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Best Light Tank variant? - Battlefield 1

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Testing everything there is to test about the three FT-17 Light Tank variants in Battlefield 1. Which one is the best? The Light Close Support Tank, the Light Flanker Tank or the Light Howitzer Tank and in which situations does each one excel? Let's find out! Fancy a Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 or Battlefield 1 Season Pass? Take part in the giveaway! https://gleam.io/5DOqP/rainbow-six-siege-year-3-season-pass-giveaway Join me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/RogueN9 Discord! https://discord.gg/GFbWWhC Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/Rogue.9er/ More Battlefield 1: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP2MwDk1r3q3F7Oj-hF0EFFma-l2hy5UD Or maybe some Rainbow Six? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP2MwDk1r3q2uAFwAZrqddJZK-4joHNYj
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Text Comments (272)
ximbabwe0228 (9 days ago)
Wow, that shoutout at 9:40 deserves some praise. So humble to put it at the end
Phantom Orion (1 month ago)
I tried out the flanker for the first time and went 43 - 2 on amiens 😂😂😂
VGames 1 (1 month ago)
Wait, the light Howitzer Tank does only need 3 shots to Destroy a heavy Tank or Landship? Tell that the Landship that survived ~5 shots without a single scratch! Edit: I love the close support Variant and the Flanker Tank. The Howitzer has too weak armour and the Bullet drop is extreme, already at medium Range. And the limiting firing Arc is also bad. https://youtu.be/y3k2vPJgH04
Sergio Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Literally reverse the order.
kernowed (2 months ago)
None they are Cancer
Geoff Rey (3 months ago)
flanker rapes infantry low damage is negated by fire rate
JJ AA (3 months ago)
i verry like flak light tank, it's powerful in close to medium range and close anti aircraft
Bluddax (4 months ago)
(I know this vid is old, and stats was different last year and don't take me too seriously) Don't you talk smack against close support, I've done plenty good with it. Best set-up
Survivor Z Gaming (5 months ago)
Flanker tank is my favourite tank. Infantry shells are insanely good. On amiens it can demolish, can clear out streets of infantry rly easily, and then lay down mines to take out tanks.
Andre Nery (5 months ago)
Out of curiosity, where are you from?
Aurora unwichtig (6 months ago)
light tank support owns all in the hands of a expert tanker. the only real threat against support variant is howitzer variant(noob variant ). ! check my only video i have on youtube !!!!!!!!!!!! people call me cheater so many times so they basicly forced me to do this video
Sturm T1ger (7 months ago)
I like the Howitzer aswell
True Things True Moments (7 months ago)
Flanker is the best one so far for light tank. My best killstreak with it was 56 kills, get dem bois!!!
Arsenic Poisoning (7 months ago)
I have not watched this channel in a long time and I am glad he took a look at the Armored frog (I call it the FT17 that after my cousin called it that)
jroggs85 (7 months ago)
My vote for the worst LT is actually the Howitzer. The Flanker and Close Support are terrific against infantry while being poor against vehicles. The Howitzer is poor against infantry and still loses to most vehicles. The 75mm shell just doesn't compensate for the godawful RoF, muzzle velocity, shell drop, and only four shots, combined with no 360 turret and weak armor. The Howitzer can only win against tanks in ambushes, and against heavier tanks it needs to land all four shots (due to insta-repairs), while enemy tanks get six shots and do roughly equal damage with more reliable precision and faster RoF. Anyone wanting to play Howitzer would just be better off picking something else.
Darrel jackson jr (5 months ago)
wrong. I eat Heavy tankers all the time with my Howitzer tank. I love when the top heavy tankers are on my server to take them down. You just need to know how to use it.
Walter White (7 months ago)
Flanker is my favorite, but I guess I'll be trying out the howitzer some more.
John Oliver (7 months ago)
75 meter shells? shooting a football field at the enemy would be rather effective tbh.
q455frodomar (8 months ago)
I disagree with the Close Support tank being bad. If you know what you are doing with it you can help your teammates with ammo while also good at killing enemies.
