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Cheater / Hacker Exposed - Battlefield 1

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In a recent game with platoon members, I ended up playing three rounds on a server with a very blatant cheater. But as I show in the video, it wasn't until the final round that we realised that the guy was damage hacking and that highlights an important question. How many cheaters do we come across in Battlefield 1 (or any other online game for that matter) without even noticing it? As it turns out, this guy has farmed over 15,000 M1907 SL Sweeper kills and he's been doing that while running a damage hack since at least May 2017, probably longer. It took over 5 months for a very obvious cheater to finally be caught and banned. The ban, of course, lasted only a single week and "TyPuCTmp3" is already back in the game. It seems though that since his little time out, he is playing without cheats enabled judging by his stunning drop in performance. But if it's this hard to catch very obvious cheaters, how many people could be running a damage hack on a scout rifle, without ever being caught? Or what about a wall hack, without aimbot or damage modifier. Simply being able to see other players through walls and terrain will result in increased performance but if done carefully, would never result in the kind of scores that would make an account stand out. The sad truth is that without an anti-cheat package that checks the software client side as well as monitoring traffic to the servers, exposing cheaters is always going to be incredibly difficult. What are your thoughts on the topic? Let me know in a comment below! Join me on Discord! https://discord.gg/GFbWWhC More Battlefield 1: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP2MwDk1r3q3F7Oj-hF0EFFma-l2hy5UD Or maybe some Rainbow Six? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP2MwDk1r3q2uAFwAZrqddJZK-4joHNYj How about some gameplay? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQzKt3WO6Ps&list=PLeLOiIl8YNCxpqwQTTcKEf54aS9A6C9P4
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Text Comments (661)
Anthony Johnson (17 days ago)
I only play hardcore idk why
LoL Darth Ynot (19 days ago)
Full health. Get one-shot by a Koribri player. Press X to Doubt
Michone Is bad ass (29 days ago)
When you said that if you never saw a hacker you said “stop wining your just bad at the game” I kind of took that in an offensive way because I play console and bean playing the game for a really long time and hackers are kinda rare for console so ......... ouch😢😢😢
Mikael Nielsen (1 month ago)
very close to stop playing...
B Sho (1 month ago)
I hate hackers man. They suck so bad playing legit that they have to cheat to win... It's really sad.
Gun Play Gaming (1 month ago)
lol at cheating at a casual shooter like bf1. unreal
Soul Fly (1 month ago)
he has faster satellite internet speeds....
Grzegorz Jarzynski (1 month ago)
Just played with him again. He is still cheating. Almost a year after this video.
B Sho (1 month ago)
This is sad. Way to go Dice/EA
AA_OCUTINOM_AA (2 months ago)
u are a stupid pathetic bitch because some one play better than u i dont mean he is cheating learn how to play bitch
Angelus Kane (2 months ago)
You must realize that they really subscribe to getting cheats and pay certain amount of money per month (i.e. 50 euros) and they are allowed to cheat, because the money is being split between the publisher/developer and hacker.
Mario Passendorf (2 months ago)
Dice what tha f... with your FairFight app in background ?
Tom de Jong (2 months ago)
So, when I started playing I was complete sh*t at the game but after a month or 3 I finally got a little good at the game. But if I decided to start hacking after like a week, I would eventually get banned, and I would be back at the start, and eventually stopped playing in anger. Never cheat, it does not mean your good, like, at all
Саня Локтев (2 months ago)
Idiot,damage hacking ahahah so retarded fuckface...fairfaight will instantly ban for this,as for using aimbot and obvious wh.l2p kiddo
Pepe4358 Alt (2 months ago)
5 shot kill rifle, probably 2 shot kill in the head, maybe aimbot only? Idk though.
