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Todd Howard Addresses Fallout 76 Online Concerns

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Bethesda has addressed some fan concern about the always-online multiplayer game Fallout 76 - a big departure from the usually singleplayer series. Todd Howard has had a lot to say. Here’s what we know about the game, West Viriginia’s giant map, how it all works, how VATS works and the presence of mods. Hosts: Mike Williams and Gareth Evans Edited: Jake Kulkowski Sources Here- https://www.cnet.com/how-to/fallout-76-everything-you-need-to-know/ And here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-3X04jwJ0U And here - https://2018.e3recap.com/ And here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gi8PTAJ2Hjs&t=1s More Videos Microsoft Kill it at E3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G79wZ1i57EA Cyberpunk 2077 hidden - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9COrAPlMPg Sony’s Huge Gameplay Reveals - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bzne7CLKLk Ubisoft’s Making Changes - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcaFWpE3zbQ SUPPORT US on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/prettygoodgaming SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCodK-9eXEm_hWSDDfLr4QzA?sub_confirmation=1 Follow Pretty Good Gaming TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/prettygoodgamingyt FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/PrettyGoodGamingPage/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/PrettyBadTweets WEBSITE: http://www.prettygoodgaming.com Follow us Gareth - https://twitter.com/prettygoodgaz Mike - https://twitter.com/MikendrickW Jake - https://twitter.com/Theonlyjakeever Liam - https://twitter.com/Liam_Says_Hi
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Text Comments (1243)
Craig Anderson (10 hours ago)
Each to their own, but I prefer traditional single player Fallout, so I think I might steer clear of this one, at least to begin with. Tbh I'd love to see an new single player Fallout from Obsidian :)
FutureElement9 (10 days ago)
What is so hard about making a game that has good single player and multiplayer? If you need lots of time I get that.
caxshen (12 days ago)
now, we've left only CD Projekt Red that are loyal to their single player game all the time. guess bethesda will went off the rail eventually.
Justin obenauer (19 days ago)
Side note what do you mean no super mutants? " its to early for that evolution"? You are seeing a effing dragon and like moth man and a Griffin looking puke? Where in the chain couldnt super mutants have been spawned?
Justin obenauer (19 days ago)
Literally who uses vats?
KrOjah 1 (24 days ago)
I don't mind the inclusion if PvP. Bethesda don't know how to make a Fallout game anyway, at least this may turn out fun. Dream case would have been Obsidian making a single player Fallout, but that's not looking like it will happen again.
JDMStav (24 days ago)
Still feeling a little unsure about this one. I really want it to be good but from everything I've seen so far, I'm not even sure Bethesda know how its all going to work right now... Which worries me so close to launch.
Sir Galahad (25 days ago)
*I'm just excited for Wolfenstein Young Blood & DOOM Eternal from Bethesda I could care less for Fallout 76*
Edgar Sanabria (25 days ago)
I hope you can loot someone after you kill them like in pubg
Liam (26 days ago)
They should make an online version of myst.
Zepha21 (26 days ago)
"He wouldn't want to upset the modding community" The sheer fact that he kept tight lipped about the modding possibilities' details plus the leaks tell me he's going to force paid mods down our throats again.
Zepha21 (26 days ago)
0/10 for Fallout 76 First Fallout game I will leave out.
Mike Cihak (27 days ago)
Here is what the marketing campaign should say: Hey Fornite and PubG players, What could be more fun than ruthlessly aggravating millions of players who have NEVER played PvP, who have spent considerable time and energy investing in a treasured sewttlement and who live in a game culture based on story, patience and thinking.... NOTHING!!!! And thats what we have given you with Fallout 76!!! We have told millions of fans of a single player story game that they are getting a Fallout game, drawing them into a PvP survival game where they THINK they can peacfully explore and adventure and created the ULTIMATE GREIF BAIT, We have been told we have to get that fat micro transaction money, our fans are not interested in that kind of game so we packaged them up and SOLD OUR FANS TO YOU AS PREY!!!! Pre-Order Now!!!!
