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WHY IT MATTERS - Drop Rates For Your Favorite Games Loot Boxes (Episode 8)

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Protomario - REMEMBER to LIKE and Check the Links Below! =) On today's episode of Why it Matters, Episode 7, details and outlines how out of control Loot Boxes have become. In this video we take a look at PUBG, Player Unknown Battle Grounds newest update that includes paid Loot Boxes, Destiny 2 Days of Crimson data mine, Bungie's update for the Eververse, OverWatch League Skins, and Star Wars Battlefront II Loot Box controversy. The hypocrisy is massive in the community, as one form of Loot Boxes will be condemned, but another accepted. Virtual economies are springing up over night, and people are losing as much money as many are making on these Loot Boxes. Remember, it's ok for OverWatch to have LootBoxes, but not Star Wars Battlefront II, and it's gotten so bad, Xbox One is implementing these loot boxes in for random rewards to avatars... Citations For Today's Video - Destiny 2's Crimson Days Event Items Have Been Datamined http://www.shacknews.com/article/102770/destiny-2s-crimson-days-event-items-have-been-datamined Bungie Outlines Destiny 2's Future, Says It Is 'Shifting The Balance' On Microtransactions https://kotaku.com/bungie-outlines-destiny-2s-future-including-new-pvp-an-1822009291 PUBG Devs Publish Drop Rates For New Loot Boxes https://kotaku.com/pubg-devs-publish-drop-rates-for-new-loot-boxes-1821952836 The Xbox One Itself May Soon Be Getting Loot Boxes For Avatar Items https://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2018/01/10/the-xbox-one-itself-may-soon-be-getting-loot-boxes-for-avatar-items/#3e6149c1ee4d Hawaii Wants To Fight The 'Predatory Behavior' Of Loot Boxes https://kotaku.com/hawaii-wants-to-fight-the-predatory-behavior-of-loot-1820664617 After spending $10,000 on microtransactions, a gambling addicted teen speaks out http://mashable.com/2017/12/01/19-gaming-gambling-addict/#y0Y0E0GfFkqE My Links - Follow me and Tweet Me A Question and I'll answer https://twitter.com/Protomario Link to my Discord - https://discord.gg/aa8nUfK I use Royalty Free Music, Please see the Link Below for Credit- http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/faq.html Music used - Son of a Rocket El Magicia Double Drift Hand Balance Redux Lews and Dakalb Dirt Rhodes Chillin Hard Undertale OST - sans https://undertale.gamepedia.com/Undertale_Wiki:Copyrights Please Note, all the Pictures and Video Images that I use do not belong to me. I own no rights to the images found on Google, or recorded from said Video Games. All content is property of its content creator. Please support the companies that produce these Video games, Pictures, and Musical Segments. All footage taken falls under ''fair use'' of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (1998). Therefore, no breach of privacy or copyright has been committed. Freedom of speech is the ability to speak without censorship or limitation. God Bless you and Jesus Loves you! =)
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Text Comments (231)
ProtoMario (6 months ago)
Wanna go to Vegas? Nah man, I already lost it all on Overwatch LootBoxes... LMAOOOOOOOOOO
sapphire glaceon (5 months ago)
LOL thats good
JoMun (6 months ago)
I want to see your opinion on the Team Fortress 2 loot box economy. It's strange to ask but from what I hear that is where the concept of the modern loot box came from. I would just find it interesting to see on what you think of it. :)
K Z (6 months ago)
ProtoMario lol i dont like vegas at all
Vento Blackstone (6 months ago)
Yes.... the loot boxes have gone too far.
eduardo torres (6 months ago)
proto you got to talk about half baked games too. for example BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is about to release this year & Arc System Works already announce 20 DLC characters. what is worst is that RWBY one of the main characters is a part of DLC....
Beavercat Productions (3 months ago)
I thought you were going to talk about my favorite games. I'm disappointed.
