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having dumb copyright issues with this.video, last time I'm attempting to reuploadヅ [Ad:] Check out my current Giveaway w/ G2A: https://gleam.io/Jytzw/pewdiepie-february-giveaway
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Text Comments (41421)
My lord dk (5 hours ago)
I goving to shit on yor face
Mr John (12 hours ago)
1:03 I don’t say the N word 🤥🤥
Texting Girl1479 (20 hours ago)
*Looks at his amount of subs* Eh nothin new
Gabri (23 hours ago)
Vinay Vaidya (1 day ago)
rabi giri (1 day ago)
4:41 smash for you😅
Ernest Blanza (1 day ago)
Smass gahahahahhaha
Meghna Desai (2 days ago)
2:25 🤣
Meghna Desai (2 days ago)
TreverFrom YT (2 days ago)
I would sell your viewers for child labor
saurav Gaur (2 days ago)
Pewdiepie , please see this again XP
Aron Unknown (2 days ago)
Smash or pass *spots ssniperwolf in the thumbnail
makenna,s world (2 days ago)
id pass u because u passed jack
_Hero Boy_ (3 days ago)
Ill smash da shiet outta ya ass poodie . Im 15 😊
Memboi Boijomame (3 days ago)
gaming omg!! (3 days ago)
2:33 he just said supermom
HARLEQUIN (3 days ago)
I would sell you to Trumps underground sex slavery scene ❤️
jess kaiser (3 days ago)
Tim Nault (3 days ago)
Pewdiepie: would you smash or pass me? Me: SELL TO SLAVERY
ComplicatedBasics (3 days ago)
Smash with a sledge hammer after taking over your channel
ahmed zekry (3 days ago)
big boy (3 days ago)
big boy (3 days ago)
I would yump u in the mouth pewds
Adam Arndt (3 days ago)
This video has not aged well.
Sayali S (3 days ago)
I smash pewdiepie But would rather smash Elon Musk
Neffertari Rose (3 days ago)
sniper wolf likes you
LegoTurtle Brickfilms (3 days ago)
1:33 That's the name of a species in Star Wars, LOL. https://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Noghri/Legends
tony bruce (4 days ago)
L B (4 days ago)
Felix predicted basically everything in this video! Talks about the n word, talks about Tana, Ricegum, FouseyTube, he knew all along about everything!
Blood Wolf (4 days ago)
All i N one (5 days ago)
Edger sell to slavery
Kirby Asan (5 days ago)
"I would give the fattest dick"
Dope Side (5 days ago)
Hulk! *SMASH*
Septicbro 9075 (5 days ago)
I'm twelve
PotterObsessed Girl (5 days ago)
Leonel Jr (6 days ago)
No thats gay
deuces mi (6 days ago)
Sale you to slavery
Mark (7 days ago)
I kiu u. I wiu kiu u poosd
Monis Anees (7 days ago)
PewDiePie sell to slavery : EDGAR
SavageKM ! (7 days ago)
Not taking it seriously but your attitude is kind a like sssniperwolf. Like you both 😁❤💝💖
Michael Alonzo (7 days ago)
i would smash--- that like button instead ;D
Mr. Duckford (7 days ago)
Sniperwolf is that you in the thumbnail?