CM Punk (2 months ago)
disgusting how people cheat in nowadays games
Rage Master (2 months ago)
Well I have seen a cheater before I was in the middle at the desert right? Then I get gunned down by a mp18 from F
Marom Haim (2 months ago)
I was just in a server with this cheater. He got 200 kills, sad that his account is not banned a year later, needless to say that he's still cheating
Marom Haim (2 months ago)
true, no matter how many reports will be submitted, I don't think dice is ever gonna do something serious about it.
pezco. (2 months ago)
Yeah I was with you on that server. I was in the other team. Fucking cheater
Lucas Rodmo (3 months ago)
I guess the hardest cheater to figure out is plane players. Because planes really kills you, but if he cheats is hard to know, mainly because some pilots are honestly too good for their own good
Lucas Rodmo (3 months ago)
I hate planes in this game
Lucas Rodmo (3 months ago)
BF1 PS4 online players daily: ~74.000 In PC: ~24.000 That's why
Fire Toad (3 months ago)
i came across one on ASIAN server! imagine he got 600 kills? lol he can snipe inside the tank!
Someguy (3 months ago)
I saw two enemies on Rupture operations using the infiltrator kit once. That was pretty funny.
brick house (3 months ago)
I've came across a cheater I was like in front of him and I shot him with a shotgun and when I died he didn't have any health gone
Disappearingboy1039 (3 months ago)
I've only come across a cheater once in Battlefield and that was in BF3. Can't really say if i've ran into any on BF1 but this makes me suspicious now and i'll definetly keep a closer eye on shit like this
BasilFawlty3 (3 months ago)
I riddled a dude with bullets in his back and he calmly turns around and kill me with a few shots. That's either luck or cheat!
ShadowMoore (3 months ago)
NA server are so blatantly cheaters. They need to double time the permi ban account... All in BF1 PC... And everyone will defend each other in the chatbox... Is this what skill is all about? That's why I'm done with FPS games or any kind of BF Franchise. Good luck everyone.
Hosenfuhrer (4 months ago)
This same guy turned up this week again. By the way, if you take name and turn it into russian, it means "Tourist"
AVLRECORDS (4 months ago)
I quite playing BF for these reasons
Mark Miyadi (5 months ago)
Ya I saw a hacker he was a medic with a fedrov avtomat and would kill me instanlly even when his back was turned
Aedan Cushman-Reynolds (5 months ago)
I was playing Argonne a few months ago and some guy had a damage hack on his LMG na 15 supressive and was mowing down everyone.
Meshify (5 months ago)
stuff like this in bf1, on top of not knowing what hacks exist and the incredibly hard to manually detect as a regular player, even I myself just assume "ok this guy is better than me"
Sonny (5 months ago)
dang dang (6 months ago)
The beta for bf1 was flodded with cheaters from day one this game has been doomed
dang dang (6 months ago)
Damage hacks and stability hacks are the most common I've come across and I'm sick of it I uninstalled the game and won't be buying any more dice games until they fix this cheating bullshit
agustin clavier (6 months ago)
Your voice is like another youtuber called The Reformist!!
Insta Gibz (7 months ago)
Reddit is shit for any type of discussion anyway. It's just a circle jerking echo chamber of T H I C C B O I S.
Cpl Hitram1944 (7 months ago)
its kind of funny when an admin bans you because he is a noob
MovingPictures (7 months ago)
Played with this dude yesterday. Still hacking
Opi_at74 just no one (7 months ago)
Bf1 is a pain in the ass. No fun at all.
Opi_at74 just no one (7 months ago)
Good job.
You just suck at bf1.. No cheating here.. Plus you report ppl... Fucking rat loser.. You gd basement dweller
Vape (7 months ago)
that typing speed
Yeah but in operation mode there is usually the normal attack ratio, and the extremely fast attack ratio,in maps that are almost impossible to quicly invade you seem them overunning whole maps in wait for it: 5 minutes. Even in argonne forest! Its impossible to not loose at least one batallion in the whole conquer hell thing. You should check what i am talking about maybe those guys use the same cheating as in the video but in a larger scale, probalby made up squads, friends
Will Jackson (8 months ago)
And he is back to cheating. Dice doesn't care about its players.
Kimbuja (8 months ago)
PC Gaming should be dead due to these lowlife cheaters. You will never experience this crap on a daily basis on consoles.