Mew V (5 months ago)
catching up on a lot of your videos after hearing what you said about Febnot beingthe best for views at the moment
MrGato (5 months ago)
Just Nathan (5 months ago)
It would be nce to get a Nintendo Switch, The last Nintendo console I owned was the Wii, Not the Wii U , no joke, I will be forever greatful...
sapphire glaceon (5 months ago)
loot boxes must die
Michael Harris (6 months ago)
Anything you do is probably worth it. And probably matters too
XxTerraAquaVentusxX (6 months ago)
You pretty much perfectly summed up all the problems (and some more) I have with lootboxes👌
john medina (6 months ago)
To me I would not pay more than $5 but I guess to some people it is worth more
Bola Head (6 months ago)
suhhhh doood
Prepear 420 (6 months ago)
i actually just got the leopard cloth mask from a crate yesterday. lol
kigkenny (6 months ago)
thanks for the videos sir
Ederick Rivera (6 months ago)
I never have spend a 1$ on one of them box and i play all the game to the full sow no idea why people keep giving them money
Brendan Trevethan (6 months ago)
Man, I got an Unusual hat in TF2 years ago and that gave me Gaming Disorder, lootboxes need regulation.
J Gamer Xone (6 months ago)
I calculated the drop chance for the items in 1 in ___ odds and it's a 1 in 20 chance for the long leather boots, a 1 in 20 chance for the gray striped shirt, a 1 in 20 chance for the brown beanie, a 1 in 22.22... chance for the horn-rimmed black glasses, 1 in 22.22... chance for the light blue training pants, a 1 in 22.22... chance for the brown leather boots, a 1 in 40 chance for the horn-rimmed brown glasses, a 1 in ~77 chance for the aviator sunglasses, a 1 in ~77 chance for the checkered jacket, a 1 in 166.66... chance for the long-sleeved leather shirt, a 1 in 312.5 chance for the black leather hoodie, a 1 in 312.5 chance for the white leather hoodie, and a 1 in 625 for the leopard cloth mask
NoNeedToWorry (6 months ago)
Imagine if in the year 2020 when companies like EA managed to successfully ban all used game by having the key code to allow you to actually play the game but there all are used up except for very few where those people will sell it for $2,000.... Are the gamers in that year will be stupid enough to buy those key codes just so they could play their used game only to be greeted to a game that still catering to DLC (Disc-locked Content) Loot Boxes and Microtransaction shenanigans on top of items like leopard scarf mask that could potentially cost $1,866 or higher on Steam because a few players are lucky enough to get it from a loot box they opened while people are willingly buying the key code all because they couldn't afford to buy it new at the time and want to desperately play it. And don't forget the "Pre-ordered now and get the GameStop exclusive missions, costumes, items, etc. or you won't be able to unlock them otherwise" BS that force you buy it right away. Its stuff like this that worries me that gaming would be a luxuries we all can't afford all because it's successful and companies are willing to do it to make a few bucks.
Jaimee Khoury (6 months ago)
It is amazing how Australia didn’t say a WORD about Lootboxes. Australia is really strict when it comes to Video Games.
Kim Michael (6 months ago)
LOOT BOXES AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rob mitch (6 months ago)
So far the only loot box I have ever seen done right was in the game Samantha has on her phone called Dungeon and girls. You know what they do? Every day you watch 1 add and get 3 gems. A box cost 30 gems. Each box will only ever give you a ally you don't all ready have. So even if you spend money to get more gems you will never get the same thing 2 times and everything they can give you can be got in game with no money or gems. "Oh ya well how much is the game?" Free. The game is free. She even showed me it cost nothing "But what if I sell the item?" Well then it goes back into the pool of things you do not have and the box can give it to you again.
Aidan Or (6 months ago)
Lootboxes that only cost in-game currency, not real money still piss me off because it's still gambling and you still don't know what you're getting. At least sometimes you can reload a save but still...
mystic compot cheddar (6 months ago)
Honestly I like the idea of boxes with random stuff in them. NOT by paying for them with REAL money. But with money earned in the game.
Matti Gilmore (6 months ago)
love ur show
SantosOverlord (6 months ago)
i got a free lootbox of pubg (the 1st one) opened it for free and got some garbage lokking light brown trousers and i sold them for 14€ i mean wtf
Lena Tracer Oxton (6 months ago)
Ugggghhh I love playing both PUBG and Overwatch so it's really frustrating to see them do stuff like this.
DMAN D (6 months ago)
Oh well I wanted to get PUBG.....wanted to.
