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Text Comments (382)
ישראל מנשה (7 months ago)
You hawt brother
Phong Lam (10 months ago)
Iron sights bro
nobodY mazais (11 months ago)
in first 2 minutes chad always is knock
Ash Agnew (11 months ago)
wadu is what stream sniping should be <3
PANDAmic gaming (11 months ago)
subscribe for more wadu
Scott Wang KL (11 months ago)
Fuck m0e
Guy Harel (11 months ago)
Wadu hek is the best thing ever am I right?
DarthVaperGaming (11 months ago)
DonkeyHOTis (11 months ago)
xaxaxaxa 0:40 no recoil
Anh em Việt Nam đâu :v
Its Called Trolling (11 months ago)
playing with chadd is like dragging a 95lb weight on your ankle the whole match... not a random weight.....he literally looks about 95lbs
Theodore Moundo (11 months ago)
Laurence Crawford (11 months ago)
What mouse does shroud use ?
Nauja M (11 months ago)
I love your macro rapidfire 💘💘💘
Kaiiser (11 months ago)
you use fast fire macro on the m16 i some anti recoil i is obvious
Al-Qhtani_505 (11 months ago)
this game is full of hackers
Teestinq (11 months ago)
xavi (11 months ago)
That dono at 0:28 LMFAO
AskClearful (11 months ago)
Jupiter Cahyadi (11 months ago)
Can someone tell me how he jumped through window? is it a keybind or something?
정용복 (11 months ago)
... he is so amazing. That's the best I've ever seen
Sebi Rittig (11 months ago)
Shroud will you compete in the Pubg scene
Ethan Alexandr (11 months ago)
man plays this shit like it's fucking cod lmao
FOX_MALDER88 (11 months ago)
американцы несут демократию...
Wynand Claassens (11 months ago)
the guy who was like "be nice" sounds like manny the mammoth from ice age
Tom Hawley (11 months ago)
YA im f0rg0ttens0ul that died @ min 4 lol
C9 Krypton (11 months ago)
please shroud i want your settings in pubg
MosseN (11 months ago)
Wadu Hek
LuizHnrq (11 months ago)
Reviving Chadd Simulator.
Conker N Berry (11 months ago)
this game isnt for chadd
Blessvin Christer (11 months ago)
How does shroud barely have any recoil? I doubt if it's recoil compensation...
Blessvin Christer (11 months ago)
Connor P wow xD
Connor P (11 months ago)
It's recoil compensation dumbass
The Town (11 months ago)
I fucking love Wadu lol. He doesnt try to kill you he just shows up randomly. You should try and talk to him.
m7manunited - (11 months ago)
the only kills that chad get are the stream snipers
Stevo Dog (11 months ago)
Chad is dead in quite a few of these clips 🤔
Genji TV (11 months ago)
AK no recoil?
Razer Gecko (11 months ago)
0:59 how broken this game is i counted 12 hits if its not registrating its BS
Kevin Gonzalez (11 months ago)
Vengo por WillyRex :v
Jordan Schmidt (11 months ago)
Hey take a look at some of my videos!!
Leslie Tan (11 months ago)
He single clicks as fast as the gun on auto. Fucking mad skills
Alex __XD (11 months ago)
it looks so easy :O
AtheL Eva (11 months ago)
Was entertaining till i heard m0e voice
WhyteDem0n (11 months ago)
m0e is just bad at every game lmao
wheres the EFT content BabyRage
El Mothios (11 months ago)
I felt soooo sad for Wadu by the way he screamed...
rofl lmao (11 months ago)
3:45 gay as fck lmao
how does wadu end up in the same game as shroud so often? :-)
Dustyboots (11 months ago)
5:21 O O F
I AbsolveYourSin (11 months ago)
7:35 are you playing call of duty ???
Kris Usaraga (11 months ago)
Can I have CS:GO items, Sir? https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=170633453&token=bUjqQnb0
Kris Usaraga (11 months ago)
Can I have CS:GO items, Sir? https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=170633453&token=bUjqQnb0
caleb Moulday (11 months ago)
does one even watch dragon ball?
dewhy kay (11 months ago)
chad = noob
Croim 5 (11 months ago)
That boat scenario was straight out of a cod campaign lol
v1branc3* (11 months ago)
wait shroud ure playing with dino chad?
