one which one can defeat as often as one desires to (easily) acquire 50 AP in a single battle and to obtain Rosetta Rings without having to pay for them (at least not in a pecuniary sense). Tracklist: 1) Hymn of the Fayth (FF X OST) 2) Birth of a God Remix (FF VII OST) http://www.mediafire.com/?cp4961u92fq363g 3) Tango of Tears (FF VII OST) 4) Hailfire Peaks (Banjo-Tooie OST) 5) Dancing Mad (FF VI OST) http://www.mediafire.com/?abrcrj9d422231b
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Text Comments (1263)
akuafiqali puddin (2 days ago)
That is how you to make a barbeque
Kvass Man (5 days ago)
Johnny Tochimani (7 days ago)
Could have done without ffx music. And without 7s remix. And for that, you fucked up. So no like for you.
muhammad faturrahman (10 days ago)
IM use bot in ff9 hehe
muhammad faturrahman (10 days ago)
Hehe that high mobs but i cannt got him.. thanks for info cute..
Kirk Villaruel (14 days ago)
Lol that Yan is strong
Da'marius Wingfield (15 days ago)
Anime Manga (17 days ago)
This is one headbanging ass sheep at 8:18 he gets down. Now I want this all powerful cute little sheep as a pet lol but I dont even have one diamond dang it 😂. WORSHIP THE SHEEP!
Paul Lavoie (20 days ago)
I never once thought about fighting these little guys lol
Mark r (24 days ago)
Whoa I didn't know this thing was like a secret boss I just gave it the diamond and never saw it again
Σcκz (26 days ago)
Bahhhh barely tickles...
Bryce193 Melton (1 month ago)
He is a friendly enemy, that doesnt count, cause no ones gonna fight a friendly except you, so Ozma is still the strongest enemy in the game : )
zgameoverz (1 month ago)
he is not the hardest.... he only use baahhh skill....can't even kill any of ur members... as long as u have the right equipment and build..
Christian Yarrington (1 month ago)
Lol, I grinded these guy's from level 80-99XD
Christian Yarrington (1 month ago)
Then around LV 85 I tried to take on ozma the same way and got fucked up, theses guys are very manageable if you know what your doing unlike ozma we're it's almost pure luck
Zach Martinez (1 month ago)
It's funny because the devs obviously intended to make the fight impossible. But of course the one thing game devs should know is that players will ALWAYS find many ways of breaking the game and finding potholes in places the dev was "so sure" they had accounted for everything. So in this case, I think the devs knew this and programmed in a reward for beating the boss just in case it were somehow possible.
Diamond Dust (2 months ago)
What is the music?
Donnie Dhonz (2 months ago)
Difference of opinion. Yes if you compare Friendly Yan's stats to Ozma, the latter is weaker. But Ozma is more dangerous and Friendly Yan is not aggressive. Ozma is the most unique enemy in the game because he lacks ATB. In your first fight, you may not kill the Yan but you can survive for long whereas Ozma will not waste a turn to murder your party.
bill BILLYBILL (2 months ago)
I dont think Baaah is a physical attack..notice how the two highest defence characters died first....looks like a magical attack to me
Brendan Goodell (3 months ago)
Wow saved the world and everything and get killed by a goat.... hmmm nope got nuthin on this!
Kennedy Cheung (3 months ago)
Remake with FF15 engine please
I care do you (4 months ago)
Diamonds are a Yans best friend lol
GD Chris/Regret4fall (4 months ago)
Captain Adelbert Your Ad, Princess Could, Be Here Qen, and ! One of the best thieves
Nomer Ignacio (4 months ago)
comedy hahahahahah!!!!😂😂😂😂😂
Caleb Franklin (4 months ago)
That hymn of the faith in the beginning was amazing btw...gotta rep FFX no matter what lol
Darjaboo (5 months ago)
If only you could defeat him by simply giving him an item....
paul13nov (5 months ago)
Yan: give me a diamond Rusty: hold my princess *strikes yan with diamond sword*
TangerineGroovin (5 months ago)
how is your atb going up so fast?