CoffeeMug 67 (6 months ago)
Having to pay to progress in a game, it just kills the vibe of the whole game
Temuldjin (6 months ago)
On one hand i just don't understand the idiots who buy lootboxes for 2-5 dollars a pop and a key for 3 dollars to open it, for a single random cosmetic item... On the other hand i like the fact that they exist because im selling the lootboxes/items i get in PUBG/killing floor 2 and/cs go/payday 2 and those gaves are financing the games i buy on steam...
Shahir Uddin (6 months ago)
Loot boxes are trash
j (6 months ago)
PUBG is a travesty of a game on many sides. With how bad the devs and creator are as well as lying to their playerbase on lootboxes... The 'lets patent this gamestyle' or 'wah, everyone is ripping ME off'. Not to mention actually making a worse version on console that crashes even more often. That studio needs a wake up call from this high that they're on. Sorry for ripping on only one industry bad guy, another solid video Proto. I agree on most points. Gamers have to actually get enough players to ditch the larger offenders for titles that respect their playerbases' wallets. If OW, PUBG, D2 and such lost even a third or half of their playerbases. You can bet plenty of changes would happen quickly. I keep the same line to my friends and for games I was excited about. I have a one lootbox game limit and I already paid for it. While it has been sometime since OW got any more money from me, I refuse to play any other lootbox game. Real currency or not, if I can't get what I actually want and have to go through packs. I'm better off buying MTG or YGO packs, since those are going to be around after servers for these games shut down.
Timotay Best (6 months ago)
Ok giving a like, now that you have finally give real up to date facts on Destiny 2. Even though I disagree about Eververse being the problem. Removing Eververse isn't making my guns kill knights and Ogres faster or getting me 6v6 with bigger maps.
Major_Link TT (6 months ago)
I never purchased loot boxes cuz I don’t get anything out of them anyway
UltraBall333 (6 months ago)
But Proto, what do you think about loot crates?
SugarUnicorns (6 months ago)
I got 2 white hoodies and I'm worried that the prices will drop next week. I'm predicting like a 40% drop right???
harry s. (6 months ago)
These loot boxes are getting really nuts. I miss the early 90s.
Nicholas Porter (6 months ago)
Man I just found one of your videos randomly and I'm happy I did!
Caesar Seriona (6 months ago)
I don't play CSGO or Player Unknown but let's say I got an item for 100 dollars. How exactly do you make money off of them? Is there some kind of game trade system? And I get the money, it's only in game money or Steam or are you physically getting cash?
Apoc Sentinel (6 months ago)
I auto-avoid games with any lootbox system whatsoever. A game with such a system could never be good; scientifically proven fact. I actually care about the gaming industry.
SirPreyasThe619 (6 months ago)
Holy Miltank, those drop rates AND prices
MsGhoulz (6 months ago)
That's still funny. Disney punishing EA for incompetence.... Because they know ALL about success.....
Evil Genius97 (6 months ago)
If i remember right Unturned has a realistic drop rate. Ive got awesome sruff for free and made 1$ in a year. You can even get boxes for free.
Jonathan Marshall (6 months ago)
Thank you for speaking out against Loot Boxes! It really does matter.
Jessie Guadarrama (6 months ago)
God with almost 2 thousands dollars I could get all 3 main consoles and lots of games for each 😱
Blaze12ification (6 months ago)
it's border line gambling, real gambling you are guaranteed to get nothing in return if you put it in, that's why it is still T for teen because by definition it isn't gambling.
Stearns (6 months ago)
Dark times...
Poké-Maniac Chris (6 months ago)
A game that does this right: Rainbow Six: Siege 1. You can't buy Alpha Packs with real money, only by the in-game currency (renown), or just by playing the game (which gets better odds the more you play) .2. Just about every item in the Alpha Packs can be bought in the shop with either the in-game currency, or real money in the form of another in-game currency (R6 credits), which *cannot* be changed into the other in-game currency. This system is a lot better than the way these other games are doing it because, to quote TheRussianBader in his video called "Please Headshot Me": "... It's much closer to 'pay to not grind' than it is 'pay to win'..." So I don't think it should really be involved in this
Iggy760 (6 months ago)
lets not legalized meth because the addicts gana abuse it
Just Nathan (6 months ago)
The Bluecario (6 months ago)
Who would buy the leopard masks if everyone plan to sell em?
