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Building the Titanic In Fortnite in under 60 minutes. In today's Fortnite Custom Game we created the worlds biggest Fortnite build of the Titanic. This was made in Fortnite playground mode. Follow my streams - https://www.facebook.com/gaming/SxvxnYT/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to these guys for helping out! https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSkronex https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_1Y3VJq5_AoZGCzXrhrWgA https://www.youtube.com/user/zStormP ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sxvxn Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sxvxnyt/ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/sxvxn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SxvxnYT Discord: https://discord.gg/sxvxn Merch: http://bit.ly/2qAQCt8 Sponsor: http://bit.ly/2xxvlm3 Vlogs: http://bit.ly/2jVgBn ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Use my link to start earning from your YouTube videos! http://bit.ly/2ywWtlb Get Fortnite Battle Royale for free: Link: https://pixly.go2cloud.org/SHGJ Thanks to Epic Games for supporting my channel Affiliated with Obey! https://www.youtube.com/user/ObeyAlliance https://twitter.com/ObeyAlliance ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for watching. (317,119). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More about Fortnite Battle Royale: The Battle Is Building! Fortnite Battle Royale is the FREE 100-player PvP mode in Fortnite. One giant map. A battle bus. Fortnite building skills and destructible environments combined with intense PvP combat. If you are reading type FORTNITE In the comments.
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Text Comments (917)
SXVXN (8 days ago)
I can't wait to stream more playgrounds!! Thanks for all of the support. https://www.facebook.com/gaming/SxvxnYT/
Linda Daniel (4 days ago)
SXVXN I am doing this already
Linda Daniel (5 days ago)
Hacker 123 owen (5 days ago)
SXVXN where are you from
Ben McKee (6 days ago)
This was amazing but the real titanic had 4 funnels on the top but I love ur work man
Infamous Chris (6 days ago)
It’s missing a silo :(
Aiden Sloane (3 hours ago)
I love your build its great can I have a love
SXVXN (1 hour ago)
Thank you. Glad that you enjoyed the build.
Brandon Fuentes (11 hours ago)
Best builder ever
SXVXN (4 hours ago)
Thank you. We always try our best with these builds
basic bitch (20 hours ago)
*live on facebook*
yy y (1 day ago)
SXVXN (1 day ago)
Thank you!
Mr-savage 676 (1 day ago)
This was a long time a go
Busted Boi (1 day ago)
The titanic had 4 funnels
SilvaArmour3000 (2 days ago)
Describing this build as insane is a massive understatement. Also, Youtube's notification is messed up. I clipped the bell icon to get notified of all your vids and I still missed some of them. I'm just gonna manually check in from now on. Awesome job, 7squad :)
SXVXN (2 days ago)
Thank you! Glad that you enjoyed the video. It's annoying when YouTube doesn't send out notification, but my team does post the links on other social medias.
mannidude25lol (2 days ago)
The Titanic had 4 smoke funnels
Bounty hunter D Jr (3 days ago)
This is by far the best thing I have seen on YouTube keep up the great work xd
SXVXN (3 days ago)
Thank you! I'm glad that you've enjoyed it. :)
Matthew Trinidad (3 days ago)
That's amazing but playground mode is gone
SXVXN (3 days ago)
Thank you. I wish we still had playground mode
Klay Castro (4 days ago)
Wennie the poo with an Accent 😂
2Boss4You (4 days ago)
You were on BCC
SXVXN (4 days ago)
That's wicked.
Douglas Burke (4 days ago)
Only one problem the original Titanic had four smokestacks.
GrantSkee (4 days ago)
So cool! Season 5 HYPE
Alien Minecraft (4 days ago)
I am that kid from the llama you met today, what's good
Todd Manning (4 days ago)
3:32 “That’s what she said!”
Marcus playz (4 days ago)
Maybe a meteor crashed the titanic
Rachael Campbell (4 days ago)
The titanic had 4 funnels
RyxnFX (5 days ago)
But Titanic had four chimneys
SilenceGoHome (5 days ago)
Jesus Christ I've never seen the game look this beautiful, what type of PC do you use?!
Seth Thompson (5 days ago)
Very safe for boats to have windows
Charlie F (5 days ago)
There is one thing u got wrong on building the titanic it’s 4 smoke stakes not 3
Gaming 57 (5 days ago)
Nice job you got on BCC I'm not from BCC I watch you all the time but I didnt see this video and came to say nice job
Jesse russell (5 days ago)
Did you forget the titanic has 4 steam things not 3
Maria Valenzuela (5 days ago)
Playground mode
Cameron KCL (5 days ago)
SXVXN is the best tactical builder don’t u think
Mohamed Mcm (5 days ago)
Actually it is not “exact” 50k bcuz i t is 999 per pill so it is to be exact 49 950x wood! I am a math teacher so;)
Weqnerr (5 days ago)
Amazing work and also congrats on making it on bcc again
BallBros (5 days ago)
amazing job brother. you deserve to make bank off this video
ALEXIS THOMAS (5 days ago)
Can I please do a match with you guys
Fortnite-trends (5 days ago)
Hey broooo!! I love your bangers
Fortnite-trends (5 days ago)
SXVXN (5 days ago)
Hey! Thank you :)
h stefanosarg13 (5 days ago)
You are in bcc trolling bro😎
h stefanosarg13 (5 days ago)
SXVXN (5 days ago)
Thank you! It's insane that we've made the titanic and then BCC trolling shared it :)
Dash Master (5 days ago)
Congrats on making it to BCC!