Dimitri Krotchliqmeov (27 days ago)
i have no friends, so i can't get the full, proper experience.. thanks, Todd
CristalleCritic (27 days ago)
Imagine Fallout 76 as The Walking Dead- but with more monsters and radiation. If you want the TWD feel- then multiplayer could work. It’s like being in The Walking Dead. But it’s got Fallout elements to it.
Jaded Old Joe (27 days ago)
No mods. No single player only servers. Tons of assets from Fallout 4. No NPCs. More forced settlement building. And griefers--griefers everywhere. Yeah... no.
丽王 (27 days ago)
It's online to prevent people from modding it.
fallenj (27 days ago)
I wonder how drugs are going to be handled.
ǝsınɹɔ ɯoʇ (28 days ago)
Have they said what will happen if two people log into the same session and their settlement/house is build in the same place? No doubt there will be optimal areas for people to build up at, I'm guessing the game will detect if two areas are built up and join you to players depending on their locations.
The Last Son of Crypto (28 days ago)
The people complaining about griefing are going to be the first ones running around gathering nuke codes.
RyRy XX (28 days ago)
hopefully they release private servers day one, but i am not bothered either way.
WD Fourty (28 days ago)
This looks absolutely fking terrible... The End
100,000 without Vids (28 days ago)
I was going to preorder until I found out it was completely online
MrHoodedtop (28 days ago)
The Glaring issue with Fallout 76 always online that also affected ESO, plus the price of an online only game.... I am greatly concerned that Bethesda is turning it's back on the larger community of players, that do not buy PS plus subscriptions or Xbox live subscriptions. Yes fallout 76 is always online, but that requires the player to purchase a monthly subscription on top of internet connection to a console online service network, to even access this game!!!!, it was like that for ESO & a lot of players paid full price for that game only to find that they could not play it because of that requirement alone.... Not only that but if gamers want to take a break from paying for internet & online subscriptions they are forced to not be able to play Fallout 76 & I think that is not only very unfair on gamers who are attracted to the fallout series for it's offline features & solo play aspect, but it's damn right out of order when paying £50/$50 for a game that you can't play offline or without a sub.... I can't see why Bethesda don't just produce an offline versions of at least the world and it's content so those people don't get totally ripped off.... Plus Asking people to pay £50/$50 for an online game with literally no story & no NPC's is just damn cheeky, sounds like destiny all over again to me & I don't buy the whole claim of there being a story, because fallout 4 had a story so empty and limited that it may as well have been a bargain bin DVD... Bethesda are about to alienate and divide their community & it has to be asked, how long will those fans have to wait to see a new fallout with a proper story and offline playable features ??? 😒 10 years plus???? that's just stink!!!!!!... Nearly the whole community asked for Another New Vegas Or at least a Remaster... Instead we all get Fallout 76 & yeah it looks ok but tbf that's the problem too much green too much sun... No nuclear war would do that.... The soot in the air alone would last for decades... The reason NV & fallout 3 did so well was because it was realistic and dark... Now since Fallout 4 it's just a pink and fluffy ten year olds online cash grab 😴 It's so disappointing to see this game go so far off track...Not buying this game if it's all online I would rather eat my own spleen plus the majority of fans mostly don't have internet all year round so they don't seem to get any sort of say in it.... Nice Vid Guys keep it up
AlChesoir (29 days ago)
I hate that I missed power armor edition... I wanted one.
ARC (29 days ago)
I think Fallout has needed multiplayer for a while, at least some sort of co-op with friends. It gets boring after a bit just wandering around a wasteland alone. It will be cool to experience new things while having a friend there to experience them with. Working together properly without just having an AI following you everywhere doing more harm than good.
ARC (29 days ago)
One of the things i'm wondering, since bases vanish when you go offline; if two or more people have a base at the same location, what happens to the base when they login? does the game try to separate the people into different servers, does it prioritize a base or don't they show up at all?
Stephen Doyle (29 days ago)
I think I'm going to miss companions...
Stephen Doyle (29 days ago)
Todd Howard looks vaguely like Harry from the flash
A Guy (29 days ago)
How will it work? It won't.
