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Minecraft: Top 5 Hunger Games Servers 2015

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IF YOU ENJOYED THIS VIDEO, BE SURE TO DROP A LIKE! COMMENT YOUR FAVORITE SG SERVERS BELOW! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! :D FOLLOW MY G+ AND HELP ME GET VERIFIED! http://bit.ly/F0rKPlus http://bit.ly/F0rKPlus http://bit.ly/F0rKPlus Thanks for watching this video! Today, I review my top 5 Minecraft Survival Games servers! Be sure to drop a like, comment, and subscribe if you enjoyed! All server IPs and info are linked below! I hope to see you online on one of them! Top 5 Survival Games Servers: 5. MCSG / MCGamer IP: us.mcgamer.net 4. The Hive IP: hivemc.us 3. GommeHD IP: gommehd.net 2. ProMCGames IP: play.promcgames.com 1. Badlion IP: na.badlion.net Thanks for watching! Follow my Google+ and my Twitter (linked below)! Check out my Resource pack shop, and get your own custom pack made by me, for a great price! Thank you for Liking and Commenting on this video! Special thanks to TheRaytron for the new intro! :) ════════ SUBSCRIBE ═══════ ► Click here for pack reviews and more! ► http://bit.ly/SubToF0rK ════════ MY LINKS ═══════ ► My Google+: http://bit.ly/F0rKPlus ► MY SHOP: http://bit.ly/F0rKSh0p ► My Twitter: http://bit.ly/1hkxh6e ════════ MUSIC USED ═══════ ► Intro: ► http://bit.ly/1rCbTuC ► Background: ► http://bit.ly/14o638y ════════════════════════ ► Thanks for taking the time to read the entire description! You're awesome!
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Text Comments (228)
What is song in intro ?
SimpsonPlayzGamez (1 year ago)
McGamer shut down. I am speechless
Laku (1 year ago)
mcgamer is down
j00na (1 year ago)
Nikolaj K rip
Nathan Reid Byrne (1 year ago)
what texture pack do you use?
PicMaker (1 year ago)
Gommehd.net ist noch wer deutsch?
minakoto (1 year ago)
PicMaker ja
Stinks (1 year ago)
MaceClipz (1 year ago)
number 2 what texture pack were you using
ZOidBeRg (1 year ago)
What's so wrong about try hards?
Cars0n (1 year ago)
SalahSaadSalah (2 years ago)
I feel like you were a big noob back then xD
Jonnie Staples (2 years ago)
yyEAH I CAN agree with the hacker part on mcsg
Jbausss (2 years ago)
why u talk so much crap om mcsg Boy
Hyper Spongy (2 years ago)
all the old hunger games servers are gone. :( well a lot of em
the mcsg server
F0rKified (2 years ago)
Which ones are gone? I haven't been on since early 2016.
Aquatic Agar (2 years ago)
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MC GAMER (2 years ago)
intro music
double skull (2 years ago)
awesome intro!
Senaid Jahic (2 years ago)
5 the nexus 4 gomme 3 the hive 2 badlion 1 MCSG
Msmsmsmsmmsms (2 years ago)
ParZiival (2 years ago)
the hive??? it used to be the best server in Mc now it's the worst server ever
TJ Bratcher (2 years ago)
New servers ro hack on yay got my proxy and premium alts lets go
Death 1979 (2 years ago)
High pocket alpha
Y0UNG DAGGER DICK (2 years ago)
1.Mineplex 2.McGamer 3.Badlion 4.Hive
ParZiival (2 years ago)
really the hive..... I would include the old hive on the list but the new one sucks
iiMoonii (2 years ago)
Awsome intor
JadenPlayzMC (2 years ago)
i Like Your intro i Try To Find A Good Template
Naruto Sem-Pai (2 years ago)
hive mc full hacker
Johann Patzsch (2 years ago)
that's survival games , not hunger games
Luceup 1v1 (2 years ago)
survival games is where u find chests and hg is were u make ur own armor and fight with soup
TSO_TDlolgamer (2 years ago)
+F0rKified its a bid diferent :P SG u can get armor and pvp but HG u can buidl mine pvp find armor and even more. And BTW reall good video. do u like Mineplex??.. IM a fan of it iv never heard of any one or maybe hive but not the athers
Johann Patzsch (2 years ago)
nop is diferent
F0rKified (2 years ago)
+Johann Patzsch Same thing lol
Ruvir Mohan (2 years ago)
+noob by the way you are a noooooob!!!!!!!!!!
