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Shroud DESTROYS Lumi! ChocoTaco & Shroud on PUBG Battle Pass! PUBG Funny Moments/Fails/WTF Plays

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Shroud DESTROYS Lumi! ChocoTaco & Shroud on PUBG Battle Pass! PUBG Funny Moments/Fails/WTF Plays 💎💎 Gamdom - https://gamdom.com/?ref=ozzny [FREE .5$ - CODE: ozzny ] 💎💎 Follow me on Instagram (Will follow some back) - @fabio_ribeir09 ( https://goo.gl/JYLsXd ) IF YOU WANT TO SUBMIT CLIPS TO BE FEATURED IN A VIDEO JOIN MY DISCORD AND POST THEM ON THE CLIPS ROOM: https://discord.gg/W69quj9 💎💎$40+ *FREE PUBG/CSGO SKINS HERE* - http://ozzny.com/ 💎💎 Shroud - https://www.twitch.tv/shroud Wadu Hek - https://www.twitch.tv/wadu Chad - https://www.twitch.tv/chad Just9n - http://www.twitch.tv/just9n TSM_Viss -https://www.twitch.tv/tsm_viss ChocoTaco - https://www.twitch.tv/chocotaco Eu_xen - https://www.twitch.tv/eu_xen ESL_PUBG - https://www.twitch.tv/esl_pubg layseltv - https://www.twitch.tv/layseltv pava - https://www.twitch.tv/pava This is the series where I put together some of the best and funniest PUBG Moments. Clips can be found on twitch/reddit. Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/Ozzny09 Join my discord: https://discord.gg/W69quj9 There is no copyright infringement intended for the song or picture. If you have an issue with me posting this video please contact me through one of my social networks or YouTube private messaging system. Once I have received your message and determined you are the proper owner of this content I will have it removed. Footage Permission by: - https://www.playbattlegrounds.com/playerCreated.pu All video footage is licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 - https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ I am not affiliated with OddShot.tv, Reddit.com or Livecap.tv all copyrights reserved to their respective owners. ✪ Links: https://oddshot.tv/ https://www.livecap.tv/ https://www.reddit.com Player,Unknown's,Battlegrounds,Top,Plays,Best,Of,Twitch,Fails,Insane,Stream,When,players,Oddshoots,Moments,crossbow shot,PUBG,PUBG funny moments,stream compilations,BEST OF PUBG,pubg best moments,crazy plays,crossbow is it good?,playerunknown's battlegrounds,pvp,steam,player unknown battlegrounds,pubg,play unknown battlegrounds,player unknown,playthrough,walkthrough,h1z1,online,winning the game,last man standing,survival game,hunger games,winning,map,how to win
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Text Comments (141)
Ozzny (3 months ago)
NOTIFICATION SQUAD?! Who is enjoying the new update? I loving it
Kris Yehuda (3 months ago)
Yeah pls
Not Justin Y. (3 months ago)
My ipad was updating and i a notif lol
Not Justin Y. (3 months ago)
Chek Me (19 hours ago)
why did u killed bananaman? he is my bro... 😭😭(replie if u think bananaman is cool)
aksha oza (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/jGXEcmkRgJ8 13 kill nd booyah in free fire mobile game
Orbital Zappy (3 months ago)
Is lumi girl or boy
Jaxon Morrison (3 months ago)
i have 100% win rate moblie
Comic Error Preston (1 month ago)
fucking lies, in 0.8.0 update, bots spawn ratio is majorly decreased.
ezPotatoes (3 months ago)
Time for Lumi to change his wig, his real hair is almost five inches longer.
John Kapa (3 months ago)
Lumi is Shroud in drag.
Sled_Dog_Gaming (3 months ago)
Thank you Choco for telling these idiots bitching about 10 bucks...I mean for real, u have played this game for hundreds of hours for 30 DOLLARS...and you can't even spend 10 bucks? Lol...money doesn't grow on trees, if a game is going to be relevant for years, they have to create revenue generators other than keys that nobody buys..
Sage Levi (3 months ago)
Well I mean I know the word on the street, Shroud has a FAT COCK but dayam
MusicBlastingPsycho (3 months ago)
Shroud or lumi.. who has the biggest dick?
Wane Braddy (3 months ago)
That pava aimbot
Sebastian Rejnisz (3 months ago)
guys will ya play PGI Berlin? never seen you in a event....
Goober (3 months ago)
Lumi is trash I bet he is always stream sniping shroud
It's yer boi da mane (3 months ago)
6:09 RIP
Ben Harris (3 months ago)
Nah, I disagree with Shroud - At least for the time being. Bluehole are still very much in my Asshole List
I am ADC (3 months ago)
who is lumi
Zoldyck Phantom (3 months ago)
I've seen like hundreds of videos title saying shroud destroyed lumi -_- we get it, the bitch is dead
xWizardGamingx (3 months ago)
I thought that Shroud met Myth instead of Chad
towfeii 22k (3 months ago)
Shroud is god at this game
towfeii 22k (3 months ago)
Shroud said thumbs up
Terrible Gamers (3 months ago)
I don’t think shroud cheats, but how the hell did he know where the dude was with that grenade lol that was crazy!