Shadow 21Sixty1 (8 months ago)
Howitzer for the win. I have 6 vids on my channel showing the power of the Howitzer if anyone wants to see them.
FuckinAntiPope (8 months ago)
I love the Flanker Varient. It's powerful against infantry and it can get almost everywhere. Even in some buildings
Yee Macghyee (8 months ago)
I appreciate the howitzer as a good long range antivehicle and infantry harasser. I've been at it long enough that the drop is negligible, if not actually useful at times.
Emmanuel Rubio (8 months ago)
When I started playing the game, I remember coming across the light Howitzer tank when I was the A7V it just disabled me in 1 blast I was tripping the hell out xD little shit is annoying to deal with in that variant!
Devon Linden (8 months ago)
Pls do landship next
Kyle Wheat (8 months ago)
37mm was my favorite on release. Before it had mg and had canister shot. It murdered infantry back then
GIboy1990 (8 months ago)
Derek Westbrook (8 months ago)
You should cover the mark V landship. My favourite variant is the squad support one. Love this series and the least used series
Kyren 4268 (8 months ago)
Ohhh 99k subs good job
Geilovakt #4 (8 months ago)
Many are saying that the support variant of the light tank is bad, but i have done some killstreaks almost all the way up to 50kd. Just learned to be with the team when facing heavy tanks.
Geilovakt #4 (8 months ago)
My trick is to shoot a shell witch sometimes kill instantly, but if not, i just switch to machinegun and spray’n’pray.
Bakabomb 85 (8 months ago)
Land shop not land shil
Rogue-9 (8 months ago)
ok 😉
Bakabomb 85 (8 months ago)
Plz landshil next
Cat_Sergeant567 (8 months ago)
Balázs Reznyák (8 months ago)
The light tank is a infantry support/anti-infantry tank not a anti-vehicle.
Rogue-9 (8 months ago)
+Balázs Reznyák except the howitzer variant. Best AT gun in the game!
sexy sloth (8 months ago)
Love the howitzer tank its has everything you nees smoke, insta repair, and heavy mg. Only down side which is hardley ever a problem for me is no turret rotation
airraptor (8 months ago)
With the last update did they knock down the power again in the tanks. I use the heavy tank all the time with HE shells and used to be able to take out infantry very easily. Now seems I almost have to have a direct hit to kill. Even as of two weeks ago I was able to average 60 kills per game now I average only 15-20. So tired of the constant mods they do to BF1. The update awhile back where sniper rifles got the boost the tank gwear (SP) is now a three hit kill on tanks if thats at full health. They punish people for being good in any one class or vehicle....
Cayden McCormick (8 months ago)
You need to do a land's hip tutorial, they are all very different!
EpicThe112 (8 months ago)
Howitzer tank because it can be useful for both direct and indirect fire and switch to the machine gun for infantry combat tested this on Sinai desert in operations where I went on a 7 to 10 killstreak with the tank
Darrel jackson jr (5 months ago)
I did a 97 kill streak in it one time. Ended up 98-1 on conquest..
Mike H. (8 months ago)
I actually like the close support version the most, since I mostly play Operations and I tend to push up with my team and drop the ammo/health boxes for them.
Henry Chan (8 months ago)
The best thing about the flanker tank are the AT mines. When you are low on health and another tank is chasing you, just drop them. They will usually be too distracted to notice the mines and go straight through.
ricardo hernandez (8 months ago)
yup I pissed off one guy Cuz I did that trick and rushed me uaong the tank and I wrecked him with the mines three times in a row
RononaDemonZoro (8 months ago)
Henry Chan I've killed so many tanks with trick, that's why I love the flanker variant. Also I shoot at heavy tanks piss me off and run than lay down the AT mines for them to get blown the fuck up lol , they fall for it everytime.