SXVXN (5 days ago)
Thank you!
Batdogduke (5 days ago)
I really like the original Titanic movie, such a work of filmic art!
Dash Master (5 days ago)
SXVXN (5 days ago)
Paul I (5 days ago)
Dude this is mind blowing. Beyond fantastic and awesome
SXVXN (5 days ago)
Thank you! It's our best build so far! We could have made it so much bigger if loot lake was bigger. If we had more time. We could place more detail into the build.
William Playz (6 days ago)
The titanic is larger then that and it has 4 chimneys but apart from that, good job
SXVXN (5 days ago)
True, but we didn't have enough room on loot lake to make it longer, but thank you! :)
Sebastian Larsen (6 days ago)
Build the space ship from Star wars
BaldManRJ (6 days ago)
Would you consider streaming on twitch instead of Facebook?
Retired Paratrooper (6 days ago)
by far my "favorite" build .... your the Master !!!
JohnGamesLIVE (6 days ago)
There's four funnels on the Titanic
Kevin Ramos (6 days ago)
You are so good
[iogio] Turbo (6 days ago)
Be my 20 subscriber
Javian Williams (6 days ago)
Ok thx
Javian Williams (6 days ago)
Can you add me on fortnite javiansocool1 I’m a big fan
Crazy goalie 123 (6 days ago)
The titanic had 4 funnels. But still dam omg your the best
Feno's Football (6 days ago)
Build ronaldo’s house
Ian Pettie (7 days ago)
Titanic permanent in game as a landing spot like if agree
SXVXN (7 days ago)
It would be wicked if they did add it to the game. They would need to make Loot lake bigger if they did. We could have made it so much bigger.
JPAGE (7 days ago)
Unbelievable build this like!!!!!
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Thank you, mate! I'm glad that you loved it! It took us ages to plan and do :)
Veve Poulous (7 days ago)
Your my favourite youtuber.that Titanic is awesome it's so big
Veve Poulous (4 days ago)
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Thank you! It's the biggest build in Fortnite so far!
Richard Hill (7 days ago)
Fantastic build love to beable to that but gotta put a downer on this video this is not the titanic the titanic had 4 chimliys but part from another great build sxvxn
Richard Hill (5 days ago)
SXVXN only if lol can't wait to see what u build nxt cause some the builds u have done are creative keep building buddy
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Thank you! We would have done 4 chimneys, but the length didn't allow for the fourth chimney. Only if Loot lake was bigger! :)
Dismitum (7 days ago)
They should've rounded off the edges at the bottom with pyramids. Good job nonetheless!
Llama Unicorn (7 days ago)
OMG that’s all I can say
SXVXN (7 days ago)
It's insane right
Tr1ggaBykln 18 (7 days ago)
This is awesome! Can't wait for even more awesome builds!
Tr1ggaBykln 18 (6 days ago)
SXVXN I'm super hyped for it.
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Thank you! I've got alot of videos to edit. You're going to love the next one
AAK (7 days ago)
Excuse me but you responded to alot of comments it wont hurt to respond to my comments
Lucas Teague (7 days ago)
so cool!!!!
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Thank you
N҈ y҈ x҈ ಥ_ಥ (7 days ago)
But...the titanic had four chimneys
Oscar Vandenbogaert (7 days ago)
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Thank you
TheLKlad7 (7 days ago)
Best build ever .
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Thank you, mate! Glad that you enjoyed it!
SrryYourSalty (7 days ago)
@SXVXN i love all your videos but your laugh is aids no hate💕💕
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Thank you, mate! Fair enough lol
Elite AceNinja (7 days ago)
Wow what a build sxvxn!! One of your best
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Thank you and it sure is. It's my favorite build.
Tony Davidson (7 days ago)
Where about u from are u from Newcastle or the northeast
24Samson (7 days ago)
Here's a new build idea don't know if it is any good but what about the Trojan horse with loot inside like the llamas or maybe a statue. I leave it to you to pick what you want for I know you have great things you want to do. P.S. Quite the splendid build I will do it myself because you should* me it can be done. Edit: Showed*
TDMAINIAC 23 (7 days ago)
Can you cover tilted towers with pyramids?????