Willy wonka (7 days ago)
Freak Show (8 days ago)
Lucian Popescu (8 days ago)
It's soo wierd to watch this now when pewdiepie doesn't swear anymore, i like it :))
Jay Choum (8 days ago)
I like Felix when he swears
Marine Venne (8 days ago)
Sell to slavery
Ye bOi (8 days ago)
nicholas pham (9 days ago)
Edgy pewdiepie days
Game channel Games (9 days ago)
I would smash and I am a boi
SSD (9 days ago)
this is the times were pewds dont need royalty
Princely Robinson (9 days ago)
I would smash pewds........ And then pass him to the bros
Tana with N word No problem Pewds with N word NANI
Caleb Maclennan (9 days ago)
Sister Madison (9 days ago)
*i WOuLd TakE dAt BisH tO sTarBuck*
Raoul Paul (10 days ago)
Il smash dat boi at ur back
Jeffry Alalm (10 days ago)
Why not sssniperwolf!??!?!?!?? 🤔🤔🤔
Just Lilmonix3 (10 days ago)
I would smash Jack and Mark c: U too Ignore my name
xXDANK__MEMERXx 69 (10 days ago)
yo what can a nigga do round here to get felix to throat fuck em
Jim beam Knowles (10 days ago)
I lov sssniperwolf
BerzerK (10 days ago)
1:05 wait what that's Candy Saxton
Erickson Vida (10 days ago)
Pewdiepie sell to slavery
Grecia Delgado (10 days ago)
I would totally smash you daddy
Ketchup Co. (10 days ago)
Zoey Bergeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr
Hallie Butler (11 days ago)
Sam Taylor (11 days ago)
Sell to slavery
Sam Taylor (11 days ago)
حسين علي (11 days ago)
حطمهم 👊
Napa Floor Twenty (11 days ago)
You don't say the "N" word, but you'll say the "E" word?
Cody Willison (11 days ago)
Bekke lemme... pass
Abigail Lopez (11 days ago)
Passsssssss hard
Hayley Wright (11 days ago)
I would go to a house party with Pewds and put cyanide in everyone else's drinks while laughing hysterically....... I think there might be someone wrong with me
gothicchick082 (11 days ago)
Hey Pewds!? Smash or pass me? Just a metalhead gamer..... Or maybe a foursome with us and Sean and Mark?! Lol! Love ya! 😘 \m/
Tem Boi /TB (11 days ago)
Kiara O'Meara (12 days ago)
I love him XD
Darknesspirits (12 days ago)
Pewdie is such a MADLAD judging these people and saying stuff about things you is do with all that pokemon man tjing chabling
ohayo otaku (12 days ago)
Anjuli De Alwis (12 days ago)
Emily Noob (13 days ago)
Why put sssniperwolf In it wtf
Stanced Styfon (13 days ago)
0:59 oof....jinx
martin fjell (13 days ago)
Red Cheesecake (13 days ago)
And GDRAGON Smash, Pass, Sell to Slavery??
João Paulo (13 days ago)
What song is this 4:40?
Severus450 (13 days ago)
4:48 hol up did he just rapped xxxtentacion - look at me?
MARKUSORIS (13 days ago)
Vaporwave Juices (14 days ago)
rest in peace x
Graham Moore (14 days ago)
Nico Nicoleee (14 days ago)
I would smash Pewdiepie
Nico Nicoleee (14 days ago)
I smashed pewdiepie like a Potato
Nico Nicoleee (14 days ago)
And i realized
Nico Nicoleee (14 days ago)
I would smash him so hard
Ryan Mark Madiwo (14 days ago)
Pewds you liar😂😂😂
CO Park (14 days ago)
1:02 reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy huhhhhhhhhh
Xydwynn Caras (14 days ago)
Smash , Pass or Subscribe haha
Xydwynn Caras (14 days ago)
Smash , Pass or Subscribe haha
Potentialman 01 (14 days ago)
The funniest smash or pass I’ve ever seen
Cameron Opilka (14 days ago)
John Spirou (14 days ago)
i would smash... that like button 👌
S223 gaming (14 days ago)
I would give you a deep- Dish pizza
Asif Khan Vlog (15 days ago)
*Smash! Smash! Smash! Smash! Smash! Smash! Smash!*
Anime Lover (15 days ago)
Sorry PewDiePie I would ..... PASS No Way In HELL!!!!!
TaNvir KhaN (15 days ago)
😛 smash
THE COLD GHOUL (15 days ago)
Archana Singh (15 days ago)
Put cryaotic in the list

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