The Jockster (8 months ago)
And still not banned (11-Mar-18). WTF
Pinghui Zhang (8 months ago)
Coming back here in March 2018, that cheater Typuctmp3 is still active in the game and his scores are 'normal'. Good job DICE, really working hard to kill this game eh?
laskieg (8 months ago)
I've ran into a few cheaters. The obvious ones are rare, and others you can only really tell if you're spectating them, and even then it's hard to know. What bothers me equally as much as cheaters are guys who cry wolf though. You got killed as soon as you turned that corner? Wallhacks for sure, the guy wasn't hearing your footsteps screaming out your location. Get headshot every time you find a nice spot to snipe from? Aimhacks! It has nothing to do with you standing completely still for ten seconds. Point is the accusation 'hacker' is watered down by crying babies who rather than reflecting over their own gameplay blame anyone else. Edit: this isn't very relevant to the video, just venting.
BJ Chaos (8 months ago)
I can't believe I downloaded this POS game. Cheaters in a lot of matches I go to (PC)
Hots Coffman (8 months ago)
If you hack Kill yourself
Chicken Wilson (8 months ago)
Thats the problem with games like this, some hackers are impossible to tell, are they just really good, is it just laggy or is it hacking? I wonder how many hackers I have come across in day of infamy or insurgency
Albert Lefebvre (8 months ago)
I did like that all the time. I have full health and in .5 seconds u die
JAAPIOJO (9 months ago)
Wow Dice hasn't cleaned up at all. Dice is supporting this with no permaban. Can not see it any other way.
4KAH KID 233333 (9 months ago)
rouge 9 fuken STICH
Simon Lavictoire (9 months ago)
I've probably come across some cheaters without noticing. Many people talk about it in the in-game chat, primarily when the score is 999 to 200.
nikos12 adidas (9 months ago)
dave baxter (9 months ago)
hackers are lowlifes unskilled dickheads who will lose every game with out hacking there trash scum players with out hacking
Eren Yeager (9 months ago)
I've seen a machine gun 1 hit kill my tank. I've seen some shit.
Quentin Léveillé (9 months ago)
Ce genre de tricheurs n'est pas puni par Dice, c'est d'la foutaise, j'ai notamment, vidéo à l'appui signalé beaucoup de cheater qui font ça et je les croise encore régulièrement.
Herman Similä (9 months ago)
Hacking and cheating on consoles is not rare. GTA5 are full of them
Casual Gaming (9 months ago)
look like he start cheating again.
Nick Winter (9 months ago)
That’s the reason I am a console noob so I don’t have to deal with that shit
adam davidson (10 months ago)
I get annoyed by Asians coming into the north American servers and creating server lag. It feels like you are being 1 shot killed. Then you try to kill their soldier and it takes half a magazine to take them out.
Zurius (10 months ago)
The biggest enemy of this game is cheat....
noa cavar (10 months ago)
u cant be new if u re level 60
Marcus Chong (10 months ago)
in bfh on the ps3 there were many hackers
arturs (10 months ago)
if u think in BF1 is much cheaters try to play CSGO :)
Glenn V (10 months ago)
What site do you use to see the players stats?
Rogue-9 (10 months ago)
Literally Who (10 months ago)
How did you check that person's stats?
Literally Who (10 months ago)
Rogue-9 thanks!
Rogue-9 (10 months ago)
+Literally Who battlefieldtracker.com
Probower 47 (10 months ago)
Tolles video rogue 9, du bist der beste :)
Rogue-9 (10 months ago)
+Probower 47 danke 😄
Llama Swag (10 months ago)
You are very salty about this guy
Rogue-9 (10 months ago)
+Llama Swag indeed!
Aqua Veil (10 months ago)
Well, I haven't come acrossed Cheaters persay, more like two instances where I found my death to be questionable.
Aidan Bartlett (10 months ago)
I would totally fucking say "oh shit man, I didn't know I was so bad at this game bullets could one-shot kill me from an automatic rifle. shit man, my bad."