40K GAMES (7 days ago)
It was all good until I saw 3 funnels instead of 4
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Thank you! We would have done 4 chimneys, but the length didn't allow for the fourth chimney. Only if Loot lake was bigger! :)
Lo Gotti (7 days ago)
They made playground mode just for you and the guys lol
GudeLauneBaer08 (7 days ago)
amazing <3 , try to built the golden gate bridge please xD
Gnome Familia (7 days ago)
im jack.
White Roodster (7 days ago)
You did it wrong - it had four funnels
Ri_des (7 days ago)
Here before it went trending
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Hey! It might. I don't know yet.
At 3:31 u hear her say "that's what she said" and who else hears sxvxn voice crack so many times?
jackaboy vlogs (7 days ago)
Congrats on 300k subs your doing great
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Thank you! Just have to keep on top of the grind :)
Maxii 911 (7 days ago)
"omg its huge" that what she sad LoL
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Johnthedaboy123 (7 days ago)
It’s 4 chimneys but anyway it’s good
Johnthedaboy123 (7 days ago)
I didn’t know it was possible but you proved be wrong 3 rooms wow !
Johnthedaboy123 (7 days ago)
K I just didn’t know why k btw your the best at building
E (7 days ago)
It looks like a banana with pipes sticking out cuz theres no curvature on the bottom [no offense (not saying i could do better i dont even have a good enough pc to play fortnite) lol XD]
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Yeah, the length didn't allow for the fourth chimney, but glad that you enjoyed the video.
Dragon Gaming (7 days ago)
Can you guys make a discord?
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Hey! I do have a discord server: https://discord.gg/sxvxn
Nadx (7 days ago)
You had build the Titanic now you can build a 75×75 Pyramid
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Hmm. Our record is 20x20 in normal squads at the moment. We'll see if we can.
Itz Ace (7 days ago)
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Thank you!
Kay_-Trix (7 days ago)
That is massive
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Thank you!
Dragon Gaming (7 days ago)
Hello SXVXN! I am also very enthusiastic about making all these wonderful stuff. Can I also join you in making them all? My IGN is DragonGaming5079 . Pls like so he sees it....
CatsFN (7 days ago)
Nice vid mate! 50 000 Wood WOW!
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Thank you! I know right.
turko conquest (7 days ago)
Remake the trailer of the play ground PLS
SXVXN (7 days ago)
It's on the list to do
Yorzen Gaming (7 days ago)
cool camera angles at the end
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Thank you! I would have got more, but Replay was bugging out.
Oh Shoot (7 days ago)
I would be surprised your skilled builders
Oh Shoot (7 days ago)
SXVXN Aw shucks man thanks!!!
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Thank you! We're the best on YouTube at the moment! :)
Archie Wharton (7 days ago)
So cool wish I would be patient enough to build that
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Hahaha. It was tough.
Kyal Hardy (7 days ago)
Man it pisses me off that u don’t get many views like you should be getting like 600k views not 60k views you’re such a good youtuber man👊
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Thanks, man! It might get seen more throughout time. We've just got to keep pushing quality content and people will see it :)
grobNgames (7 days ago)
3:31 well that’s what she said
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Yeah, she did say it. :)
marco addison (7 days ago)
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Thank you!
Panda pro Gaming (7 days ago)
Damm ur skilled
Panda pro Gaming (7 days ago)
SXVXN yeah can you build a gaming chair with a head set
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Thank you, mate!
Solly Boy (7 days ago)
SXVXN your the best bro
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Thank you, mate!
Hype Snipes (8 days ago)
3:32 That’s what she said 😂😭
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Hype Snipes (8 days ago)
3:32 That’s what she said 😂😭
Meeham FC (8 days ago)
3:34 that’s what she said haha lmao 😂
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Max Ferrari (8 days ago)
The stuff you build is actually insane
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Thank you! I wouldn't have done it without my team.
Pam The Spam (8 days ago)
if it is the titanic it would need four smoke stacks (even though one is ventilation )
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Yeah, the length didn't allow for the fourth chimney.
Andrew Martin (8 days ago)
the real question is, can u see this from space lol
SXVXN (7 days ago)
Hmmm, maybe ;)
ERRORNOTFOUND 404 (8 days ago)
bro you should have built 1 more stack it had 4 not 3
ERRORNOTFOUND 404 (8 days ago)
lol imagine how big it is good job its my favorite ship
SXVXN (8 days ago)
Yeah, the length didn't allow for the fourth chimney.
If you heart this I will be happy and you will have a good felling
SXVXN (8 days ago)
It'sdann N (8 days ago)
Wow this is awesome
SXVXN (8 days ago)
Thank you, mate! I hope you're having a great day :)
Reza Alizadah (8 days ago)
Lol 50k wood. And this video has 50k views
SXVXN (8 days ago)

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