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Text Comments (827)
Alex The Lion (4 days ago)
Bananaman still makes me laugh even after nearly a year
NikGamers _TV (8 days ago)
Есть российские
Stab Sucks (11 days ago)
His voice is so cute, LMAO
Rob Chan (12 days ago)
4:48 literally spit my food out, when bananaman said bitch... lol
Vasu Hooda (15 days ago)
Why did you report him? 9:34
Markdaniel Masaoy (15 days ago)
bananaman's chanelle pls
Amin Limbu (19 days ago)
Ronald Hmangte (23 days ago)
sounds like a kid
Sneaky Self (1 month ago)
"i'm gonna be deas meme next year" me: just believe in yourself to not be a dead meme
Desian (1 month ago)
#Shroud change logo bro
Media Estrella NW (1 month ago)
Shroud is gay for bananaman
The Darkest Moon Yet (1 month ago)
Banana man will never dead.
GS_ sm0ke (1 month ago)
Where the $&*# I am
prodbyshvnok (1 month ago)
3:49 hijo de puta 😂
nathan robb (1 month ago)
Almost a year later and banana man isnt dead
Jaime Ruiz (1 month ago)
I always thought bananaman was a kid
Luis Ortega (1 month ago)
Bananaman should make a Youtube Channel and Stream on Twitch
TheFIFACaelan 360 (1 month ago)
Shroud let Bananaman go to Cloud9
Valentin Santillan (1 month ago)
Shroud and banana man are best friends
Sevenfold music (1 month ago)
"I'm gonna be dead next year."
A4r0n1x GD (1 month ago)
4:39 xd
J R (1 month ago)
Gotta love Bananaman!!!! “I think I see Wadu” LOL
Adrian Valdez (1 month ago)
no chad
Logan Petros (2 months ago)
Never leave banana man
David H (2 months ago)
Here because of hamlinz lol
dead pool (2 months ago)
Hijo de puta lol
skunk12 (2 months ago)
Banana Man: "Hijo de Puta" *Bang! (Kills dude) "Bitch!" Banana Man is a Savage!
mr. gamer (2 months ago)
I was when bananaman said ijo de puta
Rifani Fachruddin (2 months ago)
Bananaman sound is cute like Lui calibre
Martín Felgueras (2 months ago)
4:35 HAHAH Hijo de puta means son of a bith in spanish
Erick hernandez (2 months ago)
4:39 bananaman says hijo de puta
Don Mond (2 months ago)
I am banana man
J Moreno (2 months ago)
@4:39 “ hijo de puta “ 😂😂
dua orang kovlak beraksi (2 months ago)
banana man for life
Maanka Nunoow (2 months ago)
Shroud play Pubg Mobile xDDD.
Lazer 2.0 (2 months ago)
Bananaman say hijo de puta
Strifez_ _ (2 months ago)
Banana man is senpai, Don't worry shroud u still my boi
7:55 that "bitch" was perfect hahahahaha 😂🤙🏽
Leo Ppdhz (2 months ago)
nnnnooooo banana man you are not a dead meme to me
Crusaderz RC (2 months ago)
*where the fuk I am*
Sri Harsha (2 months ago)
Where the fuck I am
David Genis (2 months ago)
im guessing BANANA is spanish after saying "motherfucker"?
KellyKellogs (2 months ago)
“hijo de puta” - Banana Man
Your sooo cute banana man :)
Astro Boy! (3 months ago)
Zeeshan Noorani (3 months ago)
Wtf is wadu hek story can someone explain i am trying to solve this riddle since many days
ヅRed (3 months ago)
4:38 banana man says son of a bitch in Spanish lmao
Martin Gonsales (3 months ago)
my I like watching this video cuz of banana man go banana man you can do it
Team 6 Gaming (3 months ago)
yul grant gatchalian (3 months ago)
Litomatoma and shroud wadu you think??
