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BE A MONSTER WITH THE M16 in PUBG Mobile! | Powerbang Gaming SUBSCRIBE to Powerbang Gaming: http://bit.ly/powerbangsub Watch my Detailed AR Comparison: https://goo.gl/vGaHvH Record Your Gameplay AND Livestream from Your Mobile Device: DU Recorder (iOS): https://goo.gl/kfjQqg DU Recorder (Android): https://goo.gl/x26mSC After testing Assault Rifles in PUBG Mobile pretty extensively, I felt compelled to grab the unpopular M16A4 and take it for a spin... Let's just say it was FUN! So many EPIC kills... which was YOUR favorite? Tell me in the comments below! Follow Me on Social Media: Facebook: http://fb.gg/powerbanggaming Twitter: http://bit.ly/powerbangtwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/powerbanginsta Discord: http://www.powerbanggaming.com/discord Official Website: http://www.powerbanggaming.com Join WHF: http://bit.ly/JoinWHF How to Support Powerbang Gaming: YT Sponsor: http://bit.ly/powerbangSponsorship Patreon: http://bit.ly/powerbangpatreon Tip / Donation: http://bit.ly/powerbangdonate Sweet Discounts: DX Racer gaming chair: http://esportschairs.com Use code "PB" at checkout for 10% off!
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Text Comments (1037)
Powerbang Gaming (2 months ago)
I included the full gameplay this time for you guys - hope you enjoy it!
Felix Avila (9 days ago)
Powerbang Gaming you left a sniper supresor at the school 🤔
Jerone Altura (15 days ago)
you can use 3d touch to shot on iphone x
NeoZen (1 month ago)
All About!!!! U Need use tencent official app tencent gaming buddy for pc but ipersonally feel it is not fair for the mobile players
NeoZen (1 month ago)
Powerbang Gaming a full game is much better bro
HAPPY PANDA (2 hours ago)
That monster in the thumbnail question myself wtf am i doing with my life lmao😂😂
Myles Toohey (12 hours ago)
Today I won my first game on pubg. It was only 12 kills though.
Kuroyukikaze Kanade (13 hours ago)
How to win in pubg: Get at least lv 2 stuff for late game Get m16 and some ammo Get suppressor / flash hider with at least 4x and preferably at least a QuickDraw mag Profit.
cookand75 (19 hours ago)
powerbang there was a 2x scope right in front of you and you didn't see it!
utenzil (1 day ago)
Those ballistic face masks rob shots that otherwise would be fatal.
Dr.Vinod Kumar (2 days ago)
M16 is pros' choice B)
Madskillz 87 (3 days ago)
Your a god bro they stole that win from you lol
justin snider (4 days ago)
You walked right past a sniper suppressor and didn't pick it up, made me cringe a little.
Victor Cristy (4 days ago)
Wish they would've added binoculars to items pickups so as you can't see far with scopes attached
Alok Choudhary (4 days ago)
He was hiding in the bushes..
Deepak Dudipala (5 days ago)
18.51 That's The Guy
Akarsh Balaji. (5 days ago)
Do you always play on the same server?
Padma Biyani (6 days ago)
You play soo fluently no one can kill you early like this
Emil Marquez (6 days ago)
Aim master hahaha Ign:SliceXdice
bang with M16
Varun Raghav (8 days ago)
You didn't pick up the sniper suppressor and cheek pad at School. And then, left a Lvl 2 vest at a guy's crate and ran all the way. The guy who killed you wrecked your Lvl 1 Vest.
Faiz Hafizhin Ari (9 days ago)
Great gameplay and such awsome skill with the mobile dude i always end in the same way like in ur vid using all lvl 3 still lose to scar/M16 still great job, keep up the good work
Donovan Hall (9 days ago)
The guy on the ridge he shot from the hip lol that's why he didn't finish pg on that ridge he had the drop and everything
Donovan Hall (9 days ago)
Jumping out a car is fucking stupid how much health it takes
david the gamer (9 days ago)
He was In the bush 😂😂😂
James White (9 days ago)
-looks at an M16A4 in a box- "I have a lot of 5.56 ammo, need to find a 5.56 rifle" -walks to a different box- "oh there's one"
Donovan Hall (10 days ago)
I've seen a lot of crafty slick players but this dude is probably the best offensive player I've seen offense so good he doesn't even need defense
Dipesh Kunwar (10 days ago)
Its my daily routine to watch your video😍 hope soon we will get 1m subs pb😘
Marcos Souza (11 days ago)
He left a pipsnip silencer behind on the school... For shame PB, for shame!