Brian Valbuena (3 months ago)
Terrible Gamers umm never heard of foot steps i mean he has a gud headset.
Ainsley (3 months ago)
Pubg copying fortnite
Alain Aenjelo (3 months ago)
QBZ looked like Groza and AUG Combi
Hussain Iqbal (3 months ago)
Stop click baiting battle royale
SmiletappeR (3 months ago)
How does shroud let the grenade explode mid air???
0reoKeeeks (3 months ago)
@3:45 look at his right hand he got a gun and an injection in his hand LUL PUBG Esports ready
edy akhmad junaedy (3 months ago)
but that's not lumi. that's lumis stream sniper
Nixon Yt (3 months ago)
pubg is copying Fortnite.
MaxLoquendero (3 months ago)
poor Bananaman :(
NoahTre (3 months ago)
I've noticed that everytime that entropy guy is on here his clips are always the same. Camping in a house getting kills
Nyemetaay L (3 months ago)
What is the name of the song for the intro?
NoahTre (3 months ago)
Dude lumi got lit up like a New York Christmas in 1999. She thought she was one step ahead lol
César González uwu (3 months ago)
Press F for BananaMan
Captain Zeff (3 months ago)
I’m satisfied
Focus FIST (3 months ago)
is they fixiing the random ban glitch because i am still ban for no reason
Admiral Siverdan (3 months ago)
Focus FIST looool. That got fixed ages ago. They're anti cheat is basically off right now. So it probably wasn't for no reason.
Focus FIST (3 months ago)
alot of people is ban for no reason
bahko- (3 months ago)
bahko- (3 months ago)
People want something to change , people love weird things, PUBG CORP want money so...
Chris Ddd (3 months ago)
Adelante i wish it was its still the same nothings changed like it would be cool if the clothes were but what the fuck i wanna run around in a skirt for lol horrible
Zero 2 (3 months ago)
Shroud doesn’t like banana man?
Levi Stone (3 months ago)
Pc pubg is great. Console pubg is a mess that gets zero content updates and the updates they come out with seem to do nothing
Comic Error Preston (1 month ago)
+MusicBlastingPsycho watch "Why PC Ports so bad?" by Techquickie and that video explains the port pc to console or mobile is bad at getting smooth. And PUBG MOBILE isn't a ported game in PC, and thats why PUBG MOBILE is smoother than PUBG Xbox.
MusicBlastingPsycho (3 months ago)
Levi Stone mobile runs better than both its embarrassing
ΔCΞ _ (3 months ago)
Poor bananaman...
danny phenton (3 months ago)
Chocotaco is an absolute unit
Seldi Dr (3 months ago)
8:37 the faster kill ever
Frankly Known (3 months ago)
Please stop baiting with the first clip
RDX GAMER (3 months ago)
4:41 eye tracker?
Admiral Siverdan (3 months ago)
Brad B. (3 months ago)
That shit at 3:20 is exactly what happens to me every single time I engage an enemy in this game...
CMPLX16 (3 months ago)
3:28 For title clip
matan hayun (3 months ago)
3:27 for "shroud killing lumi", Ozzny stop being annoying and just put the title clips at the start, if someone really cares about "your" content, they will keep watching so stop with this stupid teasing at the start of every video
Watcher Guy (3 months ago)
Yup not subcribing to this bitech
Ammof (3 months ago)
If this channel still like dat ill unsubscibe dis channel
matan hayun (3 months ago)
apparently he doesnt agree with me so ill just stop trying to help him and just wait untill his channel wiil die from teasing overdose
Ammof (3 months ago)
I agreed wit u man
bahko- (3 months ago)
Maybe ozzny is lumi ??? hahaha
Old Pervy Sage (3 months ago)
that was not lumi
kizaru the troll (3 months ago)
*Shroud kills lumi* somthing feels so weird man , yeah that tranny vibe isnt it?
Cholo Almario (3 months ago)
PUBG Is Life😊😊
LordDarkHelmet (3 months ago)
shroud praises pubg and the next day he'll say the game is shit just like doc does all the time lol.
irgendeinfakeprofil (3 months ago)
is cocotaco or how you spell it retarded? i mean they did nothing past the last 6 months, the game runs like shit and now they want more money to do even less?`i mean what about the idea to say "first you devs do something right, give us some shit and work on the game and then we can talk about paying for more nonsens but saying that it is okay and it´s only 10$ is so fucking retarded... i understand now that some people just like to bend over to recive the dicks from the devs. from time to time but not my ass... my mommy dosn´t want a retarded gay son who stand up for money grabbing companies who are already rich as fuck from making one not really good game.
irgendeinfakeprofil (3 months ago)
btw the opinion of streamers never is important because 90% of the known streamers don´t pay for anything so they lost the conection, they don´t have to pay for that shit thzey play on stream, they get payed so a shitty game dosn´t feel that bad if you get paid playing it i guess.
