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Text Comments (591)
Yolo Er (7 hours ago)
Shroud ,when are u going to shoot a real gun
Geo Wolf (11 hours ago)
does anyone know what music is playing since the start of the video? thx
King Jadams (1 day ago)
Get me hard 😂
Botinha (3 days ago)
3, 2, 1 e DEISHHH
Late Weevil (3 days ago)
Shroud u just leaked ur TS
Silenced (4 days ago)
2:23 - 2:43 He was watching porn on his second monitor
Bernardus Anggi (5 days ago)
i am watching people who watch people playing games #ripgrammar
DJ Wapakelz (7 days ago)
Feels good
X.__. TREME (7 days ago)
My fav loadout so far is the groza and awm cuz I NEVER DIE WHIT THOS 2
CDY l (8 days ago)
2:32 O.............k..........?
Emperor Rhods (9 days ago)
2:30 Shroud Orgasm
OmniV (9 days ago)
Kleng 14 (9 days ago)
Lol si doggie nasali sa highlights😂😂
alex manole (11 days ago)
Pls shave
Templar Reaper (11 days ago)
3:11 shroud without beard and shroud with beard reply who is more handsome i mean which one
Karlaugust03 (12 days ago)
Antono Stepanov (13 days ago)
React to RIP113 !! It might be an good experiment, 43 Kills Solo vs Squad World Record!!!
valentina lumapas (13 days ago)
You should try rules of survival it's but it has a lot of cheaters
SerbixDD Official (13 days ago)
Clean kills give shroud orgasm.
Corey Cuevas (13 days ago)
Shroud’s beard and hair looks disgusting, glad he fixed that up
Jas0n17 (15 days ago)
That gets my harD!!!!!!! WTF!!!!????
Bros Boyzz (16 days ago)
2:02 roman
Heart Throbs (18 days ago)
I wonder if you can attack shroud from behind irl
Ninja Dnm (19 days ago)
Shroud really own this channel?
Anggi Prasetyo (19 days ago)
watching highlights like a boss.........
stephen curry 26 (19 days ago)
Lol ako si duhie is there
Asisurel (20 days ago)
Hey shroud...what sensitivity settings do you use?
auscan77 (20 days ago)
When you realize you're watching someone elses reaction on youtube prerecorded twitch videos on youtube
Finn (20 days ago)
Shrouds orgasm 2:28
Spy Edits (21 days ago)
korean gamers are da best
Ternedo (21 days ago)
Tbh should just looks unkept
C.C (22 days ago)
Goth Shroudy
C.C (22 days ago)
Gothy shroudy
Michael Glendy (23 days ago)
give me your Jenggot #wkwkLand 😀
Dmdirty Channel (23 days ago)
Whats the name of the last song?
Marshal DeFord (25 days ago)
Fun havin a car jump over you
Carl Carbajal (25 days ago)
2:38 Damn i thought i was the one playing the youtube. hahaha
Thiago Lira (25 days ago)
3:14 the best player of Brazil , tecnosh
Kyuss Entwistle (26 days ago)
Was that rage against the machine
Crayon_ (26 days ago)
8:26 reminds me of fortnite when youre teammate shoots a rocket under you
Illusion Destroyer572 (26 days ago)
Shroud echo his voice on 7:52
jose icute (26 days ago)
4:01 shroud is coming
GD Aquaris (27 days ago)
5 midrolls, seems legit
Life.SehrHart (29 days ago)
this video is like a porn
Wolfenry (30 days ago)
yo look at the url it says "i tune h 3 hertzs"
SpeziesQ (30 days ago)
Want realism with weapons but jump down from 4 layer buildings without great injuries.
K0ng0 (1 month ago)
Nice video to make it look like this game has a lot of action. When in reality it's absolutely bleak and stale.
Tanner Snead (1 month ago)
Shroud; "So I was slaughtering everyone at school with my SKS, rirgt."