The_Alpha_Unleashed (8 months ago)
i loved the light flanker tank and it is still usable today, however i saw noticeable change when the flak perk was added (and it as a default meaning very common to find), I defiantly found new love with the st chamond though. I have to try out that howitzer, I've never even used it
Ayrek Shoot (8 months ago)
Do the heavy bomber next
That Finnish Guy (8 months ago)
My favorite is the light flanker
Lenni Pulkkinen (8 months ago)
Heavy bomber guide plz
cee kay (8 months ago)
The close support tank requires more shots to kill vehicles but the howitzer cannon has a slow rate of fire. IDK if the close support cannon fires faster but I'm curious because if the close support fires faster it might be able to hit and run at distance better than the howitzer version. I prefer the howitzer and flanker but it's been so long IDK if the close support is as bad as it compares to others on paper but it's worth looking into.
Rogue-9 (8 months ago)
+cee kay it does shoot quite quickly for sure. But then you still have the reload to wait for if you're up against a heavy tank. If the enemy tank has a support repairing him, you might never be able to kill him
Marco Presti (8 months ago)
I didn't even know veichles had variants... and I got 200+ H on BF1... LUL
Painkiller9015 (8 months ago)
I want Beta Howitzer FT Back ):
DarkInfernape65 (8 months ago)
Painkiller9015 hell no
Rogue-9 (8 months ago)
I loved it during the beta!
PoeticWhisper (8 months ago)
I fell in love with the FT-17 in the beta. It’s my favorite vehicle in any Battlefield game ever. I main the flanker variant and almost at 30 service star. I’ve never used a vehicle as much as the Flanker FT-17. It’s so good. ;-;
Luca Spadoni (8 months ago)
What FOW do you have? It looks wide
Luca Spadoni (8 months ago)
Rogue-9 Thanks man, useful video however!
Rogue-9 (8 months ago)
+Diomerda TESCUOIO 80 I think
Chillest Furry (8 months ago)
@Rogue-9 Follow me on Twitter!
ComissarYarrick (8 months ago)
If only shell drop on howither wasn't as imbecilic as it is........*sigh*.....
Chen Erwin (8 months ago)
Short barrel 75mm that deals absolutely crazy damage? Sounds just like Panzer IV C in 1.3 BR.
Maxel The Necromancer (8 months ago)
The best light tank is a heavy tank. Does this make sense?
JoMcD21 (8 months ago)
The support version is meant for team-play. Instead of focusing on only the enemy, you must also focus on what your team is doing and position yourself accordingly.
Disgusted teo (8 months ago)
Your voice makes me erect
Kevin Fuchs (8 months ago)
Attack Plane please :)
Cavalry Dude (8 months ago)
Are u going to do a horse guide, just like with the other vehicles? I’m at 99 service stars and would like to know the hidden statistical details
Aston (8 months ago)
imo the best tant is the artillery truck the cannon version its monster 13pdr cannon is insanely good also has good range and velocity i destroyed many planes using the cannon it also has a kinda high fire rate machine gun for infantry but the thing that makes it shine is the cannon but also sadly it has super weak armor and DO NOT DRIVE INTO TRENCHES OR YOU WILL GET STUCK thoes are some of its drawbacks but its my tank of choice
IGGIGames YT (8 months ago)
What is the map In the beginning with those treches? EDIT: 0:19
OsamaIs MyMama (8 months ago)
Do you have an Xbox platoon?
Heidi (8 months ago)
Next heavy bomber variants
BenJamin Tracy (8 months ago)
The close support is actually amazing if you just know how to play it
Roaming Rook (1 month ago)
BenJamin Tracy I know
Kristjan Prodan (8 months ago)
I use flanker tank.
