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I'M SO HIGH!!! Tallest Building on Miramar = EXCELLENT SNIPING SPOT | PUBG Mobile Lightspeed

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Today I show you one of the HIGHEST locations you can SNIPE from in Miramar, and it is a very fun one! As I show in this video, even a 2x scope is good enough to have success against anyone down below in Los Leones. Just make sure no one rushes the stairs, as that is one of the only ways they can actually kill you from this location (assuming the location stays in the safe zone). I had a ton of fun shooting this video, and hope you enjoy watching it too!! Have an idea for a future location video? Be sure to leave it in the comments down below! Join my Discord Server Here: https://discord.gg/8fq4yV3 Be sure to give this video a Thumbs Up to help grow the channel, and consider subscribing if you haven't already for tons more PUBG Mobile content!
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Text Comments (383)
Icon of Death (1 hour ago)
How to get High😂😂😂
Jayaganesh 45 (2 days ago)
Actually if you manage to get to the top the building we. Could take a easy shot even with a" Mira red dot " actually luckily I had a opportunity to do so...., So it's not a good spot , even the time were you took that head shot of that guy, if he had managed to get behind the concrete wall without showing his head to you he could have sniped you down when you were concentrating over some other spot .....
Secret Revealer (3 days ago)
You should have jumped there
Secret Revealer (3 days ago)
1 guy killed me from here and I knew this place
M. Arbah Binamin (3 days ago)
First attempt on clickbaiting. Lol.
_itz_ Adhu Gamer X (3 days ago)
I just found the rarest thing in pubg the military armor😎✌
Xmastershadow (3 days ago)
literally saw the video clicked my volume was so high then you said today im gonna show you how to get high my mom was like wtf what are you watching
Xmastershadow (3 days ago)
Derek G by the way congrats in 30k subs when i subbed to this channel it was only like 3k subs
Derek G (3 days ago)
The highest I’ve been so far on Miramar!! 😂😂😂
Liam Suchan (3 days ago)
Damn you clickbait!
mikeTECH (3 days ago)
I like this style of video. An in-depth look at what could have been just another “top locations” style topic. The extra details about bringing kit bc it doesn’t spawn there 👌🏼
rupesh predator (3 days ago)
Where is this place in miramar?
Henry King (4 days ago)
Hay Derek I just wanted to say that your really well spoken which makes for some really great videos.
Derek G (4 days ago)
Thanks :-)
joginder pal (4 days ago)
Nice place ever in that type of city
Your channel helps me a lot thanks
Tech Gamer (5 days ago)
Whenever i go to los leons i will go for sniping these guys on that building 😂😂😂 easy killz
Amir (5 days ago)
A sniper with a suppressor on and an 8x up here will be good. The enemies will be so confused lol. But if someone discover you, you could be easily pinned down here. The only way down is the stairs, and someone could be waiting at the bottom. Bit of good and bad with this position. That being said, I'll definitely try this spot
9256 (5 days ago)
I was saying to my relatives ik ima slip let’s just say I’m unlucky
Razingknife [RK] (5 days ago)
hey man i recently subscribed and i do enjoy watching ur vids :)
Nemesis Tech (6 days ago)
That's my favourite spot to snipe
獝Wrath (6 days ago)
Hey everyone, this is Derek here. And in this video I'm going to show you how to get high. YEPPP. BEEN WAITING FOR THIS, DEREK!
Glen Alen (6 days ago)
After this video there gonna be more people here.
Chris A (6 days ago)
You mention being invulnerable up there, I would argue pretty much the opposite, as once you are up there I would find it really easy to snipe you... Yes, you might prone to heal up, but then you have a problem where I know where you are and I'm now not going to leave you alone till I kill you! Probably less vulnerable in a solos match, but in a duo or squad you're pretty much dead... Reason being, I'm going to pop that helmet off if you even show it me now, so you can't move and I've already sent my teammate(s) to come and kill you while I have you pinned... Other than me pointing a sniper at you and a player(s) on the way to follow up my shots, you literally have nowhere to run... You jump you die, you stay you die... Also, you'll find in most games that soon enough you have to move quick, whether it's someone shooting at you or the zone coming in thick and fast, either way, there's no quick way back down from there Basically, you'll never see me up there, unless I'm coming to kill you lol
Rohit-uttu Jain (6 days ago)
Wat if u got some good loot and u fall down and boom ur dead😂 and wat if some pro player comes up where to go?😂😂😂 just asking
The Demi God (6 days ago)
*How to Get High??* *DRUGS*
Assassin 69 (6 days ago)
imagine doing drugs in that spot SO I M LITERALLY HIGH!!!