Jonas Nolér (29 days ago)
Maybe its because i have played rust for over 500h but i kinda like tha harsh pvp enviorment. But sure i would like it to be less than in rust.
GamingS1000RR !! (29 days ago)
Never liked Fallout, single player games like that aren't my thing but 76 sounds interesting.
Jamie Wilson (29 days ago)
I don't like online gaming so probably don't understand this well enough, but if nuking other players is end game in an online game with no story (due to no NPCs) what about the causal players who wait a few months or even over a year to pick it up. It won't be their end game. Do they get any immunity? That's putting aside the fact that end game usually means "once you've finished the story/missions" which seems contradictory here.
Robert Gonzalez (29 days ago)
All the whining babies on the comments. Whaa whaa. No wonder you suffer griefing.
Bdog069 9 (29 days ago)
So here’s the thing that struck me is that there are no people besides players and another thing is if a group of players nuke an area and I like that area will it stay nuked in every online server or no.
Bdog069 9 (29 days ago)
And my favorite part was the dialogue with the characters in fallout 4, but now with just players I won’t even trust a low rank player and I’m a trustworthy player.
Bdog069 9 (29 days ago)
And another thing is I loved fallout 4 with just me out in the world, but with other players yeah no I still don’t trust anyone from gta5.
RisingBIRDMan (29 days ago)
I loved FO4, I truly did, I spent so many hours exploring and building stuff, even finding ways to grind EXP to max out the SPECIAL list themselves so I had full access to EVERY perk in the game. But 76........No, Multiplayer, Encouraged to interact with others, Food and Equipment degrading over time, PvP+Griefers, Perks are now limited so although you can swap them out, you can "Specialize in one area while your friends do so in another!!!!", There's just too many negatives, I was so hyped when it was first teased but now......All the hype is dead, I can't be excited for this, I'll either get it used later on or skip it for Fallout 5..... Oh well, Still got AC Odyssey, DOOM 2, Just Cause 4, and most importantly, SMASH ULTIMATE, to look forward to, one disappointment amongst other good games is better than a majority being disappointments.....
slbwoy (29 days ago)
Sounds like GTA online.
giggity (29 days ago)
was reading some were they want it to be a online game to stop the good talented modders out there putting good mods on it so they can force there crap paid mods bet 100% this is what it about if you make a mod has to go on there creation club so they can profit off other peoples work as i think the modders are better then the game design itself if it is like that i will be getting game for free download
Bryan K (29 days ago)
Ehhh I’m not really looking forward to this, but if it comes out and has stellar feedback ill wait for a deep sale and a lot of patches. The thought of an online world in an upgraded F4 engine is pretty terrifying.
Elijah Chee (29 days ago)
Online Only Fallout! *Sees Metro Exodus in the distance. Begins walking there.*
Baird Carver (29 days ago)
Wait so how is there questing if you dont talk to humanoid NPCs
Azure The Gamer Kobold (29 days ago)
everything he said made me 100% confident i dont want this game... i'll wait for starfield.
Goldenblakcon (1 month ago)
another free game to add to my list
JAc QUe (1 month ago)
I really love Bethesda's Fallout games and the idea of being able to play with friends sounds awesome BUT seeing how GTA has turned out I'm not sure about this. I may wait a month after launch to buy
LOLTheLOL (1 month ago)
What if I and someone else build a base in the same location and join the same server at the same time????
Rudest Hazard (1 month ago)
I fear Creation Club was the beginning of a trend, and 76 is just the next taste Of Bethesda going in an EA games-as-service direction. Fallout 76 seems to be a cashgrab, propped up on by this IP, chasing that multiplayer fps money (Pubg, Destiny, Fortnight, Division, Anthem, etc.). It's going to have a cosmetic system (lolpubg) and the creation club layered ontop, no doubt, when private servers are a thing. This probably doesn't mean a departure from the single player games we expect from them, however, it probably does set the stage for predatory business practices to come. Expect less DLC, more micro-transactions.