Mind My Halo (10 months ago)
This is why i play console
Testicles (10 months ago)
I have seen alot of cheaters from blatant and others more subtle in bf1 its weird. In bf4 i can only remember coming across 1 cheater for the 500 hours i put into that game
Julie Stephenson (10 months ago)
I playo n the ps4 and I suck but I don't cheat I Hate cheaters
M0sh3r (10 months ago)
Last night trade kill Mount Grappa C flag. Guy self revived and went on to cap, nobody else there. Been playing online since Q3 Arena and there will always be cheaters, anyone who denies this fact is either blind or is one. Generally you can tell a good player from a cheat if you play the game long enough. Gotta rem frostbite is a bit jank tho. There was an explosion of cheat sites around 2010, and reely it would be easy for EA to cash in and sue their asses, Blizzard do. But i always thought they sites had a backer cashing in, cough cough. Amiens playing scout C flag.Stick a tripwire right in the extreme corner of the alleyway end, or the wee inset further down the alley 2 o'clock on minimap when at C, eventually a wee jobbie will teleport there. And yes we have the C flag.
wilco4u (10 months ago)
Rogue-9.you are 100% correct I play in Australia & there are quite a few damage hackers on our servers. I love calling them out for it & laughing. with 100% heath I'm getting killed without a HS against a pistol kill from some distance away, but it's not once but several times form the same player.anyways my thoughts on what you said about them cheaters still being customers with the game & it costs a lot for anti cheat apps from the developers. I think the PC gaming community is a large portion for battlefield 1 & it would be help each game out with that server side software to help combat cheaters, as I know a lot of players don't like battlefield 1 anymore because of the cheaters. as for all the critics who read this post & call me a NOOB, hahaha fuck it I'm in the top 2 % in the PC battlefield 1 I'm not saying I'm good, I'm just saying I am that rank cause I play the game a lot.their are a lot of excellent players out there that do also get called hackers and for thous who get called a hacker & are not, well most of them need to deal with it a little smarter than being abusive, but most of them high end players are kids with cat like reflexes and eagle eyes.our clan run several servers and you will be surprised about the amount of players which I have banned and are pro players, through investigation also have more then one (1) GUID (Serial Key) per game and they want to use that they are a pro player here look at XX web site. just some heads up there is a lot of ways to research who is hacking and who isn't. with the research that you showed Rogue-9 on that players stats tells me you wouldn't have posted this Video without being 100% sure.well done on the video.I wish you & your clan a merry Christmas & a happy and safe new year, and in the new year I would like to join you in discord for a quick chat.
P.P gamer nl (10 months ago)
ik got only -+50h on Battlefield 1 en i got acros 5 Cheater / Hacker
Carlos Contreras (10 months ago)
i saw hackers in Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefront 2 :v and they are ruin the game :''v if you don't believe me :v you have this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ii3vvuHZCxk
Alexey Skobkin (10 months ago)
As Russian player I can assume that his nick pronunciation is more like "Tourist MP3" (it's Russian edition of 1337 speak). // Such a shame that he hasn't permanent ban.
Caltharn (10 months ago)
As a costumer - I would like to have transparency: I would like to know which behavior results in which kind of "bans". Example: Severe hacking like this (damage hack, aim bot, wall hack whatever) results only in a two weak ban, I would like to know this before buying a game. This would have been actually a reason for me not to buy this game. Another example: I would like to know dice's /fair fights statistics about hacker. If we have for example on average 1 hacker each game/server now in BF1, this would be another reason not to buy the next battlefield title (or to at least not invest into the next dlc) until dice convinced me they take this issue serious. And this is basically the reason why we never will see this: because it is bad for their business. Maybe another assumption: Those who are prone to cheat are probably the same guys that are prone to invest more than others in a game (e.g. real money for battlepacks) and I am quite sure dice checked their statistics for this (whether it is true or not). Provided my assumption is true - this will make our chances even worse to get a permanent ban for cheaters.