Bitoy Skii (11 days ago)
I woul love to learn how to land really early.
Samir Mishra (12 days ago)
Love your vids
aftab malvi (12 days ago)
Only thing I didn't like in this game is how using a grenade disables the gun, it's good if you want to throw multiples but also makes you vulnerable if you have enemies in front of you and you want to shoot. There should be some option to auto draw to your primary weapon!
himal basnet (13 days ago)
bro i love ur gameplay.. learning a lot from u.. just a casual gamer here.. and u knw what m16 is my new favourite weapon in the game and its paying off good..thanks to u.. hope i get a chance to play with u someday.. happy gaming bro.. and my game alias is BaTTleSnake bro
Ambrose Schmidt (13 days ago)
The buggy was there.
Thenuga De Alwis (15 days ago)
5 alive, 4 including me...?
Thenuga De Alwis (15 days ago)
btw u might've lost because u had a level 1 vest
Thenuga De Alwis (15 days ago)
guess u were caught up in the action
gaurav arya (15 days ago)
You should have used M16 ....
gaurav arya (15 days ago)
On which server you play bro
anurag flamz (15 days ago)
♥️ ♥️
XxPro006xX PUBGM (17 days ago)
Clifford Clifford (17 days ago)
I got scared when he passed the guy in the bush and almost had a hart attack
Healing Humanity (18 days ago)
show ur rank 1st..it feels easy to me.
GAMERS 98 (21 days ago)
haha you DIEEE
Harsh Prabhu (22 days ago)
you are the best
Patel Kirtan (25 days ago)
Hey power bang when u saw your first supplies u did not see well there where enemies on that hill see carefully at left side
Sunny Kashyap (28 days ago)
my best record is 23 kills its real i m not lying before it war 16 kills best record
Mylyn Tayao (28 days ago)
How did you get the white parachute bro
Mahad Rashdi (1 month ago)
He misses SO many items all the time, its annoying but like still somehow i watch him and enjoy it lol
KTM Trooper (1 month ago)
According to me the m4 is the better ar of the non crate drops... but the m16 is the most common so i got used to it too... i dont have any problem with 5.56 ars... ak hits like a truck but it swings so wild thats why i use ump as the secondary weapon
MarkJestoni Dionaldo (1 month ago)
M16 is a slow firing weapon..i think that guy has vector and in that kind of ranged ull be smoked
Demonstration clashing (1 month ago)
Bang you thing you are insane but boy i can knock you out in seconds. You are such a noob. And you think you are shroud in pubg hahaha bitch!!!
Sam Xidd (1 month ago)
My highest kill is 23
Dat1 Prince (1 month ago)
3 32 u just missed an AR
Shey B (1 month ago)
please give vid on landing need helpm with that
Victor Li (1 month ago)
You missed out a sniper suppressor on the roof of School
Dragon Ball Naruto (1 month ago)
You missed suppressor snipers
Logan MarTn (1 month ago)
The highest kills I got with the M16 is 19
Johnny bananas (1 month ago)
I swear I'm committing Suicide if he doesn't get 50000 subscribers
SharpShooter (1 month ago)
I just subed, your a really fun to watch
AzReal (1 month ago)
I think you lost the fight because he was using akm which deals alot of damage. And he is probably a pro player using claw grip, But GG though. Your really good😊
Kusum Jhamb (1 month ago)
U left the lvl 2 vest on that guy
NeoZen (1 month ago)
how come you didnot see him your 10 kill he was in the bush bro however gg
NeoZen (1 month ago)
i really wanna land before anyone else it the lobby
Ready 4 Gaming (1 month ago)
I am learning Pubg from you Power 😍
Toasty Chicken (1 month ago)
This made me love using the M16A4. My friends all say that I'm messing up all my guns and they're like Oh you must be talking about the M4, but I'm like HELL NAH, I'M TALKING BOUT THE M16 BOI!
