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Open cases here: https://hellcase.com/ffatnoob Hellcase giveaway: https://gleam.io/ddPKV/hellcase-weekly-giveaway UNBOXING A $1500 SKIN! (MUST WATCH) Hope you guys enjoyed this video! Use my code for FREE skins! Code "fatnoob" http://hellcase.org/ffatnoob Code "fatnoob" http://www.csgoroll.com/ Code "fatnoob" https://bets.gg/ Code "fatnoob" https://www.csgostrong.com/free-coins/?affiliate=fatnoob Code "fatnoob" http://csgopolygon.com/ Steam trade link! http://bit.ly/1J8GF8u Connect with me▼ • Subscribe to me! http://bit.ly/12pixdc • Follow me on Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/FatNoobTM • Follow me on Twitch: http://bit.ly/1pED2I3 • Join my steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/FatNoob54 • Google+: http://bit.ly/1ygYkE2 • Music by Not The King https://soundcloud.com/coreygagne & Tobu http://www.youtube.com/tobuofficial - FatNoob
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Text Comments (417)
xyzlion (9 months ago)
Thanks for adding must watch to the title so I know a stranger on the other side of planet earth unboxed a skin worth some fake money, like it hasn't happened before
arturs idzans (10 months ago)
Salty Nugget (11 months ago)
Yo dude great video keep it up, https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=122633895&token=uNBswjHe Feel free to hit me up ;)
Vy Ai Pham (11 months ago)
Legit such a good yter
Vy Ai Pham (11 months ago)
Its weird because he should have atleast 500k subs
DVLCHLD (11 months ago)
u got some epics on my bday wish i coulda got something haha
ZaHax (11 months ago)
Giveaway!! :PP
Philippe I. (11 months ago)
You are nice I found your youtube channel and you are a nice guy And I hope I can winn the shadow daggers slaughter
FishyFish (11 months ago)
This is a comment! Just found yor channel and its great! I hope i get dat knife
Main Game (11 months ago)
Nice work for supporting hellcase.
3:31thanks me now
Kishore M (11 months ago)
Great video
Mr Rhodesia (11 months ago)
hey man keep up the great vids. hope to win the knife. https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=316115483&token=s-Hnofob
billy bob (11 months ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=291708320&token=0O5WHj11 i lost my inventory 2 days ago rip
mh003 (11 months ago)
Yeah I entered the Twitter giveaway name is mh30222
Bacev (11 months ago)
Hey dude love ur vids!!!! can you please open my cases on CSGO LIVE-https://www.csgolive.com/user/76561198267858406 ALL OF MY CASES MAKE PROFIT!!!!
Ziv Arieli (11 months ago)
good luck with the give away every one . <3
No Name (11 months ago)
Pick me for the giveaway papa
Riko Syahrir (11 months ago)
gl guys
-BALÀZS_ _gamer- (11 months ago)
.... good video? %%%
GTA Modder (11 months ago)
The Howl was overpriced on hellcase :|
liam färm (11 months ago)
Dream knife
Jaakko Honka (11 months ago)
Kýbl Hoven (11 months ago)
dropíng comentt
IceBox (11 months ago)
Love you bby)
saros (11 months ago)
Noob Chicken (11 months ago)
shadow dagger my dream knife😍
Thomas Koenen (11 months ago)
Hellcase scamsite?
Dry Pig (11 months ago)
Roman Hrncic (11 months ago)
GrtWhiteHunter (11 months ago)
plz SkinnyPro
KK (11 months ago)
Denny The Goldbeast (11 months ago)
Denver Matthew (11 months ago)
I left a comment.