Kittems (1 month ago)
So if i have a base in a certain location and i tell my friend to build in the same location on a different server then after to join the server im on... how would his base load in if mine is there? Or will it know a base is there and automatically pack it up for them?
g00gle minus (1 month ago)
by saying they dont want to be griefy.. means it loses ALOT of the feature what battle royale players wants.. Meaning pvp must be limited extremely down to maybe just a couple of areas (possibly the missiles siloes), and the nukes can (or will only be launched at enemy bases).. and if theres people in said locations they get a warning so they can pack up and move.
g00gle minus (1 month ago)
also on the adding content note, theyr gona use the mods in their "store" for sure. this is one way for them to FORCE the store1
g00gle minus (1 month ago)
then theres me, if theres any pvp, any nuke possibilitys to use on other people... of corse ill B line for that content.
g00gle minus (1 month ago)
so they cannot please all crowds.. the general FALLOUT crowd just wants another fallout game, NO multiplayer. or at best just be co-op invite people.. not allways online
Lexe2009 (1 month ago)
PVP in fallout. Barf.
Adam (1 month ago)
I can't wait to grief and kill every player that I see. I will make it my personal mission to ruin every other persons experience that I can possibly interact with. SO EXCITED!
Lord Ozmo (1 month ago)
Hard pass.
Daniel Jaideahah (1 month ago)
Great content guys, but personally I can't believe that Bethesda would do this! Yes I'm sure some are indeed happy about this news, but not me! I'm not one of them! This is a insult to fallout! I sure as hell think so. Great video guy's
Boogie Puss (1 month ago)
I think its human nature to grief players in a game which allows it. No matter the fanbase.
Svetlana Rodriguez (1 month ago)
This is a disaster waiting to happen. I'm not buying it.
TheSzatanshow (1 month ago)
Mutliplayer - > How to kill a Fallout
veopikke (1 month ago)
And there are machine guns!
Leinad R. (1 month ago)
To protect people from griefing, they could make it like in Neocron: There you had an implant right fom the start in your Body, which prevents you from killing and being killed by others. You could remove the implant by yourself to get into pvp. And you could get it back in, but only till level ten of your character. After that, you could only remove it permanantly.
KronicTX (1 month ago)
Bunch of crybaby casual players. 😂😂😂
KronicTX (29 days ago)
KinghtofZero00 ...and so my point stands.
KinghtofZero00 (1 month ago)
Removing tons of content and then just adding multiplayer is causal lol
Z0dd TV (1 month ago)
Wih the nukes u create an Endlevel Zone, this Zone is highly radiated, spawns hard and big endgame Monsters, and spawns rare endgame-loot. So it is more creating a "raid" then destroying other's bases
Z0dd TV (1 month ago)
And it is max 24-30 players. On a map that is 4 times bigger then Fallout 4. So if you ignore the "Events" that happens regular on the map, you will rarely see other players if you dont play with friends. You could explore the whole map solo if you want. And nearly no one would bother you.
therandomdot (1 month ago)
RE: Vats ... can't remember the game, but there was a mod for an FPS that let folks use bullet-time in multiplayer PVP. When someone triggered their bullet time, everything slowed down for everyone, but I think the person that triggered it had the advantage of still being able to mouse-look like normal. Everyone else had the disadvantage of being caught off guard by time slowing down suddenly, and I think their mouselook was crippled a bit. You cuold only use it for like a half second at a time, just enough to line up and get in a headshot. Beth could immitate something like that. But, I think this could be them experimenting using Id tech game engine for Fallout.. so it'd have VATS stripped out and be a pure action game. (VATS really was just a crutch to over-come the game engine's lackluster ability to do gun play anyways.)
therandomdot (1 month ago)
Fallout 76 sounds like a mod that was planned for Fallout 4 (expanded settlement system and using it for a "base wars" PVP strategy game)... that some exec decided to just kick up to stand-alone game status. Honestly, it does sound like it'd be interesting as a mod to Fallout 4, but as a stand-alone game.. not so much.