William (6 days ago)
Lol he is teaching us how to get high
Dwarkesh Patel (6 days ago)
*this video is all about getting high*
Pat162 (6 days ago)
Wolfie 124 (6 days ago)
nugs not drugs
Khaled Houssary (6 days ago)
I will show u how to get high! Me: l don’t need to know.
Philip Lewis (6 days ago)
Just in case......you do know that the person who knocked someone that is finished off by a different person altogether, is the one who gets the credit for that kill right? No disrespect intended & I just wanna add I thoroughly enjoy your content. Thank for the vids. Please keep making these videos. If any one new to the game asked me where to go for advice, this is one of the channels I would recommend. Take care bro
aman kumar (6 days ago)
must have a sniper supressor
ankush banerjee (6 days ago)
Abhishek K (6 days ago)
I have been in this place already
Fart1000 (6 days ago)
Salty Finest (6 days ago)
DerekG u stupid everyone know that spot
Player Unknown (6 days ago)
You're the best PUBGM Youtober!! Your video are very helpful, thank a lot!
MhaZG (6 days ago)
You got a new subscriber. And its me
MhaZG (6 days ago)
Killing a bot does not make sense. But its very fun though.
amazing video Derek and this place is awesome. Already knew this before but never tried going up . also there is a tallest spot in PUBG miramar that is the watch tower on the first island on the right. Try sniping from there when circle is In that zone. a 8x on there will help.you shoot at impala area too from there and also on the other two islands. nice video 😁😉
I am high boiiiii!!!
Shadow Plague (6 days ago)
i went there then i fell
Colin (6 days ago)
I was on there once and the circle actually closed on the building. Had to jump down for the kill. You can jump down, pull the stick back while in the air an land on some ledges on the side of the building
Flazy Blazy (6 days ago)
I rlly liek Daily does of Pubg mobile with derek
Stream Sniper (6 days ago)
Can you make a *HOW TO BE PRO IN PUBG MOBILE* video?
Ritik Jain (6 days ago)
Thank you for teaching me how to get HIGH.
MalamHari (6 days ago)
check el pozo, there is high building too, but u must do some parkour on 5 storey building
x Elitez (6 days ago)
Shuree Dorjkhorloo (6 days ago)
*How to get High* not on drugs right?
Martin Retour (6 days ago)
You don't need 170 ammo for a Kar98^^
Shadow (6 days ago)
ketan singh (6 days ago)
I was about to say that u r the dumbest guy with kar and 2x
QUAN GAMING (6 days ago)
U killed xxxtentacion😈 lol jk 😂😂
ajplaysmc22 Gaming (6 days ago)
I thoughts you were going to teach us how to use drugs. lol.
Striker (6 days ago)
I use this location as a drop point. I drop into the highest floor and work my way down. If all is ok, I go up again
SHOKZ gamer (6 days ago)
Plz be my friend in pubg mobile plz i want to play a match with you plzz
SHOKZ gamer (6 days ago)
You are my favorite pubg youtuber
SHOKZ gamer (6 days ago)
Hi nice vid very usefull hahahahahahahaahahhaahahahahahahaha
dematric yang (6 days ago)
bot abuse
dematric yang (6 days ago)
time to do some parkour
Ketul dave (6 days ago)
You got 1 more subscriber from India ❣️
Darpan Kashyap (6 days ago)
DerekG...Ur videos are amazing.... 😍😍I love ur videos...they are very precise and genuine...❤❤ I have liked ur every video and subscribed to ur channel when I first saw ur video... Truely amazing...