Thomas Shaw (5 months ago)
Quina- catch 99 frogs- frog drop Dagger- synth 99 garners- bahamut Freya- kill x amount of dragons- dragon crest Zidane- steal 2000 items (I think)- thievery Over in 2 waves
C Smith (3 months ago)
Thomas Shaw Zidanes thievery increases by 15 for every successful steal (including Marcus steal) you need to steal 667 for max damage With Freyas dragon crest it increases damage by 100 for every dragon type enemy you kill you need to kill a 100 dragons for max damage Quinas frog drop damage is based upon the amount of frogs you catch Times by quinas level It is easier to gain aquariums and power up lethavion
nezkeys79 (5 months ago)
So its a magic pot lol
nezkeys79 (5 months ago)
If its easy to obtain rosetta rings and 50 AP from it as often as one likes, how is it also FF9s hardest enemy? I agree tho that auto regen is fkin OP in this game..pretty much 5% hp every 2 seconds i saw
power dice (5 months ago)
i accidentally challenge this Yan in Disc 3 😅 haha. Zidane and others were just level 50-60. U know the result?. of course annihilated. 😂 hahaha
Alexander Biasin (5 months ago)
Idk man, ozma is hitting you with Status effects. This dude is just raw damage and silience... And he goes at a normal rate compared to ozma... Ozma I feel still takes it as more challenging
Zevilk Arcano (6 months ago)
Can we still fight him after giving him the diamond ?
XeroKynos (6 months ago)
Zevilk Arcano No.
fatshady 92 (6 months ago)
Cole (6 months ago)
you're wrong. yan is level 72.
David Medford (6 months ago)
If the yan couldn't use the snort ability, he wouldn't be hard at all
Joshua Peppars (6 months ago)
That's a strong lil bastard !!!
hundredpercentjuice (7 months ago)
(At least not in a pecuniary sense) That's a great line.
Lets Watch Anime!! (7 months ago)
Friendly Monster: "Give me a Diamond!" Party: "what a CUNT!" Friendly Monster: "Bahhh!"
Teddy bucks (7 months ago)
your ad could be here !? XD
Sick Duck (8 months ago)
How people explore in this game? You just ignore the story, or you don't complete the last mission and go from there? I remember completing the story and only then realize that I cant go back and explore.
MarkeusTV hd (2 months ago)
Sick Duck dont go to Iyfa tree in disc4.. So dont finish the game lol
km_1911 (8 months ago)
It’s only hard if you handicap yourself...try fighting Ozma the same way and you’d get wrecked 9.5 times outta 10
hawjsta (8 months ago)
How O.P auto Regan was lol
Kers A HerpaFuqer (8 months ago)
Same the character Names, just HAD to like
sonofx5l (8 months ago)
Ozma still wins lol. I've killed those easier than ozma, especially if you go in not knowing wtf you're about to get stomped by lmao. For Ozma to be not insanely difficult you have to have the perfect party setup, ohand luck. Lots of that luck stuff.
Jentasy (9 months ago)
MY AD??????
James Gravil (9 months ago)
How did you get 99 Dark Matter?!
GamersDecision (9 months ago)
3:36 proves how he cheated his game. He has 99 hammers and 99 dark matters
christoffer Gustavsson (10 months ago)
How could you ! kill friendly Yan
phoenix ikki (10 months ago)
Yes hard to take this little one i was thinking to farm this little monster for AP but his baaaag counter really make it hard.....
Abrar Reza (10 months ago)
This guy..... is the REASON regen is broken in this game!
Blue Moon (11 months ago)
Really why did you give up
Leberon Jamames (11 months ago)
i'd still say ozma is much trickier to beat
Lord Yamcha (11 months ago)
Give it A Diamond!
Dancing mad fits perfectly Eternal Darkness
brandleesee (1 year ago)
shite, didn't realise the Friendly Yan is aches stronger than the common Yan
RhyXion (1 year ago)
Ahh that little fuzzy bastard. Whoops my ass errytime.
Dishrack (1 year ago)
Fucking Yan
andrea piro (1 year ago)
aren't these mobs supposed to be your way to 99? XD FF9 has no strong bosses..
Rene Aensland (1 year ago)
I Liked for the custom names. Good one man.
noily (1 year ago)
just kill it with a cheat
Yuubi Timberwolf (1 year ago)
Mhhhh, Dancing Mad...good music choice!
Hackedtower (1 year ago)
Ozma deals much much damage. This just takes really long.
