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Moving into the NEW BASE! (ARK ABERRATION EPISODE 17) *Live*

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ARK ABERRATION IS BACK FOR EPISODE 17 LIVE!!! ❱ Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/Lachlan ❱ Subscribe for more! - https://goo.gl/ymW20I ❱ Follow me on: Twitter! https://twitter.com/LachlanYT Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/LachlanTV Instagram: http://instagram.com/LachlanPower
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Text Comments (485)
noob/pro fortnite YT (2 days ago)
can you play stormworks like if you agree
Mythicalgamer (14 days ago)
At this point its like meola is avoiding you
Honny621 _ (1 month ago)
Whoes watching now
Sinnarra Bloodsworth (1 month ago)
so many face palms to things he does or says but it's actually really refreshing to see someone genuinely newish to the game. "I don't know how I got jerky in here.." when it's just a crafting recipe he's looking at. it's funny af to see all the mistakes he makes. It's just so innocent. no.1 reason why I'm binge watching this series. earned a new sub ^-^
Robert Soong (1 month ago)
rippppppppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oter
Brandon Morrison (1 month ago)
RIP 21 ravage
Jason Templeton (1 month ago)
Get in the light be getting that up at the surface
Caelan Allanson (1 month ago)
I am I July right now
DoYouAreHaveStupid (2 months ago)
the way the shinehorn died was funny as lmaoo
Devin Kunkel (2 months ago)
Lachy Dachy I love your vids I watch them all the time kee[ up the amazing work
Annette Wynfield (3 months ago)
maddog hohoho (3 months ago)
is this game still good
Jake Paul (3 months ago)
Name it Harry potter
Timothy Gracie (3 months ago)
Play sword with suase
lexi's way (4 months ago)
Damn life bro it's a joke not want to mess with me because you got to do the elephant elephant because it's relevant because I'm in hell of it
Cat Gamer (4 months ago)
Ima watch your other channel for fortnire
Cat Gamer (4 months ago)
Timm Bendt (4 months ago)
Am I the only one thinking, "learn how to read the f'ing compass dude!" LMFAO
SGT Jet (4 months ago)
oh i think u will get he item but u didn't hm?! whatever
SGT Jet (4 months ago)
dude, so u know there some problem on ur screen XD
Luke Collings (5 months ago)
21is legendary
Cameron Riggi (5 months ago)
Gatorade my bitch (5 months ago)
Your the best YouTubed everyday
Pyscho Maniac (5 months ago)
Your ravages tail grew
Brandon V (5 months ago)
Lachlan you are my favourite YouTuber
Greyson LaGarde' (5 months ago)
San Sansan (5 months ago)
Put ceiling in spaces
Super Shay KF (5 months ago)
Under warter
Rebecca Chaplin (5 months ago)
Certainly a lot of people
Sparringmanx2o Mr Cole (5 months ago)
Rip otter
Gretchen Lindahl (6 months ago)
fornite boom (6 months ago)
głęñdã x_ Whñ.ŠŁ (6 months ago)
i am gay i love u i am a boy wimk
Elijah Vega (6 months ago)
sucks dude waste of time
wolfdog videos and more (6 months ago)
Elijah Park (6 months ago)
Catalyst Raptor (7 months ago)
17 lat, 20 lon is where you can get oil, on the map that would be the top left corner which is a bit near you I think, there's also obsidian in that area.
Turrell Cook (7 months ago)
Lachlan you can dir your amour
Bobster III (7 months ago)
i bought the whole ark Bundle pack for my Alien Ware and it is lit
Deven John (7 months ago)
what are thoooooose!!!!!!!!!!!!
Deven John (7 months ago)
i got one question
Deven John (7 months ago)
im a banana
Peter BEKE (7 months ago)
get a pistol
Sidney777 MC (7 months ago)
Where is me ol a
Can you pls give me a shout out I’ve been here sense day one and like all vids
littlefoot 2022 (7 months ago)
When did he make the base?? Anyone know what episode?
rodney feaster (7 months ago)
Y don’t u use the dodic to farm stone
Mercy S (7 months ago)
Crap I thought the green screen was my phone😂😂
Philip Worren (7 months ago)
Can you play ark on ps4
Mateo Brandon (7 months ago)
Where dat new ark?
Viresh Naik (7 months ago)
Lucla u are worm i think that because of the santa hat
Cameron Wisdom (7 months ago)
before you change the time of day you need to make sure nobody is in the overworld first. Instant death during the day.
Cameron Wisdom (8 months ago)
Trilobites plus the servers gathering rates equals the best source for oil, pearls and chitin. If I played on this server with these gathering rates and mods I would be end game level within a week 😂
Cameron Wisdom (8 months ago)
You are wearing flak armour. Look at its hyperthermic insulation
TeNse Hecthicc (8 months ago)
When you need to kill urself while collecting stuff but u have a pet with you you can upload your pet with a supply drop and then later when you get back and put your resource back you can go to another close supply drop and get him out
RedGames (8 months ago)
reaper queens are a higher level than king and they can be up to lv300 or more
Lucio_Is_ Bae (8 months ago)
Did anyone else see the freakin T-Rex
Sebastian Robles (8 months ago)
This guy and that guy
Tshitangano Family (8 months ago)
Kyle Sanca (8 months ago)
chi chiu (8 months ago)
Lachlan dont know how to use a compass xD. the right side or the pointer is east, left side is west
Dubstepdragon Gaming (8 months ago)
Why does he start off like a complete creep
NachoSupreme _ (8 months ago)
u should've named ur dung beetle RiceGum because theyre both full of shit
SharpShot (8 months ago)
Haha When BIRDS WON against Australians is real not bs
Aditya Haricharan (8 months ago)
Brett Blair (8 months ago)
baroon haresh (8 months ago)
soz lachy i was to broke to superchat
Graphi Graphi (8 months ago)
I don't think you got oil from the leech I'm pretty sure you got it from eels and i think the eels are in the blue zone
Kaleb Coon (8 months ago)
Tommy Yang (8 months ago)
Really disappointed you can't read a compass Lachlan.