I Survived (6 days ago)
damnit, i came bc i thought he was high af ):
Rahul Raj (6 days ago)
Open Patreon bro
jampa tse (6 days ago)
I would love to use some tactics words to my friends while playing squad or duo.. if you make videos on this .. I will appreciate a lots.#Derik G
Kiwi X (6 days ago)
This is how u get high💉💉💉💉💉💉
johncedrick vito (6 days ago)
So cool man keep it up!
Jacob mason _WoTB (6 days ago)
Has anyone else noticed lately that bots have been wearing purple pants, a trench coat and a M416?
Julius Batali (6 days ago)
I know there’s gonna be that someone that goes there with an iron sight
TITAN Gaming (6 days ago)
Why your channel doesn't have 50k subs ?? YOU DESERVE IT BRO !
RV• NahzTY (6 days ago)
Can you do the red dot holo and 2x cross hairs in such on chinese version review im to excited and cant wait anyway great video as always
Muhammad Angga (6 days ago)
*Hi everyone,i will show you how to get high!* Damn this word has too much interpretation 😂😂😂
Geoff Joshiah Lozano (6 days ago)
Yo! When will be we can log in our google play account in beta? I've missed that account. It was CROWN 1 in SQUAD thou.... I was RANK 4 back then...
mhcuber gamer (6 days ago)
I fell of the stairs once and died of fall damage because it was 10 stories
mhcuber gamer (6 days ago)
I used to go there before I realised that I hardly saw anyone
DarkHacker_Gamer (6 days ago)
What's up Derek did you execpt me dude on PUBG
Chronic_Slayer (6 days ago)
My name is Dr. Dr.ugs
PUBG/CøldPanda (6 days ago)
0:04 not friendly content im just kiding
alejo_de_ale (6 days ago)
Me too
Remy Scarborough (6 days ago)
5:30 where is a grenade or a Molotov cocktail when you need one?
That One Weirdo (6 days ago)
your channel is great, it helps me so much in pubg mobile. and i subbed
Absolute Zero (6 days ago)
It's a bird No, it's a plane Oh, wait it's a camper
hyp3rvenom (6 days ago)
Absolute Zero lol
Aaron Cruz (6 days ago)
I couldnt look down lol
TheHomie James (6 days ago)
I can show you a better spot
Sushanth PS (6 days ago)
I actually concur your argument. With a decent earphone/headphone, you would easily get spotted there cause once they look towards your direction, it would be obvious your on the structure cause there are no close-by buildings.
TheBull001 (6 days ago)
I'll show you how to get high, just smoke some week and you're done
Piyush Pahwa (6 days ago)
Hey Derek. As you are using a galaxy s9+ and iPhone X, which one do you think has better graphics in pubg?
teadus (6 days ago)
You have ruined thinking, i didnt think about weed
fahad shaikh (6 days ago)
Derek is out of content everyone knows that location its very common
Ayo Rufai (6 days ago)
Smoke weed or cocaine and you will get high
Are You Past Amazing?
sidthe sciencekid (6 days ago)
Hey guys I knew what he was talking about how to get high yeah
Dutchdave TankTV (6 days ago)
How can I play with you?
Lazy Bear (6 days ago)
"How to get high" 😂😂
Exploring and Parkour (6 days ago)
Hey boii I just friend requested you on pubg mobile. You make really cool videos and it seems like you’re pretty good at the game. Maybe we could play together sometime and maybe be friends? My gamer tag is ThePepperBoii
evan paskasius (6 days ago)
are you using L1 R1 button? (the gadget to support aiming and firing) because your fire and aiming buttons are actually the spot for the gadget (top of the screen)
Donald Stuckley (6 days ago)
Hello Derek here today I am gonna show u how to get high
That intro.....
Hey Derek! I found out, that the Pan has a skin in the 0.7.0 Beta. I think you forgot it in your Beta video☺
MyDixieRekt (6 days ago)
Instructions unclear dick stuck in toaster
step child (6 days ago)
I'm already high

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