Ruvir Mohan (2 years ago)
+noob not really it can be much better they can add future updates
noob (2 years ago)
Really promc............ worst server ever
ParZiival (2 years ago)
the hive is the worst server ever
F0rKified (2 years ago)
+noob I've changed my mind since then... That server is trash
Justup (2 years ago)
vapski (2 years ago)
rip HeadPhone users. this is intro is loud as fuck
Casper fartih førster (2 years ago)
What the name of the texturepack?
F0rKified (2 years ago)
+CAP959 It's the Ascension pack! I made it a while back, go back and check it out!
kubakakauko (2 years ago)
Das is boolshayt
dontmindme (2 years ago)
1: MCSG 2: Hive 3: Badlion 999999999999: Mineplex (The Worst Server ever)
so true!
Calibre Lupe (2 years ago)
Mineplex is full of 2 year olds and hackers. Or maybe both.
Game0Tron (2 years ago)
+ShockerFX :Preparing For Return!: 1000000000000: ProMc (Even Worse than shitplex)
F0rKified (2 years ago)
Damian Lifts (2 years ago)
Umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm
PokeToCoke PTC (2 years ago)
why can you BUY THINGS IN SERVERS AND BECOME BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE! thats not skilful at all! anyone knows a hunger games server where there is NO PREMIUM RANKS and NO UPGRADES just fair play? i hate small kids that suck at the game and then they steal their moms credit card and then they have 50 hp and diamond sword upgraded in minecraft and because u cant 1v1 those you die ofcourse and then they think they are better than you
Alex Nelson (2 years ago)
u sound like a BITCH. grrrrr people try and win a game so werre gonna call them try hards. Wahhh people talk shit to me so i dont like the community. STFU queer
Thx these are the best survival games servers
F0rKified (2 years ago)
+Stuff With Makka And Jordy Np! And I agree, glad you like them!
annonymous lkr (2 years ago)
worst play ever....
KerBan (2 years ago)
KerBan (2 years ago)
nvm! i just bought a premium account about a week ago!
PhilMyNutz ツ (2 years ago)
Buy minectaft
Coolsubs (2 years ago)
Ken Ang (2 years ago)
it took two minutes to start
F0rKified (2 years ago)
+Ken Ang (RandomSheep) Sorry not sorry ;) Enjoy the rest of the video!
MysticalMiner 1 (2 years ago)
F0rKified (2 years ago)
+mysticalminer 1 Thanks!
Raxa Hax (2 years ago)
too many hackers, in hunger games :'(
WhatYouWatching (2 years ago)
best top 3 -Mineplex -Hypixel -The Nexus
CrimsonEclipse (2 years ago)
+Jo Watches cause they are shit
WhatYouWatching (2 years ago)
F0rKified (2 years ago)
+Jo Watches Haha I hate all 3. Hypixel is pretty fun for skywars and the Walls, but not for SG. And then I just hate the others altogether lol
WhatYouWatching (2 years ago)
there's so much hate
WhatYouWatching (2 years ago)
whys the 5th one even on this list
Unknown Youtuber (2 years ago)
How you get your intro?
F0rKified (2 years ago)
+Unknown Youtuber Got it from a YouTuber named ItsBites
Charly Livca (2 years ago)
1: MCSG 2: Gomme 3: Rennschnitzel
flaming dragon (2 years ago)
i love this texutrepack what is the name
F0rKified (2 years ago)
+flaming dragon It's called the "Ascension Pack". I made it, and it's on my channel! Check it out!
Only one of these are correct xD
Lovely ! (3 years ago)
Youtuber has a deep voice: Finally a decent Minecraft video!