Bruh, he does sound like lil sus😭
ClonedHero122 (3 months ago)
This is a christian server
Tokio GAming (3 months ago)
Hey bananaman speaks tagalog saying "You're an a puta"😂
Ayy (3 months ago)
Wadu hek gay
PUBG/CøldPanda (3 months ago)
The Dragon Blood (3 months ago)
Bananaman: HIJO DE PUTA 4:39 I died
Rizzo Beast (3 months ago)
Lil sus
James Ethan (3 months ago)
Rizzo Beast (3 months ago)
James Ethan idk but they sound a LOT SIMILAR
James Ethan (3 months ago)
Carlo Rizzoli This is Hamlinz?
Rizzo Beast (3 months ago)
James Ethan yess
OTR FendiYT (3 months ago)
who is bannanaman
George Soros (3 months ago)
Where's BananaMan's Twitch stream at
GK BrosShowGaming (3 months ago)
Banana man will never be a dead meme
7:46 is this a link to pewdepie christian channel meme?)
Sam Hurley (3 months ago)
Every time banana man swears...
John Marston (3 months ago)
@4:02 Shroud is so kind, he was concerned for Bananaman
Jeremy Butcher (3 months ago)
I know this shits old but its still gold 🍌 man is somehow entertaining.
D.Plague The docter (3 months ago)
Same guy who did Gucci gang Gucci’s gang
Siddhant Jagtap (3 months ago)
Ur not a dead meme Bananaman😣
Paul Gordon (3 months ago)
This is a Christian server.......bitch
Paul Gordon (3 months ago)
Atari44 (3 months ago)
4:38 "Hijo de puta" jajaja
RdL (4 months ago)
bananaman is boring
Joe Anderson (4 months ago)
I wamt to see banana man
nucky Toons (4 months ago)
Cesar Pixeledor (4 months ago)
4:39 "Hijo de puta" 😂😂 Lmao
euhedd iwidjd (4 months ago)
were gonna be ok mike wadu hek
COFFEY HEYWOOD (4 months ago)
Wadu heck is the legend and who the fuck is banana
yeee.rd_ Fam (4 months ago)
he got a gun im cumming
Markz Life (4 months ago)
Yes finally banana man and shroud are teaming Hope you do squad with him again
HolyKhmer (4 months ago)
Best Squad IN THE WORLD Wadu Hek Shroud Bananaman DrDisrespect
bigstars 101 (4 months ago)
yea boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Ruan Brand (4 months ago)
Banana man will NEVER become a dead meme!😎
AnDO KEN (4 months ago)
Wadu hek
AnDO KEN (4 months ago)
Reis türkçe altyazı ver amj
armic 69 (4 months ago)
Hijo de puta 4:41
GAMERGANG123 LOL (4 months ago)
ALTAIR IBN LA AHAD (4 months ago)
FruityInTheTop ROBLOX Eagle suaranya sama kagak
Seth (5 months ago)
4:39 hijo de puta!! jaja xD
Kasut Oren (5 months ago)
4:44 cutest bitch ive ever heard 😂😂😂😂
Jimmy cyr (5 months ago)
Bananaman dont have a youtube account?
Aiyden Powell (5 months ago)
Bannana man is Chad with heliem
Alyssa (5 months ago)
Whenever I see a banana man and shroud interaction, I always have this kind of picture in my mind of a dad and a child playing a game together. Am I the only one? XD
Adrian Vlogs (5 months ago)
I hope banana man will not be a ded meme nxt yearr
- TheAshuraKing - (5 months ago)
Bananaman is cute in voice....and savage in real.....lol
Hes not a dead meme
ALTAIR IBN LA AHAD (4 months ago)
random kid with no freinds he dead meme now
Caleb Riggs (5 months ago)
I’ve watched this vid like 8 times i frickin love banana man how does this have only 365k views
diaz (5 months ago)
Whait whaaaat bananaman speak espanish
isaiah holt (5 months ago)
Banna man is never going be a dead meme
ALTAIR IBN LA AHAD (4 months ago)
isaiah holt wadu is never going be dead meme but bananaman be dead memes
You're never gonna be a dead meme.
Lance Waffle (5 months ago)
4:39 "hijo de puta" That was epic
Zerozone Zz (5 months ago)
8:15 *_Wha._*

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