Yannis Maragakis (1 month ago)
I'm very curious how exactly they will balance the griefy/drama issue. Like these people are unaware how internet works. Like if people who take pleasure trolling other people will not find a way to break the game. I'll let this run for a few months and then decide if I'm buying. I'm not optimistic though.
Frankntooth (1 month ago)
Red Dead Redemption had a similar mechanic with the bullet time online.
Wyatt Pearson (1 month ago)
But since this is a fallout, what if me and my friends want to be like a raider group
Mark Cunningham (1 month ago)
why build a settlement if there are no settlers in game ? no npc's = no settlers = lonely settlement btw, nuking an area turns that area into a high level area, so high level loot like, legendary weapons and power armours, not other peoples loot
Artemis Odinson (1 month ago)
Pre ordered. I love this idea.
Tristan Backup (1 month ago)
What happened to intelligent & ethical consumerism? Karl warn of this late stage capitalism.
missy prime (1 month ago)
I'll be avoiding this game, anything that is pvp is turn off for me. I'm on medication that slows my reaction times so I don't fare well on pvp games anymore, this is why I like using the vats in Fallout games, it allows me to slow time & battle at a more relaxed pace. Vats is one of the things that made Fallout unique & without it this will not feel like a Fallout game (I know they have a watered down vats but without slowing time down it isn't the vats that I know & love) Before people respond with "you can set up a private world" I do not want to have to pay to rent a server just to play without pvp. I have been pounced on for making these comments on other videos about Fallout 76 & that saltiness for not noshing on the pee sticks of Bethesda gives me a growing dread that as with many online pvp games this will become a toxic place to play (such as Ark & Conan pvp). I have watched all the interviews & have heard nothing that will entice me to pay Bethesda one single penny for this experience. I'll wait until they announce a proper Fallout game complete with a full vats & npcs, until then I'll be taking my money elsewhere.
10boult (1 month ago)
all I want to do is nuke and destroy people 😂
Justin Correll (1 month ago)
boris maric (1 month ago)
Sea of Fallout 76 Thieves
Artsificial (1 month ago)
I took part in the Destiny experiment. Although I'm hungry for more proper Fallout fare, I will absolutely skip this one.
I.K.D (1 month ago)
No bueno.
stacyclan15 (1 month ago)
Honestly just wana play this solo. Fearful of being fucked with while i attempt to enjoy the story
Isaac Rivera (1 month ago)
Sweet little lies....
Roach (1 month ago)
Private servers kinda worry me. Seeing as the game has no NPC's and with nukes and people wanna destory my camp that I want to sink time in to make something cool. Aren't private servers just to dead? They replace NPCs with player but if there are no player what do you have left? Mission terminals?
Roach (1 month ago)
This sounds like a more combat heavy game. And my problem with that is that the combat in Fallout 4 was just bad! I used VATS because it was just so clunky to shoot with guns. In other Fallout/TES I don't mind because I don't play these games for the combat play it for the missions and eploration. But take that all away will you still have a fun game ?
gelul12 (1 month ago)
Tod is a fun Guy but Im Not convinced.
CYBERWOLF73 (1 month ago)
Join my team of lone wanderers so we can lone wander the wasteland together alone :)
Bigbad Crawford (1 month ago)
I get Fallout 76 will have PvP and be online. Is it still a full story based rpg?
TrueProGamer (1 month ago)
Who else is mad that Todd said “ had to do it” instead of “had to do it to him” at e3 XD
EssBee (1 month ago)
Honestly, just hit me up when FO5 exists
Leif A (1 month ago)
i probably buy it, because i love fallout. Even if what made me enjoy fallout as a kid is gone now. Still found it fun to explore in fallout4 aswell, but tbh, fallout 4 wasn't a great game. It was incomplete and a bit boring imo. That said, i've not been this sceptical to a game since the new need for speed game. And we all know how that ended.
EssBee (1 month ago)
Vote with your wallets people.
Fluffy Gutts (1 month ago)
I wish the beta was open so we got a chance to play the game before we buy. But I read the beta is only for re-order players.