Tristan Miles Jamieson (8 months ago)
There's nothing wrong with the Compass, you just don't know how to read it - if you know the oil is to your West and you know West is to your left why would you turn to your right and begin running in that direction? And the dung beetles don't produce Oil they produce Fertiliser.
Antonio Carmine (8 months ago)
name the next otter Ron weasel like Ron weasley
OpBossGames (8 months ago)
Insane Crane gaming (8 months ago)
does any one else remember the Megalosaurus
Pin Case (8 months ago)
Whenever you go through those mushrooms and you hallucinate my quality tanks
Britt Spack (8 months ago)
you can make batteries to power the fridge, and lights. no generator needed. and once you get a chem bench you can make gasoline with gas balls and green gems, no oil needed
Kaedis (8 months ago)
Oil's pretty trivial to get from trilobites anyway. The river that This and That Guy's base is on is packed with them, and the only hostile dinos that spawn in that area are raptors. Even Ravagers don't spawn that far east. Can farm tons and tons of oil, chitin, and pearls from them.
Damien Wiltzius (8 months ago)
love the buttons i want some
The Jolly Jolteon (8 months ago)
Remember when lachlan tamed a Manta Ray and it flew + died.The otter that flew reminds me of that
Mark Allen (8 months ago)
Aye u said like it and I did feels good
Adrian Martinez (8 months ago)
get a dung beetle feed it poo and it will give oil and fertilizer, the bigger the poo the better e.g. spino poo= 6 oil doed= 4 oil
BALLIN_FUN (8 months ago)
I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say I’ve killed so many penguins so happily
Jennifer Frain (8 months ago)
Is Ark every other day?
Hudson Miller (8 months ago)
Pick up dung beetle with megalosaurus
Thomas Baker (8 months ago)
“What’d they change the shit button to?” 🤣😂🤣😂
Dante Tortorici (8 months ago)
I don’t know if it was in c Celsius but it was -11 here today so umm 47 is great
Costello 04 (8 months ago)
Please stream in a bit
T K (8 months ago)
Bruhh Chill with the livestreams I can’t catch up on the episodes
Damien Wiltzius (8 months ago)
Lachlan, if you remember on the island, when you did the server with meola, where you made your first base, and got labeled the dino killer, that is where i made my base, i built inside the arch of rock and all the way through it, and plan on going up and around it.
Shurn Dunn (8 months ago)
if you want a rock drake all you have to do is grab a egg and die. it will be in your inventory when you re-spawn next to your grave.
Hah, Lachlan cant use a compass.
Dylan Massey (8 months ago)
The moment when you don’t know how to use a compas
Rayan Lagmaui (8 months ago)
Tame a flying dino to get up to your base
Kaedis (8 months ago)
Ya, sure, the flying dinos that *literally don't even exist in Aberration*. The only dino that comes even close is a Rock Drake, and they only glide.
Rayan Lagmaui (8 months ago)
You put oil in your fridge
Finn Trickey (8 months ago)
26 more gas balls!!! What do you think I am Adolf hitler
Balance XiX (8 months ago)
I subbed and put on post notificasion
josh widovan (8 months ago)
Isnt trilobite drops oil ?
LIGHTXS (8 months ago)
Go get da rock drake
thejorske (8 months ago)
4 ways to get oil on aberration 1 go to surface at night and you can get oil rocks that look similar to obsidian ones, 2 at 45.5 54.5 in blue zone there are trilobite which you can kill and because you have such buffed drops they will probably give you enough oil. 3 which you could do at a later point in the game, is taking a rock drake down to red in middle of map 42 43 all the way at the bottom there are more oil rocks. 4 this is probably not the best way as it will take the same time as on a non multiplied server to actually get oil, this is by taming a load of dung beatles and put poo in inventory and let it transform to oil. I think you should go for the trilobite as they are the lowest risk highest reward with the settings you play on i think btw love ur vids if you ever need help let me know on steam: jorske
Kaedis (8 months ago)
There's a boatload of trilobites on the river that This and That Guy's base is on. It's all green area, and the only hostile dinos that spawn there are raptors (no Ravagers, Spinos, Karkos, or Piranha, literally nothing but raptors, and they're pretty rare). That river is absolutely *packed* with trilobites. Can get a ton of oil, chitin, and both types of pearls just by running up and down both shores (from the waterfall into the blue area to the small stream that runs up to the north lake). Can also run down the center of the river murdering them with something like a spino (or eventually a rock drake).
Wob (8 months ago)
Can u use electricity for S+ fabricator.
Ark on drugs

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