Wolvenworks (8 months ago)
FT Flanker is for pussies and tryhards. i regard Close Support as superior because you can drop supplies to your buddies. yes the cannon is terrible in most Tanks vs Tank scenario, but it's still more effective vs tanks than Flanker, and it has a turret unlike the Howitzer, so for WoT veterans like me it's quite ideal to peek shot with. personally still prefer the howitzer because that 75mm is just so derp
GhostZodick (8 months ago)
I think the beta version Howitzer is the best tank. Because the turret can rotate 360 degrees, it can 3-shot-kill an heavy tank, it can also disable the main cannon of any tank in one shot(this feature is removed from the final game). After the official release of the BF1, Flanker was the best tank. Because it has very short reload time. The fire power consistency made it viable to go head to head against other armored vehicles. But after a few patches, the reload time of Flanker became noticeably longer. The longer reload time effectively breaks the rhythm of fire. Now both infantry and vehicles can easily escape from the Flanker when the Flanker is reloading. At the current state, against what you suggested, I think the Close Ground Support light tank is the best. It actually is very effective against infantries. Both the light machine gun and the 37mm cannon are very effective against infantries. I can easily get 20+ kills with 0 death. I do admit that it is very weak against heavy tanks. However, I spend most of my time chasing infantries. To my experience, though it is very hard for me to destroy an heavy tank single-handedly , most of the times they won't kill me either. I can grind a heavy tank, making sure it won't be able to harass infantries on our side. I have almost 20,000 kills on light tanks. All my opinions comes from my experiences.
LAPISTime (8 months ago)
GhostZodick 👏 Beautiful, couldn't have said it better myself.👏
Patrick Ellis (8 months ago)
Howitzer is great, there's nothing better in this game than driving up onto a rock, blasting at a defensive position across the map and tearing down infantry, tanks and buildings and they have no idea where they are being hit from.
Universal_ Wisdom (8 months ago)
Lil late on this one but I’ll let it slide cause it’s 2am and I can’t sleep so I need something to watch
Hiten Ghavda (8 months ago)
I swear the back part is the weakest
sese 111m (8 months ago)
Je to rarita!!!
Benhur Bjay (8 months ago)
I believe the title is misleading. There is no best light tank variant because you have to use a specific variant depending on a specific situation. This is just my opinion. Plus, you already explained this point in this video 👍☺
Floris van Andel (8 months ago)
Robert Hill (8 months ago)
I thought I had subscribed somewhere around three or four months ago? But I had to subscribe again today? Anyone know what’s the deal with that?
Rogue-9 (8 months ago)
+Robert Hill urgh, that seems to happen now and then... only YouTube knows why. Or maybe even they don't know
Lou McGopher (8 months ago)
The kill at 1:53. That's expert shit. Way to use your noodle
Skylice (8 months ago)
Does the 75m howitzer ricochet off armor when hit at a bad angle?
Benhur Bjay (8 months ago)
Skylice It used to a few months ago. I would fire the shell and it would ricochet off heavy tanks, land ships, ect., based on bad angles. But, I'm pretty sure they patched it.
Skylice (8 months ago)
Rogue-9 which likely makes the howitzer the only light tank worth using once fully mastered. Also, congrats on the award :)
Rogue-9 (8 months ago)
+Skylice never!!
Close support is my favorite. You can actually help your team with it.
LAPISTime (8 months ago)
Swedishmafia101 Shitposting Inc. Agreed.
Arda Vila (8 months ago)
Your voice is so good i watch these vids after 3am to fall asleep man. My life is shit..
Rogue-9 (8 months ago)
+Arda Vila I'm glad my voice sends you to sleep 😆
Black Acid Gaming (8 months ago)
Light flanker for the win
Ionzilla Official (8 months ago)
I absolutely destroy with the close support tank. The flanker tank is also a beast and I seldom use the howitzer. I think Rouge-9’s review was very good but it comes down to personal preference and how you use these tanks
Simon The AlgebraCabra (8 months ago)
The front wheels of this tank were made out of wood!
The Godfather (8 months ago)
simon dont look at my last name creep nice info
Simon The AlgebraCabra (8 months ago)
LAPISTime yeah I learned that from Indy Neidell from the Great War when he was a guest for tank museum he made a list of favorites tanks
LAPISTime (8 months ago)
simon dont look at my last name creep Really? If so, wow... interesting.
Jacob Bulpitt (8 months ago)
the flanker is mine on amines love it got 100 service stars for this baby
stayalivegaming101 (8 months ago)
Rouge nice vid,where are you from?
K G (8 months ago)
Love for the light tank finally :) This little guy is my jam. Light flanker is what I use. The auto canon reloads fast and can pound away at infantry at close to medium distance all day long. It has a few benefits you didn't mention. The firing arch allows you to lob shells from behind cover in 3rd person view. A 360 degree turret allows you to pound heavy tanks while maneuvering behind them where they cannot shoot you. I've killed lots of heavies with this little guy. Love it.