ARN3X (1 month ago)
ItsReal Shrill (1 month ago)
2:50 Damit Shroud XDXD
Papajaydee (1 month ago)
"sorry that was weird" hahahaha
Norwegian Buschcrafter (1 month ago)
hi guys i hope you will take a visit to my solo overnight trip video -https://youtu.be/ddrrhOU1yrc
T H E O (1 month ago)
4:18 sounded a bit dodgy
Darrel Gamez (1 month ago)
u get old
Plocký /) (1 month ago)
original content
Akito Emery (1 month ago)
K Man (1 month ago)
2:03 🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴
Berkay Kalaycı (1 month ago)
WtcNN as bayrakları
AKmischief US (1 month ago)
Does anyone know the music at 6:18
Roxal (1 month ago)
BETTER THAN GRIIMMZ YES I AM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiO-T7XH_IM&t=6s
Chester Bacwaden (1 month ago)
Atleast shroud is reacting properly now.. not the silent treatment type of reaction
John Doerr (1 month ago)
iTry Rice (1 month ago)
I was owning every one at school with my sks😂
Beggar Soldier (1 month ago)
TRISTAN MAGLICA (1 month ago)
at 5:02 the face cam name gets together with the vid face cam name
descuadrado0 (1 month ago)
0:36 Sleep now in the fire-Rage against the machine. 9:07 Feel good Inc-Gorillaz
ChaosStrike619 (1 month ago)
All of your video thumbnail have your own face
Internet Troll (1 month ago)
“I was slaughtering everyone at school”
Was Poppin Pplz :3 (1 month ago)
"I was owning everyone at school right? Slaughtering everyone"- Shroud
kwstas papadopoulos (1 month ago)
shroud is a fucking cheater only with cheat win
TulRid (1 month ago)
10:07 me in a row twice?
Im watching some1 who is watching some1 who is playing a game
eug3nius (1 month ago)
and sometimes ... a twist
Rıdvan KAVAKOĞLU (1 month ago)
8:00 as bayrakları as as
Chris Kouroushiaklis (2 months ago)
Hey guys ! I just uploaded a video on my channel with a breathtaking clutch, i hope you enjoy!
David Ekdahl (2 months ago)
Im the getting rekt on the catwalk:( Ekdahlofc hahahaha
beshjs (2 months ago)
shroud is trying way too fucking hard to be funny now hes full time streaming jesus
Pasha zahran (2 months ago)
let's make shroud react to 'shroud react...' so he reacting on his past reaction... 🤣
Brit gets rekt (2 months ago)
*i was owning everyone at school with ma sks* shroud the school shooter
NyanDiamond (2 months ago)
shroud...did you pay up?
#Dabking 01 (2 months ago)
Omg wtf moustache sorry, but this is ugly, but you are a best player!
LittleMissNym (2 months ago)
A nice precise tippity tap!
TheDeath7ofsb (2 months ago)
It’s funny shroud would claim a aimbot kill
Emre Şanlı (2 months ago)
7:53 ü gören türkler burdamı :D
Carvel Johnson (2 months ago)
Esports ready
Only One (2 months ago)
Favourite Band in the Background and my Favourite Streamer in one Video! Nice
Miles Kuehn (2 months ago)
6:55 same shit happened to me.
ORI Bergman (2 months ago)
all thos highlights are actually how people kill me every-time
n3gative1 effect (2 months ago)
How hard do you think his erection was by the end? On a scale of pudding to yogurt
Jake Malette (2 months ago)
Al Pacino Shroud ftw
Ortund (2 months ago)
Shroud looks like a pedophile with facial hair
Jose Perez (2 months ago)
11:56 he's from (Fresh of the boat)
Aaron Brando (2 months ago)
This is awesome, imagine those that were not recorded.
Voidmaster One (2 months ago)
For every 100m+ shots, the game should play a sample of Revolver Ocelot saying "You're pretty good !"
Leviathan (2 months ago)
"That was me" lmao
Ruined In Substance (2 months ago)
nice ratm song
eiisfux (2 months ago)
at the crossbow section there should be Handofblood with his wilhelm tell crossbow op guide...
Nestor Danilo Pinto Roa (2 months ago)
Muy bueno gracias
Nabil Brocoli (2 months ago)
whats the song at 9:55
Only One (2 months ago)
Nabil Brocoli Gorillaz - feel good inc
Ethan Riley (2 months ago)
Is there a reason why they tilt sometimes when sniping?
Lucknow (2 months ago)
Do shroud reacts to shrout reacts to shroud reacts to shroud reacts to pubg clips

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