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Escape From the Aliens in Outer Space - How to Play

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The STR boys are braving the horror of an alien horde in Escape From the Aliens in Outer Space. The game that drops you into an alien infested ship with nothing but a map, a pencil and a healthy fear of the dark. Find us on other social media: Facebook| www.facebook.com/SkipTheRulebook Instagram| www.instagram.com/skiptherulebook Twitter| www.twitter.com/SkipTheRulebook
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Kevin Chen (7 months ago)
Just wondering what happened to Josh and John, we don’t really see them any more
Skip the Rulebook (7 months ago)
They are still about and we get together for D&D on a regular basis. The show took a long hiatus due to real life commitments (work for me and Josh and his wife had a baby) so we sadly didnt have time to dedicate to it any more. After Ming and I got married we decided we wanted a project to work on as a pair and were actually going to start a new channel. Josh and co were kind enough to say that we could simly pick up where we left off with STR so we could grow from there. The new faces (Hazel, Oumaer and the rest) are some of the people we now board game with that we have met since then. I dare say you will see Josh and John pop up again from time to time in the future :)
Xombigod (1 year ago)
I thought killed humans returned in alien form??
Skip the Rulebook (1 year ago)
There appear to have been a good number of changes in the new edition. May be time for a new purchase :D
Rob Robinson (1 year ago)
Ah ok, this is a standard ruling in the new edition .
Skip the Rulebook (1 year ago)
Not in the standard game. EFTAIOS has, on the back page of the rulebook, a set of pre-made suggested scenarios you can play once you have gotten used to the basic rules. The first one of these is called "Infection". In this scenario, eliminated humans become aliens.
Lee Ko (1 year ago)
three books about clarkson? ooft
Skip the Rulebook (1 year ago)
Three books BY clarkson...yeah it's just as bad :)
Tennethums1 (1 year ago)
Very intrigued by this game. I imagine it combines hidden role with hidden movement? I mean, that SEEMS obvious but I'm curious...in a hidden role game you can accuse other players of being something or supposedly reveal yourself to be something. In this game, is it feasible to announce your "a human who's just made a noise in this location" when your really an alien? Or vice versa? that's usually allowed in hidden role games. In this one you might make a noise (drew the card) but want to pose as either the alien or a human bas d on your game plan (maybe you want to alert the other alien to the fact you also are an alien so they don't attack you. Or make other aliens thinknyour an alien, when you're not, SO THEY DONT ATTACK YOU!).
Skip the Rulebook (1 year ago)
I this game, as with most other hidden role games, I quite like to play with the theory of allowing everyone to more or less say what they want since noone is going to believe anything you say anyway. Its always a funny moment when you start by saying "oh I'm definately not an alien..." knowing full well you are just talking to the aether :D
Anonimoviandante (3 years ago)
My friends got me this for my birthday, I'm very impatient to start playing. Great review guys!!
Justin Harris (4 years ago)
Id like it better if you guys played the games too not half ass play it while explaining the rules
Skip the Rulebook (2 years ago)
+Paragon Left We will be, in future, releasing "just play" videos along side our rules videos so you guys can see the game run from start to finish with us putting into practice what we have explained.
thadrine (6 years ago)
Hoping to see some more vids from you guys.
Skip the Rulebook (6 years ago)
Good point! Wonder why we thought there were four? Glad you liked the video though!
Skip the Rulebook (6 years ago)
The character roles are part of the advanced scenarios section of the game. These are an optional extra and have a variaty of different rules dependant on which scenario you choose to play. We decided that it was best to showcase the game with the more basic rules set in order to give people a chance to see how we play it. The scenarios mentioned and are a great way to expand on the game though! Was very impressed with the custom scenario maker on the developer website too.
Luca Francesco Rossi (6 years ago)
theoretically it is not possible to get all 4 escape hatches locked, because the box should come with 6 escape hatch card: 3 green & 3 red. therefore, even in the worst scenario you get one escape hatch unlocked. good review btw!
thadrine (6 years ago)
They did not mention the Character roles. In the advanced game each of the characters have something special that they can do.
Skip the Rulebook (6 years ago)
It's actually a tin of fake moustaches... that's how we roll :)
Skip the Rulebook (6 years ago)
Thanks for your kind words :D Hope you enjoy the game - we do!
SkonkBot (6 years ago)
ooh... Quality Streets
JestAGoof (6 years ago)
Once again, a good review. I had never even heard of this game prior to this, so I definitely need to check it out. Thanks again.

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