Nikita Krylov (10 months ago)
I feel like if the player has 100 stars for the hellriegel, sweeper, mg15, or model-10 they have a good chance of being a cheater (or hate themselves so much they'll use the same gun over and over)
Yearly Red Dragon (10 months ago)
Yeah I feel bad for PC gamers. Although yall are cocky bastards, but a game is still a game and yall should be treated more fairly when it comes to cheating bastards. And the things we have 2 kinds of security when hacking is involved. In game and in system. If the gaming company won't do anything, then the console company will
Alex Eddie (11 months ago)
how did you find his stats that you showed at the end thanks
Rogue-9 (11 months ago)
Valentin (11 months ago)
Welcome to BF1. There are shit load of people like that - getting instant kills with low dmg weapons, people snapping on me and somehow killing me with 100% accuracy while running, etc. I'm not the best player, I'm average, I know my role and can handle the weapons relatively good. Average ping of 25-30 and no drop packets with perfect connection to the server and somehow half my shots do not register in some cases - almost always against people with high K/D ratio.
Fulei H (11 months ago)
Hacking all the way to level 120...lol...real hero.
Greg Speicher (11 months ago)
How about those grenades at do a 180 in the ear call you and all your friends out cheats that's all use are
Greg Speicher (11 months ago)
Like u cheater down talk people that call u out first sign of guilt then u get angry second sign and so on Soo fuck u piece of shit and all ur mates scum fucking scum
Cromebrillo gaming (11 months ago)
Gamers are not the same as 10 20 or 30 year's ago
MARK (11 months ago)
@ K/D 4.5 > 0.92 @ "U just noob, dont cry" @ Im dying guys!!! :DDD
x8. Weeman (11 months ago)
Well done mate .. I played all battlefield s and in this one I am a sever owner with huge followings due to everyday administrative our sever so I am seeing aleast 3 hackers min a week. So sad but the point I really wanted to say where is our protection from these hackers yes they can't stop them all but never in any other battle has there been so many and high ranked peps too. Just having a field day trolling and destroying peps game time . As u show with the stats and KDS thought out a time I see that 24/7 KD S one month 1 then jump to 4 with score per min going through the roof. Sad days for the pc players.
ppnhzk (11 months ago)
A simple damage history with range and such should be good enough. The whole weapon damage balance is aimed toward multiple shots to kill, so a hack like this is going to get scores like this. That is why I hate this 'moba balance'. Just give me effective rifles.
Elwooddestiny11 Blues (11 months ago)
Best way to deal with cheaters ??? Chop off there mouse hand .
Rogue-9 (11 months ago)
+Elwooddestiny11 hmmm, they might learn to use the other one after a while. Best to be sure and take both 😆
The Angry Rabbit (11 months ago)
There was an incident last night. I emptied half a Helreigal magazine into a prone medic outside the D flag on De Vaux in Conquest... from point blank... He then proceded to jump up and bayoneted me... The kill screen said he had 100 health. He ended the round 62:0 aswell ETA: I play on PS4 Now I know I'm not the greatest gamer to stalk this pixelated battlefield, but no way in hell did I miss
DimensionalRift (11 months ago)
Although I don't think hackers are a severe problem, but they do exist. I have recording of two instances on PC gameplay where i found hackers. 1 was using aimbot for a sniper, the other was using a 1 hit kill with a benet-mercier.
Justin Parnell (11 months ago)
My friend and I came across a cheater in TDM before. We played at least 5 matches, some with, some against him. Every time we crossed him 1 shot kill. I didn't question it until later matches where I noticed him pulling out the Mars and getting 1 shot kills. We called him out and of course standard response, " Wahh go cry you suck." We started by going after him and if we were on the same team we would just bash him with melee. He eventually left. Cheaters can make the best games not so fun.
TTtahnok (11 months ago)
Lebby Great (11 months ago)
Still, if you think cheating is a legitimate problem in BF1 you are a fool who is ignoring everything. Or you play on the Asian servers.
Ayrek Shoot (1 year ago)
I love getting called a hacker on xbox1 when I get a super good k/d with the model 1900 shotgun. I just laugh because depending on the map you can sneak right up to people a wide entire squads before you are even noticed. I don't cheat, people just don't pay attention to why their teammates are dying
Lol Laugh Out Loud (1 year ago)
I had a cheater once he was in a plane and had a reload hack so he would dump bombs on us like crazy every 2 seconds. On consle

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