Andre Ivanovich (6 months ago)
If ill ever get that leopard face scarf, instead of selling it for 1.8k, ill undercut it and sell it for 50, just to give a middle finger to that ridiculously bloated artificial economy and to people who are selling it at that high price!
john johnston (6 months ago)
I just stop playing video games just focus on life buying new home and just maybe start new family
Branden Hall (6 months ago)
Don't just shun lootboxes. Refuse to buy the games that employ them. We have to make our voices heard in the only way that matters to these money hungry companies. Don't finance these monstrosities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
K Z (6 months ago)
(。・ω・。) Pokemon is just game that you can beat all you wanted
Mistwing Dawnpelt (6 months ago)
great video
RedOneMonster (6 months ago)
Desperado aint a paid crate. I bought em with Battle Points and sold dem for $$$. Please stop crying about cosmetics, you aren't forced to buy them.
Stardom Tech Industries (6 months ago)
I hate loot boxes, will never purchase them.
rambobunny1 (6 months ago)
What does become like blowing a cartridge to telling your children into gambling addicts gaming Industry need regulations this is worse in second life at least that has rules
Michael harty (6 months ago)
Nintendo will be our saving grace
83 (6 months ago)
I may just stop playing videogames or only play games from the early 2000's and the elder scrolls games if they don't get loot boxes.
Freezie Frosted Games (6 months ago)
I'm so sorry for my ignorance, I really hate lootboxes as much as the next guy. But how is this any different from trading card packs?
Freezie Frosted Games (6 months ago)
ProtoMario Ah thanks Proto! I've always wanted to get replied by you someday. You've made my day! God bless you! 😊
ProtoMario (6 months ago)
You get something physical.
Chris Comments (6 months ago)
The idea of lootboxes aren't bad with a few exceptions 1) In games that have lootboxes that are not purchasable with real cash 2) If they are multiplayer games that have lootboxes that doesn't increase stats (aka only cosmetic items) 3) If they don't cause people to have the cosmetic items cost 1,500 or anything for that matter 4) As long as kids/teens don't open lootboxes with real hard cash. But I would rather spend that money on good single player games and good dlc.
JD Houshour (6 months ago)
duuuuh ddoooss bbittccoinnnnn bbbblloocckssssss gggivesssz mmmaarriiiiiiioooo hhhheaddddaaccjheee. James: im your daddy now, [email protected]$. mario, peach, jessie, meowth in perfect unison: I F%[email protected] QUIT!!! on another note, and it is kind of related here imo, but i have been hoarding this thought for a while on a new albeit kind of whacked out nintendo bridging theory. i think you would be likely the best person to make it happen, so: James is equivocally Donkey Kong, Jessie is Diddy Kong, Meowth is Dixie Kong, and Giovanni's Persian is Kiddy Kong from the SNES Donkey Kong Country Games 1, 2, and 3. with the kicker being that Giovanni is King K. Rule from Donkey Kong 64 and the pair of Butch and Cassidy with thier first pokemon in the episode "the breeding center secret" being a raticate, portrays K. Lumsy in Donkey Kong 64. i only got as far as the start of the level in Donkey Kong 64 where the last kong of your group comes in fast (i cant remember his name atm because i didnt play as him much and that was about 15 years ago, so please, if someone remembers please fill it in for me, thank you) and REALLY hard so i have never experienced much of the latter-half of that game. that being said, i did beat all three Donkey Country games. i SAID my theory was like "totally spies" level of obliviously comical. i am good at theorizing but i have a disconnect in presentation. i served, protomario, will you return with a smash or flop (i had to get mario tennis in here!!!)
