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AIRSOFT Protect The President - ft. Jet Desert Fox

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Text Comments (889)
Dri ft (17 hours ago)
what if airsoft became illigal???
Dylan Pruett (22 hours ago)
Make airsoft great again
Kayden Richardson (1 day ago)
how do you get a gun
kalvan5 (5 days ago)
5:13 Niko thought it was a real gun lol
geo 300105 (6 days ago)
Can you make a big airsoft president party with your vieuwers it will be very funny to watch and to play
ST4RH3RO (6 days ago)
You guys using the green gas mags or the co2 mags?
cat person (13 days ago)
#stopterningarefrogsgay and #makeairsoftgreatagain
alpha pro242 (13 days ago)
What movie was that
RD-Glitch (13 days ago)
niko and D are secretly joining the secret service
Bradley Ortiz (17 days ago)
Has anyone ever told Sam he looks like Chris Pratt?
Seth Simmons (18 days ago)
So boring and stupidly short
Squall Leonhart (19 days ago)
And not a single Allahu ackbar was yelled in this video
Schönhofer Maximilian (21 days ago)
Next gen. Cod 🤣👌
Kid kuro19 (21 days ago)
GAAAH GAAAH gaah gaahh
Jordan Moase (22 days ago)
Those guns look cool wish I had one
WashYourEyesTwice (23 days ago)
corridor digital team xD
CLAY DOG 001 (24 days ago)
4:08 just like the game Mr. President.
The BlackJack (24 days ago)
I’m sitting here with my airsoft gear on and my eye pro is fogging up
Trent Silva (29 days ago)
Alahu ackbar
bacon flex (29 days ago)
Matt what gun were u using ? I love 1911 I am using sailent arms. Recommend a gun to me plz
Jack G (29 days ago)
Jet and d is best
James Wedn (1 month ago)
the secret service usually uses the beretta 92fs or 96a1
Olendo (1 month ago)
This video is created om my Birthday!
Voltage gang (1 month ago)
Thanks i went to that app and got 2 airsoft guns
WAKANDA 46 (1 month ago)
You make it like the movie olympus has fallen,didnt you??
Where have you bey your guns
Wow They Were Very Good On The 2nd Game!
Julie Young (1 month ago)
LOL you guys look ridiculous 😂
MoonFlux (1 month ago)
What kills you, makes you stronger.
TheSamuraiBrother (1 month ago)
Why do you guys have to wear a mask on airsoft?
xj770HUN (1 month ago)
In name of The Order Of Five Eyes! I hope someone get the reference. :D
Jake Chen (1 month ago)
-Your Mom Gay-
Jake Chen (1 month ago)
-Hello M8-
Jake Chen (1 month ago)
*Hello M8s*
Jake Chen (1 month ago)
5:51 and 5:57 for 5:51 the way the cameraman just falls to the ground and 5:57 *high-pitched* Jet screaming “oh god!!”
Hunter Peters (23 days ago)
Pinkaugust (1 month ago)
Jet is my favorite president. Too bad he didn't get to go full action president with the gun, it would've turned into a real Tom Clancy novel.
AQUASHOT ZzZz (1 month ago)
GUNER94 (1 month ago)
"2" minutes
Brad S. (1 month ago)
you should do this in a dark room
Tyl Boyce (1 month ago)
"Theyre using NASA to controll the weather" 😂😂😂
dylan taylor (1 month ago)
Is this tac city in california
You forgot the most important part. The formations.