Shadow (11 months ago)
SPAO19 (11 months ago)
dandu (11 months ago)
To the guy who donated at 0:28 Why do you read chat? U can just watch his stream in fullscreen like I do, I dont care about chat
Mr. Beep (11 months ago)
Shroud I want to play with you
crunchy (11 months ago)
video starts, chad is already dead
RyV3TOficcial (11 months ago)
WHat happens if PUBG had skins?
xdemeister XD (11 months ago)
shroud in csgo what are feelings shroud in pubg so mad
Scuhfed (11 months ago)
like, subscribe, and comment and I'll sub back if I can. I just had surgery so if u could just help me out. I'm going to try to post some pubg and some more rocket league
Kira (11 months ago)
they should make an anime of wadu
Martin (11 months ago)
When Shroud plays PUBG: let him play what he wants When Shroud plays CS:GO: PLAY PUBG OMEYYYYYYGHHHAHSLFJCJSNXIIEJDNDO
Arek Mleczak (11 months ago)
Pedro Morais (11 months ago)
Erin Jayde (11 months ago)
Everyone hates on chadd but I think he's great 😂😂
Rasmus Valkama (11 months ago)
All highlights chadd dies on and shroud has to try to heal him back up :D
鄭政雄 (11 months ago)
Banana man always in my mind
Frederik William Jakobsen (11 months ago)
Who is Wadu?
Groovy Ninja (11 months ago)
Is chadd ever not down or dead?
YTpajamas (11 months ago)
I like Wadu
Chamona2533 (11 months ago)
Fuck moe
Phuong Nguyen (11 months ago)
1x10 fuck
Le Boi (11 months ago)
These thumbnails tho
Blaziken97 (11 months ago)
LMFAO all highlights with Chadd, he's always dead xD
Hazardinho YT (11 months ago)
Please queue up with Wadu
ThatGuyMike (11 months ago)
Fucking moe lmao
SLAYER (11 months ago)
Ill start watching Shroud's stream when he stops playing with chadd
LummyTum (11 months ago)
0:55 eyyy my donation
American5585 (11 months ago)
3:12 if shroud wasn't nearby, he would have knocked chadd with the revolver
Angelo Perete (11 months ago)
m0e the type of guy to run into a motorcycle
Andreas Engberg (11 months ago)
So have Chadd kileld any1 yet, ever?
chill sam (11 months ago)
You should play with AndyPyro bcs ur friends are so bad always knocked or died...
A. D A R K (11 months ago)
how can he find enemy so fast always mhhhhh
Sintack (11 months ago)
Chad doesn't suck lmao he's just no shroud
Muaz Ahmed (11 months ago)
Christian Mogol (11 months ago)
9:27 mOE really sounds like he got rammed for real
Dresth (11 months ago)
Christian Mogol cant stop laughing
Wanklett Pranklett (11 months ago)
Jim Halpert (11 months ago)
intothefruit you live a sad and boring existance
Berdan Yilmaz (11 months ago)
intothefruit (11 months ago)
mOE is annoying.
unkown (11 months ago)
Is chadd wearing a developer shirt?
Anonymous Drqab (11 months ago)
What is shroud's pc specs
Nonny (11 months ago)
chadd is so boring
shaggy this isnt weed (11 months ago)
The tommy gun is nuts!
Love (11 months ago)
6:28 Poor Icksalt got cucked so hard hahaha. Ran up on the wrong muhfucka
Totti 420 (11 months ago)
What is Wadu talking about? :D
renarssi (11 months ago)
Chadd 💀 24/7
go man (11 months ago)
Hey mike i love u
Sorcus (11 months ago)
Shroud letting his demons out at 3:42
Qublu (11 months ago)
I swear this guy has auto-aim
Sorcus (11 months ago)
Anyone else not seen UhAdam for a while now?
Detroytmiami (11 months ago)
where the fuck I am

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