P K (1 year ago)
Never have I ever.... Been jumped by a sheep for a fucking diamond. *Drinks*
Funhow123 (1 year ago)
Oh no! YOUR AD AND ! Are KO
Shadow Umbreon (1 year ago)
Just give him a diamante.
Alfina Sherufynaizi (1 year ago)
i would of just given it the diamond XD screw that.
ノッブ (1 year ago)
i never met this little guy in the game
Spizzle Gaming (1 year ago)
Nice vid didn't know that, always found ff9 to easy but gona give this a go next run tho
rave xxx (1 year ago)
njiir..nostalgia gw :v
Kelvin Khoo (1 year ago)
How the hell did you make the magic stat up to 99
Cynical (1 year ago)
Yeah those things will murder you even the regular ones their comet spells. Im not sure but i think you can death spell them (white ones) or death atk I think? I know demi hurts them quite a bit too after some damage. I used to lvl up by grinding these (the white ones at least) back in the day. This one I dont really remember much. Whenever I see those good monsters I usually give what they want. Since I dont remeber getting annilated by this I probably did give it a diamond.
AtomicTinCan (1 year ago)
"I will use your corpses to make a diamond" -Yan probably
Peeker 1979 (1 year ago)
Man, even as you are attempting to kill him he's still like, GIVE ME A DIAMOND
A203D (1 year ago)
Not sure why Steiner is there. Quina's Frog Drop, Zidane's Thievery and Freya's Dragon's Crest offer unblockable damage at 9999 when you meet the criteria. Something I liked about the game is that you can put a lot of effort into powering up their moves and see enemies with powerful defences take a real batterring.
1Sandwitch1 (1 year ago)
that's not a physical attack, that's a spell it cast on you.....how do you not know the difference?
Thomas Morato (10 months ago)
1Sandwitch1 Arent you a dumbass.
Jeffrey Fitzpatrick (1 year ago)
lequack86 (1 year ago)
Dislike due to begging for an advertising sponsor.
Códigos Eficientes (1 year ago)
It's easy to defeat this: simple use the mustard bomb's Quina spell on it.
Mike Custer (1 year ago)
That last track sounds straight up out of ultimecias castle.
Ballad of Berets (1 year ago)
I like the banjo kazooi music
Daxter250 (1 year ago)
well, for me the most annoying one is still hades.
Summon Odin. Instant kill on luck
Chrono (1 year ago)
oh look another ff9 video with someone cheating using gameshark for those stats as they arent legit.
DeltaRay (1 year ago)
farming Ap from him now
Arthur Newton (1 year ago)
For those wondering, Frog Drop does damage based on the number of frogs you catch. You can also get badass items, I've heard.
ruser0084 (1 year ago)
So the result is same (in terms of points and items received) The lesson learned here.....peace is the best option...
NinesOwnGoal TouchMe (1 year ago)
Youre just dumb
Brad Milburn (1 year ago)
Would of loved to see a scan first.
Minusluck (1 year ago)
the player who did this cheated for clear because of the item that he did not loot ahahahah and the excalibur 2 is really hard to get even for a ff9 player since
Jarczenko (1 year ago)
zaitsuken xdd
Kegan The White Mage (1 year ago)
I would want to put a fight for exp and gil
Atreus Blackward (1 year ago)
why fuck up birth of a god by speeding it up???? it was already perfect.
Niko The Arms Dealer (1 year ago)
Pardon me, sir. I'd like to inquire about the ad space you have available.
Ray E (1 year ago)
Hmmm.. how did you get Dagger to do 6000 with Ark? I believe his Magic defense is 255... Ark's highest power can be 205 (with 99 lapis lazuils). I know Friendly Yan is weak to Shadow but that shouldn't really account for much of a difference in damage. (205 - 255) = less than 1, so 1 times the highest possble magic being 99 * 1.5 shadow weakness is 150 Unless there is some way the long animation is doing 1.5 times as much (307.5 - 255) = 50 * 99 * 1.5 = 8000 ish... I am sure your magic isn't 99 but whatever The short animation was doing 150 but the long was doing 6000
jonel bendiola (1 year ago)
Jeremy Christsanto (1 year ago)
is this even real ? because i thought diamond is available only 3 during the game .. how come do you have such 99 diamonds ?
Lee (1 year ago)
lmao you put dancing mad for the battle
David Smith (1 year ago)
No diamond 4 u~!!
the friendly cat monster doesn't run away.

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