Julian Vinuelas (1 month ago)
The lines the terrorists said were pretty dumb because usually terrorists aren't Republicans or have those ideas
Lucy The Husky (1 month ago)
Damn this is so good and intriguing
The whole time I watched this I remembered what Pierson and turner told me wait till they reload
Nik G (1 month ago)
I wonder if any camera person got shot making these vids
i love ur vr tuff
Thomas Cage (1 month ago)
hey this is so cool can you tell me what it its
an ios user (1 month ago)
Wow 3:47 he says that lasted exactly 2 minutes
Taldil Eziegler (1 month ago)
Killer Plays (1 month ago)
Trump plays airsoft
mixum gaming (1 month ago)
It’s trump
oscarburrito bro (1 month ago)
3:46 is that 2 minuets? More like 6
Joey Bekius (1 month ago)
Snappy outfit, jet
julien tig (1 month ago)
Terrorists blocking the freeways... I see what chu did there ;)
Wolffle Syrup (1 month ago)
1. You let the president shot 2. ...
Silent Shadow (1 month ago)
I've never seen jet look so awkward before
Bubba Mars (1 month ago)
That's cool can I have one of those new airsoft pistol
Aves 13 (1 month ago)
Keep making more air soft plsss
Xtreme Films (1 month ago)
The music
Donkanist (1 month ago)
you should have more secret service.
jus t Martin (1 month ago)
6:02 he could of shot his own teammate
SimplyEntertainMent (1 month ago)
Matt looks like a Mixture Of Chris Pratt and James from studio c
Gage Henderson (1 month ago)
You are the best
TopNerd Gaming (1 month ago)
there was a firebird
Sei Iori (1 month ago)
that ssj3 dude (1 month ago)
wow! i didnt know trump had a sense of humor! i thought all he knew how to do was be a dick! lol
lightsword Forlive (1 month ago)
You know what be a sick idea to do some game modes in a complete dark map somebody agree's???
Cyan Skulls (2 months ago)
“This presidency is a sham”
Haru (2 months ago)
He turned the frickin' frogs gay!
Just a guy (2 months ago)
JAGER (2 months ago)
I come back to the video to hear Sam say "YOUR WATER IS TURNING THE FROGS GAY" 😂😂😂
Stalechite (2 months ago)
Lol all the terrorists just list off every possible conspiracy
Thomas Wells (2 months ago)
I love how the terrist are less like terrist and more like angry hillbilly Americans.
Rushramas (2 months ago)
What Head gear is D wearing could u give a link to all of it ?
Nathan wright (2 months ago)
More of the redneck version of sam
Ralo Minter (2 months ago)
I subscribe
Lee Causey (2 months ago)
These guys are lit
Thebudderminecart (2 months ago)
“He must have voted for the other guy... or girl” lololol
Cole gang gang (2 months ago)
My airstoft
Kain Holden (2 months ago)
At least the president went down shooting in round two
Panda Bruv (2 months ago)
D your aim is op xD
ching chong (2 months ago)
I didn't know the president is Solid Snake
Fortunate PHAN (2 months ago)
ill make airsoft gun great again
AHumanBeing (2 months ago)
The way Alex said "This presidency is a sham" just had me dying
D G (2 months ago)
Good job Mr. President your getting your cardio in today, I'm almost at 500 steps I think. 😂
RepublicOfUs (2 months ago)
Hey, look; a president worth protecting!
Kenneth Cleto (2 months ago)
Subnautica Gaming (2 months ago)
Cameramen be snitches
I would love evike, if it didnt take 3 weeks for a gun to come in. Other than that i love there website. Ill order something on ebay from california and it will get here 8 days later, but when i order it from evike it take 3 weeks.
S B (2 months ago)
omg that was so dramatic
Donald Pepe (2 months ago)
I swear the body guards have the exact same outfits from Vincent and Pitt from Pulp Fiction.
Zac Waddington (2 months ago)
Imagine if they did this to teach secret service bodyguards
Saviik Walker (2 months ago)
Wow, he's even dressed like Trump!
Ben Poletti (2 months ago)
These aren’t terrorists, there just republicans.
Shpooky Wizard (2 months ago)
He attac He protec And most importantly He ensuring the safety of the presiden
Elfdawn (6 days ago)
He wadu hek
lit.mendoza 12 (2 months ago)
"There using NASA to control the weather!" Lol that was funny
Aarow Thomas (2 months ago)
The president should have a comically huge tie
Katia De Santana (2 months ago)
U guys need to start being kid friendly

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