Taolan8472 (8 months ago)
The Pickle Deliverer... delivered.
woke rising (8 months ago)
Light tanks (close support) are very underrated, as long as you focus on mainly infantry w/ MG fire and use the HE shells on buildings and groups of soldiers rather than going up against armor. 360 degree turret makes it worth using despite shortcomings.
The Kronos Intercept (8 months ago)
Thank God I found this channel. Just subscribed.
The Kronos Intercept (8 months ago)
Rogue-9 Thanks for the welcome. I do own Rainbow Six and it's one of my favorites. Will make sure to tune in. 👍
Rogue-9 (8 months ago)
+Atex - welcome! Plenty more BF1 videos already uploaded and also Rainbow Six if that's something you play 😄
KingNothing (8 months ago)
You should do Heavy bomber variants next. Also great video!
Fallout Didi (8 months ago)
I use the Light Flanker Tank if enemy tanks aren't going to show up as much, such as if there are fewer tanks available at any one time, or just rely on my teammates to finish them off after I have shot them a bit. If I know I need to pitch in and deal with enemy armor, I choose the Heavy Assault Tank, with both great anti-infantry and anti-armor capabilities.
Reon Thornton (8 months ago)
I prefer the flakker, because if I'm using this tank at all, I'm using it for anti infantry.
Toby1kenobi04 (8 months ago)
Try the fighter
infinitsai (8 months ago)
but where's your landship love?
HD_Harold (8 months ago)
Overall I'm not a big fan of the light tank. It discourages team play as it's only a one man thing. I prefer the A7V or Mk 5 tanks because you can get more people involved (and get bigger score when you destroy them)
LAPISTime (8 months ago)
HD_Harold I do agree with you, however unless you're playing with (a) friend(s), it's about impossible to find someone who will stay in the tank with you! That's why I personally use the light tank.
Holden McKroin (8 months ago)
OverhandFrog (8 months ago)
I remember when I discovered the Light Howitzer variant It just bites so freaking hard! I once came face to face with a fully functional heavy tank and just destroyed it (in the end, he only needed 1 more shot and still lost). The guy even flamed me as a hacker. Next vehicle...mmmmm, bombers? Or maybe heavy bombers?
Ben Duplantis (8 months ago)
Dragonsfire Gaming (8 months ago)
Landship please!!! Oh yeah, and merry Christmas
Rogue-9 (8 months ago)
+Dragonsfire gaming merry Christmas!
Ze insane Medic (8 months ago)
The Howitzer is so good imo, I don’t use any other tank. It can kill every tank faster than any other tank and has a good machine gun. It’s also small, fast and harder to hit and can repair fast and smoke. And you don’t need gunners who get bored after 5 seconds and leave.
Rogue-9 (8 months ago)
+Ze insane Medic even worse than leaving is when the gunners get bored and start shooting the machine guns constantly. Now that firing in a vehicle spots you on the minimap for the enemy, it's the fastest way to get swarmed and taken out.
Robin Kuit (8 months ago)
When I get my hands on a Howitzer tank I usually destroy all other land vehicles on the map for the duration of the match. And live to tell it.
Siraceman 13420/9 (8 months ago)
My favorite tank I love the light flanker tank.
David H (8 months ago)
Supporting you with my eyeballs Rogue9!!!
Rogue-9 (8 months ago)
+David H much appreciated 😄
Jonathon Nabajeth (8 months ago)
Merry Christmas and may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you richly on this His birthday! Luke 2:8-11 Authorized (King James) (AKJV) And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. 9 And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. 10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. 11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. Because, I will not compromise! Thank God for His goodness! Bless all those of the household of faith! Be saved today! John 3:16-21 Authorized For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. 18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. 19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. 20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. 21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.
ericsbuds (8 months ago)
this is a great BF game, I just don't have any free time anymore. getting old sucks.
Deli Tuna (8 months ago)
ishya boi

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