Jaafar Jaber (3 months ago)
Mwahahaha bitch thinks she can handle shroudy, he's the best god damn it
ParanoiaTooDope (3 months ago)
I love seeing Shroud destroy that weirdo Lumi lol
James Crivelli (3 months ago)
Lol dead game I hope epic sues pubg for the battle pass
King Illustrious (3 months ago)
Think pava is scripting because he locked straight in to his head and was flicking around to different peoples head if you watch the clip multiple times
Sad Spud (3 months ago)
fck a lumi. im sure she stream snipes and dies. hes killed her 4 times now.
Sad Spud (3 months ago)
Jordy Jords its a he. i made a mistake.
Jordy Jords (3 months ago)
Sad Spud what is it? Like seriously someone explain what LUMI is?
bahko- (3 months ago)
he not she hahahaha.
Admiral Siverdan (3 months ago)
Sad Spud him*
Giacomo de Gasparis (3 months ago)
Shroud is going to need help with that dog. He doesnt know dogs very well
Edward Elrich (3 months ago)
gamdom, gamdom everywhere
Bendijo (3 months ago)
Final_Boss (3 months ago)
Nice title shroud destroys lumi Choco taco and shroud shroud shrooooooouuuuud!!!!
Kris Yehuda (3 months ago)
Wow keep it up!!
Marc Kenneth Gomez (3 months ago)
is Lumi gay? (No hate just an honest question)
Marc Kenneth Gomez (3 months ago)
Savage Dude 😱
Marc Kenneth Gomez (3 months ago)
x Adiquite the biggest question in twitch history(2017-2018) Lol
x Adiquite (3 months ago)
Marc Kenneth Gomez I’ve been wondering what gender it is as well
Dawson Shafer (3 months ago)
Lol yes
Marc Kenneth Gomez (3 months ago)
so *Male *Female *Lumi? LOL
InFiddle _ (3 months ago)
Ugh.. Now they're gonna use shrouds 2 thumbs up as an excuse for ignoring everyone else.. "well shroud has no problem with our greed.. So we can ignore literally everyone else who takes great issue with our greed then... For fucks sake Choco....the big deal is they take half the shit that 10 bucks gets you back at the end.... Because blue hole spent a really long time inflating those prices and if everyone can pay 10 bucks and get those items then no one will be willing to pay 200 bucks or more on them in the market place.. Fuck that bullshit don't offer it to us if you aren't gonna let us keep it you cunts.
darkpranker (3 months ago)
Game still sucks,shroud doesn't see it.
Admiral Siverdan (3 months ago)
darkpranker yes it sucks but not as mutch.
Patinno (3 months ago)
Why is shroud always mean to banana man
Orange (3 months ago)
4:53 shroud.exe stooped working
ketan singh (3 months ago)
xSupawiit (3 months ago)
RIP Fortnite
Stefan Arian (3 months ago)
F omegalul
Enigma (3 months ago)
Chris, go back to school and do some research before you type.
HanaDesuOwO (3 months ago)
Shitty hugs
Chris Ddd (3 months ago)
Get over yourselfs pubg is fun but this game is to far behind a copy and paste of the way fortnite does isnt gonna fix the horrible optimization the shitty hugs and fucking hackers everywhere hence the fact the game lost half uts player base in 4 months
Jiber da EEL (3 months ago)
xSupawiit No, Fartnite shall not rest in peace It shall rest in pain R.I.P Fartnite Rest in Pain
Charles Gunita (3 months ago)
Hello there my friend
Batflip 09 (3 months ago)
Charles Gunita Hi Fuck You
Charles Gunita (3 months ago)
Ozzny PUBG hi
Ozzny (3 months ago)
Cr4nk121 (3 months ago)
3:18 the blonde guy using no recoil 80 percent because there is no arm/shoulder movement.
Roronoa Zoro (3 months ago)
ur stupid for thinking that he might have higher dpi and the ump has zero recoil only people with like 400 dpi use shoulder
David Stachon (3 months ago)
The guy on the toilet was hilarious. :-D
Cryppablezx (3 months ago)
Why is shroud so mean to Bananaman :(
Cryppablezx (3 months ago)
But a lot of people like Wadu though :p
Ben Harris (3 months ago)
No one likes a leech
Cryppablezx bananaman a dead meme now he even said he was gonna turn into 1
Tomko 12 (3 months ago)
give me my bandana back bitch lool
xlToxision xl (3 months ago)
Ozzny is bae. <3
jangorh (3 months ago)
LMAO YESSSS!!!!!! Thats the type of savagery Shroud should have been treating Bananaman with since day one! F that kid!!!!
I dont play PUBG in pc but i play PUBG mobile.love your video
Noah GodGamer47 (3 months ago)
Big Disappointment ??
Big Disappointment (3 months ago)
Mobile gaming master race
Noah GodGamer47 (3 months ago)
Syahmir Muhd Shah Iskandar awesome
My name is MohdSyahmir
Noah GodGamer47 (3 months ago)
I need ur username name syahmir
Enter Gravity (3 months ago)
StreamShun (3 months ago)
pro doc (3 months ago)
key cs go pls
Dominostone (3 months ago)
Nice video
Not Justin Y. (3 months ago)
A beatifull video again ahahah again im early lol edit thanks for the heart again ozzny :D
pro doc (3 months ago)

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