Saburo Sensei (6 months ago)
I have never spent a single dollar on loots.
hbarudi (6 months ago)
The microtransactions situation is getting worse, one reason to stick to the old games that don't have all that nonsense in them. The retro game market is growing to the point where prices of retro titles are going past their original launch price translated to 2018 $. 1. So destiny 2 is going for the microtransactions after all, that is the end of that title, we would wish for a halo 6 without all the microtransactions and stuff, but halo 5 looks like the last bungie and microsoft good game then starting from the new destiny series there is microstransactions. Good halo series but not good destiny series. 2. Now also PUBG has microtransactions? why it has the most number of sales on steam and they should have a lot of money to not need microtransactions, but this shows greed. They are very greedy to put microtransactions in a game that I don't know how it became so popular, maybe it is a rated T first person shooter MMO title the first of its kind but MMO or not they should remove the microtransactions or increase the rating. I would like the ESRB who does those ratings to change their rating on every title with microtransactions to be adults only level. This way game companies will get much less sales when that rating shows on those titles that have a lot of microtransactions. Then they send the game item steam store to have items reaching $1800 or above due to loot box rarity and they charge to open a loot box? 3. Xbox one, Microsoft better be careful to keep those boxes absolutely free of charge, if they charge a penny, that would become a problem. We also know Microsoft discontinued Microsoft points a long time ago that were their kind of money to buy digital content. But we can only hope they don't go for microtransactions. 4. Hawaii good that they are passing laws to require higher age for microtransactions containing titles before they are allowed to play. 5. The article about teen who spent $10k on microtransactions, that is a lot of money that could have paid for possibly an entire year of university at in state levels and a semester for out of state level costs. But the article does say: ["Add government gambling tax to all loot box transactions, and an ESRB rating that complies with the U.S. age limit for gambling," he said, noting that making games with loot boxes only available to people 18 and older could cut down on kids getting exposed to the problems he faced.] So that other people don't suffer from such financial problems at very young age. Then Belgium and Europe is going to put a ban on microtransactions which is good news. Gambling tax and an adults only rating on games with microtransactions would make video game companies think twice before making loot boxes that give random stuff rather than buying the item directly. I wish ESRB who is currently turning a blind eye to the situation to make microtransactions be visible to older people only by slapping an AO on all those titles M is not enough it has to be the highest level AO ESRB rating.
RioLeo (6 months ago)
TheKrazySoupCan (6 months ago)
Over $1,800 piece of cloth? Nah $5,000 golden frying pan all the way man
ed nobre (6 months ago)
dam that sucks
James Rustled (6 months ago)
The zapper was so much fun. Even still I always thought it was kinda weird there was a Mario/duck hunt combined cartridge
Noble_wine (6 months ago)
A bandana for 1800$? Leather boots.... Generic items being overpriced. I hate dlc and lootboxes, its killing the gaming industry.
Emet Jr Tapia (6 months ago)
BUT PROTO, best thing on the internet
Serious Spike Sam (6 months ago)
Naaah, it's not like burning team captains or dragon lores would get you anywhere... But hey, more skin economies = more money for the developers & Valve = more skin casinos in the internet = even more ways for kids and gamblings addicts to lose everything. Thanks and have fun.
Natsuru -san (6 months ago)
It's easy to get addicted to this stuff and same with Gotcha games, we seriously need for this to stop as well as for the world to have Japan's gotcha laws
Natsuru -san (6 months ago)
forgot to say, no mobile or game of any kind if worth spending 100's-1000's+ real money on, especially when eventually the service for the game will end and or your interest in the game will move on. Just not worth it.
Adam Evening (6 months ago)
Actually its good that they are actually posting drop rates. In japan its law to post drop rates, and in america it hasn't spread nearly as far as it should.
Pasta Rhythm (6 months ago)
Super Mario Odyssey shipped complete and all of the costumes can be obtained in gameplay. Sure, you can get some of them through Amiibo, but they're easy enough to get through regular gameplay that paying for Amiibo isn't forced on you. The most hilarious part is that Odyssey is getting DLC, and it's *FREE.* A SINGLEPLAYER experience that's complete on release day is getting a new minigame, new costumes, and some new screenshot filters through *FREE* DLC. Why aren't more people talking about this?
rei1556 (6 months ago)
cause it's nintendo, no one likes talking about nintendo, the only time you are allowed to talk about nintendo is to hate them like they're the plague of the gaming industry /s
Pasta Rhythm (6 months ago)
It also has 3 new costumes and 2 new screenshot filters, but I agree that it's not the biggest update ever. I'm just saying that it's amazing that there's a free update at all.