KillStreaks (3 years ago)
Pack? Bro
Tiernan Macleod (3 years ago)
no this ones better then this one
Pop😡????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol:(
m4ster GG (3 years ago)
i trained vry hard, like 500 times for winning and after that train now i win like 1 in 7 games alone, against teams somtimes xD, MCgamer
m4ster GG (3 years ago)
and tnx for answer me i love ur vids!!!!!
m4ster GG (3 years ago)
yea i know i had a lot OF RAGE THE TIME I WAS NOOOOOB, 1 time i was with a 3 team and i lost to a hacker, then, i didnt play minecraft for 2 weeks xD
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+m4ster GG Nice! I like to play casual games, and so do a lot of other people. If someone's gonna spend HOURS and WEEKS of time to train, then sure, they can be good. But someone who wants to play casually is gonna have a hard time
m4ster GG (3 years ago)
+m4ster GG i WAS a try hard xD
Quattro (3 years ago)
1: MCGamer 2: Gomme 3: Hive 4: Badlion 5: ProMC
ParZiival (2 years ago)
the hive? that's the worse server ever
Ultra_Cat Gaming (3 years ago)
tnx !!! :D
EnesMT (3 years ago)
definitely First Be McGamer <3 Wrong !!!
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+MineTayfa i need do video of how 2 English?
kys (3 years ago)
I used to be staff on ProMC, mod actually, but i left, because the sg sucked, they started taking out maps and replacing them with crap ones. in my opinion mcsg or badlion should be number one, they're both great servers, and i couldnt say 1 is better than the other
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+Dywads | Princeton J.[NO ORDERS] I recently quit ProMC cause the rules are pretty annoying lol (too strict). But yeah, Badlion is #1 :D
zSkittles GFX & Gaming (3 years ago)
For me No.5 Mineplex It's easy to win but I hate the kits and the speed and health boost things No.4 Nexus alot of teams and many people accusing for hax No.3 vikkcraft I like it cu not many try yards almost no hacker well I never saw one and if someone teams it's actually easy to kill them No.Mcsg I like the chests in this server plus the people r skilled so it's challenging and fun! Well the try hards there annoying but I never run after them so :P And the hackers it's kinda rare cuz I never saw a hacker I may also be wrong No.5 bad lion I love badlion for sg and I learned all my mcsg skills from the arena pvp thing! And the sg chests r perfect for me! The players r decent and I don't run after try hards as u read before and hackers I just report them or tell a mod so not really a problem for me :P.
zSkittles GFX & Gaming (3 years ago)
Err I messed up the numbers but it's like thi 5 4 3 2 1
zSkittles GFX & Gaming (3 years ago)
R the server laggy or is it u? Which screen recorder?
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+TBNR fox I use fraps to record
zSkittles GFX & Gaming (3 years ago)
Hmmm I never went to the hive server (I bought minecraft 4-5 days ago) I don't wanna join it cuz I have seen videos also saying it's very laggy
zSkittles GFX & Gaming (3 years ago)
Wait is there sg in hypixel? O.O
Vyali (3 years ago)
+TBNR fox yes blitz sg
King Plays (3 years ago)
If I buy a texture please don't release it because I want it to be a private pack
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+King Plays Sure! I only release packs if #1 The person who ordered the pack wants it released and #2 If I REALLY like the pack and want to release it!
Donut :D (3 years ago)
Dude I seen you on Sg when I came second I my name was what_ma_name :)
JetSquidward _ (3 years ago)
My opinion: 5. Hypoxel 4. Hive 3. GommeHD 2.Badlion 1.Mineplex I chose Mineplex becuz I rly leik de cretive ploogins
JetSquidward _ (3 years ago)
+F0rKified yeah there are lots of tryhards, teamers, and hackers but i just really like the plugins
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+BananaMan PlaysMC Nice list haha! I'm not a huge Mineplex fan, but that's just me!
PicturePerfect (3 years ago)
Oh so you're the one who kept targeting me on badlion Ffa, God that was annoying.... You didn't even kill me once.....
PicturePerfect (3 years ago)
Lol I burned to death after killing you on sg solo today sg highway it was awkward cuz I saw you in the next game XD tbh I kinda raged lol
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+PicturePerfect MCSG & More! That's fine lol. Yeah, I only play Badlion SG, but I don't even play all that often.
