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Prey – Original Game Soundtrack – “Mind Game”

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Song Name: "Mind Game" Composed by Raphael Colantonio, production and electronics by Matt Piersal Album: Prey Original Game Soundtrack Learn more about the music, aliens and powers featured in Prey on Bethesda.net https://goo.gl/l1GgUu There’s a decidedly more upbeat tune that plays from the alarm clock in the very beginning of the game, waking Morgan Yu up for a first day on the job at TranStar. “Mind Game” is fresh and hopeful, but of the slight hint of uneasiness to it is enough to make you wonder if it’s foreshadowing something sinister. This catchy synthwave jam just happens to be composed by Audio Director, Matt Piersall and Raphael Colantonio, Arkane and Prey’s Creative Director. Listen to it above or on Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/track/5X0mxtikJ0MTqHSei6Ziwj?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open Prey will be available on May 5, 2017, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Pre-order today to receive the Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack: https://prey.bethesda.net/preorder/ For more on Prey, follow the game on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/prey Twitter: https://twitter.com/preygame Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/preygame/ Tumblr: https://prey.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (630)
Ludovic Gelli (6 days ago)
"And now, it's time to beart the mind game" it says just before the twist.I see what was done there.
Darren Phelps (24 days ago)
Gloo cannon, stun gun, wrench. Give me a problem and i´ll solve it.
Max Arnold (1 month ago)
Beste Song ever Nice
IMAO (1 month ago)
Waiting for prey 2
X12 Films (1 month ago)
Simulator into simulator into simulator into simulator...
CastleMama (1 month ago)
all those trigger words ...ridiculous. I hope you stop with all the mind games. You have stalked me for the last time suckers.
Andynox (1 month ago)
I usually don't like such music, but I have to admit I can't imagine better outro song for this awesome... mind game!
Alberto J. Mollinedo (1 month ago)
ever since this game I wake up every day to this music. hope I had a helicopter take me to my job/school.
Pridumalsam (2 months ago)
and now it's time to beat the mind gay
Adrian Andrade (2 months ago)
Very Very very GOOD
Lucas Muller (2 months ago)
Im here because of Mooncrash ^^ best 2018 dlc in my opinion !!!!
savagebluwaffl e (2 months ago)
Morgan wake up your burning daylight
Killer Dog (3 months ago)
Life is one hell of a mind game
Axe Paunch (3 months ago)
Honestly if this is bethesdas official IP for a horror game than im honestly astonished because this screams them it's unique in every way, and I hope the 2nd one is just as good as this one or maybe even better, good job bethesda you got a couple of scares out of me and that's pretty hard to do, this has been one hell of a mind game 👏
Axolotl Tidbit (3 months ago)
BTW, I wonder what is that "mind game" is.
Duvan Andres Vega Blanco (3 months ago)
2:55 best part
Leo Holdiman (3 months ago)
GOTY Ea ruins it all and makes Andromeda GOTY
sonicsavior01 (4 months ago)
Love the animated title card Its a really cool effect to go with this outstanding music! Btw I also play this every time I'm in the crew annex on Pytheas In the Mooncrash DLC.
Lord Eastwood (4 months ago)
Already my new alarm tune in the morning.
jack happ (4 months ago)
Man bioshock 3 had good music
ssskywalk3rrr (4 months ago)
Techn0 for life (4 months ago)
This song really helps make that in-game-alien-story atmosphere :D
Junayet Miah (5 months ago)
#BE3 <3
Michael Jarrett (5 months ago)
Amazing game. Only thing I don't like are the long ass loading screens.
TheYellowFlash4 (5 months ago)
this is the first video game soundtrack i listened that spoil the entire game good job bethesda xD
GraeFox (5 months ago)
What a great game, the best game of 2017 and criminally underrated!
Petarix 98 (5 months ago)
Best song. I want it on morning ring.Right Morgan.
Yan Guo (5 months ago)
Funny enough, this was the only game I played on PC that year.
Gregorio Candela (6 months ago)
Happy Birthday Prey.
NØES Nilüfer (6 months ago)
I don't know why but this sounds similar to MOON's Dust. Either way, I freaking love it<3
Corentin Dif (6 months ago)
Looks like Daft Punk.
xXKaylee BakerxX (6 months ago)
love this song
mexrell (6 months ago)
Can someone recommend me more music like this
GraeFox (6 months ago)
When when when DLC this is such an underrated game 9/10 spot on
some one (7 months ago)
sounds perfectly Daft Punk to me
Unknown Native (7 months ago)
Crazy shit. Here is a theory. This game is based off of Carl Jung's "the shadow". Carl Jung - founded analytical psychology Sigmund Freud - founder of psychoanalysis Those dark mysterious places within us that we have refused to shine the "light" on. For one reason or another the human shadow contains every thought, trait, that we have rejected or suppressed. The shadow corresponds or differs fundamentally from the idea of the devil or satan theology the pervasive Freudian defense mechanism known as projection is how most people deny their shadow, unconsciously casting it onto others so as avoid confronting it on oneself. (I'm just gonna stop here) The reason for this claim is i came across this PDA in a office just outside of morgan's office in Talo lobby. It's called "Consciousness: the fire in equations. By Dr. Stuart Penrose". I think this is copyright tho cause his their names are Dr stuart Hameroff and Sir Roger Penrose. And the Consciousness: fire in the equations is writen by kitty ferguson. This game is sweet. Whoever did this, is very smart. I really enjoyed reading what was in this IP If you want to understand more research these guy's i commented. They're very smart people RIP. Or youtube them.
