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PUBG Western WAR Mode - Defend The Outpost!

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Text Comments (270)
Yonghang Chesung (4 days ago)
guys you all are best this video is also very good but why you all don't trie death race in pubg..it will be great
Max McGovern (6 days ago)
Is this red dead redemption music
Spy sapping my Sentry (9 days ago)
Its High Noon
Mattman365 (9 days ago)
Woah a gamemode that you can mess around with and respawns? Wonder were they got that.
Mattman365 (6 days ago)
Fortnitex Craze oh my mistake then
Fortnitex Craze (6 days ago)
Mattman365 war mode actually came before playground.
The Robeast13 (11 days ago)
Can I get a hell yeah brother?
thepluraloftiger (12 days ago)
*BAAAM BAAM* you never did things the traditional way. *BAAAAM BAAAAMM* why should school be any different
BadB33f 3 (13 days ago)
Upon watching the start of the video, I want to kill all of you for how offensive y'all have been.
Jose Cruz (13 days ago)
I hope Sam was just joking about Westworld, because if that was his excuse of stopping watching it, it's fucking stupid.
Lucas Deguzman (14 days ago)
Can you do pubg mobile
Where did they stream
I'll always remember this quote from Niko "Teamwork makes a dream work!" - Niko 2018
I just watched the good the bad and the ugly and I love it! (and your videos)
Chris Loew (19 days ago)
What movie is the cover image screenshot from?
Jacob Carlson (19 days ago)
Niko downs Mike Diva at 12:28 🤣
Rouky Garba (19 days ago)
Derek Hall (20 days ago)
4:31 "you killed Kim Jong Un" 😂😂😂😂
Joe Miskowitz (20 days ago)
You could do a WW2 weapons mode with the kar98, Thompson, DP, 1911, pump shotgun
John McDonald (20 days ago)
Red Dead soundtrack comment no. 324
Almighty Sandwich (20 days ago)
Can y’all do more of them
ImpossiblyOblivious (20 days ago)
you guys should play Hunt: Showdown.
Ghost Delta (21 days ago)
Antonin (21 days ago)
I wish they'd make a Western weapons only PUBG game
real trends_ (21 days ago)
what Pc do you guys play on (I know its custom ) But what are the specs and in the future can you turn on fps so us nerds can see your frame rate?
Bob Dabs (21 days ago)
Im sad i was sleeping
McMeme Supreme (21 days ago)
This looks so fun
ACE (21 days ago)
You guys gotta play red dead redemption 2 online!! Its gonna be this times 1000
Jace Haskell (21 days ago)
I found a link to it in the comments. Otherwise i would have missed it
Bob Swanson (21 days ago)
DAMMIT. Now I have to hook up my PS3 and play RDR. Thanks Node. And I mean that both good and bad.
Red Menace 0 (21 days ago)
Stream kinda sucked. I'm sorry.
Lazer Beam (21 days ago)
Guys can you do this on pubg mobile,invite me and please friend me I wanna be in a video but instead zombie mode,am Thewarrior750
TheeBushWookiee (21 days ago)
Hey node you should do a game mode where you have to defend a certain building from swarms of attacker’s
Justin Qadri, Jr (21 days ago)
You guys should do a bolt action line battle.
Professor Bearington (21 days ago)
leathery420 (21 days ago)
Not to get all political, but this clearly shows how banning semi auto rifles wouldn't have much effect on spree killers. I mean these types of guns killed hundreds of millions from like 1860-1960 and beyond. If you have no way to defend yourself, it matters pretty little on what weapon your attacker has. The attacker also has the element of ambush, so defenders will 100% of the time be fighting from a disadvantage. You don't get to pick where you defend yourself, but the attacker does. Now sadly people who mean well are now pushing to ban even shotguns since this last tragedy.
Farmboss Bob (21 days ago)
Do some western type thing airsoft game.
Ricky Chen (21 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks Westworld is a super smart show if you have patience to understand it?
greendevilertan (21 days ago)
Just play something like fistful of frags for that cowboy action
Nick Chance (21 days ago)
Looks like Battlefield xD
yog- slothcloth (21 days ago)
Whoop whoop!
Dan Sung (21 days ago)
Brodo swaggins
Worstenbroodje (21 days ago)
Westworld is the best
Payton Orn (21 days ago)
Make more war vids
Robert Overby (21 days ago)
A and a quick look around that tree with a revolver would have been my way to get dude on the roof
bloodknight213 (21 days ago)
I love the Red dead music playing!❤️
Logo Tho (21 days ago)
7:50 Same, Sam. Same.
elvis boakye (21 days ago)
West world is really weird
MDK 5050 (21 days ago)
Ya more custom games
Rowlands David (21 days ago)
These violent delights have violent ends...
Luis Alimorong (22 days ago)
Please play more Dead by Daylight!