PicturePerfect (3 years ago)
+F0rKified You haven't? I am Really sorry then because some random kid with a imposter name and skin started attacking me. Srry bout that :3
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+PicturePerfect MCSG & More! I don't even know who you are, and I've never played Badlion ffa....
Alf (3 years ago)
Mine #1 google.com #5 www.yahoo.com #4 idk #3 ido #2 idk #1 idk...
Alf (3 years ago)
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+JustinPlaysMinecraft YT so much memes! And thanks haha, I hope so too!
Alf (3 years ago)
And hope u get verified
homework420 (3 years ago)
My personal opinion: 5: I know this looks stupid but Nexus The community isn't terrible i like it because it doesn't have to shit players but there aren't really that good players later at night. 4: GommeSG I love quick sg. Its pretty balenced but its not like hive where you're without achestplate. 3: Badlion Its pretty good but no one is on ranked no one is on ranked for tryhards. And in my opinion it is a copy of mcsg. 2: Hive sg, It would be number 1 but to many tryhards hackers and all that. Mostly boosters though. 1 : I started mcsg in 2013 so i started on it. Its full of tryhards though. But i still love it. Also it has au which is good
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+MarkAndCobwebs Badlion is a copy of MCSG, but the community doesn't suck like MCSG's community, so I like it more! :)
Austin (3 years ago)
3:mineplex sometimes hackers. 2:Hive Great. 3:Hypixel Amazing Team SG and Single SG.
Astro (3 years ago)
What about nexus lol jk
FactionsBen (2 years ago)
eh it's not the best
Weed (2 years ago)
+F0rKified <3 best yotubers thaks <33
F0rKified (3 years ago)
Lightning McMeme (3 years ago)
Tbh I really don't care that much about 2 people teams just like the 4 people team stuff annoys me no hate just my opinion
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+Jeffy Mitchum It's cool! You are entitled to your own opinion! I actually think fighting 2 teams if they're bad or average, I just hate when two really good players team!
Lightning McMeme (3 years ago)
Nice new intro like all ways grate vid!
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+Jeffy Mitchum Thanks, Jeffy! I appreciate the comment and support! And glad you like the intro! :)
SuckerPunch (3 years ago)
Texturepack pls
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+SuckerPunch It's my Ascension pack! Check it out on my channel! :)
Kobe Soto (3 years ago)
Glad to see you using this intro? ;)
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+Kobe Soto Yeah, I don't plan to use it forever, but I'm using it for a little while now! People seem to like it!
NeonDoesGames (3 years ago)
This list is doo doo. 1 MCSG hands down. 2 Hive 3 Badlion 4 Promcgames 5 hypixel i guess idk
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+NeonDoesGames That's your opinion! I gave reasons for my opinion! MCSG is kinda laggy, and it's players are GARBAGE. I only like it for the great plugin!
James Clay (3 years ago)
What is the font in the thumbnail if you don't mind me asking? :)
zSkittles GFX & Gaming (3 years ago)
Please can u do top 5 sg cracked servers? Please becuz in cracked minecraft all sg servers r bad
zSkittles GFX & Gaming (3 years ago)
+F0rKified I bought minecraft now! :D
zSkittles GFX & Gaming (3 years ago)
Cuz..... Reasons can't be explained :P
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+TBNR fox I dont play cracked minecraft, and Idk why anyone would. Just buy the game for $20...
Nice Intro T_T I already followed ur google btw :D
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+Derpy_Playz Thank you, Derpy! :)
Darkify - Darken (3 years ago)
5: GommeHD 4:Hive 3:ProMCGames 2: MCSG 1: BADLION!!
Darkify - Darken (3 years ago)
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+「Darkennn」 MCSG We can all agree on the best sg! ;)
yigit (3 years ago)
Whats texture pack in this video
yigit (3 years ago)
yup i saw it on your channel after writing that thank you for your re-comment your pack are awesome!!
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+Games4Ever It's my Ascension pack! Check that pack out! It's one of my recent videos!
Jacob11333 (3 years ago)
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+Jacob11333 Well Mineplex SG is okay, but personally, I'm not a fan. The playing experience feels low quality, and I always lag on that server for whatever reason.