Domce 16 (11 months ago)
jaco holland (11 months ago)
My little brother have cancer if i win i Will give the knife to my little brother please help him here https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=152459603&token=4JGIIao0 Thank you so much
Jeremiah Baker (11 months ago)
#FatNoobNotificationSquad Congrats on the sick profit!
suspectsplash gaming (11 months ago)
Slashertron Games (11 months ago)
Hello every one I hope you have a great day
Yurza Kayzo (11 months ago)
I love myself
Angry saleiro (11 months ago)
you scam me
Elias Brännström (11 months ago)
hello :D
Taxvig (11 months ago)
stop begging for likes :/
maxi mac (11 months ago)
nice dude
Villads Prehn (11 months ago)
i hate you voice
amer1 plays mc (11 months ago)
Pls the knife
postris (11 months ago)
sick vid bro
Drizy Tv (11 months ago)
oioioioioioi who lives In a pineapple under the sea that wants shadow daggers! this guy!
Loui Inn0cent (11 months ago)
Hellcase R u fycking kding me
Lil Oskaras (11 months ago)
am I in the giveaway? :D
Catron (11 months ago)
lol I won
InqSqcks (11 months ago)
I want the knife:)
ツShadow (11 months ago)
Nice Video
Omer Yarden (11 months ago)
Nice vid!
Guc Loco (11 months ago)
nice video bro ;D
Oliver Nymann (11 months ago)
Breakfest is good :D
Harvey cable-Coates (11 months ago)
Ez giveaway ez life
Nø vą (11 months ago)
akseli wiljami (11 months ago)
NBX Gaming (11 months ago)
Love you FATNOOB #Giveway
Daskuts (11 months ago)
Russell Fenton (11 months ago)
butt plugs XD
Em Bestil (11 months ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=61318277&token=rro5007y appreciated ;)
LOLnoobshahahh (11 months ago)
im poor
Miervaldis Nemiers (11 months ago)
Jayson Val Edulian (11 months ago)
Sick Videos!
Biig Wille man (11 months ago)
Senpai Julz (11 months ago)
That dagger is mine
Miloš Angelovic (11 months ago)
good luck boyz
Eerik Takkinen (11 months ago)
Apex HD (11 months ago)
me :D
MURSU_Gamer505 (11 months ago)
i entered ! Love fn ;D
Good vid
kehvincs (11 months ago)
Omg gl all for the giveaway
Precision (11 months ago)
Like the new editing bro
Patchika #1 Gaming (11 months ago)
ダニエルサム (11 months ago)
Ty https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=332055904&token=7sqZNfsY
emmanuel perselis (11 months ago)
case battle looks so nice!
iKER (11 months ago)
niceeeeeeeeeee :D
K7 Dab (11 months ago)
Dope vid again fatnoob <3 u
Adrian (11 months ago)
Stoner Kidd (11 months ago)
Un Lucky (11 months ago)
Nice video dude you got a subcribe!!! watching here from philippines \m/,
luffandri fandri (11 months ago)
yey letsgoooo
Jorel Garcia (11 months ago)
Nice. :) I hope I win :) https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=395533768&token=Tdw2bIYV
Andrej Seifert (11 months ago)
Tommy bouapha (11 months ago)
Zoran Dobrilović (11 months ago)
Too much idiotism in comments...
Finn.Weyman (11 months ago)
hellcse isn't a scam
fun stuff (11 months ago)
I need a knife plz I will cry
Daniel Poole (11 months ago)
hey bro, what a legend! https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=371349145&token=cwcS9xih
Cristian Neicu (11 months ago)
Best yt ever man.I will leave my trade link here if i will win.https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=334844557&token=NSJvVQTW
Powerfulwho1783 (11 months ago)
ez win
Zeuia (11 months ago)
Unsubbed, I used to really like you but you've became a total sellout
TheLightH (11 months ago)
I want the skin!!!!!!!!!
VermilionEagle (11 months ago)
Martin weiler (11 months ago)
Hellcase is a fucking scam please stop playing on this site
Jacob imas (11 months ago)
Nice vid
x3headshotzxx (11 months ago)
That howl is sick man
Marko Vuksic (11 months ago)

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