Pismo Nick (22 days ago)
omg node thank you for making the first game a vid cus I am in it thank you so much btw...the one niko let die infront of them at 5:06
James Kern (22 days ago)
The RedDead Redemption music is perfect for this video, well done.
TheBrainiac22 (22 days ago)
Are you guys doing more DayZ?
Rose Uribe (22 days ago)
Mobile pubg more pls
Elijah Jones (22 days ago)
You know what would be cool if Node played gang beasts again
TheZnarfquad (22 days ago)
YES! I'm in this one! Number 6 on their team in the first game!
pretty murch (22 days ago)
That og red dead music tho
DA EPIC UNICORN (22 days ago)
Someone teach Brandon to use RMB plz
DaVion August (22 days ago)
You guys will love it I promise
DaVion August (22 days ago)
You also can create your character
DaVion August (22 days ago)
You guys should check out absolver it’s a fighting game with good mechanics and is massively multiplayer I promise you guys will become addicted
PIGIN JpWp2 (22 days ago)
Do more westerns
emmanuel moise (22 days ago)
Do a death race on each map
I like it WithCheeze (22 days ago)
U should do pubg ww2 weopons only that would be cool
Brismo (22 days ago)
it would be cool if the force field had an option to close from west to east and east to west. Closing in. Then after it reaches a certain point, from north to south and south to north. Square style
SPoiLed GamIng (22 days ago)
No ADS? or their not allowed to use?
JEFF GAMING 9 (22 days ago)
Bring more pubg plz
Rising Odyssey (22 days ago)
You guys gotta do cops again, that was so funny
Bryan Shang (22 days ago)
When he said “ they call us The cow Brod” it sounds like “They call us the cowgirls “😂😂
Honestly Brutal (22 days ago)
Which is better, pubg or fortnite My fav is pubg
Caleb Sealey (22 days ago)
Why do I hate Sam lol 😂
Deg Brick (22 days ago)
I think you guys should play nuclear throne. It is a top down rouge like and is 2 player. It is available on steam and is a bullet hell. I enjoy it very much and play with my friends all the time
Zoe (22 days ago)
Remember the alamo
Dany HotPompis (22 days ago)
Is that the music from red dead? Awesome
Xander Wyatt (22 days ago)
It's missing the Rhino and the Sawwed Off
Ghost-_- Sniper (22 days ago)
I tried to get into this match.. As soon as the password was said. filled up in 10 seconds... didn't get in
Ghost-_- Sniper (22 days ago)
I tried to get into this match.. As soon as the password was said. filled in 10 seconds... didn't get in
pampamproductions (22 days ago)
noice, I was wanting to see your perspectives during the stream.
Ziowar Biowar (22 days ago)
Can Xbox connect to your events?
HMS Ark Royal (22 days ago)
i saw that and my mind said "fuck that, im melting from the fucking heat and im tired"
TechGoggles (22 days ago)
Finally a non VR game please do more variety...
Drummer D7 (22 days ago)
Every PUBG episodes are amazing! Make more !
Aidan Nankervis (22 days ago)
2:58 is when I die.
Braincube 013 (22 days ago)
How your decision of going with Xbox going pubg😂
B G (22 days ago)
It reminds me of the movies Fort Apache the Bronx or 13th Precinct. Fun stuff to watch!
Sea Baas (22 days ago)
do you guys just play every game with low FOV and motion blur?
Raydeus (22 days ago)
Yeah, Westworld went downhill hard. Ah well, at least season one was completely worth buying on 4K. Hopefully GoT has a good ending, though if last season is any indication of what to expect it may be a very good idea keeping my expectations at the lowest setting.
Grim Birthday (22 days ago)
Coulda joined you but I was doing homework. Maybe do it on a weekend lol
Phantom Archer (22 days ago)
Hector Contreras (22 days ago)
Play TTT and murder
Vincenzo (22 days ago)
The Red Dead Redemption music makes it so cool.
Nuss Beutel (22 days ago)
more pubg vids would be cool
Kyezie131 (22 days ago)
D is the only one that actually knows how to play games lmao
winter fox (22 days ago)
Why don't they have this on mobile it's awesome
Elias Iksenburg (22 days ago)
Brandon so bad.
Mak Leto (22 days ago)
I had no problem following what was happening in Westworld, but I had NO FREAKING CLUE what was happening in this game. It would've been nice to have had it explained what the fundamental rules of this game mode are at least?
I would’ve played but pubg had an update and my internet is poopy
MemeTastic Gaming (22 days ago)
Do a pubg 50v50 game with your fans!
playgaming1315 (22 days ago)
When will you guys make more airsoft player unknowns battlegrounds
Lt.Tactical (22 days ago)
This is like that one western valve game
Matthew Ahn (22 days ago)
Rotating gamemodes from Fortnite aren't the same as custom PUBG games.

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