PoxodzTheFearless (3 years ago)
1 vikkcraft 2mcsg 3 nexus 4 Alia a 5 badilion
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+PoxodzTheFearless I've never tried Vikkcraft!
Darkify - Darken (3 years ago)
Nope ali-a hunger is terrible :/
. (3 years ago)
#1: MCSQ #2: MCSQ #3: MCSQ #4: MCSQ #5: MCSQ
. (3 years ago)
but tbh i dont like mcsg that much
. (3 years ago)
zSkittles GFX & Gaming (3 years ago)
What's mcsq???
. (3 years ago)
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+ColtPlayz- Minecraft Pvp Lol I hate MCSQ xD
HTrain (3 years ago)
Badlion literally has the most tryhards and salty players of any PvP server out there.
HTrain (3 years ago)
+_AIex_ XD ;)
Aleckes (3 years ago)
+HTrain I am subsribed to your channel and bossycrafts :)
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+HTrain I'm not involved in any SG communities, really, I just play for fun, mostly just to test out packs! :)
HTrain (3 years ago)
Yeah I guess you're right. I really haven't been involved with the Badlion SG community.
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+HTrain Ehh I disagree. At least in the survival games. Yes, it has LOADS of Kit/Pot PvP and UHC tryharding idiots, but when you look at JUST the Survival Games, it's not NEARLY as bad as MCSG
DiamondHead Gigalith (3 years ago)
Dat intro tho :O
DiamondHead Gigalith (3 years ago)
oh noice
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+Fire OwlYT Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool! A guy named TheRaytron made it for me!
Daangle (3 years ago)
& who made your intro? Looks good
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+Daangle A guy named TheRaytron made this intro!
Daangle (3 years ago)
Check skype :P & I agree way too many teams on Promc XD but you gotta bare with it. & I think there are some pretty amazing players on Promc. There's a guy with a 100 kdr on versus xD no joke.
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+Daangle Some are amazing, but not that many. More of them are just tryhards lol
Timmy Durben (3 years ago)
Oh haha
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+Timmy Durben RT
Founders (3 years ago)
Are you calling me an average player
Solo (3 years ago)
Yeah he is
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+FoundersGaming I don't know? What are you talking about? xD
Robbiefish_ (3 years ago)
No offence but this order is shit.
TheCombo Boss (3 years ago)
+Robbiefish_ Man evryone has didffrent opinions lol
Marcus Fernandes (3 years ago)
+F0rKified great video man!
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+Robbiefish_ Lol I said it's my own personal opinion, and also, watch your language. We have similar lists, except I hate MCSG, because the community is absolute trash.
Robbiefish_ (3 years ago)
Mine is -5 : Hive -4 : Mineplex -3 : ProMCGames -2 : Badlion -1 : McGamer//MCSG
Timmy Durben (3 years ago)
Is your gamertag Hanson? Just wondering because you have a bacon skin lol
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+Timmy Durben No, haha! My IGN is F0rKified!
Tyler Starman (3 years ago)
Your so right about msg I tried getting a recording always dies to teamers I went on badlion got it second try hahaha
Tyler Starman (3 years ago)
add the plugins and maps from mcsg to badlion best sg ever
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+Tyler Starman Lol true! MCSG has a great plugin and great maps, but when it comes to actually playing, the terrible community ruins it
Camren (3 years ago)
Make a pig pack
Camren (3 years ago)
Omg I big fna
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+Cam Exoo That would be funny xD If I get ideas, I will consider it! :)
Devin Guness (3 years ago)
Fork, I will make 856 accounts to help u get verified :D
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+DexterVlogs Haha that would take too long xD I'll hopefully be verified soon, though! :)
jimshoes_ (3 years ago)
Top 5 pack makers next pls
Lightning McMeme (3 years ago)
I know how to make them I'm just not as talented as you.
jimshoes_ (3 years ago)
No becuz i cant be #1 in a turorial
F0rKified (3 years ago)
+UnTr00ced_PvP • Road to 1k I don't think anyone would watch or care about that video haha. I'm planning to make "How to make a Resource pack", though! Is that close enough? x)

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