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Category: Видеоигры
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Text Comments (808)
Andrew Hunter (19 hours ago)
Cardboard cowboy is a very creative idea. I don't care for his content, but creative nonetheless.
Tuấn Mai (1 day ago)
Good like
Sauchy! (3 days ago)
This vid makes fangurl horny okie..fokin shroud senpai got a fokin orgasm rn
Asuna Yuuki (3 days ago)
1:13 dogiieee hahahha xd sugoi
Tortuga Style (5 days ago)
I think if i found out someone killed me on accident like shroud did, i'd be done playing for the night lol.
F BI (7 days ago)
Shround orgasm 2:30
BEDSE (11 days ago)
8:00 as bayrakları ferit
Kow Killer #1 (11 days ago)
When Shroud used to have facial hair
Triggered PopCorn (12 days ago)
Cant blame shroud I also got a Boner
Gaven Gaydos (16 days ago)
Your my fave Canadian
Gam3r 42 (17 days ago)
After watching this video I never noticed how broken the fucking groza was like am I trippin or...
Vadoliya sagar (18 days ago)
give me this video link please
Reveñant D (18 days ago)
which is the song played ?
Tanav Shivakumar (18 days ago)
HATE THAT FUCKING BEARD,but love shroud!!!!!!
Theobald Bara (18 days ago)
KingRuffin3000 (18 days ago)
I love when Shroud goes from soulless creature to actually talking. It's fucking funny it's always something new with this guy.
Maxim Gaidamak (19 days ago)
Oh my look at the Shroud's beard
Weakness Gaming (19 days ago)
I think u can do it also?
Svi (21 days ago)
how to be a global. buy shrouds hand! it's a discount now!
Just AnAsian (22 days ago)
wtf shroud was actually reacting
Farda Imron (23 days ago)
Look shourd like gattuso
尺ズ丸乞戸三 (23 days ago)
what thea hack is that intro
Judekhalil Veloso (23 days ago)
The Moon (25 days ago)
Why doe shroud have a beard?
LoFi Cheezy (26 days ago)
A nice spray makes me ejaculate
Vargas Lodestar (26 days ago)
Shroud having weird Orgasms 😉
Gav The Stick Man (1 month ago)
Of course pubg would get shroud off
Oltean Eduard (1 month ago)
L Renn (1 month ago)
aLalalalalalalalalalal LoL
Vipth (1 month ago)
Nazlı Çeken (1 month ago)
Euros The Humble (1 month ago)
I still remember these funny memories w/ my friends... now this game are dying
Alex XY (1 month ago)
lalalala sorry SHROUD 2017 :v
Alex XY (1 month ago)
shroud pareces bagabundo :v
Jesse Miettinen (1 month ago)
Gut vid :--D
Jumarinne Mhae (1 month ago)
Everyone should have the same dpi
N Roder (1 month ago)
FeEl GoOd!
It's Wacky to Say (1 month ago)
Shroud is having an orgasm if he is watching highlights
Ufuk Mert YILMAZ (1 month ago)
7:53 Mithrain & wtcN
axel apps (1 month ago)
Senpai Satan (2 months ago)
Shroud senpai
Game Tester (2 months ago)
Шрауд ты ли это))
what the fckk
SKEY REYDER_HD (2 months ago)
Jacob Sully (2 months ago)
*shroud with a beard omfg*
op ness fun Hehe (2 months ago)
¢αи αиуσиє ¢συит нσω мαиу вυℓℓєтѕ ωєяє sprayє∂
Janita Turtiainen (2 months ago)
"get me hard" lolololol
WeirdKingAJ Wka (2 months ago)
2:32 shroud getting stiff over clean shot
WeirdKingAJ Wka (2 months ago)
"Sees clean shot"shroud:Oh oooo that gets me hard. I'm like shroud u on that gay pubg fetish shit
Chuck Norris (2 months ago)
Now that's what I called magnificent moustache
Colin Tittel (2 months ago)
Watch “the Fortnut experience” by Albino. You will not be disappointed
raditya rafi (2 months ago)
Shroud be like "i do this everyday mofokos" LOL
롤큐 피트 (2 months ago)
슈라우드도 인정한 yoonroot
Matthew Korzi (2 months ago)
Make sure u pay that man!!! just for "honors among gamers" sake!
Miguel Amparo (2 months ago)
3:58 - shroud's incoming orgasm
supreme bear (2 months ago)
shroud if i could i would donate u 1k 2 shave that beard of
june loh (2 months ago)
I remember i was using a revolver and i knocked 6 people before got killed
ImAlpha (2 months ago)
Feel good ink
Adams Crotch (2 months ago)
Rage Against the Machine sucks
vortexx koza (2 months ago)
that fckng smile doc little smart :)
9Savior (3 months ago)
BurritoSabanero (3 months ago)
How old is shroud?
TheGriff130 (3 months ago)
Im Getting Wierd I Dont Know Whats Happening LMAO
John Vendex Regio (3 months ago)
Shroud! check StoneMountain64 😂😂😂 he's funny hahaha
Nil Alvarez (3 months ago)
Shroud is the kind of guy that gets hard from watching people shoot guns
Sniper Cat (3 months ago)
Pubg directed by Michael Bay
Gerald Julian (3 months ago)
Link of the video?
Lee Seng Wee (3 months ago)
Huh, shroud has grown a beard
Malte Hansen (3 months ago)
that beard was not a good choice
Malte Hansen kate midleton
Goddessnike NVT (3 months ago)
2:53 shroud had orgasmus
Green Craft (3 months ago)
I need love
7:50 that was this guy from 0:28 OMG TIGHTY MEETING
benji666 bro (3 months ago)
Gorillaz fans singin along to this😂😂
Yangさげ (3 months ago)
I m gonna go play
Nur Wahid (3 months ago)
Tawa napa diem2 bae lucu gitu..
CurtiSix (3 months ago)
Yaman TOMAÇ (3 months ago)
7:54 Wtcnn & Mithrain 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷❤️❤️❤️
HADA_Youtube (3 months ago)
2:24 korean and shroud said that was clean XD
The 'Who?' (3 months ago)
Didn't know shroud has a beard, damn son where u find this?
CHEMI (3 months ago)
did he give doc the 100$ tho?
Son Vinedows Duldulcusu (3 months ago)
Wtcnn mi gördüm acaba ?
Yanger Jamir (3 months ago)
Hello shroud please play hopeless survival
Devon Sellers (3 months ago)
R.A.T.M 🙏🙏🙏
Cyclone (3 months ago)
Haha WtcN burda
Are (3 months ago)
Nosso lindo Tecnosh.
Royalassassin XD (3 months ago)
Have u seen wadu’s insane 200 frag?
Anonymous Clashing (3 months ago)
Shroud can you please give me some tips for Sniping ?
SAM_the_ FAM (3 months ago)
zacarias Ramirez (3 months ago)
Shroud starts fapping 2:50
Gamer boy 3x209 (3 months ago)
Also tortillas feel good inc
Gamer boy 3x209 (3 months ago)
BULLS ON PARADE is the band in the background
Martin Smirnov (3 months ago)
10:15 Дрюня, в принципе 15 секунд оправдано, член 15 см - 15 секунд)
gerico garcia (4 months ago)
2:35 gordon ramsay of pubg?
Luke Sebanc (4 months ago)
What is the music called in this video
Ayron Torres Manes (4 months ago)
tecnosh <3
I _Dups (4 months ago)
Got sexual so fast...?
SeriousGamer (4 months ago)
Sweet Feather (4 months ago)
queen max (4 months ago)
Road To 2M

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