Julius Schmidt (1 month ago)
so far u passed 2 uzis
Julius Schmidt (1 month ago)
now 3
you knees (1 month ago)
I tried that jump trick this afternoon and it actually work I was laughing, because I was dumb the whole time.
AHMED MUJTABA (1 month ago)
Ummm... hello powerbang i just dont know what to do with my low end device, i just need some high end device for better and realistic experience so can you show a tutorial for preventing lag e.t.c. on low end devices?? Huh?? Would you ?? Please do!
Carlos Nite (1 month ago)
Can u do a pistol challenge
Nevena Panekova (1 month ago)
I literally died when he missed the 7.62 ammunition...
Rapture Dynamo (1 month ago)
lol you play krjp server man
XiangYu Li (1 month ago)
In a fight with an AK, the M16 won't have a chance have close range
the proud muslim (1 month ago)
Destroyed people with the m16 in ping killed 3 people straight with this weapon
Googuy Gamer (1 month ago)
I want to land first man how i do dat
Manoj K (1 month ago)
I saw ur 10th kill person before u he was in those bushes
Kushal Dutta (1 month ago)
I was eating a chicken dinner while you was trying to get a chicken dinner!😂😂😂
Amit Yele (1 month ago)
Look at your rating in game 99.7 👍great gameplay..
rahul's vlog (1 month ago)
I love pubG I won 2 game today. But I don't have good network in home . So I can't play more.
ernie crawford (1 month ago)
bro ur so good at mobile
brian voyga (1 month ago)
They act like bots 🤔
Tenzing Samdup Bhutia (1 month ago)
Opel Poblete (1 month ago)
That was a good game..thumbs up still
Ye_Boii_30 (1 month ago)
Bro your so blind you missed like 3 ppl running next to you omg
bimboiyoudie (1 month ago)
Im first battle and gun was m4a16
Yanto Hendrik (1 month ago)
The top player use m16
Yanto Hendrik (1 month ago)
M16 is THe best
Patrick Madden (1 month ago)
How do you spot these guys?
Jacky Wan (1 month ago)
Seriously ........ that’s many hours of hard work to get to where u are at man!
proddigee (1 month ago)
i shot someone with a lvl 1 helmet 3x with a kar98 and he one tapped with a mini 14 and i had a lvl 3
Praseeth P (1 month ago)
Anybody please tell me how to prevent hand sweating during PUBG mobile gaming
Mark wL (1 month ago)
I hate use this m16 before but after watching your video plenty time it make me love to use it again because two things 1. Good for sniping because spray bullet. 2. Much fast bullet spray in close combat
Tiny Rick (1 month ago)
Literally every time i watch one of your vids i get a little bit better..thanls alot man keep it up
Android games (1 month ago)
Best rifle in game
Prabesh Mahz (1 month ago)
Miss your COC videos 😢😢
El douche had m16 bro
Jeff Hanewich (1 month ago)
Does the DU recorder app do your voice as well, if not, how do you record your voice?
krunal solanki (1 month ago)
Thumbnail was scary😨
ClashFunnyy lol (1 month ago)
Ur a terrible driver and i saw a UFO
Blue Bird (1 month ago)
I also hate that gun
pramod naik (1 month ago)
I wanna land before everyone else
Kevin Antolin (1 month ago)
New to the channel, immediately subscribed. You’re honestly the best PUBG Mobile youtuber out there. Keep it up brotha
MAGIC GRAAL (1 month ago)
Suppressor are useless
cj castillo (1 month ago)
206 Sneakerhead (1 month ago)
18:53 literally misses the guy in the bush
Frederick Inson (1 month ago)
Wow man, for me its hard to use m16

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