Alexandr Yanenko (3 months ago)
Might be very much true, actually. I think it's pretty obvious that Prey's narrative themes are self-identification and morality, whether our past defines us or not. It might be actually referring to Jung in some sense.
Sytyy00 (7 months ago)
это шедевр
ErnestO Ramirez (7 months ago)
Prey is badass game and sad
Conquer Or Die (7 months ago)
The awkward moment when the credits stop rolling and you realize Prey literally has been a mind game all along.
Antonio Santiago (7 months ago)
Love this track love this game really underrated for sure.
Ducksamirite (8 months ago)
everyone's talking about who made the song, but it's not like it matters. I could make the same song or *better* with a couple neuro-mods.
Landon Lasser (8 months ago)
I see a dead body floting
Jonathan Bueno (8 months ago)
Mordon Yu Freeman
artakd (8 months ago)
Anyone else got a new ringtone?
Hopipotamus (8 months ago)
This was probably one of the best games I’ve played last year if not the best
Agent Smith (8 months ago)
I'm fuckung in love in this game and this soundtrack!
Sam Grebe (8 months ago)
This IS Mick Gordon's song For Prey And I Like His Soundtrack
Caden Stevens (9 months ago)
I swear to Christ if this doesn’t get a sequel
aleonard3249 (9 months ago)
I enjoyed the HELL out of this game. Just awesome. It's EXACTLY what a game is supposed to be. Fun. Not punishingly difficult but you have to THINK to survive. Combine that with the mind games and wtf is actually going on and you got yourself a FANTASTIC game. 10/10. I'm buying a copy for my friend.
Patricide (9 months ago)
Sounds like I clanged a coffee cup and a couple of tentacles. I'm also a sociopath. And the world is flat.
This game still gives me chills (the good ones tho)
Nadia G. (10 months ago)
I 'wowed' *so* hard from the start to the end. WOW!
Xorxer men (10 months ago)
класс , мне нравиться
Pride2TheGames (10 months ago)
I love this song
SuperVegeta25Returns (10 months ago)
I was one of those that hated that Bethesda scrapped prey 2 but this was an excellent choice to reboot the series!
damjan resek (10 months ago)
164 dislikes are mimic accounts
The Indie Pendant (11 months ago)
I kinda spoiled the game in my first 2 hours of play, I read a file where some scientists proposed putting human neurons (specifically mirror neurons) in Typhons since we can use theirs, and then I tried to escape on Alex's pod. "Stop the simulations, he's not the one" well fuck.
Patricide (9 months ago)
i did the same thing. sucks. i then went out to do every ending i could. my favorite is saving everyone in the spaceship and flying away as the station blows up. pretty cool
Derrik Hubbard (11 months ago)
We're going to miss you, Raphael. Arkane truly is one of the best game studios around currently. World-class.
Anton Lomanov (11 months ago)
Best part is 0:19 !
Ranton (11 months ago)
though I didnt enjoy the game much, this song is absolutely incredible. The vibe... kinda reminds me of "Drive". Love the song
Ethan Sines (11 months ago)
This should be my alarm ringtone.
Adam Leban (11 months ago)
This song would be a lot better if it weren't for that voice
Maslina 228 (11 months ago)
Wake up freemaaaaan....
FTOWC (11 months ago)
I heard of Prey before, but I never thought I would like it. I stumbled on this music. I now shame myself from the past.
Berg Electron (11 months ago)
I honestly am baffled as to why this game holds the Prey name, seriously. The name retroactively helped and hurt the game, it helped in the fact that people wanted to see what it was after the disappearance of Prey 2 but then when they saw it was nothing like that hype-ass trailer they probably passed it over. I can't help but to think this was a Bethesda decision and not an Arkane one.
123doomdoom (11 months ago)
They should have named it something with shock like Bioshock was to System Shock.
January (1 year ago)
Tired of these mind games, i want the truth
Matheus Hikikomori (1 year ago)
System Shock 3
Conor Drewett (1 year ago)
If Prey does get a sequel, it needs this song in it!
WesternWolf (1 year ago)
I just suddenly imagined Freeman and Yu clanging tools together haha. Or Gordon constantly messing with Morgan by throwing coffee mugs at him.
X12 Films (1 month ago)
WesternWolf perfect
Perry (1 year ago)
Prey was a nice game. The areas were perfectly designed,the characters were well developed,the story was good(it just felt a litle rushed),and the soundtrack was really nice.
Leytra (1 year ago)
Gotta admit my preference to Semi Sacred Geometry.
koolerpure (1 year ago)
love good music and being drunk, really shows me the light in my darkness if you know what i mean
Dom 2033 (1 year ago)
Господи ЭТО ШЕДЕВР!!! И забава супер и саундтрек афигенный
Ondřej Krejčíř (1 year ago)
1:40 when the beat drops is the right stuff for my ears.