Brunch (6 months ago)
I though knives in CSGO were the peak, but over $1,800 for a CLOTH
Mr. Sir. Psychopath (6 months ago)
Eververse is not hard to get items from. You get a free use every level. I think it's silly because you don't have to make micro transactions. I don't. Paid crates are ludicrous however.
Dream Demon (6 months ago)
Loot boxes ruin these games. I avoid these games. If I can’t spend the 60 or 70 dollars once for everything in the game then I feel like the being ripped off all ready. Extra maps and expansions are one thing but crap that I can pick up in the game but not Keep is another.
shy guy with a sombrero (6 months ago)
I'm not defending loot boxes but this should only be on mobile games since most of them are free anyway that's understandable. But paying $60 for a game and then paying $2 or more for random items that's BS. Kind of reminds me of playing Mario party games got based on luck not skill
Sean Kidwell (6 months ago)
The more I hear about Loot Boxes the more I hate them.
UlcaM (6 months ago)
Nice shirt..
ProtoMario (6 months ago)
Thanks m8, I have a Greyfox one too, but I am too much a fatty to wear it now =(
Mason Hack (6 months ago)
Wow, I didn't think much because it was just stupid cosmetics... but to sell that cosmetic item for over a grand!?!?! what the hell, such garbage
eduardo torres (6 months ago)
if these "AAA" company( XD ) want $$$ make it fair & play the game for free.
Delcatty16 (6 months ago)
The thing about PUBG, is that you can (currently) only get these crates by playing the game and earning in-game currency. I know people can put the crates up on the Steam Marketplace, but I see that more as trading, than buying loot boxes.
LordDiscord (6 months ago)
I swear they are not going to be happy until we have another Gaming Crash.
nathan walton (6 months ago)
best video yet proto :)
Samantha Berck (6 months ago)
Whys its always lootboxes
Jarrod Taylor (6 months ago)
I hate loot boxes
Thunder HammerX (6 months ago)
Good old three dollar horse armor. It may have been a running joke for a decade, but compared to today's MTX festival, the horse armor almost seems like a bargain.
Kineon (6 months ago)
Honestly, I don't have a problem with loot boxes as long as you can only get cosmetics from them... if you don't like them, you can just ignore them. And about the "gambling" problem, it's up to the responsibility of the person playing it, and about children, they shouldn't have access to enough money to a point where it makes a difference, if they spend all they allowance in loot boxes, they won't have money for candies or won't be able to save up money to buy that video game they want, its a great way for them to learn a lesson, if you dont mildly expose children to danger while you have control over it, they ll get in problems when they grow up. at least that's my way of seeing things, sorry for the long text and bad english
Terry Turner (6 months ago)
Duo Beard (6 months ago)
Cosmetics is an issue these days
Jonhyfun (6 months ago)
Whats the song right at the beggining?
ProtoMario (6 months ago)
Silph Co remix and Hep Cats
Vegas Samurai (6 months ago)
Liking that super metroid shirt
Jesse Dohmen (6 months ago)
This is why I will get a Nintendo Switch in the future, to not have to deal with this garbage
The Kirby Guy (6 months ago)
Jesse Dohmen I swear if EA buys Nintendo in the future I'm done with gaming. Not that I think it will happen, it's just with all that loot box money they have to be doing SOMETHING.
Red Hawk (6 months ago)
RandomC4 (6 months ago)
wait i think the big issue is that pubg is rated "T" wtf. how is that even possible
brent newman (6 months ago)
You know they are aware that with all the multiple nation's looking into the underage gambling ramifications that they are just trying to milk this for as much as they can before legislation is put in place to stop this for the most gullible of clients...the children.
Mark Welch (6 months ago)
Breath of the Wild now has lootboxes...not really they have Amiibo items. But at least you only have to buy an Amiibo once and use it as many times as you want.
The Kirby Guy (6 months ago)
Mark Welch It hurts when people compare amiibo to loot boxes.
Roger Ling (6 months ago)
loot boxes are only made for companies to rip off the consumers
Toxic Tj (6 months ago)
Why don't people bring up csgo and its crate system and then its fan base will go and crap on cod for having them because theirs is cosmetic.
peter gildersleve (6 months ago)
embedded dlc that requires money to unlock is worse

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