Atornity (1 month ago)
Guys! The nuclear codes are BINGO! It's right there in the trailer, stupid Bethesda didn't think we would notice
Hoigwai (1 month ago)
I have yet to see any game shut down griefing. It'd be nice if they could but I don't see them creating a magic bullet when no other developer has been able to stop grief without a flag system or server set. I will be very much waiting till people start playing it after the beta to see how things play out. If they create a private server option I'd be fine to play with invited players but I have very little faith in players not griefing. Even commenting on other videos I've got people calling me a scrub or crybaby which shows me that the griefers are already very much here regardless of it being a fallout community video.
erbgorre (1 month ago)
honestly, even if it were possible to play this completely single player style without having the other people on the server somehow ruin it for you, id be more worried about the setting as a whole. how is this supposed to set up any kind of sensical main story? you know, the thing youre actually in it for as a fan of single player RPG experiences. which, incidentally, has been the weak point of the franchise ever since it went into bethesda hands in the first place. just think about it.. these 50 or however many vault dwellers who have been living together in an underground bunker as a tightly knit community for 20 years in order to sit out the nuclear apocalypse are finally sent back out there in order to be the first to start retaking and repopulating the world for humankind. why on earth would they just go out into this wasteland and immediately split up all by themselves or into small groups to just do their own thing to maybe start killing each other or just straight up die to the hostile environment? that makes literally zero sense. i mean, what is this? this scenario should be exactly what leads to the vault city situation. where they open the doors and try to establish sort of a beachhead in this post apocalyptic world as a community. isnt that canonically exactly what happened with the first vaults to open more or less on schedule to set up the worlds of the original fallout games? even the communities of vaults that didnt have a GECK like vault city would at least try to do something like that at first and not just immediately scatter and try to survive on their own. i mean, how can you expect to find yourself in a semi plausible survival type game when the whole reason for the character being in a survival game type situation is completely nonsensical? lol. story-wise this is gonna be even more of a trainwreck than the last "fallout" games.
ALR SwHTx (1 month ago)
175% sure it'll be paid mo- I mean, mini dlc. (IF they add mods)
thurman spurlock (1 month ago)
I’m definitely getting this game but I can’t wait to kill or be killed by XxPu55yDes70y3rxX then get a salty message. It’s going to happen because toxic people are soooo attracted to online survival games that ark was literally unplayable for me in pvp servers, hell even in pve people found ways to grief.
Spines (1 month ago)
Lol am I the only person excited for this?
shammy dammy (29 days ago)
lucky luciano (1 month ago)
People crying about this game, if you don’t like it don’t buy it simple, I’m looking forward to the series having an online spin off because that’s what it is a spin off, the single player will be back but for now they’re trying something new
TehSuperToilet (1 month ago)
rip to any new spawns that have to deal with a nuked vault exit
Brad Corcoran (1 month ago)
Are we going to finally have vehicles? I'm up for these changes and like to see the creative progression. I just hope this won't kill off the "traditional" fallout game.
Woo Han (1 month ago)
They need to explain the respawn system. Can griefers camp you body. Do you respawn in a safe zone or a invulnerable phase? How long are you timed out before respawn? Does you gear take more damage if you’re killed verses just hit?
Dredious (1 month ago)
RUST: Fallout DLC
Adam Devine (1 month ago)
If there are no npc's in the game who gives you the quests ?
Nomadicall (1 month ago)
Every update i hear with a solid straight forward answer makes me want the game less and less, i am 100% down for a co op survival fallout game been saying they need to for years but the moment you add pvp its to much, i wish i could believe the community is to good and people wouldn't grief but i know how gamers can be ive met every color under the rainbow and there will be bad apples that ruin the bunch, i just hope they fallow through and let you make private worlds to play with your friends in because thats all il be doing as fallout is not a game i look at as competitive. Only time will tell needless to say this is one il be waiting for the reviews on before i buy
rwithee (1 month ago)
Real time VATS will be useless, by the time you've used the interface you will already be dead.
Cav L (1 month ago)
So will they have factions to join like in New Vegas? Probably not, also if people place bases everywhere you'd need loads of servers.

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