Fábo (1 year ago)
Do prdele to mi připomíná starý dobrý časy kdy sem po nocích na tuhle pecku natačel letsplay
Fantasy Sports (1 year ago)
Great application for mental games https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mind.game
Dream (1 year ago)
Good (y)
Void Phoenix (1 year ago)
My favourite game so far
Yelectric (1 year ago)
surprised noone 3d printed the prey helmet
XxXVideoVeiwerXxX (1 year ago)
Kinda wish the helmet was entirely reflective, showing a guy face takes away from the freedom of choice between guy or girl.
Ryan Huron (1 year ago)
Sounds like the intro to drive
Chanelle Oldaker (1 year ago)
Love this game
Cody Produtions (1 year ago)
When they say Prey 2017 had nothing to do with the original, but the canceled Prey 2 was about a middle aged space sheriff, and not a man around his mid to late teens, who's of Cherokee descent fighting aliens with Cherokee spirit powers.
Sablm (1 year ago)
how to stop listening this
David Lippincott (1 year ago)
0:38 anyone hear "one, two, three, four"?
TheTruth Spy (1 year ago)
Here you go people. Flat earth dome (arboretum), fake reality (apartment glass / helicopter ride, flickering of the screen), your choices effect your reality (Morgans journey), good and evil (your group and the typhoon), purpose and meaning of life (January the operator), higher consciousness ("ascension and co" containers), third eye (psychoscope helmet), typhoon abilities (you can control your reality), implanted programmed dream state (neuromods), earth is a stage set (lighting and cameras behind the apartment glass), and many more. Bioshock 1, bioshock infinite, assassins creed, crisis etc. all have reality based facts in them. Have a look. YOUTUBE - FLAT EARTH ADDICT 05. GOOGLE IMAGES - CRYSIS 3 DOME.
Hussain RT (1 year ago)
in the ending when Alex was speaking to the operators he described me (the player) as "it" , i was like "how despicable​, he describes morgan as just (it) and turned me into a test subject" until i moved the camera around and knew exactly what was happening and it blew my mind. you don't beat the mind game, the mind game beats you.
I've seen so many comments. WHO THE FUCK IS MICK!?!?
ulises Zapata (1 year ago)
AgentCell (1 year ago)
Excellent game. This was truly a mind game. A must own for those seeking a well developed story and characters. Seriously experience this biblical game.
Afoo (1 year ago)
this game should've been called "mind game"
Afoo (1 year ago)
you right, but this game having the same name as a completely unrelated fps from 2006 is weird
Ijime - San (1 year ago)
I think if they did, the plot/ending would become too obvious.
PixelMorph (1 year ago)
I hope there's a prey 2 where you play as a survivor on the typhon invaded earth that would be incredible
Paz The Eldritch Meme (3 months ago)
If there is a sequel we would most likely be playing as the typhon-human hybrid
Anton Tarvo (3 months ago)
why a survivor? why not play as that hybrid we saw at the end of the game?
Rocket Jumper (3 months ago)
You almost got it right and just as fucking close,
SomewEird Guy (9 months ago)
Lieutenant Lovro wasn't one of the choices to kill Alex and all the operators in the room?
Lieutenant Lovro (9 months ago)
Dead Inside he can only dream as being good as his brother
juho aalto (1 year ago)
Such a shame quality doesnt translate to sales eh? :/
solid (1 year ago)
mimic gordon
KRAKEN KING (1 year ago)
KRAKEN KING (1 year ago)
When I put a alien game with badass music I have an Bethesda game
Pankaj Yadav (1 year ago)
Puzzling Centaur (1 year ago)
I LOVE THIS GAME! I don't know why Bethesda insisted on this unrelated title (Arkane Studio already had a good reputation), but it's one of the best games I have played in 20 years. Instant classic. <3 Bethesda, never ever let Arkane Studios go....! Appreciate the talent and never become like EA when it comes to developers who works for you. Let them have their creativity...... Speaking about that, I have a strange feeling that you insisted on having a choice between both genders for whatever reason.....that feeling is reinforced by voiced protagonists in Fallout 4. While your decision in Fallout made sense, your demand (obvious demand) to include the opposite sex of whatever was Morgan originally envisioned made no sense. Morgan is a character with its own personality and biography. All that money and effort could have gone elsewhere. ....like an ending that's few minutes longer if you made the "right" choices. Regardless of whatever Arkane Studious originally envisioned....I prefer female voice actor. She is amazing....the male one is "meh". It was an easy choice after searching for answer on the internet. Was that their original choice or the male one....I wonder.....
Ijime - San (1 year ago)
The original Morgan was most likely male, since the concept art mostly features the male version. I personally prefer male Morgan but I do agree that the voice actress for female Morgan is really good too!
Gluesticky (1 year ago)
Love this music
Ijime - San (1 year ago)
For some reason, hearing this song always makes me emotional. Just the thought of finding out the fact that pretty much everything was a giant fabrication... Good motivation for an existential life crisis.

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